Friday, August 27, 2010

Camarillo and Gone

How many pre-Trifecta players are still on this team?  Without actually counting I'd guess about 4 or 5 left after the sudden and surprising trade of Greg Camarillo to the Vikings in exchange for cornerback, Benny Sapp.

The Dolphins were busy this week, releasing DT Travis Ivey, RB Tristan Davis, and OG Randy Thomas and TE Kory Sperry in addition to the Camarillo trade.

I always liked Camarillo, but felt he made the 2008 team based on making the biggest play of 2007 and hasn't really done that much since due to his season ending injury in 2008.  His biggest play since then was catching the ball with his butt cheeks vs Atlanta in week 1 of 2009.  Ultimately, he was running as the 4th WR, and thus the trade shouldn't present a huge loss.  

Still,  he was consistent if not splashy, and it was nice to know what we had in the 4th spot, which will now be taken up by an unknown in Marlon Moore or Patrick Turner.

The Vikings were desperate for a solid WR after their top players at the position, Sidney Rice and Percy harvin are both battling injuries and looking to miss significant playing time.

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