Wednesday, March 31, 2010

2010 Pre-Season Schedule Announced

The Dolphins' 2010 Pre-Season schedule has been announced and it looks like this:

Week 1 : Tampa Bay at Miami

Week 2 : Miami at Jacksonville
Week 3 : Atlanta at Miami

Week 4 : Miami at Dallas

The dates have not been nailed down yet but it's going to be between the 12th of August and 3rd of September.
The first 3 weeks will not only be a good chance to see the new players and coaches, but a chance to see in small pieces if we've improved over last year since we played all 3 in the 2009 season.  The Dallas trip is really exciting because I'll bet you anything that the Trifecta will want to win that game and will not just play scrubs.


  1. Thanks Tin
    Will Be at week 3 Game for Sure against Atlanta
    Week 3 as U know is the one that resembles a real game

    Go Dolphins!

  2. a real game, Bob Griese and his trusty sidekick are going to screw up all the player's names, and call the head coach Soprano in week 3 only?

  3. (formerly MartinK)
    Graham vs Thomas - who do you pick?  Graham vs Morgan - who do you pick? 

  4. No avatar... Where did you go?

  5. Don't get me wrong, I like Thomas, I'm just not sure he's even in the same league as Berry when it comes to being a Top 15 pick.  Graham might be a reach too, but I'd be less worried about a pass rusher not panning out than the FS.  The more I think about it the more I think we should go Offense - both Spiller and Bryant are thick as bricks, but they would both play immediately and both make runs for rookie of the year.  Can you say the same for any of the defensive guys?  Maybe Graham, because sacks count more than any other stat in the NFL when it comes to those awards.

  6. Graham all the way.  But I doubt it will happen.

  7. Earl Thomas. He's exactly the type of ballhawking FS this defense needs.

  8. Absolutely 100 % correct Burnum

  9. I'm with you Tin on the #1 guy starting.  If we make Thomas the or first pick then he needs to start, but to that the cost will be to high for a rookie safety, so I don't see it happening.  The only thing that makes sense is a LB either inside or outside.  A WR which I doubt will happen because the only worth anything is Bryant, and they are not going to go with him because he is a fool.  So that leaves RB and Spiller is a difference maker when he touches the ball.  The more I think about this the more he makes sense.

    I really don't care who they pick as long as the guy starts.  I don't see a FS playing that much in his first year.

  10. are speaking in third person now?

  11. I'm with you BD.  He doesn't fit the model of what they want.

  12. I've been thinkin,that this yrs draft is ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT to score big!!

    Seeing that this draft is sooo extrodinarily deep,
    (due to all the underclassman coming-out to try and cash in on the final year of rediculous rookie contracts),
    and payout's likely being all that much more lucrative w'an o10 capless season!!

    o11's draft is LIKELY to be farr thinner than previous yr's!!
    Sure underclassman will come-out next yr,but you gotta think that more will persue that degree b/4 football..
    After the CBA's restablished,rookie's won't be as likely to be able to solidify their future's w'only the initial contract,and this yrs depth is gonna make most yrs depth seem shallow!!

    NEED a lead-off HOMERUN, load the bases in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, w'a grand-slam out of one of those final 6!!

  13. The ""EXPERTS"" consensus is that DMorgan is ONLY a 4-3 DE,
    (MAYBE it was ONLY a 3-4 DE),NOT positive off-hand!!
    I stopped considering him once I heard the consensus of what ever it was that I read/heard/saw,LOL!! *DONT_KNOW*
    Point being,it's been said that he doesn't have the hips/quick-twitch to be the Hybrid type,
    and we have enough gyz that fit our DE ONLY qualification's,while being in dire need of an OLB!!!

    Don't we want a TWO-IN-ONE guy that's gonna fill BOTH the pass rushing specialist roll,
    and the vacant OLB position simotaneously??!! Can DMorgan do that?? (I'll admit I don't personally know)!!

