Monday, September 28, 2009

Tired of doing the WHY WE LOST bit, but here goes another one

The following are my observations of why we fell short of getting win number 1 of the season.  There is good news folks, as we face Buffalo at home next week.
  • Ronnie Brown had 51 yards rushing in the 1st quarter.  75 for the game.  We got away from running the ball even though both Ronnie and Ricky were once again moving the ball with ease.
  • Pennington not being focused once again.  I honestly believe things would have gotten worse had he NOT been hurt.  The fumbled handoff in football is the equivalent of someone putting on their pants in the morning and falling over.  The fact that he then did a silly standing still fake toss to the other back while the team was scrambling for the ball just proves his awareness is SH** this year.
  • This is the big one - the coaching.  That was one of the worst coached games I've seen in a long time.  This is such a big factor that I have to break it down into several examples:
  • Despite moving the ball with ease on the ground in week 2, and the ineffectiveness of Pat White in two games, they once again activated White in favor of Patrick Turner, who could have helped our issues with undersized receivers in the red zone, John Nalbone, who quite honetly, could not be worse than Fasano, who I'm issuing a petition for trading as of now, and Chris Clemons, a fast, sure tackler in the defensive backfield who I know, and you know, is better than Gibril Wilson in more ways than one.  These are positions of the team that have hurt us in the first two weeks (and now 3) and yet the Dolphins chose to keep things status quo.  They did make one change, which was to bring Cam Wake into the game, and he was getting good pressure early on, but they didn't give him much of a shot, as Jason Taylor and Joey Porter were out there for a huge percentage of the play-count (I'm going to guess 85%). 
  • Speaking of keeping things as they are, the Dolphins once again decided they were not good enough to play good old-fashioned football, opting on 3rd and goal to have giant blob, Nate Garner run a quick out (wasn't that quick) after reporting eligible.  Don't get me wrong, the play action froze the D for a second and Garner got open, but Chad pump faked it at him, then stared at him for ages as if he expected the reserve tackle to somehow out run the DB who now came in to cover him after Pennington failed to just get the ball out.   This was from the 2 yard line, where an inside handoff to Polite would have been far more effective.  Instead, Pennington threw the ball away.
  • Speaking of SPEAKING of keeping things the way they are and not making adjustments, once Pennington was injured and Henne came in, the Dolphins made absolutely no change in the gameplan, other than to run the Wildcat a couple of times for some reason, as if they were 'resting' Henne.  When Henne did get to throw vertically, he looked good, throwing the ball with zip, and low, away from the defenders.  The ball traveled with such velocity that Ted Ginn was heard to scream 'owwwchiiee!!' when it hit him square in the hands.  The throw to Ronnie Brown was impressive.  Yet the majority of the plays were little dinks and dunks, many of which were swatted down (this is an effect of not being used to game speed, and should be sorted through experience).  On the pick 6, it wasn't a play I would've called, but I do want to say that the defender made an incredible break on the ball, so I can see why Henne threw the ball.  Still, we shouldn't be throwing any ZERO yard outs EVER.  They do not work, and if they do they gain no more than 2 or 3 yards which we could get by running up the middle anyway.  The injury to Pennington meant that Pat White was instantly ineligible to play, and it makes you wonder if the Trifecta ever even thought of the impact an injury would have on that love triangle.  Now the Dolphins will have to sign another QB, which means Pennington may have to be put on IR, or someone else who actually contributes will have to be cut.  
  • My final note of analysis is that the San Diego cheerleaders were exceptionally hot.  Don't get me wrong, I think the Dolphins Cheerleaders do a great job, but I think our opponents cheerleaders so far have outranked us.  Atlanta's were pretty great but the San Diego ones were really 'electric'.
And that, is why we lost the game, again.


  1.  anybody hear how bad Penn is hurt?

  2. why would white be ineligible? Because we brought in our third string QB? And why did we have White listed as second? So he could come in twice maybe and "try" to contribute to the WC?

    I just watched the press conference, seriously I just need to quit torturing myself, Sparano is walking the walk, but not doing the talk. He blabbers on about the numbers and stuff, but seriously who the hell cares what the numbers are if we cannot score in the redzone and let not one, not two, but THREE teams hit us directly in the middle of the field for HUGE plays.

    Ginn, needs to be inactivated. I am sorry Tin, I know he can run fast, and I know he CAN catch, but it just never seems to be when we "really" need it. He  is a number one pick and we are three years into him, he should be making some of those plays. I would rather have Turner in, and if it happens to him at least I can say he was a third round pick rookie or something.

    I hope that with Henne in, we can try to come up with some other kind of offensive attacks. My question is....where is Camirillo? Bess is great with YAC but we need someone else? Is London still available?? We need a spark.

  3. oh and as always, thanks again for your insight. I truly do love coming to read what you write here!!!

