Monday, October 19, 2009

Tin Bits - Monday 10/19/09

Despite the Dolphins being off on a Bye, week 6 turned out to be a very exciting one for the NFL and possibly for Dolfans. Let's get into it:
  • By now, you all know that the Bills overcame the struggling Jets in over-time to knock them to 3-3 on the year. See the standings box in the sidebar on the right.
  • By now, you also know that the Patriots finally looked like the Patriots of old yesterday, as they ran up the score on the Titans. The game was over halfway through the 2nd quarter, and my starting fantasy QB, Tom Brady, had a career day, throwing for 380 yards and 5 TDs. He had 345 yards passing in the first half alone.
  • So now the AFC East picture is starting to take shape. The Dolphins are currently in third but could move into 2nd place with a win over the Saints next Sunday. The Dolphins are currently in 11th place out of 16 AFC teams.
  • That might not be so easy, as my fantasy backup QB, Drew Brees, had a great game of his own, throwing for 369 yards and 4 TDs against the formidable Giants. After this week, don't be surprised if the media starts touting a New England vs New Orleans Superbowl. In both these games, despite the high-flying offenses, the winners held the time of possession by significant margins. The Dolphins will need to win that battle to keep the ball out of the hands of Brees. I'll do a full preview a day early this week (Wednesday) to get into that further.
  • After Josh Cribbs reminded Cleveland why they need him yesterday, returning a kick 98 yards for a TD and gaining 45 yards on 6 wild-cat attempts, it doesn't look like he'll be traded today. I still feel like the Dolphins are going to try to make some noise before the end of the day tomorrow.


  1. how in the world did you get both brady and brees on your fantasy team?  what you play in a league with a bunch of 4 year olds?

  2. no, i drafted QBs in 1st and 2nd round, despite everyone telling me I was an
    idiot for doing that.

  3. who the heck are your running backs then

  4. i change them almost every week....this week i had Pierre Thomas and Kevin
    Smith, with Jerome Harrison on the bench. But I've had players like Julius
    Jones, Tashard Choice, Johnathan Stewar, Mendenhall, and Moreno this season.

  5. Tin,
    With Tennessee essentiallyh bowing ungracefully out of the season <span>IMO you trade Roth for someone like Jason Jones now while they are looking to rebuild. You get him almost a year of experience behind Ferg and he jumps over Paul. Now your positions of need are ILB which aren't in high demand and FS. Jason Jones has enough experience to contribute to a front three pass rush which helps the backfield survive this year. Cause the only good Brady is the one staring up at the sky and JT is getting too old to do it by himself. If you eliminate giving up the big plays we have been gving up, our offense is more than capable of making it to the playoffs. ... Case closed</span>

  6. now i am even more confused, what kind of league has players like that available? 

  7. Kidikarus, no offense, but this is an insane idea. We can get a lot more
    for Roth than a lousy Jason Jones...he's been horrible this season for
    Tennessee, is completely the wrong build to play nose tackle, has missed two
    games with a shoulder injury this month and why would Tennessee trade him
    anyway? He's still got 3 years on his contract.
    Oh, and why would you say ILB is not in high demand? I disagree
    completely. With more teams switching to a 3-4, and the strong probability
    of several veteran ILBs retiring this year....Ray Lewis, Johnathan Vilma,
    Zach Thomas, Dan Morgan, could be a big year of demand for
    that position.

  8. ffr, firstly, i drafted 3 of those guys, secondly, everyone adds and drops
    players throughout the season. there are trades and waivers and all that.
    typically the guys who have Peterson and Brown and Forte, etc aren't going
    to care that I have put in a claim for Kevin Smith. I'm not getting huge
    points from my RBs anyway. I have to rely on Brees or Brady throwing lots
    of TDs and my defenses putting up some points. I had Shiancoe as my TE all
    year and he did nothing so I dropped him for Heath Miller this week. I
    thought it was a fantastic move when I saw the Pittsburgh highlights, but
    then they showed the Minnesota highlights and that Shiancoe bastard scored
    two TDs.

  9. Have I mentioned I hate bye weeks?  Why aren't you guys over here trying to come up with nicknames for things?

    I enjoyed watching the Jets get beaten by the Bills, after I was home and thawed.  I turned on the TV when I first got home around 5, and thought I was somehow seeing the very END of the game with NE and TN only to find out it was the first QTR and the score was like 35-0!!  I stopped watching that one and switched over to the Jets/Bills.  But my question is, Does NE have a back up QB?  Did they ever take Brady out of that game?  Is going for a record all that important? 

