Friday, September 4, 2009

PREVIEW: The Waiver Wire and Practice Squad

A quick look at free agent players that may be available and of interest to Miami this week:
  • A.Q. Shipley, C.  I have no problem putting this guy at the top of my list.  The 2008 Rimington Trophy winner, All-American, and All Big-Ten Offensive Lineman of the year was one of two Centers I targeted for the Dolphins in the 2009 draft. (the other was  Cecil Newton  The Steelers ended up drafting him in the 7th round but with two embedded Centers ahead of him, he probably didn't have a fair shot.  He was one of 22 players waived by the Steelers today.
  • Jason Watkins, OT.  At 6'6", 315lbs, this former Florida Gator was All-SEC honorable mention last year and was waived by Houston.
  • Kendall Simmons, OG.  He's 30 years old and is recovering from a torn achilles tendon, but this 202 1st round draft pick started 80 games for the Steelers, and the injury occurred early last year.  When healthy he'd be the perfect backup to Smiley/Thomas.
  • Billy Yates, OG.  At 6'2", 305 lbs, he's a bit small for Miami's line, but he was a Dolphin once before, making the roster as an undrafted free agent and playing in 3 games as a rookie.  He then spent three years on New England's practice squad before making the cut in 2006.  He started 7 games last year for the Pats. 
  • Ben Wilkerson, C.  6'4", 313lbs and only 26 years of age, he's clocked 32 games in the last 3 years, including 29 for the Falcons in 2007 & 2008.
  • Chris McAlister, CB.  At 32 years of age, he's no spring chicken.  But he's probably the best free agent veteran corner out there right now.  And his size, 6'1" 205lbs, is something Miami may be interested in.
  • Corey Smith, LB.  Undersized at 6'1", 225lbs, could be a good practice squad project. Played in 48 games (46 starts) at University of Cincinnati:  Posted 271 tackles (142 solo), 32.5 tackles for loss, 7.5 sacks (-47.0 yards), five QB pressures, three INTs, three passes defensed, two forced fumbles and two fumble recoveries.
  • Travis Daniels, CB.  I know you're thinking 'Oh no, here we go again!' but given the off chance that Miami might want to bring in a more seasoned cornerback to play a reserve role, the 6'1", 195lb Daniels is an option (not one of my favorite options). One thing that'll work in any team who picks him up's favor, it'll probably be his last shot at making an impact and he play like his life depends on it.
  • Leonard Pope, TE.  At 6'8", 264lbs he makes for an imposing pass target. Not a good blocker though.  He went from being a 3 year starter to being 4th on the depth chart in the course of one month.
  • Lee Robinson, ILB.  6'2", 250lbs. Had worked up from being undrafted rookie to 2nd team, but ultimately lost out on a numbers battle.
This list will change as players become available and/or unavailable.

Miami's own waived/released player's of interest:
  • Will Billingsley, CB.  Now, while we don't have a ton of good tape on Billingsley, the truth is, we don't have a lot of bad tape on him either.  That's because he spent 2008 hopping off and on the practice squad.  And he made it two years in a row up until the final cuts.  Obviously the trifecta sees something in this player.  Whether or not they plan on giving him more time to develop is unknown.
  • Louis Ellis, NT.  Ellis was always going to be a project, the question is if the Dolphins like him enough to take the time to groom him on the practice squad.


  1. Tin, we growing a bit impaitient with Grove are we? ;)

  2. None of these guys are going to supplant a starter or even a second teamer.
    The center is a rookie and can be stashed on the practice squad.

  3. Tin, how did Pat white do last night? Read every thing but nobodey talk about him.

  4. I had Shipley on MY draft-board in the late 4th,and in the 6th I had 
    JWatkins,(should be somewhat accustomed to a non-traditional O),
    and think they both COULD BE upgrades w'upside in comparison to what we currently have,(Berger/Garner),or even MY guy Gardner who's been slackin,(even though I give him the benifit of a doubt)..

    Had Lee Robinson in the 6th,(as a potential Hybrid/OLB)..Who cut him,and did they move him to ILB??
    But IF we're gonna keep another ILB,Kershaw's been impressive enough
    and would likely be light yrs ahead of Robinson @ this point,(ESP if LR has also made a pos change)..

    Don't know much of WILKERSON,but he sound's like an upgrade to Berger,(that makes 2)against JB...


  5. POPE was supposed to be a superstar..
    Wasn't he an earlyround pk just a few yrs ago,and how can a TE be that big/NOT block??
    Must have a big head from his pre-draft status.. He's practically as big as Haynos!!

    Don't see him coming here,w'TS's heart-throb Nalbone going to the PS,if not the 53,
    and of course I don't want Pope over MY heart-throb Haynos,(but who am I),NOBODY..

  6. Hawk, i talked about White's performance in my recap:

  7. The Broncos cut Robinson
    . KErshaw isn't practice squad eligible.

  8. ...Shipley is the only one I'd be interested in ...but for that very reason I'd expect him to be picked off the waiver wire long before he fell to us.

    ...I used to think Ellis was a ps project but Sparano cut him well before he had to ...that would indicate there was no interest in trying to develop him any further

    ...I'm somewhat surprised by the Hilliard move especially considering Cobb's performance and the Williams extension ...I just don't see Hilliard ever replacing Brown or Williams ...what it means to me is we have an extra body we don't need taking up a slot that is badly needed elsewhere ...but its Sparano's team and his call.