Monday, September 28, 2009

Chad Pennington - The End

Well it's over for Chad Pennington - as reported to me by reader/commenter, 13kvFINS, via e-mail while I was at lunch, Pennington has a torn capsule in his shoulder and will be placed on IR.  While this sounds like terrible news, and it is, we all knew he was going to be done by the way he reacted yesterday.  The normally 'glass half full' Pennington looked to be ensnared in a state of despair for the remainder of the game following the injury.

Now we also know from past experience that Tinshaker is going to find a way to find something positive in this development, and I'll start with the obvious and immediate effect of having Chad Henne finally get some game time (I told you so moment - I did mention that they should have been playing Henne instead of Pat White in those 'getting him used to the speed of the game' reps).  All things considered, I thought Henne looked calm and focused during the game, and while he wsn't always on the mark, there is no question as to which Miami QB has the strongest arm and that arm is finally going to be matched up with Ted Ginn.  Sure, they were unsuccessful as a pairing on Sunday, but they haven't had time to 'gel' and the fact that we play Buffalo next, with 3 of their 4 starting DBs not going to play, the stage is set for a coming out party for Henne and Ginn.  

No matter what happens this year, we couldn't afford to keep Henne out of the games any longer, and Pennington had a case of whatever illness Sparano has, both looking indecisive and out of sorts.  Sparano's overly-animated outburst during the San Diego missed field goal, was the most animated he's been since becoming the Head Coach of the Dolphins.  Chad Pennington's 2-minute drill this season looked just as ill-timed and inappropriate.

Now for the real positive stuff.   

The Dolphins do not have a reliable pass threat at the tight end position.  I would say Fasano has been a shadow of his former self, but that would be too kind.  What's darker and less tangible than a shadow?  The good news is that Henne obviously doesn't care about tight ends, preferring to gun the ball down the field to fast Wide Receivers.  He wants to get the ball to Ginn.  You see it every time they're on the field together.  Eventually they will get on the same page.  That useless tight end position now won't be a crutch, as it was for Pennington.  Now we'll be able to run the ball and throw the safeties out of the box with medium to deep route passing.  Also, in the Wildcat, it's possible to actually send Henne out as a pass target on the option pass.  He's done it before, seen it with my own eyes.

Because Pennington's injury was serious enough to end his season, it clears up a spot on the roster to sign a backup QB.  Had he been out for 3 to 6 weeks or what have you, someone would have to be axed.

So while there's no positive for Pennington, or fans of his (sorry herdfan), there are some silver linings for the Dolphins.


  1. I thought the center was the most useless position on offense Tin?

    Agreed about the Henne to Ginn connection, but I'll still be surprised if we actually complete a long pass rather than overthrowing the receiver in recent Dolphins fashion, and I didn't realize we had intermediate passes in our playbook

    Maybe they don't show it on TV much but Sparano is always animated on the sidelines, he cracks me up with his intensity, kinda reminds me of how Cower was on the sidelines. Occasionally I turn my binocculars away from the cheerleaders and look at Sparano to see his reactions to plays or see what player he's talking to. I then imediately go back to the cheerleaders, who are much hotter than SanDiagos

    I'm wondering how much of Fasano's play has been because of Martin not also being there, or more of a confidence loss from the opening game

  2. put it mildly tin, I think you're nuts ...and I mean that sincerely.

    1) Ginn is inconsistent at best, scared of getting hit to the point that it drives his play, and incapable of being a #1 WR ...the only two things he is consistent in is dropping clutch play catches and finding the quickest way out of bounds ...I really don't give a damn if he catches 11 balls, its the ones that he doesn't catch that matter ...and he just doesn't catch the ones that really matter ...I can hear all the Ginn hooyas now but I'm telling you, they need to bench Ginn for an entire game and give his starting role to Hartline ...something needs to be done to get his attention NOW ...or trade to Baltimore so he can play practice catch with Cam and John-Boy.

    2) Henne is going to make Beck look like a franchise QB ...why you Penne bashers think Henne is anyone's answer at QB defies logic ...he stunk up every pre-season game he was in and he stunk up yesterday as well ...I'll give him this, he's consistent ...he can throw the long ball to the opposing dbs as well as any QB in the game today.

    3) It won't matter who our QB/WRs are if the Safety situation doesn't get fixed.