    I still can't talk about the Herd game.  Actually, if you were around me, you would know that I can't talk at all!!  Suffice it to say there was almost a little altercation, although completely not my fault.  Well, unless you call cheering for your team a reason for some insane, inbred WV fan to attempt to have security remove you from the game!!!  

  10. Tin,
    None taken. I wouldn't confuse Jason Jones on the HORRIBLE Titans team for Jason Jones. He was very good in the rotation last year is very quick and has a great first step. He may not be built for NT like I thought but he is very similar in build to Langford and would be a good bookend at worst. Roth is coming of PUP so io don't know if the shoulder injury to Jones is really valid since they are both essentially "injured"

  11. tin, we have drop and add too, but basically the rb's available in our league are the 3rd or 4th stringers. and the only trades any one will do is if i ask for a hines ward type wr the other team says ok, for ronnie brown.  basically no trades happen.

  12. herdfan, brady came out in the 3rd quarter and I'm not aware of any records
    that he set?
    so the attempt to have security remove you had nothing to do with the flask
    of hot buttered rum you had polished off?

  13. Yeah, if ILB is going to be in demand then I say Roth OLB for a quality ILB or maybe one unproven but with potential would be smarter. so he can begin gaining experience this year while we are solid but unspectacular at the position. Off the top of my head maybe Xavier Adibi. I believe Houston has him playing OLB in their 4-3 but I watched him at VT and he was built to play ILB in a 3-4. He has been solid in two years with potential but not enough to make him an "expensive asset"

  14. please please tell us it was another woman you were fighting with. 

  15. That's true but Jones' injury is fresher and Roth is supposedly 100%. But
    trading for another DE seems unnecessary since we have Merling, Langford,
    McDaniel and Starks in the rotation.

  16. I thought I heard there was a record with the most TD's in a QTR, or a game, or something?  I could be totally wrong about that.  And as for me, I was a complete law abiding citizen.  This was a female WV fan, older than me(I think, judging from the wrinkles).  Probably a smoker.  Anyway, since I was in WV season ticket holder seats, she thought I shouldn't be there and demanded to see my ticket and I felt no need to show it to her, so she got security, thinking I didn't have one.  LOL  What an idiot!

  17. yeah same here, but at some point someone must drop a decent player right?
    One of the things I do is to pick someone up when they are injured or have a
    bye week and stick em on my reserve for use in a couple of weeks.

  18. not really, most hold onto players no matter how injured.  hell, players that are going to be out 7-8 weeks they still hold onto

  19. Well that's's all about the points.

  20. TIn,you forgot the best news out of week 6:

    "NFL Network's Michael Lombardi reports that Jets NT Kris Jenkins is done for the year with a left knee injury."

  21. Plus I hear the Jet fans are already calling for the Offensive Coordinators head.

    How long, before their running Ryan out of town now? I love how they've been making trades the last 2-3 years like their 1 step away. Good luck rebuilding through tthe draft now jet fans!

  22. Knowno, I don't applaud player injuries. Plus Jenkins couldn't stop us last
    week anyway.

  23. Of course I think there are probably some pretty cheap options we should start looking at. Blackstock is a FA or Brooks (SF) were both former UVA boys that are FAs they were used in 4-3s and may have been asked to do more than they should've been. Of course if the Chargers lose tonite to the Broncos I wouldn't mind if we went after Kevin Burnett. I know we tried to get him in the off season but the Chargers snagged him first. I'm not sure how much they paid him but he is young and could contribute fairly soon due to the familiarity of the D.

  24. me either when i saw that yesterday i was pulling for him to be gone, but i was sad about it either

  25. Ryan looks completely shocked everytime he loses a game. To him it's
    inconceivable that such a thing could happen. As a coach, if you can't
    handle losing, how can you expect your players to? Sanchez may suck ass
    avoiding the pressure on the field, but off the field HE has been the leader
    of the team and makes Ryan look like some bratty kid.
    Oh, Knowno, while I don't cheer the injury to Kris Jenkins, I do see it as
    taking away a mismatch advantage of the Jets and making that inside battle
    EVEN (but not an advantage to Miami), but I think the Damien Woody injury
    could actually provide Miami with a HUGE mismatch advantage. I haven't
    checked for an update on that injury yet.

