Sunday, September 6, 2009

Tin Bits - Practice Squad Day - UPDATED

Happy Practice Squad Day, everyone!  Today, every NFL team will 'squad up' so to speak with waiver wire prospects.  While Miami is no. 25 on the priority list, there were so many solid prospects released yesterday that I wouldn't be surprised if we were to land one or two players we made ourselves acquainted with during the 2009 draft preparations.  But even though this is a busy transaction day for rookies, so much more is going on today of note:
  • The biggest news is that the New England Patriots have traded Richard seymour to the Raiders for a first round draft choice in 2011.  This is shocking news as Seymour has been a star player for the Pats and one of the most respected defenders in the entire NFL for a while now.  He's a 5-time Pro-Bowler for crying out loud.  The fact that the Pats would trade the 29 year old for a 1st round pick, which to be realistic, they'll end up trading down during the draft anyway, and the fact that the Raiders, a team that runs a 4-3, will now take Seymour and put him in the middle of the line, AND that they're willing to give up a future pick that could've been used on whoever the fastest person in the 20011 draft is, sounds inconceivable from both sides of the transaction.  The only good thing that comes out of this trade is actually the AFC East will no longer have to face Seymour twice a year.  In fact, this move by Belichick may turn out to be a huge boone for Miami.  I also suspect this last minute trade will cause issues in the New England locker room.

  • San Diego may once again be without linebacker, Shawne Merriman, to start the season.  Last year he was kept out due to injury.  This year it's much more serious.  He has been arrested for 'suspicion of choking and restraining Tila Tequila'.  This is just about the weirdest thing a ball club could have to deal with during opening week, and if the allegations are true, Merriman's only hope for redemption would be that everyone actually wants Tila Tequila to be 'restrained and strangled'.

  • By now everyone knows that the Denver Broncos have signed former Dolphins defensive end, Vonnie Holliday.  As it stands right now, the Broncos have 3 defensive starters (Holliday, Renaldo Hill, Andre Goodman) that were starters for the Dolphins in 2008.  I always wish former Dolphins the best of luck as they move on to another team, and let's face it, they're going to need it with Josh McDaniels at the helm.

  • At last count, 27 players that I scouted during pre-draft days and a good 15 of which were on my final draft board, have been waived.  At this point, I would expect Miami to go after an offensive tackle as priority number one.  Alex Boone is available, as is Jason Watkins, Jaimie Thomas, Phil Trautwein, as is Dolfan favorites Lydon Murtha and Jamon Meredith.  Those are just some of the bigger name rookies.  There are several vets available too including former Dolphins Anthony Alabi and Cory Lekkerker.
  • And speaking of former Dolphins, Thursday night's game vs the Saints included a visibly shaken Joey Harrington getting beat up on by the Dolphins defense.  The Saints noticed, and released Harrington as part of their roster cuts.  A.J. Feeley has been released by the Eagles.  Cleo Lemon was released by Baltimore last week.  Brian Griese is also a free agent.  Sage Rosenfels is barely clinging on to a third string role in Favre-ota, and his trade to the Vikings actually caused another former Dolphin QB to lose his job, i.e. Gus Frerotte, who is now a free agent.  In fact, of all the active former Dolphin QBs, only one has a starting job and that is Daunte Culpepper.
  • Per reports, Miami has waived injured TE David Martin and has claimed another TE, Davon Drew off of waivers. Drew is a rookie out of Eastern Carolina and was impressive during spring OTAs but failed his training camp physical and was placed on the PUP.  He was taken off the reserve list 3 days later.

  • Miami currently has 7 players on the PS, maybe Nalbone gets waived now?


  1. LOL!  You must have put up the new page right after I posted my last comments.  Obviously I agree that this a strange & dare I say, uncharacteristically BAD move by Belichick.

    What's this about Merriman???  Tila Tequilla???  I'm not sure WHAT she does or is for that matter except for the fact that she's hot.  If it were Madonna I'd totally understand.

    by Home SuperBowl 2010

    Lets think outside the box
    Are Pats getting ready to put together a package of draft picks an/or players to trade up for the best player to ever come out of college football (by stats)

    Right now Pats have only 2 QBs and one is a rookie
    Brady will not make it thru the year
    No Way
    Then pats have nothing

    ***** The DYNASTY BE FINS! *****

  3. If this Tila Tequila is the same dirty little std HO that I think U R refering to
    Than she needed to go away anyway

    Probably will take the backroom check for  a million and drop the charges if possible
    Is this not what dirty liitle Hos Do?

  4. Wow.  What a busy weekend. 

    Haynos is still here.  I read he is PS eligible.  I didn't think he was, but I don't think he would stay there anyway.

    I hate the fact that Holliday is somewhere else. 

    Football season is officially here.  I live within walking distance of a HS and middle school, and drive past one field to get to my house and I can see part of the field/hear the PA of the other one when I am sitting on my deck.  Lots of football going on here.  I went to see my beloved HERD play yesterday.  I'm usually a win is a win type but yesterday has got me rethinking that.  Ugh!

  5. I've been catching up on my reading, getting ready to head out to a picnic and stumbled on this.  I don't recall seeing this mentioned anywhere.  Please excuse my use of a 'banned name' on here; I just can't help myself.  And technically I'm just copying this from elsewhere, so I'm not actually typing the letters myself.

    'Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre was fined $10,000 by the league yesterday for his crack-back block on Houston defensive back Eugene Wilson Monday night.'


