Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tin Bits - 2010 NFL Combine Edition - Part 3 of 3

  • Every year, NFL Network hypes up the defensive back portion of the combine as the main event, due to the speed and athleticism usually shown there.  And as a former failed DB myself, I tend to look forward to these workouts the most as well.  But the last two years they've been rather drab, especially in the 40.  Well, I should say whomever is calibrating the official time clock is making it rather drab.  For the second year in a row, the official times were shockingly different and not in a good way from the unofficial hand times.  Now, it should be noted that the hand times will always be faster, because the timer wouldn't hit the button until the runner actually started moving forward, and would hit it again almost in anticipation of the finish line, whereas the electronic timer starts as soon as the player makes a motion out of his 3 point stance and ends exactly as he touches the line.  But still, the Taylor Mays times are so far off as was George Selvie's time the day before it makes you wonder.  Most NFL teams pay next to no attention to the official time anyway because they realize it's innacurate.  That's why you see them have half a dozen staff members all timing - some are only timing the first 10 yards, and the others time the whole thing, and then they average them out.  So Mays will likely be attributed closer to 4.3 than 4.4 when all is said and done.
  •  With that said, there were some standouts in this group, and I thought the following statements to be true:
  1. Eric Berry is the top safety in the draft.  He can play both free and strong but he's probably a better fit at Free Safety in the NFL.
  2. Earl Thomas is a cornerback.
  3. Taylor Mays is a safety, he's just not as good as everyone thinks he is.  Chad Jones and Nate Allen are better than him, but I have the Raiders drafting him in the 1st in my mock and I'm sticking to that.  But I see him as a strong safety in the NFL, not a Free Safety.
  4. Joe Haden was the biggest failure of the whole combine, IMO.  I still think Patrick Robinson is the top corner in this draft (hence why I ranked him #1 in my top 10 CB list) and I think Devin McCourty's stock has been rising steadily all off-season.
  5. Myron Rolle must have gotten used to the slower pace of life in the UK.
  • Overall I didn't think there were many risers and fallers in this group, because I think the cornerback class is relatively weak in this draft anyway.  However, the Free Safety group is relatively deep, at least a lot deeper than last year.  
  • The Herald is reporting that Miami is interested in Antrell Rolle of the Cardinals and may make an offer and stand a good chance because of the inability of 'The Drew' to not be able to come to terms with the Cards.  However, Rosenhaus himself reported that the Cards were going to release Rolle to avoid paying him a massive roster bonus, but that they were first in line to resign him afterwards.  He's quite expensive, but I'm sure they'll take him back with a little restructuring and a whole lot of savings.
  • The Dansby and Boldin to Miami rumors are still white hot, and I still believe it's pure hearsay or Miami spreading the rumors themselves, which would mean they're trying to drive up the price.  Ultimately I expect the rumors are started by Dansby's agent.  I don't see J-Lo wanting to pay this much for anything outside her wardrobe.
  • And finally, I noticed a little blurb on Patrick Cobbs the other day and how his rehab is going.  At this point in the year it's almost moot where he thinks he is in that process, what matters is how effective he'll be once he comes back from the injury in August/September.  Meanwhile, his main competition, Kory Sheets has been working hard in the gym since the end of the season, and has not taken time off like most of the other players.  Keep in mind this is the same work ethic shown by Chad Henne and Jake Long last year, and it turned out pretty well for them.


  1. <span>I've been wondering for a long time how Kory Sheets might work out. Everyone is talking about the need for another RB, but I don't see it. We have RB, RR, Lex, Cobbs, and Sheets. I know Lex is a flex FB but still, I think there are enough RBs on the active roster. </span>
    <span>Just for discussion: many are discussing the idea of trading down in the draft, who would be interested in trading up to our #12 spot?</span>

  2. Teams who made the playoffs last year that really are in love with a specific player, i.e. Cincinnati, the Jets,  or teams that really could afford to sacrifice a few draft picks like the Saints or Colts. 

