Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tin Bits - Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

  • Channing Crowder is not doing full practice today, instead doing conditioning drills on the sideline.  Jeff Darlington/Miami Herald reports it looks like some kind of shoulder injury. UPDATE:  Crowder's injury is 'SERIOUS' and he WILL NOT play this week vs the Jets.

  • Local TV listings for Sunday's matchup versus the Jets.  Florida - Everywhere not in Jacksonville territory, i.e. Jax, Orlando, SE part of Georgia.  So, yes, it will be on local TV in Tampa.  The rest of Georgia and 90% of South Carolina and North Carolina will get the Dolphins game. Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York State (Western NY will get Buffalo game) as well as the entirety of Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Maine.
  • It looks like Ted Ginn will still start on Sunday, but expect Brian Hartline to get the lions share of playing time.  Hartline and Patrick Turner got a lot of reps with Henne during the off-season, but Turner fizzled to third team early on whereas Hartline has moved up in reps much in the same way Henne has.  There should be some good chemistry going there.  I'd still like to see Turner at least dress for the game and start getting some experience.  The not-dressing leads to thoughts of practice-squad eligibility next year.
  • I will post my Jets preview tomorrow.  Leon Washington is out for the year, and that figures to alter the make-up of the Jets team.
  • OKlahoma State wide receiver, Dez Bryant, has been ruled ineligible for a full year of eligibility (will miss approx 10 games) after being banned for lying about "inappropriate interactions" with NFL employee, Deion Sanders.  He was expected to declare for the 2010 draft before this happened, and that likely won't change as he is projected as a first rounder.  I'd label him as one of the top 3 WRs in next years draft and a definite possibility as a Dolphin target.  At the very least, he could be the next "we could have drafted [insert name here]".
  • Remember my 2008/2009 man-crush, safety William Moore out of Missouri?  Well he was just put on injured reserve.  He missed the first 4 games of the season, then played in the next two before being re-injured.  He finishes the season with 2 tackles.  One of my other favorites of the 2009 draft, LB Tyrone McKenzie out of South Florida, was injured in mini-camp and place on IR then. LB/DE Connor Barwin from Cincinnati backs up Mario Williams in Houston, and has accrued 7 tackles, 1 sack and 2 pass deflections.  James Laurinaitis, meanwhile, has a reported 66 tackles and 2 interception with 2 passes defensed through 7 games.  That puts him on pace to get 150 tackles on the season.  Are the rest of the Rams stepping out of the way so he can do all the tackling?   
  • This just in from Ken LaVicka (760AM) "Ted Ginn dropped a perfect deep ball from Henne in 1-on-1's drawing an angry "FINISH IT!" from Sparano."
  • The Dolphins have added safety, Nate Ness, to the practice squad. 6'1", 190lbs.  He was previously with the Seattle Seahawks.
  • Matt Roth was back at practice today.
  • Per David Neal of the Herald "practice: After Pat White makes a terrible throw on an out route, Sparano yells, "Put the ball where he can G--d--- catch it!"
  • Per Omar Kelly/SunSentinel: "Jets coach Rex Ryan on the loss of Dolphins CB Will Allen: "We've lost a Pro Bowl NT, and a Pro Bowl RB, so boo hoo hoo.""
  • "Jets coach Rex Ryan said of Sunday's game vs. Dolphins: "We can play it early if they want to." 


  1. tin, just asking can we relax yet LMAO. 

    Sounds like Tony is getting a bit pissed at practice.  Good he should, some of these players need to step it up.  It is going to be interesting in the Jets game what happens if Ginn drops a pass early.  I have a feeling one more F-up from Ginn and Tony is done with him for the year.  Or I should say, either an early on F-up or at a critical moment in the game.

  2. I haven't been relaxed at all since Sunday, very wound up and stressed,
    which is unusual for me, I'm usually quite aloof.
    I agree on the Ginn stuff.

