Wednesday, October 14, 2009

This Is An Announcement!

Hey folks, just to let you know, if you don't watch the National news, there was a pretty nasty storm here yesterday, and it knocked a lot of stuff over and a few people were killed, etc. Basically it was like a Hurricane in Northern California, and is hitting Oregon as we speak. The main cause of all the damage was the wind (we had readings of 70 mph here at work, and 7 inches of rain) and the fact that the storm lasted for 15 hours. My next door neighbor's giant tree came down, fortunately in the opposite direction of my house, but my own front yard tree was about 20 minutes away from doing the same. Needless to say there were Halloween decorations on my house that I didn't actually put there!

Anyway, the whole point of this post is to let you know that I have very limited internet today (had zero for the first 3 hours) and am currently sitting at my desk at work in the dark. I take solace in knowing I was the first in Dolphinsland to report the Kory Sheets signing, as I'll probably be out of the loop for today.

Please continue to comment, as I get those in my e-mail inbox and can comment back via e-mail as well. To those of you to the North of me, tie down anything you don't want flying away and prepare to have a 'rainy-day' at home if you can. And beware of semi-trailers, as they catch the wind and tip over easily, i.e. stay away from them on the roads.

Tomorrow I'll be hosting the South Florida/Cincinnati game here with chat, and I welcome Dolphins discussion during that. Until then, mi amigos, ciao!


  1. We Have PlaymakersOctober 14, 2009 at 9:22 AM


    Sitting @ work in the dark???  As if working is not bad enough as it is.  Can't they just let everyone go home???  F#cking freaks.  One day maybe you'll tell us what you actually do (besides this blog) & reveal how you amassed your fortune. 

    Most importantly, glad to hear your neighbors tree didn't hit your house & that you & and your family are okay.  70 MPH winds is no joke! 

  2. Because of the nature of my work, there are no days off. I'm actually
    getting more work done today than I usually do. Lights only slow me down!!!

  3. What do you do???

  4. Hey Tin, finally got power and internet back down here in the Santa Cruz mountains, glad that storm waited to hit us until after the game.  Do you know of any links where I can download or watch that game again? 
    I agree that the game wasn't as close as the score suggests.  Bad Calls, fake punts, Edwards "TD" was no such thing....Good to see the fins where they should be.

  5. NFL Network is showing the game tonight. In my office, the copy machine is
    working fine but the fax machine next to it has no power. The bathroom has
    no power but the storage closet next to it does. My computer works but my
    lights don't. And so on...

  6. I build water intake facilities.

  7. Have fun sorting all that out! I was pissed when my generator never fired up, but luckily had plenty of booze, candles, and time with the wifey!!  Just moved back out here 2yrs. ago after 6yrs. in FL.  We've done the hurricane routine before! 

  8. The only Hurricane I had to deal with as far as direct hit goes was
    Hurricane Andrew...seems like and was ages ago. You should have seen some
    of the carcasses I had to pull out of the pool. I swear, you pay thousands
    of dollars for a screen enclosure to keep debris and dead animals OUT of the
    pool, and then a hurricane comes, collapses the enclosure INTO the pool
    (parts of it actually ended up in Naples) and acts as a net to capture all
    the flying animals, harnessing them into the pool too. Now THAT is irony.
    I did live through a hurricane strength storm in London but apparently it's
    not called a hurricane on that side of the pond.

  9. So you had a thunder storm :) good to hear everyone is safe that's the only thing that really matters.  Mother nature can be a beast !!

    It's funny i thought the game was closer than it should have been also.  Miami really cleaned their clocks, and the Dolphns are showing the league what a good offensive and defensive line can do for a team.  This is what I like to see,  smash mouth football at it's finest.  The next time Miami plays the jets they know Miami ripped them a new one, and they also know who the better team is.

  10. When we play them in the Meadowlands, there will be a lot of flapping jaws
    thanks to the media's ability to create a war of words between players who
    don't even know each other. Plus the Jets like to flap their jaws anyway.
    If they beat us they will continue to say that this past game was a fluke
    and had nothing to do with Miami playing well. If we beat them we will
    have the added benefit of getting them to shut their traps and get off their
    high horses.

  11. Tin, being in south fl. since 1960 know what you been thourgh, glad you came thourgh with out damage.

  12. Oh, I did have damage...on the inside!
    j/k. Thanks, Hawk.

  13. A few stats I ran across today  Most of you know I'm not a stat guy so this is posted for those of you who are.  Miami is #1 in the NFL rushing the ball.  They are #8 in the NFL for total yards allowed.  If it stays that way, all of a sudden it will be not who is on our schedule next  It will be the other teams that won't want to play us when it's there turn to face down the barrel of a gun.  We are getting there people and all those stupid stats don't mean a damn thing, after you have a bloody nose and no teeth.  All I want to see is waste land of teams littered in our wake when we make the playoffs.  F those stats =-O .