  3. I just can't see us signing Rolle (AZ).  Unless Berry falls to us, I think we might draft a safety late, if at all...

    If we do sign Dansby, will he pair up with Crowder inside or go SOLB?  I think if we don't hear right away Miami has signed Dansby, and it goes into a bidding war, he's not coming.  We lost Pace and it was just us and the Jets.  There's at least 4 after Dansby...

    I thought NE might actually try to make a run at Brown (and maybe Fasano?), but San Diego would be a very likely suitor for Ronnie.  They are ready to win NOW, and you could argue Ronnie has possibly 2-3 good years left in him.  He adds dimensions to the game that T.Jones and other available backs don't....I could see them offering a package of picks, or even parting with a 1st!  It is Norv......

    Good to get a Sheets update!  I have a feeling Cobbs may be out of luck.  Hard to see him coming back to 100% after that injury....but you know Sporano will give him a chance.  Although it's sounds crazy, do you think Sporano might look at our TE roster and feel we are set with Sperry, Haynos, and Nalbone?  Do you think that an off-season with Henne and a year under the belt could make those three pretty competetive?  Nalbone did run in the 4.5's at his combine.......

  4. tin,

    to pick up from the 2 of 3 blog.  i dont get the ronnie thing.  all the fins did was risk losing him, and i am sure making him very unhappy by chopping a mil off his salary. 

    i thought everyone was saying tony wanted a ground and pound team and then we go and put ronnie out there for a first rounder.  like i said, cant tell me SD wouldnt give up their first for ronnie.  that would put them right up there as the team to beat

  5. I already responded to this comment when you posted it there, but basically i agree with you and that's why I wrote up top that it doesn't guarantee anything.  But the Dolphins probably did the right thing for the franchise because they saved over a million dollars.

  6. what, are you too good to respond to me twice LOL.

    and wow, saved a million but could lose one of our best players.  i dont see any benefit to the fins in that move.  heck, why not just put long, smith, davis and henne on the draft board for pics.  i mean isnt that the name of the game, pics not players

  7. Yes to the first part, and as I said in my first response to your first
    posting of the first comment on this subject, I agree it's not worth the
    risk of losing your best player (yes I still consider Brown the most
    complete player with the biggest influence in a Dolphins uniform). The good
    news is that Brown is injured so he'd be unlikely to pass a physical so a
    trade is unlikely, but I totally disagree with the media's take that this
    somehow makes him more cemented as a Dolphin in 2010 - it's quite the
    opposite (unless of course the CBA is reached by tomorrow, lol)

  8. Tin - Why do you say that Earl Thomas is a Safety? And also, PFT posted an item about "lowest-level" RFA's today that basically says if the RFA is not acquired by another team, the player will receive the greater of the tender or 110% of his '09 salary. If the team does not agree to pay him the higher amount, the player is an unrestricted FA as of June 1.

  9. Tin
    J-Lo can't have spent much on her wardrobe from that pic ..... or if she did, she didn't get much bang for her buck (until she got it home at least ....?)
    I resent your "slower pace of life in the UK" comment (j/k) He was at Oxford I think I read ..... city of the dreamy spires and sleepy backwaters. He must've been exercising more cerebrally (is that even a word?)
    I wouldn't be gobsmacked to see Dansby come here actually - this will be the year of the LBs (after addressing most other positions in previous drafts) and I suspect LB and WR are going to have the most competition in camp and the best shot at cracking the starting line-up. I even think there's an outside shot at Boldin .... I read he might be got for a 4th. Is this draft so deep that we can't miss with our 4th or would that be a good move do you think. I know there would have to be some money lost elsewhere, but Peezy will be the first step towards that goal and not the last I'm sure. Does FA start at 00:00 tonight?

  10. to the first part, i guess you are the great tinshaker, you time is to valuable to respond to me twice.  after all, i am just a 'lapdog lesbian boyfriend'  lmao.

    ok, i will drop the rb chat.  it just really say bad with me, risking our best player for a million dollars and a draft pick.

    on to more exciting talk.  how about them 40 times, and oh wow, lets not even go into the wonderlic or interviews.