    4) It won't matter who our safeties are if Crowder doesn't get it together or get benched.

    5) Carey sucks ...did last year, does this year, will next year.

    ps ...did I tell you I think you're nuts? ...I did? ...good :)  

  3. I agree with lemmus 100% on Ted Ginn even if
    lemmus is completely insane
    However I would not bench Ginn for an entire game
    He needs to sit on some WR sets
    Dolphins need to see some new WR sets with capable rookies
    Ginn needs to be shown he has F!@#!@# up too many times and his job is on the line
    That being said
    The Henne/Ginn connection must be successful this season
    Both QB/WR need to rise to the occasion
    Tell ginn straight up, his @ss is on the line and he better butch it up
    Let him know the whole NFL world is laughing at him and ask him
    How are U going to respond?

    We need the "RONWILD"  40 plays a game
    With Henne coming in a dozen times

    Ronnie rules!
    The rest is conversation

  4. Just heard the news on Pennington.  Time to find out if Henne can be a starter in this league.  I feel badly for Pennington but we need to move forward as an organization & find out whether we need to draft a QB with our first pick next year or not.   I'm not a religious man but I pray Henne pans out since we need help in so many other positions.

    This team is in shambles right now & we have a myriad of question marks in regards to our future.  Our best player (Ronnie Brown) is going to turn 28 in December & he's going to be a FA???  That would mean he'll turn 29 in 2010 if we re-sign him???  I love Ronnie but this is not the age to sign a RB for a monster contract.    

  5. Not that it didn't seem crazy on draft day when we took Pat White with our first 2nd round pick but now it looks completely INSANE.  It's hard to believe with all of the LB's in this draft we wound up taking JD Folsom.  Help!!!!

  6. BTW--Either Parcells goes disgracefully into the sunset (like JJ) after this season or he stays another year to see if he can fix this sinking ship.  Should be interesting if he walks away....

  7. ...Henne can't scramble worth a damn and he doesn't have Penne's pocket smarts ...with our OL protecting him, he will be sacked time and again and when he isn't being sacked he's going to be hurried into bad passes. all you PW haters, take this to the bank ...PW will be the starting QB before the season is over ...AND he will win when he plays ...go ahead, take your pokes ...but watch and learn.

  8. I haven't commented on any of this today and barely had time to read much of it, but what I did read was enough.  I can't believe people are HAPPY a player, ANY player is injured.  Sure, if they aren't playing well, bench them, put in someone else you feel has more potential to win you a game.  To be glad someone is injured is just WRONG in my book.  And before anyone gets all defensive, I'm not saying I've read that so much here, but on other forums.  Truly disappointing to me.   I hope Henne gets it together and does well, but I'm thinking the problems this team has had isn't the Q

    And, in a cruel twist of irony, my family just gave me my 10 Pennington jersey.  It was supposed to be for my Bday at the end of October, but hey, why wait now? 


  9. Dammit, what happened to my comment?

    Anyway, I was saying I can't believe people are glad a player is injured, ANY player.  Put in someone else, if they have more potential to win a game.  Disappointing.  I hope Henne gets it together, but I don't think the problem has been the QB.

    And in a cruel twist of irony, my family gave me my 10 Pennington jersey today.  It was supposed to be for my Bday at the end of October, but hey, why wait?


  10. Still<span> think</span><span> Ginn</span><span> should</span><span> be</span><span> traded,</span><span> but</span><span> does</span><span> Henne</span><span> throwing</span><span> the</span><span> ball</span><span> finaly</span><span> force</span><span> Ginn</span><span> to</span><span> show</span><span> us</span><span> if</span><span> he</span><span> can</span><span> </span><span>"realize"</span><span> his</span><span> full</span><span> potential?</span>

    Also,<span> </span><span>a</span><span> </span><span>question</span><span> </span><span>for</span><span> </span><span>you</span><span> </span><span>Tin,</span><span> who</span><span> do</span><span> the</span><span> fins</span><span> go</span><span> after</span><span> to</span><span> be</span><span> the</span><span> 3rd</span><span> QB</span><span> (maybe</span><span> even</span><span> 2nd)</span><span>?</span><span> </span>

  11. Skinny Ginny needs to hit the road. It is sooo fkin obvious how he is more concerned about getting hit then making plays and NOT JUST CATCHES.