  14. Hey I just read that Matt Roth can't be activated until October 26, after the trade deadline and after the NO game.  He has to be out six games, not six weeks. 

  15. I don't know where you read that, but it's wrong.

  16. I did a blog on this but since I can't get to the site I'll have to ask you
    to just take my word on it. I have read the official rules and it clearly
    says "six weeks". It doesn't mention the word games at all. After 6 weeks
    of being on the reserve list, the player has 3 weeks to either be activated
    to the 53 man roster or be placed on IR. So it's possible that the TEAM
    told Roth he wouldn't be allowed to rejoin the team after they had a week of
    practice to evaluate him, but technically he can start practice on Monday or
    Tuesday (whenever they have the 1st practice next week), and I think as long
    as he is activated by Wednesday night, he can dress for the New Orleans
    game. Obviously, that only allows the team to see him in a couple of
    practices, so it's possible they don't want to rush a decision there, but
    according to the NFL rules, he is allowed to play in the NO game if the team
    wants him to.

  17. can't get to any links today it seems but i did a blog about it here

  18. (shakes fist at Berardino) it's the 20th!!

  19. He definitely can't come back on the 26th because that's a Monday. Mondays
    count as game days. The week starts on a tuesday.

  20. I read it on the SS main page. Going from memory here since I'm on my phone now, but I thought it said that the bye week didn't count. It WAS a Mike B. story

  21. Several issues there. The author does say that he's eligible on the 20th.
    The team told him they would bring him back a week later. This is basic
    stuff here so I don't see why a lot of people are getting confused. Think
    of it this way. In the US, a person is allowed to get a driver's licence
    when they turn 16. That doesn't mean everyone HAS to go to the DMV on their
    birthday. They can go at a later date, but not BEFORE that date.
    " While he is on the reserve/non-football injury list, he is not entitled to
    his $700,000 salary."
    This is very misleading. He DOES get paid any bonus money in his contract,
    but the salary is based on games played. Any player that misses a game for
    a non-football injury would not get paid that week. On the reverse side of
    things, if it was a football injury, he would get ALL of his salary, unless
    they placed him on IR. That's why teams always put someone on IR even if
    they could be back before the end of the season. If he got injured during
    the game, he'd rake in cash while sitting at home. By placing him on IR,
    they can reach a settlement, usually for half the salary or less. But they
    always get the bonus money. ALWAYS.
    Even if they are released of a four year contract after only playing one and
    getting released injured, they'd still get the full four year bonus.

  22. I'll post the full text from both links:

    DAVIE - <!-- P2P_LIVE_EDIT "content_item_dateline_preview" END --><!-- P2P_LIVE_EDIT "content_item_body_preview" START -->Matt Roth says his injured groin has healed.

    If he had to play today, he could.

    "Heck, yeah," Roth said Wednesday at his locker.

    Now it's just a matter of waiting another week and a half before the Miami Dolphins linebacker can start practicing with his teammates, something Roth hasn't been able to do since organized team activities ended in mid-June.

    Yes, it's going to be Oct. 26 before Roth can return. Originally, it was thought this bye week would count against the six weeks he must stay on the sidelines while on the reserve/non-football injury list, but Roth said he has since been informed otherwise.

    "I have to wait after the New Orleans game," Roth said. "It's six games, not six weeks. [Dolphins coaches] told me a couple weeks ago. I was saying, 'I can't wait,' and they said, 'You have to wait a little longer.' "

    That means Roth can't be traded by the Oct. 20 deadline, as initially thought. Players on the reserve list, injured reserve or the physically unable to perform list may not be traded, according to NFL spokesman Michael Signora.

    With the emergence of Cameron Wake at outside linebacker, there had been some thought in recent weeks the Dolphins might look to activate and trade Roth at the deadline.

    Not that Roth is anxious to get his season started or anything, but he said by the time he gets to face enemy competition, he "will be ready to knock some heads off."

    That could be as soon as the rematch with the New York Jets on Nov. 1 at the Meadowlands.

    Roth said he watched Monday night's game at his home with his fiancée.

    No big party. No other friends.

    "I was one side of the couch and she was on the other," Roth said.

    But that doesn't mean the football player in him didn't have a chance to come out during the wild 31-27 Dolphins win.