    WHYY is Weatherspoon no longer being mentioned,he's my #2 OLB,behind BGraham,
    he'd be #3 if Kindle didn't have all the red-flags,followed by,PPaul,JHughes and EGriffen...
    I have DMorgan in the STRICTLY DE column??

    IFFF I could be guaranteed PPaul,or JHughes @43(doubtful/late 1st rnd run),I'd take DT DWilliam's @12-17!!
    Though,I like TTroupe and hope we take TWO NT's somwhere along the way!!!

    However,I'm startin to think a QUALITY OLB/pass rusher in the 1st,to go w'a servicable-plus NT later
    is going to be easier to attain than a QUALITY DT/possible NT in the 1st and a servicable-plus OLB later,
    and is PROBABLY a more likely scenario for that 1st pk to be a 1st yr STARTER..
    Though,I've been reading/hearing lotsa good thing's about Thaddius Gibson @OLBHY in our 3-4!!!
    Though w'out Fergie,whoever we pk for the NT position HAS TO BE a 1st yr STARTER!!(Quite the dilema!!) *DONT_KNOW*  

  14. I don't know why, but this guy is just fun to pick on...  Here is my collection of Dez Bryant quotes.

    <span>“I ain’t never got in trouble with nobody. I never said anything. I don’t say anything wrong to nobody. I’m friendly. This here is too far."</span>

    “What do this got to do with me playing football? Even if I did forget my cleats, what do that have to do with me playing football? I don’t think it has anything to do with me playing football.”

    “I haven’t did anything wrong to nobody.”

    “Any teams who don’t draft me who think I have background problems or any of that, you’re not going to draft me because of stuff that happened in my childhood? What about now? What’s been going on with Dez now? Nothing bad’s been going on with Dez. Nothing at all,”

    “Especially whenever someone goes and gets some information about this person and then goes to that person, I just feel like that is not right because it’s not right."

  15. Patrick, i agree that Dez Bryant's speaking skills are Emmit Smith esque and highly amusing... However i still don't think thats enough to rule out picking the guy at 12

    A lot of the bad stuff written about him is pure heresay and hyperbole. Yes the guy is perhaps immature and needs to improve on certain aspects off the field eg timekeeping... However If you read what his teamates Zac Robinson and Russell Okung said about him, they both spoke out on his behalf and said how much of a great teamate he was and how much the guy loved football. Plus on tin's blog his former position coach at OSU sung his praises - this is the important information

    I agree with the sentiment earlier put forward that whoever we take at 12 they must be ready to contribute this season and immediately make our team better. Therefore i think Bryant should still get serious consideration at that spot as he should greatly improve a weak area on our team... Using this same criteria i think it should rule out any players that need to change position at the next level. For example Dan Williams would take time to develop into a nose, (if he ever did) and Derrick Morgan who looks a better fit at 4-3 end than 3-4 olb...

    Consequently i'd argue the pick should be Dez Bryant, Brandon Graham, Earl Thomas or Eric Berry if he fell

    Also i'm not Bryant's agent i just think he'd be a difference maker for us

  16. Dan, for the record I think Dez is going to be a great player, but I also think it will do him a lot of good to fall way down in the draft, all the way to 43! He needs to be humbled and that will fire him up to prove people wrong. The same thing happened to Moss and it straightened him out.

  17. Skip Dez, skip Spiller.  Say what you want about Dez's talent, he's a brick who will hold out out and won't be able to handle SpArano's 'in your face' style.  If people were saying Turner had a little bit of a chip on his shoulder and had trouble taking criticism from coaches, what do you think Dez will do?  Spiller is 'electric', but less than 200 lbs.  These two are pretty flashy but it seems there is always similar finds later in the draft.  Unless one of those safeties is deemed 'can't miss' by the trifecta, it has to be OLB.  Told myself I'd stay out of the prediction game...