  12. Herd,

    Did you read my post???  I'm not glad that Pennington got hurt.  I like Pennington.  He's a pro's pro & more importantly a really solid human being.  All I said is that we need to play Henne to see what we have going forward.  Pennington was brought in to be a bridge to Henne in the first place.  He did a GREAT job last year but clearly since we drafted 2 QB's in the 2nd round in each of the last two drafts, at 0-3 it's time to see what we have. 

  13. I'm sorry.  That's sad. :(

  14. Trade Ginn for what???  So far he's been useless for us so what would we get for him in a trade???

  15. dam, pennington will really be missed, he was the  leader of our offense, and made some of our so so receivers look god( camerillo), but hopefully henne can step up and prove that he can be that franchise qb we need,

  16. Lemmus,

    I actually agree with everything negative that you wrote about Ginn, G. Wilson, Carey, & Crowder BUT not Henne & Pat White.  You & I have not seen enough of Henne to know much of anything yet.  I'm hopeful he turns out to be okay but it would be impossible for me to tell you how good of an NFL QB he will be.  As for Henne, at least he has an NFL arm which Pat White does not.

    I read somewhere when someone (might have been Krillian) wrote "I've yet to meet anyone at any level who knows whether a college player will be good in the NFL."  My point is that it's a guessing game so we won't know on Henne until we see him play.

  17. I heard Peyton Manning once said that the only way for a player to improveis to play.  Henne hasn't played much but he deserves a chance.  With that said in the words of the great Bob Dylan, "if you ain't got nothing you've got nothing left to lose."  Therfeore, I wouldn't mind seeing the rest of our other young players like Clemons, Moses, Wake, Haynos, Nalbone, & Turner get some playing time.   Let's see what we got!!!  My guess is that we're at least another two drafts away.

  18. I'm going to say this & then I'm going to watch the Panthers hopefully beat the Cowboys' redneck asses in. 

    If there is anyone who thinks that Coach Sparano is not the right guy for this job is throwing the baby out with the bathwater.  I encourage anyone who disagrees with me to watch his day after press conference.  This guy knows football, he knows what the problems are & don't dismiss the fact that he won 11 games for us last year.   Although it is debatable whether we have the right coordinators on either side on the ball, I'm convinced that Sparano will not settle for 0-3 & there will be changes.

    So good night & good luck!!!

  19. WHP, no I don't think your comment was there when I did the first one.   I think it was 'accidently' deleted by my over enthusiastic 5yr old 'helper'.  In fact I said in the first one I wasn't responding to any particular post here and I've not had time to read much of anything today, and I stopped after I read a post at the SS hoping he was injured and done, something to that effect.  If a player isn't getting the job done, bench them, cut them, play someone who can potentially do the job better.  Hoping they are seriously hurt, that is the epitome of low class.  Reminds me of Jets fans.
    Maybe it didn't come across in my abbreviated 2nd effort, I hope Henne does well, I really do.  I like winning.  I just don't think CP was the problem.  I hope it gets straightened out.  Adversity sometimes has a way of bringing teams together when nothing else has worked.

  20. I think everyone here knows what Penny has meant to the Dolphins in his short time here, and I hate to see it end like this for him.  But this is the NFL and it happens all the time, so we must move on and depend on the players that are on the field. 

    So with that said we can look to the future, with out worrying about wins and losses, and begin building a team that can bark with the big dogs for the years to come.  Finding out if White or Henne are the real deal will go a long way in dealing with the future direction the team will need to go in.  If the QB question can be solved,  then we can cut our sorry excuses at both safety positions, linebackers, and wide recievers.

  21. TG needs to make those catches,and they ALL matter the same,
    the one's toward the end don't matter if not for the one's early on(i.e. vs Indy)!!

    As far as intelligently avoiding contact for a few extra yrds rather than potentially fumbleing or ending his career by running into a trained killer running approx 18+ miles per hr in the opposite direction of his 18+ miles per hr..
    I have no problem w'it,anyone who does has never experienced that type of impact,
    or taken a forearm schiver to the throat,(I've delivered,and been the recipient),it's fun from ONLY ONE end!!
    He's not a big guy,he's not meant to be an ABoldin type player,he's told to make the catch get what he can,
    and don't risk a potential turnover,(live to play another day)!!

