Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pavement To The Draft

Don't worry, I'm not going to post a Pavement video.

I am however going to be posting LOTS of video this week so check back regularly for your viewing pleasure.

Below is video of former Rice Tight End, James Casey. By now you probably all know that the Dolphins have been showing lots of interest in the tight end position in the offseason. They have looked at Brandon Pettigrew, James Casey, Jared Cook, Cornelius Ingram, Branden Ledbetter, Bear Pascoe, and Shawn Nelson. And that's just the ones I know about. In the video, you'll hear Casey's responses to interview questions which have been edited out. At one point he specifically talks about being able to throw passes out of the Wildcat formation.

I don't think the Dolphins will go tight end with the first pick but I DO think they will in either the 2nd or 3rd round. It's increasingly entered my mind that they will forget altogether about going after a big WR like Nicks or Britt and instead go for a big tight end than can both catch and block (and even throw). It makes sense based on their history and philosophy that they would go after players with the ability to play multiple positions, and special teams. Also, in 2010, both Anthony Fasano and David Martin will be free agents. While I like both players as pass options, neither one is particularly good at running with the ball, blocking, or throwing (yes throwing ability is now my new criteria for ANY player that might be on the field in the wildcat).

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