Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Just a little project...

Hey everyone.  Thanks for continuing to read and comment on this site.  It's been loads of fun for me, and actually a bit of therapy for our 0-3 start to the 2009 season.  But before we get too far into it, I'm starting up what I will from now on be referring to as 'PROJECT-10'.

PROJECT-10 is a vehicle that will transport us through the lead up to the 2010 NFL draft, which is obviously, in 2010.  But before we get there, and before I write all those articles that actually gave birth to this site in 2009, I need to actually know the players I'm talking about.  And that is why I have already done my pre-preliminary draft chart for 2010.  Below is a basic table showing the players I am focusing on during this NCAA season in prep for next year's draft.

Now obviously you're all going to chime in with agreements, disagreements, and childish banter about boobies, but what I'd really like, is for everyone to name ONE player, of any projected round, that you would like added to the list.  I'm not necessarily going to add them all, but I will at the very least add the top 5 vote-getters (may have to do a deciding poll later on).

I don't care if its a member of your division II alma mater, or a really obvious top ten kind of player.  If I think the Dolphins would be interested in that player, he'll get on the board.  I won't be writing about this every week, but will be making my own notes behind the scenes, to be used in the 2010 off-season.


  1. 1. Forget Spiller, we need to re-sign Brown.
    2. Would LOVE Rolle, if he chooses to play ball. He could be great.
    3. No need for Grothe with the Thigpen acquisition. We wouldn't have spot open in 2010.
    4. As good a returnr as Holliday is, I'd imagine he's go higher.

  2. I know Holliday is ranked higher but ultimately his height will bring him
    down. He WOULD be the smallest player in the NFL if he's drafted.

  3. I am keeping Rolle on the radar in much the same way I'm keeping Crabtree on
    the radar. It's one of those, what ifs, that may cause some disturbance.
    We will find out soon enough.

  4. Spiller is my top pick because ultimately I don't think the Dolphins will
    give Brown a long contract if they choose to resign him. I also don't like
    the idea of going into 2011 with Lex Hilliard and Patrick Cobbs as our
    feature backs. And Spiller's ability to play WR and return kicks means he
    can contribute straight away. You know he'd be a better returner than

  5. The Knight who says Ni!September 29, 2009 at 5:36 PM

    I can't believe you're going there. My head hurts. I can't do 2010 draft stuff right now. LOL

  6. LOL,KNIGHT !!!  My head hurts tooo,TOOO FUNNNY!!!

  7. The Knight who says Ni!September 29, 2009 at 6:35 PM

    LOL @ 13kvFINS

  8. You know me, I love this stuff....

  9. Grothe tore his ACL before the FSU game so the 4th looks a little high for him (even healthy).  I'm thinking 6th to UFA.  After seeing plenty of the back of Wilson's and Bell's jerseys I would think we at least look at the top 2 safetys coming out (Mays and Berry).  I would love to have either.  Both will be studs.  Think Kenny Phillips with harder hitting and more speed.

  10. Charlie, this is just a preliminary list of players I'm going to be watching
    play during the current season. We all know what Mays and Berry can do, but
    we also know that often the order/round in which a player is drafted can be
    miles apart between September and the following April. You'll notice I have
    gotten 2 safeties on my list so far, and with the money that Wilson and Bell
    are getting, combined with Culver being extended, and Chris Clemons being
    drafted, at this point, it doesn't look like Safety would be prudent in the
    first round.
    Of course this could all change. I watched a ton of Mays last year on local
    TV, and I have watched a couple of Tennessee games this year and Berry is
    very impressive. I will continue to keep an eye on them in case things
    change down the road.
    As for Grothe, he will be healthy by the time the combine comes around and
    this is his first ever injury, so I don't think his stock will drop much.
    And I'm all too aware of when he tore his ACL, because I watched it happen
    live. I also saw him walking a day later, so I think he'll be fine after 6
    to 8 months.

  11. i am sorry but there is nothing i can add other then to tell you, there is nothing childish about boobie banter LOL.

    damn tin, 2010 draft already,   i think you may need some boobie time if you are already into the 2010 draft.   will have to send NJ PHIN FAN here, he was on the SS talking about the 2010 draft too.

  12. The Knight who says Ni!September 30, 2009 at 8:51 AM

    Ricky is signed through 2010 so it wouldn't just be Cobbs and Hilliard.

