Monday, September 21, 2009

The Night Speaks To Me...

I knew eventually I'd turn this blog into a vampire related football blog, and thanks to Monday Night Football, the undead can rise and join in.

I have to tell you, I'm in a horrible mood football-wise, thanks to the face of the South Florida Bulls (my alma mater), Matt Grothe, suffering a season ending ACL injury in Saturday night's romp of Charleston Southern (final score 59 - 0).  Keep in mind, our backup QB is amazing and will likely be a star in his own right, but Grothe had just surpassed Pat White in the record books the week before, and was on pace to have a huge senior year.  On the upside, this means the Dolphins likely won't have to use their 2010 2nd round draft pick in order to get him!

But on to tonight....I will be hosting the game again, and hope to have my spirits lifted with a win over the Colts.  Now I have to go to my morning meeting and listen to the 3 U of Washington fans here brag about beating USC.

The San Francisco 49ers have officially accused the NY Jets of tampering with unsigned 1st round draft pick, Michael Crabtree.  I think this is the second time the Jets have been accused of tampering this year alone, and after the slap on the wrist they received for the Favre-Report (weekdays at 6pm on Fox News), let's hope this time around the NFL takes some real action ( I was going to say if they are found guilty, but honestly, I wouldn't mind if they were falsely imprisoned).


  1. The Knight who says Ni!September 21, 2009 at 8:55 AM

    That sucks about Grothe. If we don't re-sign Pennington next year we could very well use another 2nd round pick on a QB. LOL

  2. really sucks about grothe.  going to take some of the fun out of going up to the usf - fsu game.  my daughter told me it is going to be a white out game so i should wear white, i told her, hey this is football, you are the enemy for 3plus hours, i will be wearing usf colors, she said fine, we are sitting in the student section, you are the one going to get killed LOL

  3. Knight,

    Watched a bunch of games Sunday.  I watched the Patriots & the Jets, then I fell asleep after the Bills went up 14-0, & ended the day with the Giants beating the Cowboys. 

    There are a few things that concern me going forward.  I know Pennington had a great year last season but I highly doubt he's good enough to make us legitimate contenders this year.  I see Pennington as a Band-Aid on a brain tumor & if that is the case then what???  Can Henne be a solid starting QB???  I'm pretty sure no one knows the answer but unfortunately after watching Sanchez, much to my chagrin, the Jets definitely found one.   It doesn't help our cause that we don't have a solid TE, a true No. 1 WR, & a line that makes me very nervous/nauseous.   

    So I ask you all, if Pennington is not good enough this year @ QB then where are we really as a team???  And please don't say Pat White!!! 

  4. Especially if White doesn't pan out. Right now the only lock QB for next
    year is Henne, and even he could be traded.
    The thing with Grothe going down doesn't really hurt the Bulls that much,
    because the backup really is a superstar in the making (and his name is BJ),
    but it sucks because he had such a good career and this hurts his chances of
    playing football on any pro level.
    Still, in the game, Grothe was 11 of 14, 149yds, 2 TDs 0 INT, 24 yards
    rushing. Daniels was 10 for 13, 149yds, 1 TD 0 INT, plus 105 yards rushing
    and 2 rushing TDs.
    The big problem for USF is NOW we don't have any depth at QB.

  5. yeah, if he wasn't such a stand-up guy...Daniels is exciting player and has
    been tutored by Grothe and Canales though it is a big stage he'll have his
    first start in.

  6. The Knight who says Ni!September 21, 2009 at 9:38 AM

    WHP, let's not overreact about Sanchez. They're not asking Sanchez to do much. The Jets are winning with their running game, defense and special teams. They happen to be strong in those areas. Hello, is anyone listening? A running game, defense and special teams. Anyone? LOL

  7. "a true No. 1 WR"
    Our true number 1 WR better score 2 TDs tonight, I'm trailing by 12 points
    in FF, and he's my only hope!

  8. "Hello, is anyone listening? A running game, defense and special teams.
    It seems so obvious when you watch shows like Hard Knocks, that while they
    are coaching up fundamentals, they ultimately are looking for 'playmakers'
    that can do things with the ball in space, and gameplan to get guys into
    that space, rather than gameplan to run the ball down the throat of the
    defense. They don't seem to want to play trench warfare these days,
    preferring to spread things out and get 'mis-matches'. To me, the ultimate
    mismatch is 11 guys wanting to move the ball more than the other 11 guys
    wanting to stop them.

  9. Yay, game day/game night, whatever!  I tried watching the Pats/Jets game but I wanted them both to lose and it was giving me a headache.  The Herd won and WV lost.  I have no complaints.  Well, truthfully I do, but I'm the only one who cares about it, so I'll spare you the details.

  10. Knight,

    Not only does the Jet defense look good but their O-line was outstanding yesterday.  I don't care what the Patriots got for Seymour in 2011, it's 2009 & they lost their best pass rusher.  Wilfork is a heck of a player but he's the only player left on that defense that's even close to making a Pro-Bowl.  If the Patriots honestly wanted to win a Super Bowl this year, you can't afford to lose Seymour.

    As for Sanchez, bear in mind he's a f#cking rookie & he looked great in the 2nd half yesterday.  The kid has a great arm, he's really polished, he can throw on the run, & he plays with a ton of confidence. This is the best I've seen rookie QB look as starter since Roethlisberger.   With that said I didn't see Matt Ryan play until the playoffs but it's obvious that Sanchez has the "it" factor.  The Jets hit gold.  Sad but true. 

  11. Oh, that reminds me, on the brighter side, USC lost to Washington.

  12. Tins,

    Henne could be traded???  Why would we do that???  Trade him for what???

