Friday, August 27, 2010

Dolphins vs Falcons

Well last night's game may not have been fun to watch, but I'm not down on the team at all.

There were several things in the game that I wanted to see and for the most part I did see. Sure, I was disappointed by the out-of-rhythm offense, but unlike Rotoworld who bashed on Chad Henne's performance, I actually watched the game, and saw at least 5 drops in the first half. It may have been more, but those who watched know that Brandon Marshall, Brian Hartline, Davone Bess, Anthony Fasano and Ricky Williams all had dropped passes while the 1st team was in the game. That kind of performance will stink up any QB's stat-line as well as throw a spanner in the works of any gameplan, and prevent any rhythm from being created. It also took away the passing threat and made it difficult to run the ball.

Sure, that sounds terrible, but realistically do we expect Marshall, Bess and Hartline to be dropping passes regularly? Fasano, maybe, but not those guys. I still think we have the offensive weapons to open up the field and make running the ball easier, but the players need to perform to their expected levels.

Speaking of performing, I think Jake Grove's time is up as the starter. He tweaked his shoulder after barely blocking throughout the game. I'm not as convinced as the media on John Jerry - I still think Donald Thomas is a better option. I do however think Incognito Long and Carey are locks to start, but those are the only 3 I'm sure about.

The defense gave up some big plays but they weren't bad for most of the game. I admit I couldn't tell if Odrick played or not, he was invisible, but Koa Misi finally showed up for me and was all over the field as was Karlos Dansby.

The initial cuts should be easy for the Dolphins this Tuesday - they are already down to 75 players, so no cuts need to be made. However, they should sign another tight end at least for the next week regardless of whether Joey Haynos' injury is serious, which it obviously was to anyone who saw it happen.

Making the roster spot for that transaction they should cut one or more of the inside linebackers that don't stand a chance in making the team, both Trifecta draft picks, JD Folsom and Austin Spitler. They are both practice squad eligible and neither will be poached. Micah Johnson came into the team very late and has blown those two out of the water. To be honest, I think he's giving Tim Dobbins a run for his money.

But all the roster cuts can wait since we're already at 75 (though TE is still an issue). Still, keep your eyes peeled for a fun little roster quiz coming up.

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