Friday, October 16, 2009

Question Time - Cribbs Trade

So, I posed the question yesterday that the Dolphins may be looking to trade Matt Roth straight up for Josh Cribbs. Then last night I realized something.

If Cribbs were to come to Miami, he would instantly be inserted into the Wildcat formation. The Dolphins have started using Ricky Williams as the 'QB', mixing it up a little and would probably continue to do so as the season goes on.

Cribbs is the Wildcat 'QB' in the Browns version (I think they call it the Wild Brown Rice). Cribbs is actually more of a viable option quarterback than a receiver. He would instantly, in my opinion, jump over Pat White in the Dolphins 'gimmicky' offense.

So, I pose to you this question. Would you trade Pat White for Josh Cribbs?


  1. Not if I were Cleveland :)

    One equal proven commodity thats worth a 2nd rounder, the other is an unproven guy who's draft status as a second rounder is in doubt.

    Pwhite can't help ya right now, Josh Cribbs is one of the few weapons they've got.

    That said, this team DOES have some apparent QB issues and if they were in love with White predraft it could tempt them.

  2. Tin, from what you stated, we have nothing to lose by making that trade. I'm all for it, but with the other teams also interested it might drive the price up to where it would cost us too much. I've seen KC as an interested party, and to me, that special relationship between Miami and KC is like having two hands in the game!

  3. Well obviously Cleveland doesn't care about that because they are shopping

  4. I think KC might be interested in Pat White - more so than Cleveland. How
    about...White to KC for a conditonal 3rd which we then trade to Cleveland
    for Cribbs? Condition being if White gains more than ten yards in the
    season it becomes a 2nd? ;)

  5. What's the "that" that you refer too?

  6. trading a good player away...but now PFT is saying the Browns are saying
    they have no interest in trading Cribbs. Sounds like BS to me - they
    probably didn't get the kind of offer they wanted so now they're backing

  7. Tin, it occurred to me that there is a potential fly in the ointment, a fat, loud-mouthed, obnoxious one at that. The hated Jets seem to have their own special relationship with Cleveland that could doom our chances for Cribbs. Not that the Jets need him as much as that they won't want us to get him.

  8. true. The Jets could however use him as a replacement for Brad Smith and
    Leon Washington...thus saving a ton of money and a roster spot. They could
    trade Washington for a prince's ransom.

  9. <span>Scared the hell outta me too when he came in @ that pt of the game!! 
    On that gain of a 1st down run of his,he just barily grabbed that ball by the tail as it went over his head, 
    could have been a 15 yrd loss,or loss of possesion,and definately a lost game!! 
    I THINK I'd be willing to trade him for Cribbs???</span>

    <span>Browns don't plan on trading Cribbs!!!</span>

  10. A comparison of the Browns' and Jets' rosters at running back does indeed show merit for that trade, Tin. The Jets would still have Thomas Jones and rookie Shonn Greene, whom they've said is having a hard time getting on the field. Moving Washington doesn't deplete the Jets that much and lessens the loss of Cribbs for the Browns. This could get very interesting!

  11. Canam,

    I disagree.  Losing Washington would be a HUGE loss for the Jets.  Not only is he an excellent return man but IMO he's by far their best RB.  Thomas Jones doesn't look like the same back this year & he's no spring chicken.  If the Jets get rid of Leon, which I don't see happening, then it would work in NE & our favor for this season & going forward.  The Bills have bigger problems.

  12. Tins,

    Losing Washington is our gain.

  13. However....I don't see how the Jets will have enough room under their cap to keep Washington for the kind of money he's looking for.  Before the season it was reported that he was looking for about 7-8 Million per year.  Obviously that's ludicrous but it makes you wonder how much Ronnie's agent is going to be looking for???  Yikes!

  14. Tins,

    How about White & Roth for Dwayne Bowe???  LOL!!!

  15. WHP, the Jets don't want Washington that badly or they would have 'shown him
    the money'

  16. I disagree. IMO, replacing Washington with Cribbs would not be a loss for
    the Jets.

  17. Look up Dwayne Bowe on Wikipedia...this trade already happened. LOL.
    Read the 2008 paragraph.

  18. Tins,

    I would tend to agree with you but here's been a lot of talk here in NY that the Jets DEFINITELY want to keep him.   Don't get me wrong, I hope he goes elsewhere.   He's their only RB or ST's player that gives them gamebreaking ability.  He's so quick & tough to bring down. If I'm on an opposing teams' defense I'd rather load up & hit a slower & bigger target like Thomas Jones or Greene.

  19. I don't deny that. But money plays a big part in it and the Sanchez deal
    along with their high-priced defense will make it difficult for them to
    extend him. He would be a lot easier to trade than Thomas Jones too.
    Still, Mangini claims he has no interest in trading Cribbs, but also said it
    would depend on the offer. Obviously they wouldn't get an offer if they
    hadn't sent out feelers first.

  20. To clarify, the Jets are getting Cribbs for Washington, which is one excellent ST'er for another. I'm not certain, but didn't Mangini draft Washington? If he did, he went after him once, why not twice for a team that lacks a marquee RB!

  21. They don't have a POTENTIAL playmaker (PW) @ QB either!!

    Those gyz that wear grn turned their backs on Mangini!!
    He should be trying to make them a team of lesser quality,(NOT helping them get better),
    while gathering his own draft pks for the Browns future elsewhere
    so that it'll look like they F'd-up by letting him go,(that's what I'd do) IFF I were Mangini..

    I'd give'em PW plus a 4th OR 5th...