    As far as I'm concerned if we lose tonight & next week in SD, he'd be my starter.  We need to find out what we have or don't have with him.  If Henne is not the real deal then quite honestly, we're back to square one.   Ferguson is old, our OLB's are old, we need a starting TE, Ginn is not a Number 1 WR, our O-line is pathetic, Ricky is old, Ronnie is most likely gone......

  13. "Wilfork is a heck of a player but he's the only player left on that defense
    that's even close to making a Pro-Bowl. If the Patriots honestly wanted to
    win a Super Bowl this year, you can't afford to lose Seymour."
    Ha, that's basically what I said a couple of weeks ago in my Defense
    article. Someone said Mayo was pro-bowl worthy. Well not anymore after
    getting injured. The odds of Wilfork having a good year without Seymour
    next to him are decreased. Seymour, meanwhile has instantly turned the
    Raiders D into respectable.

  14. The Knight who says Ni!September 21, 2009 at 10:04 AM

    Sanchez isn't losing the game which is impressive for a rookie QB. I'm not in awe of him like you are though.

  15. The Knight who says Ni!September 21, 2009 at 10:05 AM

    Some teams still believe in that. I'm hoping we become one of those teams at some point. I don't know like TONIGHT!!! LOL

  16. Tins,

    That actually made me very happy too!!!  I hate Pete Carroll & USC!!!

  17. Herd,

    Mixing up those avatars I see!!!  LOL! 

    Let's see how we look tonight before you have any complaints or not.

  18. And another thing, the fact that Henning think Pat White is the second coming, and Sparano doesn't seem to 'get it' in regards to increased action for Ronnie Brown, I'm starting to question the methods of the Dolphins government.  How can Sparano possibly be so blind?

  19. WHP, I was just trying to put a disclaimer on my statement that he's the
    only LOCK, because really there's no such thing as a lock in the NFL
    As for the rest of your comment....depressing!!

  20. Knight,

    Trust me.  I was looking for flaws in his game.  In the first half the Jets' offense looked like a joke but if you give Sanchez time like the patriots did in the 2nd half, he's very accurate & throws a nice ball. 

    Honestly...Would you rather have Sanchez (who's only a rookie!!!) as your starter or what we have????

  21. The Knight who says Ni!September 21, 2009 at 10:13 AM

    I don't think Sparano wanted to throw Henning under the bus. Sparano knows we have to run the ball more.

  22. The Knight who says Ni!September 21, 2009 at 10:16 AM

    WHP, like I said I'm not in awe like you are. I'm okay with who we have at QB because they're not the reason we lost last week.

    Sanchez got away with with a few. There are going to be bad days for Sanchez. Good early starts for teams and players (even rookies) aren't rare in the NFL. We'll see how he does after teams have more film on him.  :-E

  23. "don't think Sparano wanted to throw Henning under the bus"
    I'll volunteer for this task....

  24. "As for the rest of your comment....depressing!!"


    Right???  Isn't it??? 

    I can only hope our O-line is better than they looked against the Falcons & that Sparano/Henning wake up from their comas & run the ball 25-30 times tonight.  I just can't see us wining this game any other way.  Pennington can't go tic for tac with Manning!!!!   Oh that's right Henning said that Pennington has the same arm strength as Dan Fouts!!!!  LOL!!!  Talk about delusional.

    It doesn't matter what I say, I'm sure we'll come out throwing anyway or run the ball three straight times, punt it & then go back to the air. 

  25. Look what the retards at the Herald JUST tweeted:
    RG Thomas out for season with torn right triceps
    What a bunch of mugs...

  26. Just so no one panics, it's not Donald Thomas, but Randy Thomas from the

  27. Tins,

    Is that true???

  28. Tins,

    OMG!!!  Too late, I almost had a meltdown.... 

    Randy Thomas???  Who the hell care about him???  I hate the Redskins anyway.

  29. Yeah, exactly, but how can the Miami Herald, on the Dolphins page put up a
    headline like that and not realize that the dolphins RG is Thomas as well?
    They either did it to get a massive overload of hits, or because they're
    completely ignorant.

  30. Tins,

    Either way it would render them pathetic.  I'd rather they blast Henning for his play calling.

  31. Play Calling?

  32. Tins,

    I know.  I agreed.  In addition I was the retard that said Mayo. 

  33. Headline should read:  The "Knight" speaks to me

    Heading south bout 4:00 PM
    Gonna enjoy some fan experience

    U guys behave now and remember ...
    Miami  31  Indianapolis  27

    ***** The DYNASTY BE FINS! *****

  34. Tins,

    Play-calling....Whatever.  Let's run the damn ball so we have a chance tonight.  BTW--I understand why Sparano took it easy on Ronnie last year coming off the injury but he's healthy now!!!  What are we saving him for???  Free-Agency???

  35. Don't get tooo excited,  Ryan Leaf won his first 2 games also.

  36. WHP:
    I'm trying to indicate that I am optimistic. 

  37. Yup, he's a true winner :)   the next Marino I heard.

  38. I watched our two division rivals battle each other on Sunday, and, much like Herd, I was rooting for them to punish each other unmercifully. While they didn't "have at it" to my satisfaction, I'd rather have them all at full strength so that there will be no excuses when we kick their tails! YA!!

    Saw a story today that Ryan's coaching staff got the Patriot's O-Line blitz assignments and other Pats' strategies from McConnel, a QB released several weeks ago by the Pats and scooped up by the Jets.

  39. Oh yeah they totally scooped him up, and pressed him for info immediately.
    I think the actual source on that story was McConnell himself.

  40. O'Connell.   We were talking about this last week, at least I was when I thought it was what the Knight was referring to with Rex Ryan opening his mouth and .......blah, blah, blah.  He has to be the most annoying person on earth.  Not only can I not stand to hear him, but I actually turn my head away from the screen when he is on TV.  Yuck!