Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Miami Dolphins Initial 2009 Practice Squad - Updated

The Dolphins practice squad is set as such:
  1. JD Folsom, ILB.
  2. Julius Pruitt, WR.  Click here for video.
  3. Mark Lewis, C/G.
  4. Nate Garner, T.
  5. James Robinson, WR.
  6. Will Billingsley, CB.
  7. Ryan Baker, DE.
  8. Danny Lansanah, LB.
Note:  The Dolphins put in a waiver claim for OT Lydon Murtha but so did the Lions.  1 beats 25 every time...


  1. The 8 spot likely goes to DREW @ this point..  (JH,JN know their duties),DREW needs time!!
    OPENS a 53 roster spot for a position of need,(OL)!!  As previously posted..

    DAMMIT TIN,your publishing short stories in their entirety,
    faster than I can read the previous story,and add ONE sentence of thought!! UGOBOYEEE !!

  2. OR were we illegilly @ 54 ??

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  9. Hmmm...Drew catches everything with his hands (doesn't use his body at all) which is what you want from a receiver.  From the highlight reel it looked like he scored about 15 TD's.  Ha!  Liked what I saw from him in terms of being a big target in the endzone.  Looks like he might have been a good post up player on the basketball court.  Can he be what Wilorfd was not???  I sure as hell hope so.  Should be interesting which TE's stick on the 53 man roster.  Not sure why the Ravens would cut a 5th round draft pick in favor of Edgar Jones (being their 3rd TE) who is a converted LB...Who knows???

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  11. Baltimore doesn't run a lot of double TE plays, they like their
    fullbacks...and I'm sure Jones is more physical and better special teams
    player. Their one and two TE are both very good too...

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  14. Im happy to see Robinson made the developmental squad. If he sticks this time next year I wouldnt be surprised to see him make the team. He needs to build his upper body and bulk up. Only balls i saw him drop in practice were two in a row running crossing drills with coaches misdirecting him with pads. Good hands and 4.3 speed could be a future deep threat for us.

    Hope you guys and gals enjoy the holiday tomorrow.


  15. The Knight who says Ni!September 7, 2009 at 11:14 AM

    Hey Tin, I'm still on vacation so I don't have my avatar. Would you be so kind as to give me a recap of how the cuts and practice squad went down?

    One moment I'm reading Martin and Garner made the team, then Martin was waived injured and Garner was reclaimed and put on the practice squad. Then I read we have a new LB on the PS and a new TE on the 53 man. What's going on?  :-E


  16. They placed David martin on IR, early reports were he already settled with
    the team. Nalbone was told he would be put on waivers and Garner made the
    53, then they changed their mind because the Jets and several other teams
    wanted a TE. So garner was waived and Nalbone kept. Then after Martin was
    put on IR, the Dolphins claimed Davon Drew off of waivers.
    The new LB is Danny Lansanah, who was a VERY good LB for Connecticut in
    2007. He was on Green Bay's roster in 2008. He's standard size 6'1" 255lbs
    with a 4.72 time taken two years ago. He is considered by all who coached
    him to be a real blue-collar guy. Had 4 INTs, 14 TFL, 2 sacks and 121
    tackles his senior year. 323 total over 4 years at UConn. Must be well
    acquainted with Donald Thomas.

  17. The Knight who says Ni!September 7, 2009 at 12:18 PM

    Thanks, Tin.

    Nothing too surprising with the cuts. Your man Jason Allen made it. I hope he can get to the next level at some point. My man Lex Hilliard made it, he earned it. Not surprised we didn't keep 10 or even 9 OL (lemmus, LOL). My man Kershaw didn't make it. Another season of Charlie Anderson mistakes, something he did not shake off in the preseason. I knew London was a goner. He's not a good enough WR and the trifecta must like something about the two PS guys Robinson and Pruitt.

    I would expect the bottom of the roster to churn a little more over the next few weeks as more players are released and we search for guys we think are better than our 51, 52 and 53.

    But the core of the team is in place with some new faces. I'm excited to see how the young players perform from the rookies to guys on the DL, OL, Ginn, Bess and Soliai. 

    Looking at the schedule, the Dolphins have to start out no worse than 2-2 and hopefully the team is building more chemistry by then, mainly the OL and the secondary.

