Thursday, January 22, 2009

Celine Dion To Be New Cowboys Free Safety...Changes Name To Roy Williams

So the Cowboys in yet another brilliant personnel move, will be trying out undrafted free agents in an American Idol style audition and TV show. The idea is that this season instead of watching Hard Knocks and watching players whine about the hard work they have to put in, we can watch Hard Knocks and...well it's pretty much the same thing, only with lesser talented players who may or may not have had to give up football because they were previously convicted of rape.

I would assume this show will be chock full of CFL and Arena League players, but only if they have interested, heartbreaking stories or have really nice boobs and bone structure.

So what do you think of this idea and why haven't the Dolphins come up with something like this?


  1. FINALLY! I saw the link on the SS and had to visit. My question is, who gets to pick the winner? Are there judges, or a panel or does "America" get to vote? If the latter, fans of all the other teams should stuff the ballot box so that they end up with a really terrible player!

    I don't yet understand the profile selections below, so I am choosing anonymous, although you know me as


  2. herdfan, thanks for visiting. if you choose name/url, it's exactly the same as the old SS way. Or you can use Typepad, which is the secure function that SS uses as well (the people with the blue names on SS).

  3. the original article said that Jerry Jones and FORMER cowboys coaches and players would be the judges. Plus the prize is just to get on the 80-man roster, which is the first cut. So the odds of the winner actually making the 53 man roster or even the PS would be super super slim!

  4. Jerry Jones will say/do anything for publicity. Be it positive or negative. A true media whore.