    Tin, did your dumpster kick the balls (of trash) away so the ball boys couldn't get it?  After work did it beat the recycle bin sitting next to it?  If so, it could be an undrafted sleeper if we don't score Marshall.......

  18. Ronnie Brown to the Pats for 44th pick!!!

  19. This is April fools day correct ?  Plus we pick at # 43 spot.  Nice try Red Dog. :)

  20. 13 how are you doing by the way, do you still have computer problems ?

    Weatherspoon is projected as a 4/3 OLB, so he has the same problem as D Morgan has.  Morgan seems to only fit in a 4/3 DE position.  That's my take on it anyway.

    If we look long term then drafting someone with great potential or BPA is the best idea, but then again what do I know. :) .  The one think I do know about the Trifecta is that I don't know a thing about them.

  21. You guys can forget about the Dolphins taking an offensive player in the 1st round. Parcells always takes defensive players in the 1st round, and this defense still has some gaping holes at OLB, S, and NT. If I were running this draft, 3 of my first 4 picks would be defensive players, with a WR thrown in there at some point.

  22. We Have PlaymakersApril 1, 2010 at 7:46 AM


    Parcells & Sparano really like to play it close to the vest leading up to the draft so who knows what they're really going to do but I'm not so sure you're off base with Spiller & even more so with Bryant. 

    My dream scenario is for us to trade up & get Berry but that sounds too good to be true.  At the end of the day my gut tells me that the pick will be Kindle.  If Bryant is still on the board at 12 you know that pick (one way or another) will be either applauded or never lived down.  In fact it could finally silence all of the people who "knew" Boldin was going to be a great pro.

  23. We Have PlaymakersApril 1, 2010 at 7:49 AM


    I don't recall Moss falling that far.  If Bryant falls out of the top 15 it will be shocking.

  24. We Have PlaymakersApril 1, 2010 at 7:54 AM

    <span><span><span><span>"Tinshaker promptly went out and completed 97 consecutive passes in the parking lot to an impressive dumpster which displayed good separation."</span></span></span></span>

    LOL!!!  Todd McShay has you going in the late 2nd as the 4th QB overall in the draft after McCoy.  He doesn't like that you lock on to one receiver.

  25. We Have PlaymakersApril 1, 2010 at 7:59 AM

    Fake GM,

    I know all about Parcells' draft history however if Bryant falls to 12 & they like the kid, it's going to be awfully tempting to get his prototypical WR.  We're talking about a very special talent here.  

    However, I still think Kindle will be a Dolphin.

  26. We Have PlaymakersApril 1, 2010 at 8:06 AM

    For all of you delusional fans who don't believe we need a WR please read Armando's latest blog entry---

    "In speaking of his receivers last week coach Tony Sparano said he was "happy with group of players we have right now, been very productive over the last couple of years, and are continuing to get better."
    And that's fine because a coach is supposed to show his players love, sometimes. But a coach is also supposed to know the truth and the truth is the receiver in which the Dolphins have made their biggest financial and emotional investment is not getting better.
    Last year when everyone was expecting him to take a major step forward he took a significant step backwards.
    That's not opinion.
    Ted Ginn regressed in 2009 and the tangible measure of that is available at as Sam Monson's crew have broken down league-wide drop percentages for pass catchers.
    The good news? Greg Camarillo, despite whatever shortcomings he has in his game, is nothing if not dependable. He didn't drop a pass in 2009 in tying for the NFL lead in drop percentage at zero. You cannot get better than zero drop percentage.
    Camarillo had 50 catches on the season without a flub.
    The bad news? Ginn.
    Forget all you know about Ginn's draft pedigree and how in three years he hasn't really lived up to it. He's not dependable no matter if you think of him as a draft bust or a guy who came in as a street free agent. That's because Ginn had a 2009 drop percentage of 20.83, which was the third worst in the NFL behind only Kansas City's Mark Bradley (25.00 drop percentage) and Green Bay's James Jones (21.95 drop percentage).
    Pro Football Focus defines a drop as when a receiver gets his hands on a ball, but drops a pass you would reasonably expect to be caught.
    According to the tape study by PFF, Ginn dropped 10 passes while catching 38 passes last season. That means the guy dropped one of every five passes thrown to him.
    And that followed a 2008 season in which Ginn dropped eight passes while catching 56.
    Fewer catches, more drops in 2009. That is not progress....."

