Thursday, August 19, 2010

I'm Back Baby!

You know you've spent too much time away from your Dolphins blog when you have difficulty finding your own web browser bookmark for it on your own computer.  But here I am, on Thursday night, about to update the blog and I start first with an apology - one for leaving the loyal readers in the lurch while I packed up and moved, er, North-West.  

It has been both an exhausting experience and already a very rewarding one.  I've had more of a good time in the last week in Portland than I had all of last year in Sacramento.  Secondly, I apologize for not reading any of the comments left during that time (unlike the big boys, I do tend to read every single comment left on this site, but I had to avoid them initially so i wouldn't have any spoilers for the Tampa game since I watched it days after the fact, and partially because there are just so many of them to go through and I thought it would be better to use my spare time to get the blog engine turning again rather than keep it in stasis while I catch up.

Tonight I plan on updating the roster and transaction sections of the blog and tomorrow  morning I'll get into the next pre-season game. Thanks for sticking around in my absence.

P.S. my Sunday Ticket dreams were smashed when the DirecTV tech could not get 'line of sight' from my humble abode.  I'm waiting on a 2nd opinion from DirecTV but there is a massive canopy of trees over the property so I partly expected the bad news.  I did, however, manage to get some proper kick-ass high speed internet this time around and have had no issues streaming video since so hopefully I won't miss any games.  I know there's some PDX fans out there who can tell me where the best spots to go are if I'm in a bind.

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