Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Heart's All-A-Twitter!

OK, it's official, only Omar Kelly of the Sun-Sentinel knows how to use the latest technology (well, Twitter, anyway, still not sure about his blog/IT expertise) to accentuate his coverage of the Miami Dolphins.

He's the only South Florida reporter tweeting/twittering/giving live updates of what he's seeing at the Dolphins OTA today that is open to the media. And while it's way too early to analyze what the coaches are doing, here are the most enlightening updates (I'm sure Omar will do a blog on this when he gets back in the office, including more details, and I will update with a link when he does). Here's the link.

Davone Bess, Philip Merling, Brandon Frye and Eric Green are running with the starters.

Ernest Wilford is running WR routes ahead of the rookies as well as doing some 'work' with the TEs.

Jason Taylor is working as 2nd string strong side linebacker.

Pat White was awful in passing drills, unable to get the ball to the receivers.

David Martin, Andy Alleman, Donald Thomas, and Brian Hartline are all not doing drills.
Hartline is an OSU guy who's still taking classes and there's some weird OSU rule that says current students can't take part in OTAs. Donald Thomas was stretching with the team but did not join them for drills. No word yet on Alleman and Martin.

At this point in the game, they're not going to line up any rookies with the first team even if there's a good chance they'll be starters, a la Vontae Davis (note: I said 'good chance', not 'probably'), so don't over-analyze the fact that JT is lined up at SOLB behind Roth or that Wilford is up ahead of Turner, Williams and Marion.

However there are a couple of intuitive ticks going off in my brain, as they might be in yours as well.

First, if Hartline is out for a significant number of these OTAs, his chances of making an impression will be greatly reduced and the opportunity for the other receivers on the bubble is greatly increased.

Secondly, Omar said that Wilford was lined up ahead of the rookies, and that's all he said, so it's logical to believe that he is lined up behind London. We know Ginn and Bess are working with the first team, and Camarillo is possibly jogging on the sidelines.

And finally, the fact that Brandon Frye is paying with the first team is shocking to say the least, but like I said it's too early to make much of these things. But all word leading up to this thing was that Donald Thomas was 100% and had been working out for months at Dolphins HQ and was the incumbent starter. UPDATE: THOMAS SUFFERED A TORN PECTORAL MUSCLE. Brandon Frye's only 2008 experience was modeling the official Dolphins' sideline gear (he was the tall guy in full aqua and no pads behind Sparano for almost every game if you caught them on TV). Also - where is Alleman? and is Ndukwe there? Last time I checked I still couldn't find any evidence that he was technically still on the team. He entered 2009 as a restricted free agent and it is unknown if he re-signed with the team (he's still listed on the roster).

Stay tuned for more details, speculation, and 'ticks' here at Tins Fins!

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