    Not laughing @ a player being injured, but @ the crybaby.  I hope you understand and forgive me.

  6. VERY REFRESHING !!!!!!  Cept for poor Vonnie,Andre,and Renaldo, VERRRRRYYYY REFRESSSSSINGGGG !!!

  7. ...tin ...just a general comment're getting much better at aggregating the news that dolfans really want to see ...I find myself coming here first now instead of the SS because the relevant news there is shotgunned all over the place ...congrats are in order.

    ...favre ...while we all dispise what has become an annual circle-jerk, try not to forget that Brett Favre is one of the top 5-10 QBs of all time, a certain HOF inductee, and despite all the negativity and assuming he stays healthy, almost certainly makes the Vikings a top playoff contender ...and you have to admire a QB that at age 39 takes on an opposing defender and takes him out, no matter how he did it much as I admire and prefer Penne as our QB, there is no way he would ever attempt to take out an opposing DL to spring Ricky out of the WC ...which is what Favre did ...despite the illegality of the block, I admire Favre for even attempting it at his age and known health issues ...just my opinion, others will certainly differ

  8. ...shaking my head wondering wtfo? ...the FIRST guy we pull off the waiver wire is a TE w/receiver hands? ...I'm thinking maybe there is a problem with Martin's recovery that has remained below the radar ...just doesn't make any sense otherwise ...but if he passes physicals, then someone else has to be cut'd think it would have to be Nalbone or Haynos but this is like blind mans bluff, eh ...who knows what the trifecta is up to?

  9., no sooner do I post suspicions of a Martin injury problem and you update that he's gone with an injury settlement ...and my faith in the trifecta just jumped a notch.

  10. Lemmus, I'll second that about Tin's Fins!

    Drew looks like a hotdoggin' pass catchng TE, working opposite Ginn, Ronnie/Ricky, Bess, Camarillo,,, just the kind of TE that we need to give a D fits!

  11. So it's 15 NEW FINS!! 
    I agree w'the reasoning for keeping the 4 TE's,(DMartin hernia??s),plus he's 30 yrs,and an o10FA.. 
    Nalbone(place in TS heart)plyd w'son's in college,so he knows what the kid bring's!! 
    Haynos,6-8,270(need I say more),WILL be on the field in short yrdg,and RZ pass!! 
    Posted by: <span>13kvFINS</span> | <span><span style="color: #004276;">September 06, 2009 at 02:19 PM</span></span>

    <span>Make that 16 , LOL  !!</span>

  12. So Drew basically goes directly to the ""Developemental Squad"",(RIGHT/PROBABLY)??..

    And that'll open a slot elsewhere,(CORRECT)??..  That's how I'm seeing it !! What'd I overlook?? GOFINS!!

  13. no, anyone claimed off waivers gos onto 53

  14. Or do they have to remain on 53,unless cut ??

  15. First we wait till the other teams interested in TEs sign one, then we waive
    one and do the process all over again.

  16. NICE HANDS,MAYBE he's going to be what Wilford/and or LONDON couldn't be??
    Look's like a 6-2,220 WR(from here LOL),saw a nice route or two,.. What are his specific's(height/weight/40)??

    I've never been in love, like coach w' JN anyway's,
    (but STILL hope he @least remains part of the team somehow)..
    NOT that he's yet to leave!!!  Not sure of the ??'s I asked above!!

  17. So we're gonna keep revolving our TE's through waivers till one gets pkd'up,so that we can stay @ 53????!!!!


    When can ONE be placed on the PS,(after ONE of our OWN clears waiver's),the next to survive the process???
    POOR NALBONE/(MY BOYY HAYNOS),guess coach is trying to get them to step-up/seperate!!

  18. one would be waived and if he clear waivers he'd be a free agent and allowed
    to sign to our PS.

  19. 6'4" 254lbs, 4.81


  21. COOL,that sound's better than 6-3,246 @SS,(which is cool too)!!  LOOKS LEAN/fast @ those weight's(from here)!!

    He APPEARS fleeter of foot than Wilford/London,and has @least 25+ lbs on them,
    and definately has better hands/technique,
    but what'a I know, he APPEARED 6-2,220(to me) in video...

  22. Tins,

    Must give you credit fot getting information faster than the Sun & the Post.  I still disagree with a lot of things you say about specific players but maybe one day you'll get it....LOL!

  23. I'm still young, I can learn....

  24. DAMMITT WHP,your avatar makes me wish I had a little pecker..(HOWWWW can I blow-it-up)??

  25. ...if we agreed with everything tin says, why would we need to come here so often? :)

  26. ...btw tin, your comments count stopped working again :(

  27. thanks, repaired comment counter. It seems anytime I try to fix one thing,
    something else gets broken...

  28. Thanks for the vids of our new players........Drew reminds me of Martin, a big TE who catches the ball like a WR hopefully he will pick up the playbook quick and we get to see him at some point this season. The WR looks like a little guy on that quick highlight......i wonder what his stats are.......hopefully he can help in the return game at some point this season.

    I agree with you on Seymour hopefully Bellicheat is starting to out think himself and i'm sure there is some rumbling in the lockerroom especially from a guy named Wilfork.......all the better for us......

    Thanks for the updates and keep up the good work man, your blog is a must read for the serious fan cant wait till Sunday.............

  29. He looks small but he's listed as 6'2"