Thursday, August 5, 2010

Guest Report - Fang at Training Camp

I love waking up to find a full report from training camp in my inbox, this one's courtesy of Fang:

I have no idea at this time what others have said, it's about 1 o'clock in the morning and we just returned home.  From what I saw today was mixed bag.  First lets start off with the ugly.

Kory Sheets went down on a Kickoff return, it seemed to me at first he went down on his own. With no replay it was hard to tell, after replaying it in my little brain he came though a gap and may have been tripped up in someway but again I'm just not sure. What I can tell you is he left the field under his own power sort of.  He slowly walked to the trainers room under the close eye of one trainers or medical staff, and really slowed down when he walked up a slight incline.  It wasn't good what ever happened, I would guess he is out for a bit.

Will Allen also seemed to pull up at the end of a 30 yard pass play, and seemed to be limping to some extent for most of the remainder of the session.  Not sure if anything really happened to him.  It could be he has not fully recovered from last years injury at this time.  I though he pulled a hamstring but again I can't really say.

Ronnie Brown looked like he is feeling fine, and Cobb's appears the same way.  They didn't do as much running the ball as they did last year when I saw them.

The QBs looked for the most part improved.  White didn't hit Parcells on golf cart and for the most part was able to aim the ball at the intended receiver which was better than he did last year.  TT was erratic or least I thought he was.  I don't think he is much of a traditional drop back passer, he is more comfortable on the move.  Pennington again this is a matter of perspective of which I thought he seemed to be unable to extend his throwing motion as much as the other QBs.  I think his range of motion is or has been compromised to some extent.  Maybe it was just me, I don't know he just didn't look the same as I've seen him in the past.  He was as accurate as ever, but I don't remember one of his throws going down field very far.  They didn't put him in the position to the throw ball deep.  Henne I though did a nice job, he made the throws look easy and I didn't see him really miss much.  They had all the QBs tossing those back shoulder passes, and did miss one of those, and he missed a little swing pass to RW that was behind him RW made the catch and then fell down.  Not a great pass on that one.  I don't get it Henne can throw the ball a mile down field with pretty good accuracy and can't hit RW on a 5 yard pass in stride.  It makes no sense.

Hartline was lining up with Marshall on the other side, and I think we will see that on opening day.  Harlline looks the part as nice compliment to Marshall, or at this time of the year he does.  Turner dropped a ball wide open in the middle of the field and I don't see him unseating anyone this year.  Bess and Camarillo I think are safe this year.  Now for what everyone wants to hear MARSHALL.  He is the real deal, he is the best of the WR by far.

I can also say all the QBs look for him first.  I think the practices are set up for the pass plays to go to him first and if he is covered they go somewhere else with the ball.  From what I saw of him 2 DBs can't cover the guy.  Mr Revis is going to have his hands full and so are a bunch of other DBs in the league.  The guy is GOOD.  There is little else I need to say about him.

Now for the DBs.  Did anyone say that Bell is the best of the lot?  I will, he really looks comfortable out there, and he is the only DB that looks that way.  Davis and Smith are inconsistent.  On one play they can cover with the best in the league, and on the next play they couldn't cover a guy if they had a blanket.  As for the FS, I can't say much about them.  One player needs to bear watching I think his name Amiya or something like that. He looked good to me.  Sorry to say Tin, J Allen doesn't seem to care or has given up of being any more than a ST player.  On one on one drills he had few a passes that went over his head and he never looked back to find the ball.  I don't think any DB can afford to be lazy this year and that's what I saw out of him.

As big as the big uglies are I didn't notice them much today, don't put much stock in that. It was hard to watch everything going on, but from what I remember they would have had about 3 sacks today.

I think this echoes much of what is being reported, though Ken La Vicka mentioned yesterday that there were about twice as many sacks as Fang noticed.  I do wonder about the WR competition - one would think with Kory Sheets gone that one of the WRs with return skills could make a move to lock up a roster spot that they otherwise didn't have a chance for - while I haven't read any love for Taurus Johnson lately, he was a pretty good returner in College, though from what I've read the WRs aren't getting much chance to return kicks.  Maybe Fang can elaborate.

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