  27. Up until this week, I was convinced that the Dolphins would draft on the the D side of the ball with their early picks. Now, I'm leaning towards a "starting-caliber" kinda pick on either side, that is, someone who will have the talent and skills to become an immediate starter. Pick #12 is high enough to find that player that is smart enough to quickly absorb Miami's system and talented enough to someday become the free agent that everybody wants on their team. I think (because I really don't know much!) Bill, Jeff, Tony and Nolan know how to pick talent. This time, it needs to be starting talent!

  28. We Have PlaymakersApril 1, 2010 at 8:33 AM

    Ginn had the 3rd worst drop percentage among WR's in the NFL!!!  What is the trade value for this jackass???

  29. We Have PlaymakersApril 1, 2010 at 8:39 AM


    Yeah there's nothing that says "durablity" more than an athlete pulling a hamstring in his Pro-Day workout. 

    BTW--I don't know the exact measurables on Thomas but he looks too small for a FS in the NFL.

  30. WHP, Moss fell to 21 that year...  That's probably about where Bryant will end up.

    And who did Jimmy Jonson pick with number 29???

    John Avery!  Say what???

  31. I think the Dolphins will be tempted to take Bryant - the best WR prospect since Calvin Johnson - but I think they would have been more tempted if he didnt come across as having the maturity of a 15 year old.

  32. First round 2008, Jake Long. offense.

  33. We Have PlaymakersApril 1, 2010 at 10:40 AM


    I'm sure you were being facetious about Bryant falling to 43 but come on.... That's just silly.  I'm aware that Moss fell all the way to 21 which is why I'd be VERY surprised if Bryant wasn't picked in the 15.

  34. We Have PlaymakersApril 1, 2010 at 10:57 AM

    Fake GM,

    He's a 20 year old kid!!!  And it's not like he has a history of violence or guns or arrests or DUI's or drugs, etc.  He's made some mistakes that prove he still has a lot of maturing to do but it doesn't appear as if he's a BAD kid or that he doesn't love to play football.  It really comes down to whether he can pass the Parcells/Sparano test.  If Parcells & Sparano don't have serious concerns with Bryant then I can sleep at night with that pick.  I'll sleep even better if we trade up for Berry but unfortunately I don't make those decisions.

    Is Bryant a genius or a Rhodes scholar like Myron Rolle???  No but either is Randy Moss & he turned out to be a pretty good player.  I don't care if this kid thinks the Earth is flat as long as he can help us win football games.  Having smart players is definitely an advantage but only if they can perform on the field.

  35. We Have PlaymakersApril 1, 2010 at 11:05 AM


    BTW--I'm trying my best to block out everything that went wrong under JJ, then Wannstadt, then Saban & thenCameron....Call it the "Dolphins' lost years."  The torture that I had to live through with these 4 jerkoffs was totally unfair.

  36. Hey its worth a try....

  37. The problem is, if he thinks the world is flat, and say we're playing a west coast team, will he be afraid to run out of bounds for fear of falling off the edge?  What if we need to stop the clock?

  38. "LOL!!! Todd McShay has you going in the late 2nd as the 4th QB overall in
    the draft after McCoy. He doesn't like that you lock on to one receiver."
    LOL, what does McShay know!!

  39. Tim The EnchanterApril 1, 2010 at 12:06 PM

    Scouts wanted to see Tin throw more to a moving target. LOL

    How did McShay get his job as a mockster anyway? A lot of the time he sounds unsure of himself. He seems like a decent enough guy but even Kiper seems to toy with him.