  11. I didn't say Thomas was a safety, I said he was a cornerback. His skills
    translate better to cornerback and he said himself that he wants to play
    cornerback in the NFL..
    As for the PFT statement, it's only partly accurate. Restricted Free Agency
    means that the player is still under contract with Team A. Team A puts a
    tender on the player in order to get something back if the player goes to
    team B. Team B has to offer at least the tender amount *or* they could work
    out a trade for the player, for example the Chargers could trade for Ronnie
    and thus take his $5 mil option salary and lose maybe a lower pick instead
    of the 1st rounder. If the player doesn't get any offers from Team B he is
    automatically signed to a one year contract for 110% amount.
    So, using Ronnie as an example, a team could come to him and offer him
    anything above $2.3 mil (which is the 1st round tender). If the Dolphins
    approve of any offer, they can let him go and take the 1st round pick.
    However, if they disprove of the offer, they have to pay Ronnie his 110%.
    If a team offers him higher than the 110% (very likely if they are willing
    to give up a 1st, they will offer him 4 or 5 mil a year anyway) then the
    Dolphins have to match the offer to keep him.
    So despite what the media is stating about guarantees, if a team offers
    Ronnie Brown more than the Dolphins are willing to pay, they will let him go
    and take the 1st round compensation.
    For the record, the 110% is significantly less than your average player
    would make in the final year of his contract anyway, so it's not a good
    thing for the player to be tendered. It is strictly pro-team. The player
    would prefer to have his contract extended.

  12. Do you think the Dolphins wouldn't match a contract offer from another team?  It would end up costing more than picking up his option would have and lock the team into a long-term deal.  But the Phins don't lose Ronnie, even now, unless they choose to.  Few teams have put poison pills into these offers.

    From what I've read about RB careers, it seems to be that Ronnie still has a lot left in the tank.  He's always been part of a run-by-committee backfield, even in college.  The danger signs seem to be age of 31, too many 400+ touch seasons, and about 2800 touches total.  He's 28, never had close to 400 touches in any season, and barely 1100 total touches.  I'll guess that he has 3-5 more good years left if not overused.

  13. UK, let's be fair, I worked in the City of London for several years and
    those guys take longer lunch breaks than anywhere in the world. I'm not
    saying they're not efficient or effective, just that they tend to be more
    leisurely than Americans who tend to be more like worker bees.
    Even my daily commute is completely different - in London I'd get on the
    train and sit down for a leisurely reading of the newspaper, get to work
    fifteen minutes early, have a smoke break, a coffee break, another coffee
    break, another smoke break, etc. Back here I fall out of bed at 5am, run
    out the house half naked, drive like a suicide bomber weaving in and out of
    traffic at 80mph, then get in a mosh pit at Starbucks where I have to
    head-butt the cashier to get her to listen to my order correctly, then I
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    still got it wrong, then I kick-box my way out of the store and using a
    remote control, start up my car again, then using the RC I put it in drive
    then dive through the window as it goes past so it's up to speed by the time
    I set my coffee in the cupholder, and drive through the lovely California
    hurricanes we've been having lately to get to work only to be hassled by
    security (despite the fact I've been working here longer than they have) all
    to get to work and sit in a 6:30am meeting where nothing is discussed by a
    bunch of zombies, then I sprint through the storm from one building to
    another where my office is only to find that my internet, e-mail, network
    drive, and occasionally electricity are not working. At this point I then
    sit around doing absolutely nothing for the next 2 hours while it all gets
    fixed. Unfortunately for me, these 2 hours are at 7am, so I can't go take a
    nice long lunch like they do in London. You know why that is? Because
    everything works over there and nothing ever works here. people know what
    they're doing over there and they have no clue over here. That's why
    everyone has to work longer and harder just to keep the machine going.
    And it is clearly why British women have bigger boobs than American ones.
    Free Agency actually starts at midnight on Saturday, but once again,
    Americans tell time backwards and thus say it's on the 5th, which is Friday,
    but it's actually on the 6th. Where I grew up, midnight was actually the
    beginning of the morning, other wise we would celebrate New Year's Eve on
    the 30th of December. But I don't get into those meetings at NFL Network or

  14. Back to your question, the WR batch is very deep and we could get a
    tremendous receiver in the 4th that would be 7 years younger and wouldn't
    cost us $8 M a year.