    TS(TG fan) is alway's preaching,(take the safe route),I'm sure he's told TG not to risk decapitation!!
    Though,I hope next offseason they PRACTICE extending the RZ play,and threading the needle,
    rather than PRACTICING throwing it away,(seeing that CH can throw a lazer),
    and the accuracy WILL come after extensive work w'the one's!!

    The greatest show on turf w'all those ""GREAT"" recievers rarily got yacs,INCLUDING the #1
    (they'd make the catch and take a dive),and move on to the next opportunity!!
    It was a joke on all the nfl show's for yrs,and yet they became "GREAT" wr's,
    simply by making the catches,while becoming the greatest show on turf!!

    Balt beats NE,Saint's beat those gyz that wear grn,and TWO in a row @ home,we're in 1st place @ the bye!!!

    ALLS I ask,is to PLEASE be PATIENT,and THINK POSITIVE during the ENTIRE 60 minutes next SUNDAY!!
    JUST try it ONE time,rather than sending a rollercoaster ride of AURA to"OUR"BELOVED DOLPHINS!!!
    Say what you will here,but TRY to imagine ALL 45 as your own out there on SUNDAYS!!!
    I PERSONALLY LOVE MY DOLPHINS one and all through thick and thin(DUHHHH)!!!
    We've hit a couple speed-bumps,and need an alignment,but it's repairable and we have the right mechanic!!

    GO    M   I   A   M   I      D   O   L   P   H   I   N   S     !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Hey Tin, how come you are band from SS ? I would think home 2010 would have gong first.

  23. I hear Marino is free...
    Actually this would have been a no-brainer had the Eagles not signed Jeff
    Garcia a couple of weeks ago.
    As far as I know the top QB free agents are Brooks Bollinger and Ken
    Dorsey. Not exactly top caliber QBs but guys with some experience who could
    provide a little anxiety relief. On the other hand, I do believe there are
    at least a dozen QBs on the trading block right now who could be had for a
    7th rounder.

  24. Don't know, haven't been able to comment there for about a month. Got no
    response from message to what's his face...

  25. ...13kv ...rah rah rah sis boom bah ...all the cheerleading in the world won't make our problems go away ...yes, I'll be watching Sunday and hoping against hope that I'm wrong about Henne, Ginn, Wilson, Crowder, and Carey ...nothing would make me happier than Henne hitting Ginn downfield for a TD ...really, I'm at least as big a fan as you.

    ...but I'm also a realist ...Henne hasn't shown any inkling of being the next big thing ...why do you think starting will transform him into such? still believe in the Easter Bunny?

    ...and Ginn ...come on, that's bending over backwards to make excuses for him ...let me know when you see Bess deliberately head for the sidelines to avoid taking a hit ...not in this life-time, eh ...and he's no bigger than Teddy Bear ...except for his cajones ...those are huge by comparison ...maybe that's what Ginn needs, a cajones transplant ...XXX Large might just do it ...then we might actually see him throw a block for a teammate instead of dodging the hit ...I'd celebrate that, I would!!!

  26. WHP
    ...White doesn't have an NFL arm? ...dear god, what have you been watching? ...certainly not PW far he's got an accuracy problem most likely because of the change from the spread to being under the center not giving him the same amount of time ...that's a problem that may or may not get resolved but the coaches seem to think it will ...but as far as being able to throw the ball he's demonstrated long ball range several times in practice, preseason, and game his WV tapes where he threw bombs accurately and consistently.
    ...Like I said, PW's problem appears centered on adapting to the much quicker timing when taking the ball under center, not with any lack of an NFL caliber arm. for Henne I really hope I'm wrong but i'm not holding my breath ...we've seen him in practice, preseason, and games now over two seasons ...unless he does a cinderella act come Sunday, he's not our future.
    ...PW may yet be ...should he get the timing down, he'll be deadly ...if not, we pray that Tebow is still on the draft boards when its our pick.

  27. The Knight who says Ni!September 29, 2009 at 6:25 AM

    As a Dolphins fan and blogger I have to say I'm a bit worn out with talking about what's going on with this team. The one thing we can look forward to now is what kind of QB we have in Henne. Get some other young players as many reps as they can and see if you can build something for the future. I feel bad for Pennington. The amount of work the guy puts into this game to get taken out again. Very sad. He'll make a great coach if that's an avenue he wants to pursue.