  26. Kid, if these players aren't on the trading block it's pretty much moot.
    Plus I think the Dolphins are likely to stick to their recent trading
    partners if something is done. KC, San Fran (could we still get Crabtree?),
    Dallas, etc.
    And for what it's worth, I don't see there be any way whatsoever that Miami
    goes after Dwayne Bowe for this reason....they've already conducted business
    with KC 3 times this season. Not once was Bowe in the conversation. No
    reason why he would be now. Plus they brought in Cassel to be their
    franchise QB, so why would they take away his best target? KC has no
    intention of trading Bowe, despite Dolfans and Miami media's obsession with
    him coming to the Fins.

  27. how can that be, two weeks ago the yets fans were buying tickets to the SB

  28. Since they all live in Miami, they are first in line anyway.

  29. apparently, Woody is going to be ok to play (but then again he's saying the same thing D. Thomas did after week 1 last year).

    I have no problem celebrating Jenkins injury, I would never wish for someone to get injured but I will gladly accept it. I think the Jets vaunted D is in a ass load of trouble now. They were already giving up 4.0 per carry and now that number looks to go up. The jets d now has a glaring weakness and it's that soft underbelly right up front. Dominate running teams (sound familiar) now have a bulls eye to gun for and in the art of war, you attack your enemy's weakness.

    Before, this news I liked Miami's chances in Rutherford 2 weeks from now, today I'm feeling even better about our chances. Problem is, that game is 2 weeks away, and Drew Brees is studying film of our secondary as we speak, SUnday is going to be a big test.  No way is our coaching staff looking past that.

  30. No I never brought up Bowe for similar reasons. If he were in Haley's doghouse what would make him different in Sparanos? They would want him to do all the same things (run disciplined routes, finish blocks downfield etc). Blackstock was cut and is a FA, Brooks is on SF so they are a recent trading partner they both played for Groh at UVA and wouldn't have a tough time transitioning. SD has been a partner in the past but more importantly they know Burnett so they mya go after him if SD loses tonite.

  31. I was actually hoping they'd let Pasqualoni stay home this week...

  32. Tin,
    I'm noticing the Trifecta hasn't really splashed in FA signings.  Personally I like their ideology of building through the draft, but a big name signing every now and then wouldn't hurt would it?  I realize the Grove and Wilson (bust) signings in the offseason were fairly big.  As long as we don't sacrifice a lot of draft picks, I would like to see them try to fill a hole today.  Who do you think is most likely to make our roster before the trade deadline?  What is out there that would be a good fit?

  33. It's hard to know who's actually on the block, but based on reports, Quentin
    Groves is, and obviously they can't get a 2nd round pick for him and a 3rd
    might be a reach as well. If we can get him for a fourth or lower, then I'd
    pull the trigger on that.
    Randy McMichael is reported on the block...could be the pass target in the 2
    TE. He's got a high salary though that makes it unappealing.
    If Cribbs is still available I'd offer a player and a late round pick for
    him. Pat White and a 6th?
    Honestly, I think the Trifecta is more likely to trade one of their players
    for a draft pick. Like you said, they prefer to build through the draft,
    plus someone has to go anyway to make room for Matt Roth coming back on
    Wednesday. At this point it seems less ans less likely that Roth will be
    traded. But I think several players could be shopped for picks of any round
    (the more the merrier).
    Expendable: Pat White, Nate Jones, Jason Allen (as much as it pains me to
    say), Erik Walden, Quentin Moses, Charlie Anderson, Greg Camarillo, Lex
    Hilliard and Kory Sheets. Obviously if they could trade Sheets that would
    be huge since the got him for free.

  34. tin,

    i dont think they can trade sheets.  since we plucked him off the practice squad and have him on our active roster doesnt he have to be on our team at least 2 or 3 weeks?

  35. I'm not aware of that rule but wouldn't be surprised if it exists. Still, I
    feel like I remember a case where a player got trade to one team and then
    was traded again within one week to another team.

  36. I watched those gyz in grn game,saw NT CJenkins knee pop,
    and now ESPN is reporting he may be done for 09...

    Those gyz are done,RUN RONNIE RUN!!!!

  37. Didn't read the comment's,(Kno kno) already mentioned the Jenkins injury...

    Couldn't STOP-us w'him,won't be able to SLOW-us down what-so-ever w'out him..
    SADDDD but TRUE !!!

