Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Dolphin - Kory Sheets, RB

Ok, there's no doubt here why Sheets was 'poached' off of the 49ers practice squad. The Dolphins are looking for a kick returner. This is an area I wanted them to focus on before the season, but at least they have learned after 5 games that this was a huge weakness on the team. It has been acknowledged by Coach Sparano that there is an open competition ongoing this week to decide on a kick returner. I would suspect Sheets, Ginn and Hartline are the main competitors.

Sheets is not really known for his kick returning abilities, posting average numbers in college (38 returns for 768 yards, 20.21 average). However, he is known for the ability to change direction and make people miss. With a 4.39 Forty time, he's significantly faster than Davone Bess and Patrick Cobbs, whose roster spot was filled with Sheets.

Sheets is an impressive running back, there's no doubt about that, but he has had discipline issues and gotten into the locker room doghouse a time or two in the past. Considering he had a good combine, these issues may be more serious than it seems on the surface, because it's not every day a running back of this talent-level goes undrafted.


  1. Hardly the greatest juke of all time, and it's arguable that it was worth 85 seconds of my life to watch that same play over and over.

    I did like the music though, and hope Sheets is everything niner fans think they lost (my niner fan friends are certainly not happy about losing him!)

  2. Kory Sheets didn't have discipline problems....he had a coach not liking him problem..

    The Story as it was told after it happend...
    Titled  "Sheets ran off his mouth, now Boilers back muffledSheets ran off his mouth, now Boilers back muffled"
    read article below:

    If this is what contitutes a character issue wow...what standards we have...compared to other horror stories.

    Simply put Tiller did not care to much for Kory...Notice this exerpt from the article: "Those type of comments aren’t surprising to Tiller and Sheets’ teammates.",So why put a kid in front of the media knowing this.
    How about a deep seeded motive because of his dislike and I(Tiller) can quietly plant the seed of doubt in future
    employers. Don't touch the kid because he has serious character issues. I'm sure the guy from the Texan's
    camp who was in the draft room on Draft Day who happens to have ties with Tiller, doesn't think anyone knows
    about this...think were planting that same seed of doubt to teams that may have been interested
    in Kory Sheets...Who would have thought that an Over Rated Coach would have this type of power...

    Why did Joe Tiller dislike Kory Sheets? Don't ask his wife Arlene because she didn't understand why either?