  4. MRI results have not yet been reported. The way Pennington reacted on the
    sidelines for an entire half, I would suspect the worst.

  5. Slush, I know you hate Ginn, but your comment is all over the place - you
    say bench Ginn, but then say we have no other receivers.
    I'm all in favor of giving Turner a shot - between Camarillo's inability to
    get open, and Hartline the penalty machine, and Ginn's drops, it couldn't
    hurt. But I wouldn't replace Ginn with Turner - that makes no sense,
    especially if we want to use Henne to stretch the field. I'd rest Camarillo
    - he has no value except as the guy who runs down the defender after a
    turnover. Hartline at least plays on special teams.

  6. Oh, and yes, London is still available but he sucks.

  7. Thank you. I thought I'd get it out of the way rather than waiting for
    everyone else to chime in (thought all the fans would take a couple of days

  8. Isn't this ONE of the reasons why we should have gave PWhite a number in the teens,
    carrying him as a WR,eliminating the""EMERGENCY ONLY"" #3 QB position??

    Making ALL 3 potential QBs eligable to take a snap during ANY point of the game,(NO MATTER WHAT)!!
    ONE injury eliminated 2 players b/c PWhite wears #6...(Not that it matters now)...

    Balt beats the bluecoats,we WIN the next TWO @ home,and we're ONE game outta 1st!!!
    NO-WAY the SAINT'S don't win next week!!!

    I've been saying HENNE has the "IT" factor since I 1st witnessed his poise/arm in PS 08!!
    But I didn't feel the need to rush it,NOW I do,and I'm even more EXCITED about this teams future!!
    He'll be GREAT,IF the OL gives him time,and the regime cuts him loose!!!

    I didn't expect to make the playoffs anyway's @9-7 or so(which is STILL attainable),
    but @least now I KNOW HENNE will be ready for o10,
    which has been MY THOUGHT's of being a serious contender ALL-ALONG anyway's!!!

    Brooks Bollinger,Ken Dorsey come-on down????

    Putting-in (MY EARLY) 1st round request,(underclassman Illinois WR Arrelious Benn 6-2,214,4.46)
    @ this moment!!!  But, I'd still like NTs Sue,or Cody too!!!

  9. I also would like Cal underclassman RB Jahvid Best!!!

    GO    M   I   A   M   I       D   O   L   P   H   I   N   S   !!!!

  10. Yes, we should have given White a number in the teens. Poor judgment by
    Trifecta again.
    I love Benn as a draft prospect but he got hurt this week didn't he?
    Danario Williams ain't no joke either.

  11. Would start Clemons immediately
    Think he is powerful and tough
    Think he tackles strong, right thru a man
    Think he is a natural ball magnet, Int machine
    Think once given the chance Wilson will be happily forgotten

    Also think Clemons has some Troy Pol intentsity in him
    and its not just the pretty hair lol

    Ginn must sit some Reps
    The big let down has worked real hard at F!@#!@ up our season on offense
    Have to move forward

    Miami beats Buffalo and Jets
    Keep the Faith




  13. As low as we are, i do think we beat the Bills and Jets to get up to 2-3. I
    don't know if our secondary can survive the Saints though. In fact, looking
    at the schedule, I think after New Orleans, the worst will have been behind
    us, though the remaining opponents could get better as well as the season
    progresses. Not been impressed by the Steelers at all this year. The
    Titans were terrible yesterday. The Patriots are deflating, the Panthers
    are having issues on defense, the Jaguars are OK, the Bucs still suck, and
    this is the year Houston goes down.

  14. <p style="margin: 0in 0in 0pt;"><span style=""><span style="">Where is the offense’s identity?<span style="mso-spacerun: yes;">  </span>I have yet to truly figure out what we are as an offense yet.<span style="mso-spacerun: yes;">  </span>Penne getting hurt could potentially be a good thing for the Dolphins.<span style="mso-spacerun: yes;">  </span>It now gives us the opportunity to see what Henne is made of.<span style="mso-spacerun: yes;">  </span></span></span>
    <p style="margin: 0in 0in 0pt;"><span style=" "> </span>
    <p style="margin: 0in 0in 0pt;"><span style=" ">By no means am I throwing in the towel (Ginn wouldn’t catch it anyway)</span>
    <p style="margin: 0in 0in 0pt;"><span style=" "> </span>
    <p style="margin: 0in 0in 0pt;"><span style=" ">Jack Gunn</span>

  15. I think our identity is what we did vs the Colts, and what we did in the 1st
    Quarter vs the Chargers. Eventually the dropped passes and fumbles will
    have to be cleaned up, but we have been moving the ball very well on the
    ground. This is the identity we all (well most of us anyway) wanted. We
    wanted to be like the Giants, and for 5 quarters we were. The question
    isn't what our identity is, it's why can't the coaching staff see us for
    what we are and accept it?