  13. Sorry Tin, but your a little to high on Groethe.
    It's the same reason I don't bet on the Dolphins, heart gets in the way of the mind.

    Another questions to be asked, will we be forced to look at a QB?
    And I hate to sound like a cliche fan, but shouldn't we be looking esxtensively at finding a worthy #1 to pair up with Bess?

  14. more proof you don't read my sentences.  I clearly said "<span>I also don't like 
    the idea of going into 2011 with Lex Hilliard and Patrick Cobbs as our 
    feature backs."</span>

  15. The Knight who says Ni!September 30, 2009 at 9:10 AM

    Knowno, a worthy #1 to pair up with Bess? I think a worthy #1 to pair up with Ginn would be better. Then Ginn can be what he really is and that's a #2 speed WR. Bess is nothing more than a slot receiver. Why everyone is so excited about this guy is beyond me.

    I think the trifecta will always look at the QB position.

  16. Brandon Lafell WR- LSU (or Crabtree) 1st round

  17. I may be high on Grothe, but that's because I've watched him play for 3
    years and I don't hesitate for one second to say he's a better QB than Pat
    White and we drafted him in the 2nd round....
    ...As for a # 1, that's exactly what I've kept in mind with putting WR as a
    priority on my list. Personally, though I have them in the 6th round, I
    think Hudgins and Boyce are diamonds in the rough and can be stars in the
    NFL. If they went to bigger schools they'd be first day picks.

  18. finally...a suggestion! lol

  19. you mean 'finally....someone as lame as me"   lol. 

  20. Knight, I'm real curious to see if Ginn can live up to his billing now that we have a QB that suits his strength.

    That said, I'm still waiting to see him catch a  ball in full stride and show some YAC!!!

    The reason I've been so high on Bess for as long as I can remember, is because he literally catches EVERYTHING thrown to him (remember that almost grab out of bounds in the preseaon.. that was just filthy). Also, remmebr he was Colt Brennan's #1 in Hawaii, and regarding that, why don't we throw dart passes into the end zone??? If a guy is good enough to get thrown at on seemingly every 3rd down because you know he'lll catch the ball, why not try the same strategy in the end zone? Lastly, remember he was the only thing that resembled an offensive threat in our playoff game last year when we matched up against an elite NFL D.  That said, I still firmly believe Ronnie is obviously our biggest playmaker, it's just you can trust Bess to grind out every yard and catch the ball (which is a great skill set for a number 2 to have regardless of size).

    I guess really, I look at Receivers like I do kickers. Shut your mouth, and do your job. If the ball hits you in the hands, you better catch it. Period. That's why I like Bess.

  21. and here Jason Pierre-Paul DE 6'6" 265 DE, you better know the school.   there, now i am as lame as you too

  22. Per Mike Berardino: "Chad Henne, the new starter, hit a streaking Ted Ginn
    on a couple of deep balls, both caught behind Sean Smith."
    I like your theory on kickers/receivers but I think it should be applied to
    every position, and every person in the workforce that I run into on a daily
    basis that does their best to piss me off because they can't understand the
    concept of 'working'.

  23. Tin, no offense, but I'm thinking about starting my own website called: www.tradeginnforafourth.com ....

    What do you think? haha.

  24. Yeah but he's a junior, and he had one good game, lol. Grothe is a senior
    and has had 30+ good games.

  25. I'd bet that's already a website somewhere

  26. The Knight who says Ni!September 30, 2009 at 9:43 AM

    Bess has had some drops just like every WR. He should catch everything when 99% of the passes thrown his way are between 2-5 yards. I wouldn't take a whole lot out of what he did at Hawaii in June Jones' system. He's not fast enough to get open in the NFL on a regular basis. Maybe if he was in a wide open system which we don't run he would be more productive. He looks extremely limited to me. I think he has some value if we had the other parts in place.

  27. Tin, thanks fo rthe update from Mikey B. I almost, clawed my eyes out the other day when he seemingly made the serious suggestion we take a look at Vinny T, but I have to admit, reading an update that Henne is hitting Ginn in stride on the long ball makes me very pleased indeed (hopefully the Bills don't get that memo though)

  28. Here's one from Edgar Thompson: "Leading receiver Davone Bess couldn�t come
    up with an over-the-shoulder catch behind cornerback Will Allen, leading
    coach Tony Sparano to yell, �Finish, finish, finish!�"
    Considering the success Ginn had last year at Buffalo, and Buffalo's swiss
    cheese def. backfield thanks to multiple injuries, the planets are looking
    to align themselves. Hope fully these guys will work overtime in practice
    to make sure they're on the same page.

