Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday's Bits and Pieces

  • Thanks to all the readers/commenters who are obviously getting excited about the football again. The comments have been blowing up lately and really adding depth to the site.
  • I'll be the first to admit, I am not a gambler, and I have next to no knowledge of sports betting. I remember when I was living in London, I would walk by one of those betting shops and look in through the window wall in complete befuddlement. They have one on every block, a bit like Starbucks here in the U.S. But one thing I can surmise is that the current just released odds have the chances of Miami winning the Superbowl at 45 to 1. After just watching the Kentucky Derby, I know that Mine That Bird was 50 to 1 and made some people rich. So one can safely assume that the same would be true for anyone who bet on Miami if they actually pulled it off. If anyone has any understanding of how this works, let me know in the comments. I would assume the odds will change frequently during the year.
  • Did you see the gadgets that Stephen Ross is going to be providing to premium ticket holders this season? They're basically a smart-phone in a large clunky casing. I have to say, that, having attended many a sporting event in luxury boxes, that these will sit piled up in a corner, perhaps behind the chaffing dishes. Anyone who may be interested in using these, probably already has a device on their person. I understand this one will be all streamlined to Dolphins action, but if you're actually at the game, how fast do you think the updates will be? Faster than real-time? This one gets a big 'whatever' from me, but I won't be attending any games at Landshark (shudder) stadium anytime soon anyway.
  • I actually had my first taste of Landshark beer this past weekend, and to be honest it still didn't make me think 'Go Fins!' I was at the local Raley's and they had tons of that stuff yet the Corona was all sold out. To be honest, I prefer a good Stout, Porter or ESB, but even Corona would have been a better sponsor than Landshark, because at least Corona implies victory and high standards. Landshark the word makes me think of either 'loan-shark' or a serial stalker.
  • In the lead up to training camp, The Knight will hopefully continue to introduce us to the 2009 roster with his position breakdowns, and I will continue to profile players who are a lock to be on the roster. I think we've done all the New Dolphins I can at this time, since the only ones left might not even make the roster. So we'll move on to recap some of our second year players, starting with Jake Long. He is currently, in my mind, the player with the longest Dolphin career ahead of him, as well as being the highest paid one, so who better to start with. This profile will be massive, just like him so keep checking back for it.

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