  15. If they weren't willing to give him $5 M this year, then there's no way
    they'd pay him $6 M. If the offer is higher than $5, they'll take the draft

  16. ROTFLMAO. Sounds like you're missing us?!? Are 6:30 am meetings legal? I think that would contravene a Working Time Directive over here for non-shift workers. FWIW, I hate lunch-breaks. Lunch is boring. Also, London lunch breaks are NOTHING compared with Spain and Italy. They LOVE lunch. In fact in Spain it's usually too hot to work for 3-5 hours in the middle of the day so they eat and sleep. lol.
    On the boobs front, I take it you are referring to "before" not after. We dobn't want to upset herd professionally?!?
    Thanks for the translation from US to UK - so I wake up on Saturday morning to find we signed no-one then!

  17. Or we could get another one that couldn't separate, couldn't run routes or catch and would keep Turner's seat warm next season? Surely he'll be off the bench by then? Have you e-mailed Tuna your selections yet? ;)

  18. Not unless you wake up real late on Saturday since no one will be awake

  19. The Knight who says Ni!March 4, 2010 at 11:51 AM

    Tin, I haven't been able to get on your site all day.

    How is Earl Thomas a corner? The guy is a classic FS. He plays deep coverage the way we want a safety to play for us. He has excellent instincts, he's a good tackler and he isn't afraid of contact. Oh yeah he's also a ball hawk.

  20. Knight, Thomas said he wants to play corner, so take it up with him.

  21. The Knight who says Ni!March 4, 2010 at 11:59 AM

    Has anyone ever noticed in David Hyde's articles, he'll put some headline on it about the Dolphins, make his points and then switch to other sports. I'm not interested in your various sports ramblings, David!

  22. The Knight who says Ni!March 4, 2010 at 12:12 PM

    He doesn't get to make that decision though.

  23. i would be willing they would get your coffee order correct if you werent half naked   LOL

  24. It could just be a calculated risk.  90% no one offers - they save 1 mil.  10% - it costs them 1 mil.

    Signing a not-young RB to a longterm deal seems more troublesome (to me) than just next year's money.  And they don't seem want to sign him to a longterm deal.

  25. The Knight who says Ni!March 4, 2010 at 12:19 PM

    Thomas (5-10½, 208), a third-year sophomore who intercepted eight passes last season, projects to free safety in the NFL. He is ranked second to Tennessee's Eric Berry at his position.

    “I think of myself as a defensive back playing corner, (free) safety or strong safety — wherever they need me, even in the slot,” he said. “I'm comfortable everywhere.

    “I'm physical, versatile and a hard worker. I'm not looking to come in and sit and watch. I'm looking to make an impact as soon as I get there.

    “I'm just a ballplayer ready to play.”

    I think he'll upgrade and deepen anyone's secondary.

  26. I don't like Hyde. In the 1-15 season, he started to come up with lists of things to do instead of supporting the Fins. His real name isn't Dave Hyde, it's Wayne Kerr. I do like the "Draft Winds" articles though (by Simon et al.) I don't know any of the players they talk about, but it's interesting just to learn all about the process and pick up a nugget or two of insight along the way. As an outsider, between cheating on the Wonderlic, training for the combine, being coached for the interviews, smoke screens from the front office, media bias and hype to fill air-time, it's all as clear as mud to me and a giant crap shoot!

  27. The Knight who says Ni!March 4, 2010 at 1:02 PM

    Can you blame him for changing his name?

  28. lol - my what big hands you have grandma!

  29. I'm sorry,what were you saying??

  30. I thought the Rhodes scholar looked pretty smooth considering the year-off,but I just saw portions!!

    I KNOW EThomas is rankewd as top ranked CB,
    but WHY is it that ExNFL DB MAYOCK suggested that
    ET's skills would be wasted @ CB,and that he's better suited @ FS??
    He also said that he has him ranked AHEAD of BERRY @ FS !!!
    Doesn't change my rankings,but my jaw hit the floor when I heard him say that(PRE-combine)..

