Friday, August 20, 2010

The Next One - Jacksonville

When it comes to the pre-season, the young guys, mostly rookies and undrafted free agents, are the main attraction.  For the veterans its nothing more than a warm-up.  For the young-bloods, it's do or die.

Jacksonville probably had the most boring draft on paper of any team in the NFL - they went almost exclusively defensive line with a couple of SOLB prospects.  They are definitely trying to perfect their 3-4 (aren't we all?).  Tyson Alualu is the only well-known prospect and sits in much the same role as our own Jared Odrick.  Both teams are expecting a lot from their respective 1st round defensive ends.

Don't get me wrong, despite their lack of excitement on draft day 2010, they had a very sharp draft/free agency period in 2009 and most if not all of their pickups are still with the team with some experience under their belt.  Still, this game should be about as exciting offensively as a butterfly cocoon in its 2nd hour of existence.  The defenses are the real attraction here, and why shouldn't they be?  Still, with Jacksonville lining up Justin Smiley (too broken to play for Miami) and Ernest Wilford (he just sucks) against Miami, the Dolphins should know how to work around them. 

The only trouble maker here is Maurice Jones-Drew and I wouldn't expect him to play more than a series or two.

I also expect Brandon Marshall to make a solemn vow to himself to not drop any passes and for the running game to get a lot more reps.  Of course, Pat White will likely also get some reps, so I don't think it will be a complete runaway game, but I still expect Miami to have the upper hand here.

Tin's prediction: MIA 24 - JAX 13

PS, this time there WILL be the live chat open with stream if available.

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