    "No, I'm on my feet, man," Roth said. "I'm excited for these guys. That's a big win. That's a big division win. Keeps us alive. We're still playing for something."

    He's not a big e-mailer or texter, but Roth said he made sure to congratulate his teammates upon returning to the team's training complex.

    "I was happy for all these guys," Roth said. "Ted [Ginn, Jr.] made a big play. To see Lou Polite, who I [used to] go against every day in practice, knocking guys out, it was fun. Watched Ronnie and Ricky run wild and the defense hold when they had to. It was exciting."

    Sitting and waiting hasn't been easy on Roth, who missed three games with the groin problem in 2007 but otherwise had made it to the post for the other 62 games in his pro career before this season.

    "I never missed a game or a practice from grade school, high school and college," Roth said. "It is what it is."

    As for the whisper campaign that made the rounds after Roth opened the year on the shelf - the one that claimed he was somehow staging a passive-aggressive contract "holdout" of sorts – Roth said he'd heard it and adamantly denied it.

    "I don't pay that any attention," he said. "That was nowhere near true. There's no secret. I've been hurt for a few years now. This was in no way, shape or form a holdout. If anything I'd like to come out here and prove what I've been doing."<!-- P2P_LIVE_EDIT "content_item_body_preview" END -->

    <h2>LB Matt Roth told he’ll return for New York Jets [...]

  23. i can't access the SS today, not that i could comment anyway.
    Just to clarify that even if I, and the PBP were wrong, he couldn't come
    back on the 26th, because that is a Monday, which is the END of the NFL
    week, not the beginning.

  24. is the first one from the SS? No wonder there's confusion. Two
    "journalists" sit together in a room for an interview and come out with
    different "facts". Not a surprise that Berardino didn't quote a source for
    his date of the 26th. Go read the damn NFL rulebook, beat-writers!

  25. Yes, the 1st one was Berardino from the SS and the second was Carlos Frias (who?) from the PBP. Interesting that we have 21 days after reactivating Roth to decide what to do with him.

    Sorry to hear about all your trials and tribulations btw, but as with all these situations, the main thing is no one got hurt. Everything else can be put right one way or another. Hope you don't have too much hassle for too long. Two late nights on the bounce now, so I'm having an early one tonight. Ciao.

  26. Who do we let go in order to put Roth on the roster? I think we should put him on IR at this point. We have the number 1 D against the rush. I guess with JT nursing a shoulder and Peesy nursing a sore hamstring we have to make room.

  27. Thank, Uk. I wasn't really put out other than some fairly scary driving
    conditions. It didn't stop me from going to work! lol
    You have to be careful with your words. We don't have 21 days after
    'activating' him. We have 21 days to decided whether or not to activate him
    or place him on IR. This means he can practice without counting against the
    53. But the second they decide to activate him, someone else has to go, and
    there's no longer any deadline in play. Or if they place him on IR, that's
    all she wrote.

  28. It's pretty obvious to me that one of the linebackers would go. Moses or
    Walden, take your pick. Oh, that reminds me, I forgot to mention that it
    was Charlie Anderson who whiffed the tackle on that Brad Smith fake punt in
    the Jets game. Someone said it was Cam Wake, I said it was JT. Turns out
    we were both wrong and it was Anderson.

  29. I see you have a new article about this, but I'll respond to this thread just to keep it all together.  Roth was quoted as saying he was informed a few weeks ago about not being able to play for the NO game(paraphrasing here).  He didn't say it was a rule thing, so you are probably correct about it being a team decision.  But he did say it was six games, not six weeks, so maybe HE is confused/misinformed.  I seem to have stirred something up, one of my specialties!

    I'm glad you came through the storm unscathed.  I have my own Hurricane experience(Hugo).  The worst night of my life by far.  And that's saying something! ;)

  30. As one poster pointed out over on the Herald, Cam Wake definitely DID miss a tackle opportunity in the backfield on ONE of the fakes. I presume you're referring to the one I didn't see. On the one I saw (it's on NFL.coms highlights right now, Cam did fail to tackle the punter, but it was actually remarkable he was anywhere in the vicinity since he had to come from the complete opposite side of the formation to get there. He lined up @ Right DE and failed to make the tackle behind the LOS at the left sideline.

    I don't know why so many people are anti-wake, but he's the best pass rusher on our team right now so they should all get over it! :)

  31. That was the first one and it's true he had the chance to make the tackle
    but fell for 'the greatest juke of all time' by the punter. Still, had he
    made that tackle, it would've been the defensive play of the game!
    On the second fake, Anderson completely whiffed on the tackle of Brad Smith.