Thursday, September 3, 2009

Almost Forgot (Updated 1:10pm PST)

So I did my write-up 'preview' on today's game vs New Orleans, and I somehow forgot to give a prediction as to the outcome.  I know it's pointless but I pay myself by the letter on this site, so I should've included one.

I think this may surprise a lot of people, but I expect Miami to win this one easily.  I don't mean the game will be easy, but the final score will make it seem that way, in my opinion.  Due to Miami putting up better depth on defense, and the fact that they're due some big plays, I'm going to predict:

MIAMI                    30

Ok, with that out of the way, here's what's happening today.  I have a safety seminar thingy going on at work.  It is scheduled to start between 2pm and 2:30pm which means it will start at 3:15pm.  They are holding it inside a heavy-duty nylon tent in the middle of the scorching parking lot (yesterday it hit 110 around the same time of day).  As long as someone faints from heat-stroke by 4:20pm, I should be able to make it home in time to start up the game by 5pm (Pacific time).  Due to the success of the live chat during the Tampa Bay game, I will probably incorporate that as well, and while I could do it in the same window box as the game, I think I will keep them in separate boxes so as not to slow down the feed.  If I can get home early enough, I'll do a couple of run thrus to see what works best.

If the heat is somehow manageable, my 'plan B' is to excuse myself to the restrooms and then push my car out of earshot in neutral and then take off.  Look forward to communing with any visitors later.  Go Fins!

Good news, folks.  I have managed to set things up so even if I'm not at home for kickoff, the site will update itself and be ready to go so you can start without me, if need be.  

Go to to register for the chat portion.  It's very simple, you just type in your e-mail address and create a password and your done!  For the record, I've been registered here for a while and have yet to receive any e-mails from them.


  1. The Knight who says Ni!September 3, 2009 at 1:26 PM

    As long as someone faints from heat-stroke by 4:20pm, I should be able to make it home in time to start up the game by 5pm (Pacific time).

    If the heat is somehow manageable, my 'plan B' is to excuse myself to the restrooms and then push my car out of earshot in neutral and then take off.

    Funny stuff! :-D

  2. Good Breaking News! Upper Management has shown up early!!! I just might make
    it out of here on time after all.

  3. <span style="">" ready to go so you can start without me."</span>

    Now if I had a dollar for every time I have had that, or a version of it said to

    I am hoping I can stay awake for the game.  I am in the midst of an allergy crisis, ragweed apparently loves the weather we are having here.  I have the choice of being medicated and asleep, or awake with symptoms you don't want to hear about.

  4. Looking forward to the chat during the game, it totally adds to the whole game experience! Hmmm Tin maybe you should copy Ross on the idea. Perhaps he can install chat screens into the backs of fans seats LOL Herd hang in there with the kleenex, I know from experience it aint much fun.

  5. Well I am totally pissed off!  One of the SS assholes has directed a post to me using my real name as my screen name.  That is just wrong.  I know my name and screen name are linked where I follow Omar on twitter, and it's not that big of a secret I suppose, but that is WRONG.  One thing to imposter someone with a screen name but this has gotten personal now, as far as I'm concerned. 

  6. *"" ready to go so you can start without me."*
    Now if I had a dollar for every time I have had that, or a version of it
    said to me."
    Speaking of things I don't want to hear about....LOL. How lazy IS your

  7. yikes, blog drama.  No bueno.  Count me in for the chat

  8. Some of the more obvious O play's of note that took place,upon 1st rewatch,
    and times to pay extra attention during,for those that didn't see live..
    1st qtr,(all yrdgs are or so)..

    12:06 GREATTT CP pass/catch GC 20 yrds or so..
    11:04 Howbout that LPolite pass reception
    10:16 GREATTT CP pass/diving catch DBess 7yrds
    9:40  Whifffed block attempt(don't wanna bring-out the vultures)..
    4:20 UBELIEVABLEY GREATTT coverage/one handed endzone int SSMITHHHHHH!!!
    2:52 EXPLOSIVE RW sweep left 11 yrds
    1:15 Nice CP pass/catch DBess inside slant 13 yrds
    :25 nice CP 30 yrd pass just missed by diving GC

    IMPRESSIVE 1st team 1st qtr,(BOTH sides of ball)..READY for ATL!!

  9. 13:36 JT/CAnderson sack(announcer said 50 Walden)twas 56!!!

  10. 10:30 serious RB stiff arm for an extra 6 yrds

  11. 10:10 nice out pass from CH to DBess for 7 yacs

  12. 8:45 excellent out to RW for 10 yacs(all RW)!!

  13. screen pass actually

  14. 7:30 2nd and 10 CH rollin-out right,  20 yrd up-out LAZERRRR to TG for 25,(CH 6 for 6,in series)!! 

  15. 6:55 ELITE LOOKING PCOBBS for 6yrd TD sweep rght,cut-up into hole impressivly..
    Like the announcer said"FINS made it look easy"!!!

  16. 6:20 3rd/10 TORBOR/McDanial coverage sack,(wayyy to go DBs)!!

  17. 5:15 CH checkdown to PC for another 15

  18. 4:05 PC while laying DOWN on top of defender stripped(in SLO MO he was DOWN WAYYYY b/4 strip)!!

  19. Wasn't even on top of defender @ time of strip!!

  20. Angle from behind the O appears like more of a legit strip(very close though),
    I'll give it to'em IF we have to play by the rules..(officials didn't overule)so it must have been legit(by a C-hair)..

  21. OHHHH wait, this isn't the IM thread,I was wondering why no-one was replying,LOL!!
    JUSTRYIN to help, while I'm able (after W's)!! Won't be able to IM during REG season(TOOO CRITICAL)!!!

  22. In SLO-MO VONTAE's injury looked pretty innocent until he was bulled-over by his own..
    He pushed off of the injured leg after the initial stumble,and didn't grab @ the knee till after friendly fire..

  23. AGAIN,he was smiling right afterwards,and via serious knee injuries it's impossible to grin!! I KNOW x2 !!

  24. Halftime, GOODNIGHT Johnboy ..... BRING ON the ONE's that count !!!

  25. CRAPPPP,gotta cut 13,and (hope some make it back to the PS)!!  TOUGH final few decisions !!!

    I can only figure out 11,and the last TWO are very tough,(does Kershaw actually trump my boy WALDEN),
    and/or Moses??
    Or do we take a chance of not gettin him back to the PS??

    MY cut list
    QMoses ??(MROTH)

    LHilliard ??
    BLondon ??

    (WKershaw or MY BOYYY WALDEN)OUCHHHHH but I can see the possibility..
    (LHilliard or BLondon)OUCHHHH same as above...(ORR,do we dare go w'only 8 OL)??

    To make my 13 official,I'll cut
    London(there goes my towering 3headed RZ threat hopes),instead of Kershaw and
    Hilliard instead of WALDEN... 

    As of late,I'd Hate to let Moses go tooo,(like'em all alot)!!!

    IF NOT the above,then BYE BYE JA,or NJones....  :(       

  26. The Knight who says Ni!September 4, 2009 at 6:57 AM

    herd, the SS blogs are out of control again. It looks like I'll be blogging here and not much anywhere else. I'm not into the BS.

  27. It just creeps me out.  A line was crossed, IMO.  I have asked them to remove that post, but so far they haven't. 

  28. Ok, well now they have.  Thank you Mike B.