  40. Tim The EnchanterApril 1, 2010 at 12:13 PM

    Bryant wasn't all that impressive at his pro day and continued to show that he's not a bad guy, just clueless. I wouldn't touch him at #12.

  41. Tim The EnchanterApril 1, 2010 at 12:22 PM

    The problem is Jimmy traded the pick before the draft. He did say that he still would have taken Vonnie Holliday over Randy Moss at #19.

  42. WHP,

    I agree with you that Bryant has Randy Moss type talent. And on second thought, I also wouldnt be shocked if Parcells/Sparano took him. Vontae Davis was THE problem child heading into last April, and they took him in the first round. He had a great rookie year and stayed out of trouble too. I wonder if V. Davis playing well/staying out of trouble as a rookie will influence the Dolphins' draft thinking if Bryant is there.

  43. This is not an April Fools Joke

    Earthquake to hit USA this month

    April 2010

    Wake Up call for Much Bigger Earthquake coming to California prob Nov 2010 or later

  44. Knight
    Was just on your blog

    Is that really your blog?

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    and others

    Thought U condoned this behavior on over 200 posts?
    and ridiculed others?

    I Dont Understand ?

  46. Tim The EnchanterApril 1, 2010 at 1:14 PM

    Home, you really like to make people believe you're the troll don't you. Why would you keep going to a stupid blog that obviously isn't the real Knight's. He never promoted it once yet everyone but Knight has promoted it. Does that make much sense to you?

    By the way, a lot of people on the SS think you're a troll, not just me and ffr. So if you'd like to not be considered a troll, stop acting like one.

  47. Is this Knight or
    A Troll ?

  48. Knight has so many (identities at least six)
    Thought that was him promoting his own blog
    Is this U now Knight?

  49. Tim The EnchanterApril 1, 2010 at 1:24 PM

    Here you go again. LOL

    I am not Random Guy by the way. All my names are under one account. Meaning if I change the avatar, it changes on all my posts which I've proven already.

    I've been Tim The Enchanter before on both the SS and here. The difference between me changing my name and many others is everyone knows it's me. I'm not disguising myself like you did there for awhile and still do. I can change my fake blog name if I choose. It's not actually my name. LOL

    A lot of people change their names on the SS. Just wondering why you're so interested in all of this stuff? You phuckin the troll that isn't you or something?

  50. Tim The EnchanterApril 1, 2010 at 1:27 PM

    Tin, you see why many people think this asshole Home is the troll? He just can't stop with his obsessions. Now his conspiracy and prediction BS stuff will go on and on here.

    Why can't people choose a blog that fits the subject matter they want to talk about? There must be a blog for every subject you can think of.

  51. Regarding the Dez Bryant Quotes...

    Sorry but if a football palyer doesn't think his cleats have anything to do with football, what makes you think he will be able to read a defense and adjust his routes?  He's not a criminal, just an idiot.  Talet + brains = success.  Either one alone can get you there but won't bring you success.

    The real question is, did Tin remember his cleats for his Pro Day?  And did he stare down the dumpster when he did like the route it took?

  52. Tim The EnchanterApril 1, 2010 at 1:43 PM

    Aaron Wilson, of the National Football Post, reports the Miami Dolphins are scheduled to meet with Ohio State LB Austin Spitler Thursday, April 1, and Friday, April 2, according to a source.

    I don't know anything about this kid.

  53. Tim The EnchanterApril 1, 2010 at 1:44 PM

    Tin saw a cat run out from behind the dumpster but he still threw it to the dumpster. Maybe he thought the cat was the FS. LOL

  54. Tim The EnchanterApril 1, 2010 at 1:48 PM

    Donna J. Miller, of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, reports Cleveland Browns DT Shaun Rogers was arrested Thursday, April 1, at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport for trying to board a plane with a loaded gun, according to police.


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  56. Tim The EnchanterApril 1, 2010 at 2:01 PM

    I never said you can't change your name. But changing your name to bash other people so they won't know it's you, or for the sole purpose to screw up a blog is what I protested. I have never done that.