  28. The Knight who says Ni!September 29, 2009 at 6:28 AM

    Tin, you've gotten some posts in on the SS here and there haven't you, or is that an impostor?

  29. Not for a few weeks I think.

  30. The Knight who says Ni!September 29, 2009 at 6:59 AM

    I understand being disappointed in Ginn but what other WR has really stepped up and please don't say Bess with his short little dump off catches? If he's our best WR we are in big trouble. Where is Camarillo? I know Hartline has been a little banged up. Maybe Turner should be given a shot.

  31.  > Hartline has been playing and has been called for three penalties in 3
     > weeks.  I think he's gotta get up to speed on special teams before we hand
     > any reins off to him, and no, I don't think he's a bigger threat than Ginn.
     > Turner should be given a shot because he can separate with his body and
     > Fasano's invisibility forces us to get another big body out there.
     > I agree with your take on Bess.  I'm not interested in assigning number one
     > status to someone who only gets 6 or 7 yards a catch, and his 4 yards per
     > punt return is a joke.  He simply does not have any speed and he looks
     > slower this year than last year and his short arms have been a detriment.
     > He's basically playing the part of a receiving tailback right now.  Ronnie
     > Brown looks like a better option at wideout than he does.  That said, he did
     > produce last year and if he can find his quickness, he could get his average
     > up to a more respectable 9 to 10 yards a catch.
     > Talking about the defense later...

  32. Hawk
    The word your looking for is "banned"
    I am not joining the band
    even if Tin joins the band
    Dont think the SS bans people for being boisterous or posting often

    But thanks for your vote of confidence

  33. The Knight who says Ni!September 29, 2009 at 7:35 AM

    Brooks Bollinger might be the best option being that he's got some smarts and could probably learn the offense rather quickly. But he is nothing more than a #3 QB so he'll probably only be an option for this year. We've got a bye in week 6 so there will be that break for whoever the #3 QB is to get brought up to speed.

  34. Knight
    U will be back
    after we beat Buffalo
    and show recovery
    U will feel better
    We need U for Jets game

  35. Also the trade deadline....perfect timing!

  36. The Knight who says Ni!September 29, 2009 at 7:48 AM

    I don't get Bees being used on punt returns. He's not a threat to get more than 25 yards. That's about the limit for what his speed has to offer. I agree Ronnie Brown is a better option as a receiver than Bess. I think Ronnie is our best receiver.

  37. The Knight who says Ni!September 29, 2009 at 8:05 AM

    Oh I'm not retiring, I'm just a bit worn out that's all. There isn't much more to add then what has already been said.

  38. Rather be a cheerLEADER than spend a lifetime as an ogre,
    (enjoy your miserable personna/life),your very good @ it!!

    Despite the safety,and LB play,we're a few turnovers,a missed FG,untimely clock mismanagement
    ,a fumble through the EZ,and the loss of our field general away from 3-0!! (SHIT HAPPENS!!) 
    What would you do then,become a fan of a perennial losing francise,
    so you could comment and possibly be agreed with from the other chicken littles??

    CAREY allows a FEW sacks out of way-over 200 play's,he suks,and your a realist,LOL!!!
    Does your tevo only record the bad,or do you pray for bad,so you can say you were right??
    You were probably saying the same last yr,"OUR"success must have broke your heart!!
    I'd bet that in 72 you were bitchin about us not throwing the ball enough,
    keep-up the effort,soon you'll be the LEADER of ALL ogre's,or the easter bunny(who I believe in niether)!!

    Have you personally ever succesfully attempted any of the responsibilities that you critique so arrogantly from your lazy-boy??  I doubt it,or you'd have some "realistic" respect for the efforts!!!

    I KNOW not all is rosey,but REFUSE to turn on my own,NO MATTER WHAT!!
    GOFINS,SHUT the "bigger FAN" miserable lifetime OGRE up,
    he can't deal w'a mistake here and there or w'defeat!!!  

    GO MIAMI DOLPHINS,ONE AND ALL,(I TRUST you'll try your best)!!

  39. ...back to the name calling, eh ...speaks to you, not me.

    "CAREY allows a FEW sacks out of way-over 200 play's,he suks,and your a realist,LOL!!!" 13kv just made my case, thank you. 

  40. post in quiet a while