  31. Tinshaker

    Remember that conversation we had about Dansby
    U said O Chance Home

    Well Get Ready To Pop The Cork

    Dansby is on a Private Plane Right Now and Headed to Miami!


  32. We Have Playmakers???March 4, 2010 at 7:05 PM


    LOL!  All I can say is that I don't envy your mornings.

    I thought FA started at 12:00 AM tonight which would be March 5th but then again I'm just another dumb American. 

  33. We Have Playmakers???March 4, 2010 at 7:08 PM


    I agree with you.  The draft is to much of a crap shoot to try to find a WR as good as Boldin.  He's only 29 & by today's NFL standards $7-8 Million is fair market value.

  34. We Need A Playmaker!!!March 4, 2010 at 7:31 PM

    Random thoughts....

    I'm very confused.  Why are we bringing back Pennington again?  Since Pat White has zero trade value I don't understand why we would trade Thigpen.  I would rather keep Thigpen & try to develop him then sign a 34 year-old QB with a history of shoulder injuries.  I'm not sure if I could stomach watching Pennington play QB for us if anything happens to Henne.

    I hope that we are able to sign Fujita but I wouldn't mind getting Larry Foote either.  I think Dansby is still a pipe dream at this point but we'll see.

    All I really want for Free Agency is a LB & Anquan Boldin.

  35. We Need A Playmaker!!!March 4, 2010 at 7:33 PM

    Nice look!  LOL!

  36. We Need A Playmaker!!!March 4, 2010 at 7:54 PM

    And Jamal Williams just cut released...While Jamal used to be an outstanding player & he's a true NT I think that at this point in their careers Fergie plays at a higher level.  I'd be very disappointed if we go into the draft with Soliai as our starter.

  37. We Need A Playmaker!!!March 4, 2010 at 7:58 PM

    And the Jets just traded a 3rd round draft pick in 2011 for Antonio Cromartie....WE NEED BOLDIN!!!!

  38. REALLY??? A 3rd for Cromartie,is that official?? I thought they couldn't do ANYTHING until they lost SOMETHING?
    I want BMarshall,as noted w'details @ the last blog!!

  39. WOWWW,THANX ALL for the advise on my DT!! It seems to be fixed(KNOCK ON HEAD)!!
    I've had it on for an hour w'four sites in action,it seems to be quick like it used to be,
    and thus far it hasn't farted... I was lucky to get to one site w'out problems prior to cleaning!!
    THANX again EVERYBODY!!  X'd fingers !!

    The fan had a layer of visable dust, the radiator looking thing behind the fan had small sections that were totally clogged,and there was a square layer of goop underneath the radiator and on the plate that the radiator sat on..
    Cleaned-up some other obviously dusty sections too,AMAZING DIFFERENCE,who'da thunk!!
    Now thanx to you all,I now know how to seperate paragraphs,and what to do when my PCs acting stupid!!

    Hope that goop wasn't supposed to be there??



  42. I've been slightly out of touch cuz of pc!! Sooooo NOTHINGS GONNA HAPPEN 20 mins ago???

  43. WAIT,I didn't realize that BMarshall required a 3rd too!!
    I'd of gave #12,but not a 3rd tooo!!!  DAMMITTT!!

    Guess I'll go w'DANSBY,and DWilliams or an OLB/Hybrid in the draft..
    IFFF we don't get DANSBY,
    I'll desperately hope for McClain,and then possiibly have to be satisfied w'Spikes!!
    (GOTTA GET ONE of the 3 ILB's),IMHO!!!

  44. Seahawks might wanna jump from 14 to 12 to get a 2nd pk b/4 division rival SF @ 13 !?!?

  45. OUCHHH, Cromartie for a 3rd IS OFFICIAL,WOWWWWWWWW !!!
    Both their Safties can play-up now,what a DBackfield!!
    Guess we'll have to JAMMM-IT down their throats w'the run game anyways,
    so that those CBs can get pd the bigg bucks for twiddeling their thumbs vs us...

    Besides those CBs don't play on the kick coverage teams!!

