Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Where Are They Now?

Too soon to post updates on the Class of 2010?  I think not.  Every year I keep an eye on not only Dolphin rookies, but the few players I had on my Draft Board for that year...partly because I've sort of been following them already and want to see how they get on, but also because I want to know if I was right in touting on the individual players.  To date I think I'm well over 50%, but obviously that stat means nothing because it doesn't take into consideration the players I didn't have on the board and whether or not they outperformed the ones I did.  So it's not about is the player the best in the NFL rather than is he living up to expectations or not.

  • I was 100% sure that the Dolphins were going to draft Brandon Graham out of Michigan.  Of course, this was not the first time I was sure of something and proven wrong, but I couldn't argue myself out of this choice, and was probably more shocked than anyone when they chose Jared Odrick.  So far, Odrick has been as advertised but hardly sensational.  Graham on the other hand..."There's NO WAY" the Eagles can keep first-round DE Brandon Graham out of the starting lineup, according to's Matt Mosley.  It's already the second glowing report we've seen today of Graham's impressive play in camp. His initial burst is described as "pretty remarkable," and he's also sporting "nice counter moves." We consider Philly the top fantasy defense, and Graham's emergence only solidifies that ranking.~Rotoworld.
  • The Dallas Cowboys have a pretty insane WR corps:  Roy Williams, Miles Austin, Dez Bryant, Patrick Crayton, Sam Hurd plus 5 others vying for a non-existent roster spot, i.e. the practice squad.  One of them is Terrell Hudgins, the guy who broke all of Jerry Rice's records in the FCS division of football.  The Cowboys brought him in as an undrafted free agent..."Terrell Hudgins has a long way to go to be a factor on the 53-man roster, but the undrafted wide out from Elon has picked it up here lately after not really doing much of anything in the off-season because of a skin graft. He is 6-2, 225 pounds and while not a burner he can make some plays. He can go after the ball in all sorts of situations. Maybe a practice squad guy."~Todd Archer, Dallas Morning News. "But more than just Dez, there’s another rookie slowly turning a few heads here. Undrafted rookie Terrell Hudgins keeps standing out more and more. In fact, you realize that when you go to your roster flip card and wonder, ‘Ok, who’s 14 again?’" - Nick Eatman.
  • Dorin Dickerson is perhaps the biggest mistake 31 GMs made in the 2010 Draft.  Undrafted until the 227th pick overall, deep in the 7th round, Dickerson is not to be dismissed, according to Shane Kirkpatrick, Houston Texans Columnist. "Who would have thought that when the Texans got to the 227th pick of the draft they would be looking at an athlete with this much upside? This pick is arguably the best value pick the organization made during the draft."  The Texans are working to get the bruising athlete down to 6'2" 220lbs while he learns the ropes from Andre Johnson. "Dickerson is making the best of every rep. During the opening day alone he caught every pass thrown his direction during the seven on seven drills and team activities. He has defiantly caught passes, and his coach’s eye as well.  If he can prove to be a good blocker with his size, you might see him on the field during the regular season more often than initially projected.
  •  CJ Spiller remains unsigned (he and Ndamukong Suh are the last two without a contract), but this guy is probably the scariest player we'll face in 2010.  I did have a theory that any team that was drafting ahead of their division foes should draft Spiller if they suspected one of those teams would.  The truth is, Buffalo is going to be a lot better than they were last year, at least on the offensive side.  We couldn't stop their running game last year and now it's become a lot more dynamic, and now they have a more dynamic passing game as well, and it's all down to Spiller.  The 3-4 switch is going to completely alter their defense as well.  It's been a long time since I was worried about playing the Bills.
I must say just when I was warming to the Odrick pick, the reports of Brandon Graham's camp performances started leaking out and made me a little sick to the stomach.  Are there any rookie players out there that you wished the Dolphins hadn't passed on?

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