Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dolphins Pull A Fast One

The Dolphins today waived WR Taurus Johnson, a day after he received high praise from Head Coach Tony Sparano.  It was one of the few times in the last two months that the coach mentioned Taurus by name.  Johnson ran a 4.42 40 in the 2009 combine, making him arguably the fastest WR in camp this year.

Despite being lost on the depth chart, Johnson seemed to me to be a likely candidate for the 5th WR spot along with Patrick Turner, Julius Pruitt and Ryan Grice-Mullen.  In fact, the more I thought about it yesterday, I couldn't help but feel that he could beat out those three based on his versatility and play-making ability.

Alas I must have jinxed him because just a day later he's gone.

Sparano said Johnson was a "4 team guy" meaning he could play kick return, punt return, kick coverage as well as offense for the Dolphins.  He said Pruitt was a "3 team guy".  He didn't say this out loud, but I'm sure he knows that Patrick Turner is a '1 team guy' and even that is debatable, but he was a 3rd round draft pick a year ago.  Grice-Mullen sparkled in early OTAs but has since been outshined by those mentioned above. 

Meanwhile, the Dolphins have signed CB Kevin Hobbs to replace the injured Evan Oglesby and re-signed G Ray Feinga.  As far as I know, Oglesby has not been waived injured, suggesting that the Dolphins could have waived Johnson just to make space for Hobbs until a decision is made on Oglesby.  Both Oglesby and Will Allen were present but not practicing this morning.

UPDATE:  Oglesby has been placed on IR and Will Allen has made an unscheduled trip to the doctor to check out his knee issues.

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