  29. The Knight who says Ni!September 30, 2009 at 9:58 AM

    "Henne is hitting Ginn in stride on the long ball"

    They gotta do it in the games.

  30. grothe has had some terrible games too.  do you really think grothe has nfl talent.

    and you didnt say we had to list seniors.  besides most are saying there is a real good chance next year loads of juniors and third year sophmores will come out next year cause there is a chance in 2011 there will a rookie pay scale.

  31. The Knight who says Ni!September 30, 2009 at 10:02 AM

    Bess couldn't catch a pass. Oh my god, that can't be.  ;)

  32. They won't come out this year if there's no CBA reached...
    Every QB has had some really bad games, but I think you'll find that Grothe
    did pretty well with limited talent around him (an awful o-line for one, a
    stable of always injured running backs, and a tight end that was just
    worthless in C. Hill).
    But this conversation we're having now is the same conversation everyone had
    about Pat White last year, then by the time the draft came around, half of
    the nay-sayers were saying Pat White was the best QB in the draft. I
    guarantee you put Grothe and Pat White in one of those QB competitions,
    Grothe will scorch White. And speaking of Wildcat (created my own segue
    there), is anyone better at throwing on the run than Matt Grothe? I mean,
    before the injury.....now obviously he'd have to stand still to throw the

  33. we do you say they wont come out if no cba is reached.  that would be the reason to come out cause a new cba may include a rookie pay scale. 

    dont get me wrong, i agree grothe is a better qb then white, just i dont think either is a quality nfl qb.  and speaking of wr's (oh that is how you do that)  i think we need to make that a priority in the draft.

  34. I know no one actually READ my list, but I did make WR a priority, including
    6 WRs out of 22 total players which also included a RB that also plays WR
    which could make it 7 out of 22.

  35. All Bess does is get open and catch the ball, He has no speed that's is correct.  So what does that say about the guys that have great speed and not get the job done ?  What is their excuse ?  Do they get a free pass ?  I think not.

    It's getting to the time that Ginn start to show us something as Ronnie Brown has done this year.  It appears that ffr is correct, Ginn is scared of contact in a contact sport.  I feel if he would have been a 5 th or 6th round pick he would be out of here by now, because he has been of little value that I see.  The only thing keeping him here is his draft statis and contract.

    I also hope he can show us something beginning this week.  He should have more room to operate in because of the deep threat he has, now with Henne in there.  A guy like Ginn can change a game with one play, I think the Dolphins are just one play away from exploding in a positive manner if someone, anyone, can make a big play.

  36. Tin,
    Here's the team news for tonight's game as promised:
    United: Kuszczak; O'Shea, Ferdinand, Vidic, Evra; Valencia, Carrick, Anderson, Giggs; Rooney, Owen. Subs: Foster, Brown, Berbatov, Nani, Scholes, Fabio, Fletcher

  37. I don't think draft status or contract has anything to do with it. He was
    not drafted by this regime, so they could easily trade him without any dent
    to their reputation/pride. He also gets paid less than Greg Camarillo. I
    honestly believe that the Trifecta likes Ginn a lot but they don't seem to
    understand how to use him. I can't figure out why he's never been used in
    the Wildcat. In fact, I hardly understand why they use the same cast of
    characters almost every time they run it. Can you imagine the confusion
    that would have been caused if, say when Pennington was playing, instead of
    lining him up at WR, they suddenly brought in Henne and lined him up at WR?
    Or what about lining up the wildcat but keeping the regular QB at the helm,
    running the fake sweep, but instead of taking off he just immediately throws
    it down the middle to a wide open tight end if the linebacker followed the
    sweep? If he didn't follow the sweep you could then check down to the
    running back or do a QB draw.

  38. That's an interesting line-up. I don't think I've seen Owen start yet.

  39. They said in commentary it's the second time he's been paired with Rooney as starters, but I can't think when the first was either!

  40. I agree with you on the wildcat part, and that is the reason PW is here to do those things.  I see no reason Ginn can't do those things shifting him in to handle the ball.  The one thing I don't want to see is Henne the starter running the WC because of injury.  I'm still a believer in the drop back passing theory.  The thing is the WC has been very effective just the way it is.

