Monday, August 9, 2010

Football Begins, No One Notices

Well, probably not 'no one', but I for one, walked into a restaurant with my family last night, and while waiting for a table (in a two-thirds empty restaurant, and we were one of about ten parties waiting, what's that all about?), I noticed that the Bengals and Cowboys were playing on the TV in the corner.  I literally said out loud to my wife, "Has football started?" and she just as literally said back, "I don't care!"
Truth is, I don't think anyone really cares about the Hall of Fame weekend at all, other than the families and friends of those being inducted (and the inductees of course), and the two teams that have to play in the game.  I watched it the last two years and always find it depressing that certain inductees get more praise than others just because they're younger and thus have more people/fans present - I would hold the ceremony in a closed venue and allow a set amount of seats per inductee so everyone gets the same amount of applause, and I would do away with the game altogether, because they're always pointless, sloppy, full of players who won't make it all the way thru camp, and it's an opportunity for players to get hurt before its necessary to take the risk.

So, with all my hard feelings towards the whole spectacle, it's no surprise that I didn't even know it was going on until it was just about over - but to be fair I've been super busy in my own life the past couple of weeks, so I could've missed my own birthday and not even noticed.  

One thing I did notice was the large anomaly in the comments section yesterday - welcome to the refugees and thanks for the kind words and I took care of that stuff (wink wink).  Anyway, I won't be doing a piece on the pseudo-football game that happened last night.  Instead, I'd just like to share my joy with you all as I've finally buckled down and got the full sports package on DirecTV including NFL Sunday Ticket - gets installed at my new place in a week.  Yes that means I will probably miss the first pre-season game, since I'll actually be driving a moving truck and trailer on Saturday.  I'd greatly appreciate anyone giving me a schedule of a replay or perhaps one of those tor**nts.  

In the meantime, what are you most looking forward to seeing in the Dolphins initial pre-season game?  For me, it's the WRs and the DBs.  We hear all this talk about these guys in camp, but until they face someone who doesn't practice against them every day, its hard to tell - is Patrick Turner really turning it up a notch?  If he puts in a repeat of last year's preseason, he simply won't make the team - the competition is much stronger this year.  Has Chris Clemons really calmed into a poised NFL ready safety, or will Reshad Jones come in and make some huge plays that can't be ignored?  It's almost here, brothers and sisters, it's almost here.

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