    Tin,I can't find JCribbs draft status,thought he was an 05 1st day pk (2nd or 3rd rnd) ??

  22. 13, he was an undrafted free agent, not a 1st day pick! lol

  23. undrafted free agent '05

  24. I think our leadership puts a high priority on chemistry...How do Ginn and Roth compare in the locker room?  I know everyone picks Roth if they're in a bar fight, but maybe he's also a team guy.  Ginn pouted after the Bills game and left the locker room before the press even got there, sounds like a "me" guy.  Roth has changed positions, rooted his team on during his PUP time, and is itching to get back.  Sounds like a Sporano guy.   That's assuming there isn't anything funny with his injury, and he isn't playing contract year games (makes no sense to me that he would do that, but his agent is @#$$%%). 
    Maybe they're looking to activate Roth because Porter is hurting, Taylor's holding down the fort, but they want to get their run-stuffing monster in there before these two end up out with something more serious.  Plus, Ginn is way too expensive for what he brings.....

  25. hmmmmmm !!! Wonder where in my sedated mind I had that 1st day pk thought stored,SILLY ME !!

    Undrafted/1st day pk, Different sameness,LOL!!  LMAO @ ME (GIGGITTY,GIGGITTY)!!

  26. STILLLLLL WANT HIM,have for yrs !!

  27. THANX,guess that explains why I couldn't find his draft status,DERRRRRR!!!

  28. Ginn is not a "me" guy at all, Red Dog, he's definitely a team guy. As far
    as media sessions go, the players who are interviewed are chosen by the
    team, not the players, plus Ginn is very media-shy and always has been. He
    doesn't do a lot of interviews.

  29. ginn is gonna start to shine now with henne. All we need now is bowe and we are set.  bowe, ginn, bess, hartline, camarilo.

  30. Well, hey, just throwing it out there, but that's great to hear.  That's what I like most of all about our team, no "me first" divas. 

  31. Apparent TIME WARP(LOL),

    JCribbs WAS a 2nd rnd pk !!!

    1980 2nd rnd Buffalo JCribbs, (  J  O  E  )!!!
    Wowwww, maybe I should give-up the sticky stuff,
    I can recall 30 yrs ago,but can't remember yesterday!! 
    @least now I know where in my mind that thought was stored,(the 80's),LOL!!!!

  32. wow that's scary.

  33. Cribbs non-contentness MIGHT suggest that he's a "ME" type guy ???

  34. Cribbs actually has a very good reputation as far as attitude and team play
    go. He just wants the team to give him an extension based on performance.
    Every player in the league does that. It's not a diva move. It's a 'get
    the money while you can' move.

  35. BTW, from what I've seen on Browns boards, the Browns fans love him and hate the idea of a trade.  And of course, talk about getting a 1 or 2 pick for him. :)

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  37. LOL,you'll be TERRIFIED in 20 yrs!!!
    Makes perfect sense though,(inner-division)brain-lock..

    Is JOSH Joe's son??

  38. Had to make you laugh though,(NO)??

    But then again,I'm easily ammused,LOL!!!


    10/14/09 TS PC

    Coach actually say's CHENNE is a GOOD QB (near the 10:20 mark)..

    Also some VERY INFORMATIVE WildFIN strategy/stuff,
    and how it came to be w'the FINS dating back to TS/DL Dallas/Arkansas days,(starting @ the 13:25 mark)..

    LOVE the wkly call of the game stuff,(inspiring and FUNNY) after a BIGGGGG W !!

  40. INTERESTING WildFIN strategy @ the 8:30 mark too,(""extra timeout's etc,etc"")!! From above PC..

  41. ( 11:25 mark !! )from above PC,""TS/DL  Dallas/Arkansas days"",( NOT 13:25 which is something else ;) ) .. 

    Basically the entire PC is GOODSTUFFF,the time's I highlighted especially caught my ear!!


    Gives me CHILLS!!!
    I think these partnerships that we all bitched about ARE WORKING EXCELLENTLY!!
    We've turned "OUR" stadium back into a HOME-FIELD ADVANTAGE,(ala Orange Bowl)!!
    I've NEVER heard JRS get soooo loud,NOT a whisper of the oppositions rally cries!!
    Of course WINNING helps too,but the new ownerships are most definately a HUGE CONTRIBUTION!!


  43. IMO you trade Roth for someone like Jason Jones on Tenn to now while they are out of it for the season and looking to rebuild. You get him almost a year of experience behind Ferg and he jumps over Paul. Now your positions of need are ILB which aren't in high demand and FS which you use to take Taylor Mays out of USC. Jason Jones has enough experience to contribute to a front three pass rush which helps the backfield survive this year. If you eliminate giving up the big plays we have been our offense is more than capable of making it to the playoffs. ... Case closed

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  46. Those gyz that wear grn (staff/players/fans) were saying the WildFIN this WildFIN that,
    and that you shouldn't be awarded a WIN in the NFL(even if you actually win),
    running that type of college gimmick offence, RAN the WildFIN today!!! HAAAAAAAAAAAAA , (GIGGITTY!!!)

  47. The Jets have been running their version of the wildcat for years (since at
    least 2007) with Brad Smith. It's not a new thing.

  48. I know that(BSmith)has made alot of plays vs us over the yrs,(always bitin my nails when he comes in)..Just thought it was funny that they ran it w'LWashington (2yrds) after spending a wk of trying to defame/discredit it's productivity for us...

    EL Guanno threw another 5 int's,HAAAAAAAAAAAA GIGGITTY !!!

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