Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Edds All Over Before It Began

Well now we've lost Jason Ferguson to retirement, Philip Merling to injury, Brian Johnston to injury, and finally, rookie linebacker, AJ Edds, also to injury.  

The loss of Edds shouldn't have too much devastating effect - let's remember, he's just a rookie and was likely on a special teams player and occasional 3rd down package guy, and the truth is that the guy he's listed behind on the depth chart is Karlos Dansby, who is a 3-down LB anyway.

However, it is disconcerting that we've lost several players now to injury before the pre-season even starts.  While the Trifecta is keeping mum about it, it appears at least two players have been waived injured already, one guided into retirement, and two about to be placed on IR.  Add that to the recovering players like Will Allen, Vontae Davis, Ronnie Brown, Chad Pennington, Brandon Marshall, Patrick Turner, Donald Thomas, Jake Grove, Channing Crowder, Charles Grant and Davone Bess (I may have missed someone) and it's easy to see that the team is probably not in Regular Season shape at the moment.

We often read articles and blurbs about these recovering players about how far ahead of schedule they are, but the truth is, injuries should never be rushed, no matter how badly a player wants to be on the field, and more noticeably, how bad the fans want him on the field.

AJ Edds will likely now miss the entire 2010 season along with Merling  - two players that now leave a hole for others to fill.  I still think it's likely the Dolphins will only go with 3 inside line-backers (Dansby, Crowder, Dobbins) and stash JD Folsom/Austin Spitler on the practice squad, but the Edds injury possibly means one more space for an outside linebacker to ease inside the bubble, such as Erik Walden, Quentin Moses, or  rookie Chris McCoy.

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