Monday, May 11, 2009

You Don't Know The Troubles I've Seen

Well another Mother's Day has come and gone, and some Mothers are prouder than others. Right now, J.D. Quinn's mom is probably proud of her good for nothing son actually becoming an NFL player, if only for a short off-season time period.

The trifecta likes to talk big about the type of players they bring into the team. What was it Ireland said during his pre-draft press conference? High Passion, High Character, High as a kite?

Let's face it, I don't know J.D. Quinn. I've seen him play and he's a decent Center who can play Guard and he's probably going to come in to camp and try his damnedest to make the roster. But I don't know him personally, and can't say he's NOT of high character. But to use the old adage, if it walks like a duck...

J.D. Quinn has been arrested not once, not twice, but three times for DUI during his college career. Here's some reaction articles for each arrest: #1, #2 (this one might have been written by Quinn himself from the drunk tank), and #3.

Notice, that two of those arrest were AFTER he transferred to Montana, where it's virtually impossible to get a DUI to begin with.

Then there's the OU scandal where Quinn, Rhett Bomar(now with the Giants) and Jermaine Hardison received compensation from a car dealership without actually doing any work there. Ironically, Quinn had to sell his truck to pay off some of the damages. All three players were kicked off the team and any wins that Quinn and Bomar were involved in, were taken away from OU. I'm not sure how that works physically, but football police love to make silly rules. And when asked for comment on the 'sentencing', Quinn said that 'it was dumb' (not what HE did, but what the judges did), and in the below video tells the reporter to 'get a REAL job'.

So while I don't know Quinn personally, I am an adult human being and I basically have created certain rules that I abide by when judging people (and don't tell me not to judge people, it's what I do best!). First rule, three strikes and you're out. If your indiscretions are relatively mild, you may get away with probation or a career in the minor leagues, but if they were progressive and you showed no remorse, ala Quinn, you're done. You know when you have too many drinks and the next day you feel terrible and you apologize to yourself, your family and your God? Well, imagine if you didn't feel horrible about your hangover, your puke stained shoes, or the black eye you received whilst battling with a comeplete stranger over a twinkie in the 7-11. Well if you're THAT guy, then you're a scum-bag. Lights out.

If Quinn was Matt Birk good, and 315 lbs of pure muscle and field awareness, that would be one thing. But at 6'3" 299lbs, and playing for Montana at Center only because of catastrophic injury conditions (both centers ahead of him went down so he had to switch from Guard) Quinn is coming into camp basically as competition at the bottom of the roster. Is he worth it? Probably not. Just the media attention this has gotten is going to hurt the Trifecta. Why would the Head Coach expect the rest of the roster to stay in line and be good citizens when they reward this guy with a contract based on panty-hose tip-toeing practice with a bunch of other undrafted rookies? Immediately someone with the job security of Joey Porter or Vontae Davis may believe he doesn't have to hold himself up to such a high standard. And then one by one everyone starts to rest on their own laurels.

However, it is just possible that they signed him with the intention of having him get into a fist fight with Ernest Wilford so they could both get kicked off the team as examples. This must be the case, right?

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