  38. tin,

    i dont think it is about trading active players.  i think the rule has something to do with taking players off another teams practice squad that prevents you from trading or cutting the player for a few weeks.  it is there to stop teams from poaching a teams practice squad just to get information the week before a game.

  39. Tin,
    Any thoughts on Sims-Walker? He seems to be on the block. We trade with Jville, Their Season is over. He has the right size and physicality. He's off to what could be considered a hot start considering Jax is miserable. He's only 2 years in the league. I know we have had bad luck with a former Jax WR but I'm wondering if he is cheap(4th or lower, easy contract) why not?

  40. FFR I found the rule:
    "is required to count the player on its 53-player Active/Inactive List for
    three games (a bye week counts as a game) even if he is terminated or
    assigned via waivers to another club or is signed as a free agent to another
    club's 53-player roster or another club's Practice Squad prior to that
    So, you CAN trade someone, but they would still count against your 53 man
    roster for a total of 3 weeks. In the case of Sheets, the Bye week counts
    as week 1. So they could trade him for a draft pick, his 2 game salary
    would barely pay for the gatorade, so no biggie there. However, they'd
    still need to cut another player to make room for Matt Roth.

  41. Sims-Walker is not on the block to my knowledge. Why would Jax trade him?

  42. I'd CONSIDER giving Clev a 4th OR 5th AND TORBOR
    for CRIBBS who threw a nice completion Sunday out of the (WildDog,my rendition LOL)
    and ILB TRUSNIK,(who started this past wkend)...  
    ( I remember hearing Trusniks name alot vs us for those gyz that wear grn in wk 17 last yr )!!  
    He's an ILB, 2 inches taller, same weight, and 3.5 yrs younger than Torbor,  
    (RT will be out of the league by the time Trusniks RT's current age 28)...  

    I'm re-neggin on my agreeing w'PW for JCribbs thought's..
    IMHO thats a temporary step forward,but in the long-term it's just a step side-way's!!
    I STILL believe PW WILL be an effective cog for us somewhere down the road,
    and will be in the league for several yrs after JCribbs is retired...

  43. I figured this is where you got you Quentin Groves info, thats why I didn't include the reference with the original statement.

  44. I'd rather land a true #1 WR so that we can afford to risk TG as a Kreturner,
    and still have PW,(rather than trading PW for JC)!! Roth for JC NO-WAY,IFFF I get my way!!

  45. Actually I didn't see that article. 2am? What is Florio doing?
    Sims-Walker was deactivated because he broke team rules, i.e. went on a
    booty call when he was supposed to be under curfew. He broke curfew, got
    suspended for one game and came back and lit it up. He is their top
    receiver. Their offense sucked when he was out. I don't see them trading
    him at all. They don't have anyone else to take his place.
    Groves on the other hand, is being used wrongly, and could use a change of
    coaching/team. He is not a starter so they wouldn't miss him much if at

  46. but if you get cribbs, you don't need ginn to return kicks....

  47. Jeez, I played golf at 11AM and I get back to read Tin's Fins and it's already into the 3rd page!

    Despite the early hype, the NFC East is being exposed as pretenders because their records were built on bottom feeders. The Saints showed their best example, the Giants, how to play football! Hopefully, NO's accomplishments goes to their heads, but it's not likely with former BP associate Coach Payton at the reins. The Dolphins will have to play their A+ game next Sunday to beat them!

    It was as much fun to watch the Jets' Ryan as he is fat! I really thought that game would end in a tie! New England played a patsy at home, so there's not much to read into in that game.

    Of our three losses, The Falcons and Colts are top tier teams and we measure our loss to the Chargers tonight.

    Yup! It's a king's ransom for Cribbs now, I don't think it's gonna happen, but injuries have created needs around the league and anything could happen.

  48. I had to go back to check this, not to prove a point with you but to reassure myself that my memory is hanging in there.  LOL

  49. I didn't realize that was even an NFL record. 59 is the team record for
    most points? I'm sure I've seen them score more than that...

  50. U know I want JC,just not for PW , MR or any other of the obvious... 

  51. I don't see any trades being made during the year,  From what I remember they didn't do that last year.  If they didn't then it's not going to be their MO.  I believe thay will stay with what ever plan they have set up already.  So my guess would be to see them to continue to scour the FA market as they did last year.

  52. dont care for your blog,wont be back.