  46. AND the 49ers MIGHT wanna jump from 17 to 12 to get back-to-backs ahead of the Seahawks 2nd pk @ 14 !?

  47. Soooo TIN,who will YOU be rooting for on June 12th???  USA,USA,USA !!!

  48. What was the tender given to DeMeco Ryans from Houston??? 13kv

  49. WHP
    I rarely go on the SS comments section anymore - Home and some of the other attention-seekers/discussion stiflers have spoilt it for me but I did find the post below. Some of the points were contested and I'm sure there are omissions (Brandon Marshall + ???) but the chap made some good points. It seems to me that free agency comes down to paying for what another team got, whereas the draft is paying less for what you might get? Of course, there are no guarantees you will get what another team got out of a free agent once that FA got the "last big contract", but I would argue the gamble is less even though the cost is more. Our recent FAs have been solid if not spectacular (except Wilford) and Dansby and Boldin would be at least that (but VERY expensive too by all accounts).
    Anyway, here's the Boldin argument I read:

    undisputedvipers <span>says:</span>
    March 4, 2010 at 7:58 pm

    Let me address some of the criticisms of Boldin.
    DECLINING HEALTH? I love when fantasy football owners whine about him missing a part of a crucial season for them. He has not missed more than four games in a season since 2004. He plays like a running back, so he ends up missing games.
    UNDERACHIEVING ACROSS FITZGERALD? He has the highest yards-per-game of any wide receiver in history and has played across Fitzgerald for six of his seven seasons.
    HEADACHE? He refuses to talk about his contract during the season and is the leader of the team.
    OVER 30? He’s just nine months older than Andre Johnson and younger than Steve Smith. He turns 30 in October for the record.
    2nd and 3rd round picks since 2003
    Anquan Boldin, 586;
    Taylor Jacobs 37
    Bethel Johnson 39
    Tyrone Calico 42
    Kelley Washington 107
    Nate Burleson 263
    Kevin Curtis 252
    Billy McMullen 52
    Devery Henderson 157
    Darius Watts 33
    Keary Colbert 121
    Derek Hamilton 0
    Bernard Berrian 253
    Devard Darling 37
    Reggie Brown 177
    Mark Bradley 92
    Roscoe Parrish 100
    Vincent Jackson 198
    Courtney Roby 24
    Chris Henry 119
    Brandon Jones 113
    So, no wide receiver taken between 2003-2005 in the second or third round has even half the receptions of Boldin. Actually, none of them average even fifty-three receptions a year, even if you throw out their rookie seasons. Half of them are out of the league.
    So, by now you are probably thinking, these players are having fewer and fewer games to get receptions. With 4 seasons vs. Boldin’s 7, go ahead and double these 2006 rookies’ catches.
    Chad Jackson 14=28
    Sinorice Moss 39=78
    Greg Jennings 246=492
    Devin Hester 128=256
    Travis Wilson 2=4
    Derek Hagan 61=122
    Brandon Williams 0=0
    Maurice Stovall 44=88
    Willie Reid 4=8
    You could make a case that, in terms of overall dominance, Greg Jennings and Vincent Jackson are the only receivers of close to comparable value. Really only Jennings, Vincent Jackson and Desean Jackson are the only true #1 receivers to come out in the 2nd or 3rd rounds. Jackson dropped miraculously to the Eagles and the Sidney Rice needs to do it for more than one season. Berrian, Hester, Curtis, Henderson, Henry and Royal are/were nice no. 2’s.
    A good illustration of how incomparable Boldin is is to take a look at the eight receivers taken in round 3 of 2007. Boldin had 1377 yards his rookie year. The best any of these eight has done in their first three seasons put together is James Jones, with 1390 yards and SIX of them have not passed the 676-yard mark for their three seasons put together. Take a look at 2008’s ten receivers taken in round 2. Only four of them have over 500 yards over for the careers. Jerome Simpson has [...]

  50. We Need A Playmaker!!!March 5, 2010 at 6:50 AM

    Pennington wanted a no trade clause & the Dolphins said no.  LOL!  I thought the decision to re-sign him was very odd but if the Dolphins wanted to trade how much compensation is Pennington really worth??? 

