Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Last night on NFL Network (or Pigskinemax as I prefer to call it), the had a show called Path to the Draft in which they discussed the Senior Bowl practices that day in a summary form. During this episode, there was a typical doofus blonde chick reporter who interviewed Miami Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland. Now we all know he's more or less running the show now and that Parcells is basically just Ireland's consultant at this point. Well Ireland said two interesting things.

First he said that they don't have a particular position or player that they're targeting with the 25th pick.

Then he said, and I quote,
“I’m not going to get into who I’m interested in bringing back. The players that we’re negotiating with, they know where we stand on things. Their agents know where things stand."

Let's move well beyond speculation and implications. This means they are NOT interested in bringing all of their big name free agents back - safeties Yeremiah Bell and Renaldo Hill, linebacker Channing Crowder, right tackle Vernon Carey and cornerback Andre Goodman. There is the off chance that they might still start negotiations with all of them, depending on what's available in free agency, etc. But you'd have to consider that there is at least one player in that group that has already been told they're not interesting in re-signing them.

The rumours abound that Crowder's on the way out. And what about the lesser known guys, like Tyrone Culver, William Kershaw, etc. The practice squad were all signed to contracts. What about the supporting cast who were actually on the 53?

I would suspect that this time next week, once the Trifecta are back from Mobile, that the news will flood the levees that are holding back all this information.

Maybe some of the local reporters, instead of traveling to Mobile, should be nosing around Dolphins HQ trying to get the scoop.


  1. Hey Tin,
    Nice site. If it works, it's better than the SS already! Will Omar be posting on here? :)
    My read on what Ireland said was that there is a chance for all 5 FAs to come back if their agents value them realistically, but we already know from "rumour" that the Trifecta valuation on Crowder is a long way off what he and his agent think he's worth. My guess is Crowder isn't the only one in this position. I'm also guessing the Trifecta is playing hardball and letting the FAs test the market in a year with a deep draft and a desire from the Fins to get younger (secondary). I'm convinced they'll work something out with Carey, I hope they do so with Bell (Rod Woodson really likes him) and Goodie. Crowder and Hill are the two who go to the highest bidder imo. Certainly the Trifecta don't sound too keen to spend all Ross's overdraft on our own FAs.

  2. what if the new owner comes in and tells Ireland that they need to low ball these guys. It sounds like Ross had a hard enough time getting the cash for the team, can he pay the salaries?

  3. the thing with Carey that scares me is that one year at LT. He played that one year and didn't do a bad job. He may have felt snubbed when they drafted a tackle and didn't even let Carey compete for the job. They inaugurated him at the press-conference. Especially in his contract year he probably wanted to play LT. Does he want to demand LT money from us while playing RT? Does he think another team will want him as a LT?

    If we can afford it I want all of them back

  4. Well obviously you wouldn't draft Jake with the 1st pick to 'compete' for the job. I think they kept Vernon originally because they couldn't find a better option at right tackle. It sounds like he grew on them during the year. It sounded like Ireland was going to let them all test the waters to see what they were worth. I think if allowed to do just that, that Bell would get the most interest. Carey, would probably get around the same offer that Miami would be willing to give him.

  5. tin,

    i thought i read where bell and hill's agent said things are where they are suppose to be right now. most teams dont start talking with their FA till after the combines.

  6. Typical agent response. I didn't see that, but I did see the Ireland interview and read various things that were fairly implicit that they were going to let everyone test the market and also see who will be on the market. Which to me sounds like they're not interesting in talking contracts with anyone until March.