Friday, May 8, 2009

Drew Rosenhaus says:

Ernest Wilford is excited about this season — he has been in the Dolphins workout program and is ready to bounce back strong this year.”

To be perfectly honest, Drew, Wilford's issues last year had nothing to do with his workout routine. He was in excellent shape physically. His issue is ability. I suspect he was an overachiever in Jacksonville and in college and once he got his big contract in Miami, he stopped being an overachiever, and came back down to Earth, where his skills, speed, and natural talent are simply not good enough.

And as his agent, you should realize that he will not be able to beat out Ginn, Bess, Camarillo, Turner, Hartline, London, Armstrong and the two undrafted rookies Williams and Marion. He MIGHT be able to outperform Lowber, who I don't understand how he even got into the NFL.

There are 11 wide receivers on the roster right now, and Wilford is, at best, #8. But maybe he's #11 because the other 10 can play special teams. It's likely we will keep 6, with another one or two on the PS. Guess where that leaves Wilford? So, as his agent, you need to be out there looking for a job for this guy. At this point, I have more confidence in Pat White being a WR than Wilford, and I've only ever seen White catch one pass in my lifetime and it wasn't exactly awe-inspiring. Hell I have more confidence in Jy Bond being a WR for the Dolphins this year.

You know, now that I think about it, "bouncing back strong" could mean he gets 5 or 6 catches this year!

This guy should be fired.

Wilford is so 'hungry' he tries to steal Oreos from a starving family (gotta be honest, Momma doesn't look like she's starving). And when did Oreos become 'healthy food'?

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