    I'm psyched!  :-D

  18. ...laugh all you want Ni, I think you're just seeing the leading edge of what our final 53 will be ...we won't keep 5 RBs or 4 TEs for very long soon as they think they can get Hilliard and Nalbone through waivers to the PS, they'll try ...they've already tried to claim an OL but as tin said, 1 beats 25 every time.

    ...both RB and RW get better the more carries they have, and Cobbs can't be denied Hilliard won't even dress ...he's a ps player already, just waiting for the waiver wire to cool down.

    ...and not even you buys 4 TEs ...once Nalbone is waived and makes it to the ps, you'll see Garner brought back or preferably, a better OL off the waiver wire way Sparano goes the season with a rookie as his only backup at tackle.

  19. The Knight who says Ni!September 7, 2009 at 1:24 PM

    lemmus, my point has always been I did not think we were 10 deep on the OL. If we somehow acquire more OL players that we feel are worthy, it's not impossible. But when you only dress 7 OL or maybe 8 for the game, why keep 10? If you go through 3 starters, you're on the downside already. Are guys off the scrap heap so much less than what we had? There are a lot of Frye's, Alleman's and Ndukwe's out there.

    Hilliard could be a victim in a few days or weeks, but he has some position flexibility and he plays special teams. He might dress for the games in that role where we only dress 4 WR and 2 TE along with White as the 46th man as the emergency QB early in the season. We'll see how it goes down.

    Game day roster week 1.

    8 OL - Grove, Thomas, Smiley, Carey, Long, Berger, Murphy and Gardner (declared eligible blocking TE and backup OT)
    2 TE - Fasano and Haynos
    2 QB - Pennington and Henne
    5 RB - Brown, Williams, Cobbs, Hilliard and Polite
    4 WR - Ginn, Bess, Camarillo and Hartline

    6 DL - Ferguson, Starks, Langford, Merling, Soliai and McDaniel
    7 LB - Porter, JT, Wake, Walden, Crowder, Ayodele and Torbor
    8 DB - W. Allen, Smith, Jones, J. Allen, Bell, Wilson, Culver and Clemons (Davis knee injury)

    1 K - Carpenter
    1 P - Fields
    1 LS - Denney

    Pat White is the emergency QB week 1 and maybe the first few weeks. He can observe and take it in a little bit before being thrown out there.

    Core Special teams:
    Haynos, Cobbs, Hilliard, Polite, Ginn, Bess, Hartline, Wake, Walden, Torbor, J. Allen, Culver, Clemons and Jones followed by the specialists. Some of the backup OL will participate on FGs and XP along with some of the DL and LB against FG and XP.

    I'm just guessing but I'd bench Anderson for week 1 to send a message to him about mistakes and penalties on special teams.

  20. The Knight who says Ni!September 7, 2009 at 1:43 PM

    Has anyone commented on the Pats trading DL Richard Seymour to the Raiders for a 1st round pick? I'm sure Seymour is thrilled. LOL

    Look for the Pats to draft a QB in the top 5 next year to groom behind Brady.


    Got a kick outta the question,and TS' reply @ the 3:53 or so point, LOVE watching TS press conferences!!

    Relie heavily on coach quote's/body language/facial expressions,just doin some catchin-up..

    I think most realize 4 TE's won't remain on the 53,but that @least 4 WILL remain w'the TEAM,
    and that we're likely to pkup another OL for the 53,and/or the PS,depending on PS eligability or skill's in comparison to Garner...  Believe it or not,more than one here has a mind for football,(excluding myself)!!

    As for the 5 RB's on the 53,that's remain's a possibility,IF LH can prove worthy of Polite's bkup spot,
    and continue impressivly on ST..
    He'll @the least be worthy of being RW's replacement by the time of his retirement,
    might not wanna risk losing a guy w'so much upside... IMHO!!
    But it could go either way!! 

    TOOO BADDD about LeGarrett Blount(what an RB),I had him tagged for"OUR"2nd rnd o10 pk,DAMMITT !!
    MAYBE he matures from this,and we land him in the 4th or later,(MAYBE he'll be BP's anual SURPRISE PK??

  22. ...Seymour is 30, in a contract year iirc, and the cheats have a younger, cheaper version to fill the slot ...and an Oakland 1st round pick in 2011 is almost certain to be a top ten ...if not top five ...pick ...if the cheats are confident in his replacement, seems like a no brainer to me. for next year's 1st pick being a QB, are there any franchise QBs that will be available? ...Elway was the last "sure thing" franchise QB ...didn't Brady, like Marino come out of a much later round? doubt they'll go after at least one QB, maybe more ...but I'd not bet on it being a top five pick unless the guy has "franchise" stamped on his forehead.