    The problem with you Home, was endless amounts of posts saying the same thing and about stuff no one cared about.

    It's really not that hard to understand and I'm done discussing this with you. 

  57. Knight
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  58. wow, i wanted the Dolphins to sign him last year, remember? lol

  59. Tin,

    Great job with this website, I am really impressed. Keep up the good work.

  60. Thanks, check out the newest entry

  61. Ginn wouldn't have any problems doing that.  :-D

  62. Perhaps
    We can make  nice egg salad sandwiches on whole wheat bread and go over the NFL draft together on Monday
    Have a nice weekend, everyone

  63. A nice weekend? Isn't today Thursday?

  64. Just imagine the dumpster as being a TE and the cat being our safeties !!! :'(

  65. Tin don't you get tired of hearing good job.  I know I am... :)

  66. Fang, it all depends on how full of myself I'm feeling on that particular

  67. Home at South Florida BeachApril 1, 2010 at 3:06 PM

    Beach Friday Morning with
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    So U Dolfans
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  68. Tim The EnchanterApril 1, 2010 at 3:55 PM

    I don't remember you specifically wanting to sign Rogers but I don't doubt it. I know a few people did.

    <p>Is that amazing in this day and age you think you can board a plane with a loaded gun. WTF?

  69. Well you do a nice job with this site that's for sure.

  70. ""The one think I do know about the Trifecta is that I don't know a thing about them""

    That's a GOOD THING,b/c IFFF we could read them,then the opposition would have a lesser task of it!!!

    So is that your Weatherspoon,or the ""EXPERTS"" consensus??? 

    YES PC prob's,NO highlights since FEB,luckily I got a jump-on most of my draft hopeful's(PRE-problems)!!
    Puttin one of the two pc's in the shop tomorrow!!
    Can't wait any longer,so it's ready for draft-day interaction,
    since the normal draft-day party ritual's are pretty much whiped-out,being a work nght for most!!
    PRETTY SADDD,don't even know if I'll put together a lifesize draft board this yr,
    (alway's did it for the parties sake)!!

  71. WHYYY does Mayock(retired NFL DB)have  EThomas ranked ahead of EBerry @ FS??

    AND,IFFF he doesn't know any better,who does??
    I've alway's been impressed w'Mayock's analysis(esp DBs)!!
    His ranking's didn't change my mind,but it sure pushed EThomas into a 1st rnd selction scenario(#6)for me

    EVEN IFFF THomas isn't better than (NO-BRAINER EBerry @12),
    according to Mayock he's @LEAST in the same neighborhood!!
    Soooo since we're ALL (BP incl??) willing to trade-up for or hoping Berry fall's,
    I'd think that Thomas is definately a possibility!!
    I'd dig-it,IFFF an extra 3rd came w'his pk in the late-teens!!

    But,I'm sticking w'LB(FOR NOW) in the 1st b/t 12-17,unless the no-brainers fall to us @12!!!

    I'm THANKFUL that the brass WILL KNOW exactly who's available when their pk arrives,
    and doesn't have to stay the course of their pre-draft mock upon each pk,
    leaving them w'the option's that we fan's won't have,(KNOWING EXACTLY WHO'S AVAILABLE)@said pks!!
    Sooo much talent/depth @ all position's this yr!!!
    Much harder choices than Long,Merling,Henne in 08,plus we had the overall 1st pk of every rnd!!!
    09 SHOULD HAVE BEEN even easier w'a pk of Barwin @2a!!
    FERGIE threw a rusty wrench into this draft,now WE HAVE TO find another #1 STARTER @ another position!!!

  72. """There must be a blog for every subject you can think of."""

    Is there really a place where people blog about nothing but undesirable lonely rectum's??

    THANKFUL for football !!!    Saw Clash of the Titan's 2nght,GOODSTUFFF!!!