    I'm very surprised that with this weak class of CB's in Free Agency & in the draft that the Chargers couldn't get more than a 3rd round pick in 2011 for Cromartie.  Maybe Cromartie has not played up to the level he has a few seasons ago when he had 10 INT's & made the Pro-Bowl but come on.....Thanks a lot SD!!!

    Time for the Dolphins to stop signing the wrong players in Free Agency.  We must sign Dansby or a good ILB & we need to trade for Boldin if we are going to seriously compete with the Jets & NE this year.  If we were able to get Dansby or Fujita or even Larry Foote (probably too small for Parcells) then we can focus on drafting an OLB or NT with our first pick.  Kindle or Price would make a lot of sense but I believe Kindle will make the greater impact in his rookie season since Kindle is a true OLB & Price may need more time to adapt to a new position.

  51. We Need A Playmaker!!!March 5, 2010 at 7:01 AM

    This a great article by Tim Graham at ESPN.  Now I know why the Chargers traded him out.

    "The New York Jets made an intrepid move Thursday night, acquiring San Diego Chargers cornerback Antonio Cromartie for a 2011 draft choice.


    The move was bold on many levels. Cromartie is a confounding figure both on and off the field.

    First the upside: He'll turn just 26 next month. He was an All-Pro in 2007, when he led the league with 10 interceptions.

    But he brings his share of problems with him and will face the same type of scrutiny receiver Braylon Edwards received when the Jets traded for him in October.

    In the interest of providing a more complete look at Cromartie than merely considering how potentially terrifying he and Darrelle Revis can be for opposing quarterbacks, let's take a look at the more troublesome aspects of his background.

    Cromartie has at least seven children in five states. Depending on the report, they were born to five or six women. (If he can't keep them straight, how can we?) All the children are under 6 years old.The San Diego Union-Tribune has reported he owes $25,000 in unpaid child support and has been the subject of five paternity lawsuits over the past three years.The Union-Tribune reported Friday morning Cromartie twice has failed to appear in court to address traffic tickets and has neglected to pay $799 in fines.The same story noted Cromartie is due in court this month for a case related to child support.San Diego police investigated him for assault for allegedly hitting a man over the head with a champagne bottle at a bar in November. No charges were filed for lack of evidence.Chargers coach Norv Turner fined Cromartie $2,500 for ripping the team's training-camp cuisine and suggesting that type of treatment is why they can't win Super Bowls."

  52. I guess I was wrong and it was midnight last night. I could've sworn in
    previous years it started AFTER friday, not on friday. still, doesn't
    really make any difference, no one really signs on the first day anyway.

  53. England, but they didn't look very cohesive vs Egypt a couple days ago.
    Still, 2 or 3 starters were out due to injury.
    Is Landon Donovan on the USA squad? He missed a shot last week that was
    like someone missing a wall using a cannon 6 feet in front of the wall. Or
    in American Football metaphor-speak, it was like the snow-plow in Buffalo
    going to clear the end-zone and accidentally clearing the press box instead.

  54. UK, that was one of the worst arguments, I actually stopped reading it after
    the "stats" section. The write purposely chooses WRs that haven't had good
    careers to match up against Boldin and fails to recognize the fact that
    Boldin plays for the pass-happy Cardinals, and that Boldin has only had two
    complete seasons in 7 years in the NFL and his injuries have been getting
    more serious and more nagging lately.
    Anyway, I fail to see how you compare the effectiveness of a receiver based
    on what round he was drafted in. The way the write tears apart the Arizona
    wins without Boldin just goes to show he's a complete 'homer' and will use
    any argument to make his case.
    Yes, we get it, Boldin has had a good career, but he's also been a complete
    nuisance to the Cardinals, is a definite case of someone who is
    'injury-prone', and has probably had the best years of his career behind him
    (players rarely get better once they hit the big three O, move to a new team
    with a new QB, and after multiple injuries). I'm not saying he's not still
    one of the best WRs out there, but he's definitely no longer the best, and
    to say that WRs in the 2nd or 3rd round can't be just as good is an argument
    that is completely defeated by the fact that Boldin himself was drafted in
    the 2nd round.

