Thursday, October 15, 2009

Live Chat Tonight

Starting at 7:30 EST / 4:30 PST, the #8 ranked Bearcats of Cincinnati take on the #21 ranked Bulls of South Florida, and it will be aired here (barring tech issues like Monday night) and the Tins Fins Chat-Roll will be up and rolling as well.  We can discuss College ball, the Dolphins cheerleaders, Kory Sheets' ankle-breaking ability, how to do long division using Roth Math, or whatever comes up.  Don't be too worried if things go quiet after a George Selvie sack of Tony Pike.  The most likely scenario is that, in my excitement, I've accidentally tossed my laptop out of (or thru) the nearest window.

The Live Blog/ESPN feed will be posted an hour before kickoff, with me making my grand entrance around pre-game time.  See you then!


  1. Tin, I had to go to the "E" to find out what this game was all about. In case anyone else would like a primer for tonight's game, here it is.

  2. Tin,
    I'll be packing out the zzzs when this game is on and won't be setting my alarm to join you I am ashamed to confess. There are limits, but I hope you are not disappointed. Go Bulls!

  3. I recommend CBS for college football info

  4. Tin, I really appreciate your hard work on this site.  I am a huge Dolphins fan but also a huge West Virginia fan.  Tonights game is big for USF as the winner will be in a 3 team race with WVU and Pitt for the Big East Championship.  I want USF to win personally because Cinci scares me with passing game and that Gilyard guy is putting up ridiculous numbers.

  5. Well, even if USF wins, you still have to play Cincinatti right? or did u
    already play? Gilyard is putting up crazy numbers. I think he's on pace
    for something like 91 catches for 1400+ yards, and 17 touchdowns!
    The Dolphins are wonderful...they can bring together a Mountaineer, a Bull,
    and a 'whatever Marshall's mascot is'.