    If you are correct about Ginn having no effect on the reputation of the trifecta, then what is it that they see that we don't ?  FFR would really like to know that, as would we all.

  41. Maybe he started Birmingham....or it was his first appearance...I remember a
    comment, but I don't remember seeing him play that much. I didn't see the
    Wigan or Burnley(?) games, so I dunno

  42. TO plays for United !!  Who are they ?

  43. Well you never really hear anything but good things said about him in
    practice. They probably think, "ok great week of practice, Teddy should
    have a breakout game" then he doesn't, so they think, "back to the drawing
    board" then he has another good week of practice, and the cycle continues.
    Let's keep in mind that Ginn HAS made big plays in the past for the
    Dolphins, and likely will again. He was HUGE in the week 17 win vs the Jets
    last year. He has a lot more upside than both Bess and Camarillo, but the
    combination of inconsistency and dropped passes and called back touchdowns
    (remember, he's had five touchdowns called back in 2 years, 4 returns and a
    run) coupled with his 'draft status' makes him shoulder a lot of the blame.
    Still, he's one of our best players, and if getting rid of him would only
    make us worse, not better. But Knight it right, he's not suited for what
    they're trying to do with him. He's not a possession receiver, he's a big
    play guy, and big play guys don't usually play every down all game long like
    Ginn does. Keep him fresh and use his legs which are his best asset.

  44. Hey Tin check out a guy that plays QB for Arkansas I think his name is Mallet.  I can't tell you what year he is in.

  45. Tin , You have to add S Eric berry and ilb rolando McLain to your 1st round.

  46. Fang - Manchester United - soccer - don't tell Knight or he'll be over asking why we are talking about this minority sport instead of the Dolphins!

    Tin - it was the Burnley game - I just checked. We all know how that turned out!

  47. The Knight who says Ni!September 30, 2009 at 12:50 PM

    More Parcheesi talk I see.  :-P

  48. I see your soccer detectors are in full working order! >:o

  49. The Knight who says Ni!September 30, 2009 at 1:31 PM

    Man 1: "Oooooooohhhh... what's the score of the match?"
    Man 2: "Ooooooooohhhh... still 0-0."
    Man 1: "I figured as much."


  50. You can also put DE/OLB greg hardy  in the 1st  , Olb segio kindle in the 2nd. I think oghobasse goes  in the 2nd . maybe early 3rd.

  51. Oh i forgot ILB Micah johnson in the 2nd.

  52. Hmm, someone mentioned him last week I think.

  53. Who does McClain play for?

  54. If you're so bored by low-scoring sports, why are you watching the Dolphins?

  55. Kindle is way too slow and inflexible for my liking.

  56. Damn, lotsa names here...

  57. The Knight who says Ni!September 30, 2009 at 2:05 PM

    27-23 was a good game.  :-P

    The game this week could be 6-3. LOL

  58. At least the FA hasn't insisted the goalies have their hands tied behind their backs, the goalposts must be widened, and defenders aren't allowed to kick the ball so that more goals are scored :-P .

    This just in ...... at this year's owners meeting it has been decided that the defense play with only 7 players with no secondary players allowed on thrid down. ;)

  59. "<span style="color: #4c1130; "><span style="">childish banter about boobies</span></span>" ... Huh?  I'm as confused as a baby in a topless club?!?! =-X

  60. eh, 23 points is average.
    and for the record, the Manchester United vs. Manchester City game last week
    was far more exciting than anything the Dolphins have done this year (other
    than when they released John Beck - I hyperventilated for a minute when that

  61. LOL.
    Plus, I gotta be honest, that Sikh family that sits right behind the United
    bench is fookin hilarious! It's like a sitcom happening on the sidelines.

  62. Damn JerryD, I thought you were arrested or something. I coulda used you
    the other day when trying to explain who Danario Alexander is.

  63. Worse than arrested ... my co. was bought out (safe so far) & I went on vacation to Misery to visit the family!!
    (Been lurking/reading, but no time to post)

    (Miz)ZOU is abuzz after only 4 games & losing 22 players last year.  They had a BIG stud QB Blaine DALTON who was kicked off the team a couple days before the opener for DUI (had prior campus drinking).  We cried!! 

