Friday, January 23, 2009

American Idol 2009

So there's been talk that Rey Maualuga may not be as tough as we thought he was.

There's been buzz and clamor by Dolphins fans thinking Clay Matthews is our 1st round saviour in 2009.

But it seems to me these two USC standouts are engaged in a more serious battle than trying to improve their draft stock before April.

The battle, of sexiest hair alive (technically it's hair 'dead' but you catch my meaning).

So who do you think will be drafted higher on the hair league's draft?

Rey 'Double Conditioned' Maualuga

Clay 'All Natural' Matthews


  1. Tin, Maualuga doesn't look like a couch potato in this picture but I did read he looked soft. I remember Channing Crowder looking soft in minicamps in May 2007 and then he was in better shape in July. There were rumors about Ronnie Brown looking soft too. That doesn't happen in camp trifecta. So if somehow we landed Maualuga he'd have to stay in shape or be fined everyday he hasn't met the standards. That's still the one leverage coaches have on players, they can fine them for not making weight and play them on the 3rd team or not at all. No player enjoys being fined and they don't want their teammates down on them.

    I would take Maualuga over all the USC LBs. I've seen him play enough and he's good. He can still get better, but he's a good player. Big, tough and physical. Good instincts, flows to the ball.

    There might be a player we're not expecting to fall to us available. It happens all the time and playoff teams benefit from it. Look at Merling last year. The day before the draft he was listed in the 15-22 range in most mocks and he fell to us at #32. We're at #25 now.

    Every year some team surprises everyone and drafts a guy no one thought would go that high. That helps us in the 1st and with the 2nd we have from Washington. I really feel we'll land two good players with those picks. From there it starts to get interesting. 50 plus players are off the board by the time our 2nd comes up, #58?

  2. Well, finally something I can comment about. Hair! Actually not, since I don't see many, make that any, USC games. I actually don't see that many games at all on TV, since I usually GO to the games here(the Herd and the Eers). I only hear the scores of the other games.

    So, as for the hair, I have to say I'm not the biggest fan of the long hair on the guys. Not always, but IMO, it takes a lot to pull off that look. I need some video to form an opinion. TGIF!

  3. Tin, I have a topic I'd like to write as a guest columnist.

    Hopefully here we can stay on the topic of football. I know I get silly sometimes on SS but that's because they keep drawing me in. LOL

    Anyway, my topic is about 2009 being the first time in a long time this team follows up a season with the same coaches, systems and QB the next season. That hasn't happened since one of the Wannstedt/Fiedler years, 01-03. I'm too lazy to look it up but it only happened once since the new millenium. Pretty sad!

    I'll go into more detail and divulge some more awe-inspiring commentary in the article. Just thought I'd throw the idea out there. : )

  4. Mr Bungle, that's a good point. I grew up watching the Shula-Dolphins and always took the coaching staff, etc for granted. You always knew who your quarterback was going to be and to be honest, you knew pretty much who all the starters would be back in the early 90s. I remember when we traded for Gene Atkins I was confused. I didn't realize completely that there was a rotating door in the NFL.