  23. The Knight who says Ni!September 7, 2009 at 3:19 PM

    Marino was the 27th pick in the 1st round in 1983 behind Elway, Kelly, Eason, Blackledge and O'Brien. Brady was a 2000 6th round pick. Not the same deal.

    As for the Pats getting a top 10 pick I said I think it will be top 5. The Raiders stink!  ;)

    I think the Pats will target Sam Bradford or trade for Brady Quinn, and groom him behind Brady.

  24. This is probably going to sound stupid, but if White is active, could he play special teams, returning?  Never seen him do it, but he is elusive, and can flat out run. 

  25. Knight, I mentioned it in the Tin Bits post

  26. Whoa there Lemmus, Marino was a 1st round pick!!!

  27. Herd,

    It's not stupid at all.  He's an extremely versatile athlete & I'm excited to see what this kid can do.  However, Sparano & the coaches have definitely put the emphasis on him being a QB first & foremost.  If they had ANY designs on making Pat a WR then I'd say it's possible but other than running the Wildcat or being used as a decoy, I can't see him being on the field for any other reason.  

  28. plus he has ittty bitty hands!

  29. HEY  HERD, CP 's on NFLN total access 33 minute's in to today's version..
    Tried to find exact link,but guess you'll have to watch @ 12:33 am est..

  30. ...point taken ...all I could remember was that there was a slew of QBs taken before Marino.
    ...Brady Quinn?, you really think Quinn is even close to being able to replace Brady?
    ...Sam Bradford, imnsho, isn't a franchise QB ...he's a product of the system at Ok, much as Henne was
    a product of the system at Mich ...he might be a good NFL QB but the record for Heisman winners and OK QBs in the NFL doesn't bode well.


    COACH, minus the MATT ROTH look,(oldie but goodie)!!!
    TS looks much healthier now than he did way back when!!!

    OK,NOW BRING-ON the falcons, GO DOLPHINS!!!

  32. Henne was product of system? what system is that? The same system that
    Brady is a product of? lol


    NOW,This is what I get @ "" ALL COMMENTS"" !!!   ;'( 

  34. ,,,13kv ...nice link ,,,tks :)

  35. any idea who the new LBer is?

  36. While watching today's TS PC,he said they were interested in DREW for the draft,
    didn't even think of it upon his pkup,but when TS mentioned it,
    I decided to take a look @ my board..
    Whataya know,I had him in the 7thrnd TE column!! NOW I KNOW he's a star,LOL!!

    I know alittle,(bumpbump),yeaa I know alittle,(bumpbump),I know alittle bout balllllll,baby I can fake the rest...

  37. Very good player out of UConn a year ago...played for Green Bay last
    year..started on PS and made it up to the 53 but had injury issues...his
    draft bio says he compares to Kirk Morrison...not that those things ever
    mean anything...I did see him play for Uconn and he was tough, but he was
    famous for this incident: <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowScriptAccess" value="always"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>

  38. Glad youlikeeeeee !!!  I'm HONERED !!

  39. Miami Dolphins BlogSeptember 7, 2009 at 6:09 PM

    see new blog article

  40. ...Brady is a one-in-a-million match for the cheats ...Henne ain't Brady and never will be imsho ...and for that matter, Brady is a product of the Patriots system, when he went down last year a scrub who had never been a starter stepped in and, after a warm-up, the system ran just fine without Brady ...if not for Miami springing the WC on them in game 3, they'd have won the division without Brady. 

  41. The Knight who says Ni!September 8, 2009 at 10:43 AM

    There are no guarantees any young QB will be an equal replacement for Brady. I'm not saying that. I'm saying they need a young QB prospect to get ready just incase.

  42. The Knight who says Ni!September 8, 2009 at 7:22 PM

    Pat White will enter the fray as a QB. There might be a day where he hits the scene as a RB/QB in the Wildcat or Spread offense. Look after the bye week which is week 7. Pat has to get a little bit bigger and stronger. This time frame is perfect for him.

    Pat White is not a legit NFL QB but he is a difference maker on offense. 2010 might be his impact year.