    But the Hand of Fate intervened 4-0 ... QB Blaine GABBERT (mild-mannered 5-star red-shirt freshmen) stepped in has done great ... 11 TD & 0 INT.  QB Blaine GABBERT's 6'5", strong-armed, smart, humble, football presciense, yadda yadda .... We just can't believe it.  Friday game on ESPN, announcer said ... all the sudden at this fourth ZOU game, every NFL Scout & his Cousin was there.  ZOU is NOT that good as they lost 22 seniors, but next year with QB GABBERT & their strong recruiting!?!?!?

    Sure you know ... the (Wither)SPOON has been flying around & lighting them up like Zach ... saw him on your list!!

  64. Yeah I mentioned this Gabbert kid a couple of weeks ago. Looks like a BIG
    tight end playing QB who can run and throw. If they give him the weapons
    for the rest of his career he could be a household name in his senior year.
    Tebow, Stafford, Gabbert?
    I really like Weatherspoon, but he would either have to lose some weight and
    play safety or bulk up to play LB in the NFL. He's much better suited to
    playing MLB in a 4-3 or being a nickel linebacker.

  65. They were there again tonight!

  66. Half the time they're arguing with each other as if one of them has to leave
    the game early to go pick up their mother or something, and they're trying
    to figure out who should be the one to go....during the Birmingham match,
    there were teenage members of the clan there, and this one girl who looked
    about 17 looked so pissed off at something that was going on in the game,
    meanwhile the 'uncles' were like not even paying attention the football, but
    bickering amongst themselves...oh, classic.

  67. Your funny Tin real funny.  :)  Hell I can't remember who I told this to,  I've told you getting old sucks don't you beleive me ?

  68. Tin , rolando mclain is on alabama ( a patrick willis clone ) and micah johnson is on kentucky. 2 real good ilb's. Sergio kindle  would be a steal in the 2nd. He's not slow. We both know we would love to get selvie in the 2nd.

  69. Already told you some of my early favs @ WR,heres some others I like beyond the 3rd..
    (I'll do one pos @ a time),so you don't go crazy..

    Rnd 1 WR Arrelious Benn Ill 
    Rnd 2 WR Brandon LaFell LSU
             WR Golden Tate ND

    Rnd 3 WR Dez Bryant

    Rnd 4 WR Eric Decker Minn

    Rnd 5 WR Terrell Hudgins Elon   (You said it,DAMNNN,gotta put him @ the top-end of his projection,@theleast)!!

    Rnd 6 WR Bryan Anderson Cent Mich

    Rnd 7 WR Duke Calhoun Mem

    UDFA  WR/Ret Jarred Fayson Ill 

  70. http://www.lsusports.net/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=5200&ATCLID=785354
    Suggest you add Toliover to a WR Project 10 list.
    <!-- @page { margin: 0.79in } TD P { margin-bottom: 0in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } -->
    <p style="margin-bottom: 0in;"><span style="">Toliver, Terrancee LSU Wide Receiver 6' 5” 206 </span>
    <p style="margin-bottom: 0in;"> 
    <p style="margin-bottom: 0in;"> 
    <div id="bioInfo">
    <table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="100%">
    <col width="91*"></col> <col width="7*"></col> <col width="100*"></col> <col width="58*"></col>
    <tr valign="BOTTOM">
    <td width="36%">
    <table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="204" align="LEFT">
    <col width="204"></col>
    <td width="204">
    <table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="2" width="204" align="LEFT">
    <col width="200"></col>
    <td width="200"><img src="http://image.cdnl3.xosnetwork.com/pics24/200/KY/KYATSRHCUYJWNEK.20090403014432.jpg" border="0"/></td>
    <td width="200">

    <img src="http://image.cdnl3.xosnetwork.com/images/5200/Zoom.gif" border="0" alt="View larger"/><noscript></noscript>Courtesy: www.LSUsports.net
    <td width="3%">

    <img src="http://image.cdnl3.xosnetwork.com/fls/5200/site_graphics/zoom.gif" border="0" alt="view photo"/>
    <td width="39%">

    Terrance Toliver
    POSITION: Wide Receiver
    HEIGHT: 6-5
    WEIGHT: 206
    CLASS: Junior ...  Senior this year
    HIGH SCHOOL: Hempstead HS
    HOMETOWN: Hempstead, Texas
    BIRTHDAY: May 07
    <td width="23%">
    <p>Updated 04/21/2009
    <p style="margin-bottom: 0in;">