  16. Tin
    Can I get a cup of that coffee or
    did U drain the pot

    I`m the last man on the boat and
    I say the Fins are gonna run the table

    Was expexcting 1-2
    Not 0-3

    But thats Ok
    Ready to fight and start knocking down opponents like bowling pins
    Dont care what their record is
    They are going down to the Miami Dolphins!

  17. I AGREE,I KNOW that look,PENNE's done !!!

  18. Didn't notice a"DENARIO" Williams,did you mean USC's DAMIAN ???

    I personally like LSU's Brandon LaFell 6-3.209,4.49,or underclassman Dez Bryant(bit slow though),
    AFTER Arrelious BENN !!!!!!!!

    VONTAE should be able to vouge for him(BENN),didn't realize he may have been injured...
    NO MATTER the injury,(he'll be ready by the combine),I'd think !!!

  19. tin, see if you had voted me in as president, my first action would of been to pass a law that the team winning at half time cheerleaders would of had to cheer the remainder of the game naked.  in the case of a tie, both teams cheerleaders would cheer naked. 

    oh and as far as football goes, i blame this loss on the choaching staff again, we need to stick with the run and pound the ball, then stretch the field with 10-20 yard passes.  as you said, good ole fashion football

  20. NFL live just reported PENNE has torn shoulder cap in  throwing arm(EXPECTED to miss remainder of season),
    and likely the remainder of his career !!!

  21. LOVE'YA CP!!! THANX for last year !!!

  22. looks like we went from a 5-11 team to a 2-14 team

  23. Danario Williams, WR from Missouri

  24. The coaching is worse on the D side of the ball. The D is playing like a dog that's been kicked around so long that it it no longer cares. Our halftime adjustments seem like none, too little and too late. Our D is on the ropes! They need to come up with a better version of a 3-4 than they're playing. I lay that one on Coach P.

  25. That's actually the topic of tomorrow's article, so stay tuned!

  26. I agree about putting in Clemmons, or if the coaches aren't comfortable with him yet they could use Culver, but some cages need to be shaken, turned upside down, and draged behind a car down the street. Last year they replaced Crocker by this time and it helped the secondary evolve

    Were better against the run than I thought we would be, but that is depressingly overshadowed by our soft coverage. The middle of the field is always open, Will Allen looks like he shouldn't have gotten an extension, and I haven't watched any Denver games, but it looks like we should have forked over the cash, because I'm sure wishing our secondary was playing more like last year

    Also Nate Jones should  get the bench treatment. He is one of the people playing to far off the man he is covering, and the saftey usually touches the guy he is covering before he does. The only thing I used to like about him was his corner blitz, which I saw us try several times yesterday and he got stuffed every time.

    This would also let us insert someone into the secondary with some ball skills... Jason Allen

    The Ted Ginn crying is overblown, and I would hate to see our what our WR's would look like without him. Those two Henne balls were catchable, but they weren't exactly on target, and I think people just want to go back to their old whipping boy, as if he lost the game for us

    With Henne as the starter next week, surely we'll see more running plays called

    Have you been to the SS recently Tin, from reading there you would assume the sky was falling


  27. "thing I used to like about him was his corner blitz, which I saw us try
    several times yesterday and he got stuffed every time."
    That's interesting, I will have to keep an eye out for that on the replay
    because I missed it during the game and wondered why through week 3 a DB
    hasn't gotten to the QB.

  28. Phinatic, I apparently got banned from the SS, so no, I haven't been there.
    I did just click on a Herald breaking news story that reported that
    pennington dislocated his shoulder and might be out for one week, despite
    every other news source saying he tore something and is done for the year.

  29. Can't find that guy DENARIO @ MY draft sites(actually ONLY checked @ Walters),but now that you mention him..
    I do recall hearing the name as I was in and out during the Nevada game this past wkend..
    Apparently,from the bits I caught,and your""ain't no joke"",he MUST be studly!!
    Is he an o11 prospect,can you give me what you got on him(@least height,weight,40),
    or the site you see him @??  Send to my email if you prefer!!

    Walterfootball is usually pretty good,
    I've enjoyed that place!!
    Guess I'll check other sites,case u don't see this..

    I like evaluating/eliminating potential FIN prospects more than I do current FINS,
    (I trust the regime EXPERTS w'the evaluations of of the TEAM)!!!
    Not that I don't have some gripes,but I prefer not to send negative vibes toward's the organization!! 

    I trust them w'the draft's too,but it's much easier on my heart to critisize prospects than it is the 53!!

  30. Oops, I got the name wrong, it's Danario Alexander! lol
    6'4", 215 lbs, 4.58

  31. Don't see his name @ Walterfootball either,hmmmmm ????

    I like the size,w'a sub 4.5,unless he play's like Boldin...