  3. Tin, it's about time Teddy Boy gets the f%$k out of the way! I can't believe the coaching staff stuck with Cam's boy this long, sure, he's fast, but what good does that do if he can't catch! I especially detest the fact that he sneaks out of the locker room to avoid owning up to the fans. That's another strike against him on a team where everyone else owns up for their performance.

  4. Sorry, Tin, that was me, canamdolphin!

  5. Canamdolphin, Ginn isn't obligated to talk to the media, and more times than
    not, the team management decides who can and can't talk to the media
    (they've shut down Crowder several times, as well as shielded Henne, and now
    probably Ginn). Ginn did say that he would talk on Wednesday (today) which
    implies that he was told not to talk before then by Harvey Greene. They
    probably don't want to throw him under the media bus. If I were him, I
    wouldn't want to talk to the media anyway. Hell, I'm just ME and I don't
    want to talk to the media!

  6. funny, i am the opposite.  Sunday just showed how much further we need to go.  Especially in our WR's corp.  I know others think we need LB's and secondary help, but I am tired of see other teams WR's attack the ball and take it away from defenders.  This isnt just on Ginn, none of our WR's are agressive.

  7. btw, since several people are talking about WRs in the draft....I think we
    should target someone in the 1st or 2nd round but also go after a big WR in
    the later rounds as well. Terrell Hudgins is my diamond in the rough for
    2010. Eric Decker is my main 1st day target, but I'd love to get CJ Spiller
    as well. We need to get a second 1st round pick....How about Ginn and White
    for a 1st? lol

  8. LOL,  what i posted on the SS.  ginn sucks, blah blah blah blah, ginn is the worst wr in the league, we need to trade him for a 1st round pick.  

    just love it when some one bashes the hell out of a player then says we should trade him for a 1st round pick.

  9. Fins,

    I couldn't agree more...But for good measure I'll add that we lack a decent receiving TE.  I'm not really sure why we threw David Martin under the bus with the ineptitude of Fasano as a receiver. 

  10. Tins,

    Spiller is an outstanding overall player but that really doesn't resolve our issues at WR.  I still like Golden Tate from Notre Dame & although he may not possess the meansurables, I believe he possesses the intangibles.  The kid is a game changer at the WR position.

  11. I guess my name disappeared....It's back.

  12. Spiller about single handed beat the Canes.  But I know that doesnt mean much for what he would be like as a pro, but damn he looked good.

  13. Brandon Fields, Paul Soliai and Ted Ginn, Jr. are all that's left of Cam's 10 draft picks. BF is a keeper, PS is a solid backup and then there's Ginn. That's 2 out of 10 picks from 2007 that are earning their keep.

    Tin, I think it's too early to jettison White if he's to be given the same opportunities to prove himself as Ginn has had, and White is a current management pick, unlike Ginn. Ginn's trade value won't be very high, so I can see why you'd have to include another player, but who do you package him with, Fasano, Wilson (haha), Pennington, Carey, Porter, Taylor? There's lots of bad teams out there who could upgrade.

  14. Spill almost single handed beat the Canes.  Doesnt mean he will be a good pro, but damn he looked good

  15. Ndamukong Suh doesn't solve our issues at WR either, but if he were on the
    board when we pick, I'd take him.

  16. *"**BF is a keeper"*
    Why? He's been average/below average from day one.
    *"**Tin, I think it's too early to jettison White if he's to be given the
    same opportunities to prove himself as Ginn has had"*
    If I have to watch Pat White run for negative yardage for the next three
    years, I'm switching to Canadian football right now....
    You can't trade Fasano, Pennington or Taylor, they're contracts end after
    2009, and Pennington is injured anyway and his NFL future is in question.
    You can't trade Wilson because of his contract value (too expensive). Carey
    would be hard to move because of his salary and the fact we'd want a 1st
    round pick for him. If we packaged him with Ginn, the buying team would go
    into salary cap meltdown anyway. I don't really understand why you'd try to
    trade two starters for one pick anyway.
    White is never going to be a proper NFL QB. He's all 'X' factor, and no
    fundamentals. They second we got Thigpen, White became expendable anyway.
    The last time we tried to get all cutesy with the QB position we ended up
    with Cleo Lemon. Before that it was Daunte Culpepper (excuse my language).


