Thursday, January 22, 2009

'cause I'm Levitre on a jet plane...

After the rocketship to stardom former Oregon State Guard, Andy Levitre, took into Miami Dolphin's blogs this week, I took the time to watch him in the North team's practices yesterday.

He had the unfortunate task of starting his day against BJ Raji in 1 on 1 drills. Let's just say, it didn't go Levitre's way. Raji not only beat Levitre, Mack, and Unger in those drills, but in the team portion, he routinely got 4 or 5 yards into the backfield using bull rushes and made it look easy.

So what does Levitre have to say for himself?

"I went against a guy named Raji from Boston College who is a very good player and has a great bull rush. Raji was able get me on the first rep, however like my college coach would always tell us we need to go on to the next play and that's what my focus was. I came back with a sharp focus against him and stopped him in his tracks. That showed me that on every play I have to ready for anything."

Hmm, not what I saw. What about the part where he was blowing up the backfield?

The rest of the day consisted of team periods we were all together which I dominated every opponent. I had a great time getting on my blocks and finishing them not allowing them to come close to making a play."

Ok, Levitre, whatever you say. So how fast can we sign this guy?


  1. Is it a necessity that a 3-4 NT be over 6-1. This guy Raji seems to destroy everyone he goes against. I thought the most important thing was routinely taking on 2 blockers

  2. Omar says he's small yet Ron Brace who is a whopping 1 inch taller and 5 pounds lighter is huge. When you watch them at BC in games they looked like twins to me.