  18. i have nothign to say to that tin, i just wanted to see my new avatar again lol

  19. ffr, great football avatar!

  20. Damn it Tin, I just finished my lunch and now I feal sick. Why did you have to bring up Duhtay!

  21. I beleave he was another 2nd rd pick for QB the Dolphins have wasted.  Has anyone gone back and looked at how many 2nd rnd picks we have thown away in the last 10 years on QB's? I think enought to move up the the #1 spot from the #32 spot! LOL

  22. I thought about it while typing it, but thought maybe we had moved
    on....guess not, lol.

  23. The Knight who says Ni!October 28, 2009 at 12:49 PM

    Hey you're back with a blog. I guess now we know why we signed Kershaw. LOL

    Can Rex Ryan shut his fat mouth for once? I guess not, how would he keep that awesome belly if he did that.

  24. What a crazy week.  It has just come to my attention that WV plays your USF Bulls on Friday night, and the Herd plays UCF on Sunday night.  I should have noticed that earlier and made a trip of it. 

    I have to admit I've been too busy and depressed to read much of the aftermath of Sunday's game.   I keep thinking the record was 2-4 last year too, so maybe all is not lost...............

  25. Yes we had the same record lastyear, and we have an easier schedule going
    forward! lol, always look on the brightside!

  26. Tin, you mean our "easiest schedule in the league" last year is harder than "the toughest schedule in league" this year?  LOL  That's why I never pay attention to "strength of schedule" at the biginning of the year.  Most teams in the era of free agency change so much from one year to the next that it doesn't mean ANYTHING.  Look at the Titans!

  27. The Knight who says Ni!October 28, 2009 at 2:06 PM

    I laughed at the tough schedule the entire offseason while reporter after reporter wrote about it in every article. LOL

  28. Exactly what I said when the media made such a big deal of our schedule
    when it came out.

  29. Well I have to say I can't talk draft until the season's over, and I haven't given up on this one.  I don't care how messy our path to the playoffs is, I just know if we can make it there, anything can happen.  Every time we hit bottom, Sporano finds a way to get us going again, and he better do it this time or the season (in my mind) is over! 
    So Crowder is out as is Allen, might be blessings in disguise.  Rooks are fast learners, study hard, and with V.Davis starting he should get a chance to settle in, maybe play better.  There will be breakdowns, but as long as they bounce back, we'll be alright.  I remember Torbor doing well on that Giants run, he seemed to be in on every tackle.  We've already seen him with more playmaking than Crowder....
    Roth should help our overall pass rush but play Wake already!!  Rest the old guys, keep them fresh.

  30. I've been meaning to ask about DBryant..
    So one of my favs DBryant isn't allowed to have a friend in the NFL??
    What were the inappropriate interactions he had w'Deion,(a married man)??

    He was on my list from when you did the o10 draft thoughts..
    I've liked him for yrs,and would be pumped to land him in the 20s!!

    How ya like Golden Tate???

    I know we weren't doing the nick-names for the team here,and I didn't join the frey @ SS when they were..

    This crossed my mind though early-on when we were a run-away train through NO's D !!

       R/R  XING


    If you were to make a sign for the game,I think it'd turn-out pretty cool looking,
    but you'd have to accentuate " A DEFFINATIVE DOT " @ the top of each letter...

    IF I were to make a sign,I'd draw-it-up like this w'the accentuated DOT @ the top of each letter,
    (appearing as 5 OLineman,and 2 RBS)... Not sure it will type right here,but here's what I got..

                                      Y      I      E      L      D


                                           X     I     N     G

  31.                                      Y      I      E      L      D

                                                    R  /  R

                                              X     I     N     G