  55. Let's straighten this out - football players do eat crap - they're not
    serving gourmet food for lunch in training camp - it's all burgers and
    corndogs and potato salad, etc. Loads of carbs. The Saints are eating the
    same crap that the Chargers are. And the Jets eat whatever Rex Ryan wants
    to eat, which is....I'll leave that to your imagination, Cromartie!
    For the record, all 23 of my illegitimate children are in 2 or 3 states and
    are supported my the NAACT (National Association for the Advancement of
    Children of Tinshaker).
    Speaking of children, Anquan Boldin has one son who he named Anquan, Jr. Is
    this junior thing still happening in the 21st century? If anyone out there
    has a sr/jr in the family, I'd like to know how it works when the
    wife/mother/sibling calls out to one of they say junior? do they
    say Anquan 1 and Anquan 2? This is exactly why I named my son

  56. lol @ the Jr/Sr thing.  We didn't go that route, but we did name our son after both grandfathers(who conveniently had the same first name).  Only one of them(mine) is still living and it is VERY confusing at family gatherings.

    Sooo, did they re sign CP or not?  Was that no trade thing a deal breaker?  I just read a bit here and there and I'm not sure how it all turned out or if negotiations are on-going.

  57. There's no NEW news on Pennington yet - If they wanted to sign CP so they
    could trade him, they've got my confidence back, otherwise they seem to be
    completely random.

  58. I read the Cards could take a 4th for him. If that's so, I say take him now and draft his replacement this year too. But then I don't have to pay for him! We need someone this year to stretch the field, with safe hands and who can get YACS (and block for our backs). If only they grew on trees like NTs?

  59. new blog is up

  60. England got better in that game and still don't have their best team on the field, but I agree, it was a less convincing performance than qualifying. Have you read about the BridgeTerrygate thing? Terry bonked Bridge's bird when they were "mates" and as a result, Bridge (now with City) has retired from International duty and refused to shake hands when City played Chelsea last weekend (and did us a hige favour beating them 4-2!") Btw, his bird seemed like the Chelsea team bike - at least 4 or 5 of them had a ride!!!

  61. Yeah I don't know all the details but I have read the main story and i
    actually watched the Man City vs Chelsea game. It should be noted that I
    effing hate Chelsea and any player that plays for them, and John Terry has
    been SOOO bad lately I'm shocked he's even on the England squad. Then
    again, I don't think Bridge is all that anyway, though I haven't seen him
    play that much (wasn't he injured for ages?).
    The handshake incident was fantastic but the whole thing is awkward even as
    a viewer so it must be really weird in the locker rooms. I love the fact
    that Carlos Tevez has been acting like Bridge's big sister since it happened
    though. Used to be a man would stand up for himself and no one would blame
    Bridge if he just ran up the pitch and socked Terry in the face. Then we
    could all move on.

  62. Oh and I should say re the Egypt game, it was not as clear cut as the score
    indicated - first of all, on his 2nd goal, Crouch was offside IMO. I know
    the replay showed his feet were more or less even but when you're 7 feet
    tall and your head is 4 feet behind the defender, you're at a huge advantage
    for a cross. The Wright-Philips goal was all the GK's fault, he let it go
    in. So a part of me feels it was a tie in terms of performance. Though they
    were much better in the 2nd half, but only looked like a proper squad after
    Carrick, Wright-Phillips and Crouch came in and those three basically took
    over the game.
    The line-up was totally flawed IMO - i would never have put Wes Brown at
    right back and the other guy I've never seen b4 at left back. neither one
    of them were able to move forward with the ball, which severely restricted
    what Walcott could do, and Rooney was playing far too deep, and should've
    been put up front on his own.

  63. I didn't see the game - it was on during mum and dad's golden wedding celebrations so I would've been disowned if I'd watched it!
    Love him or loathe him (the latter for me too) Terry is one of those talismanic figures who players unite behind (like Ray Lewis without the gun).
    I think Bridge was out for a few months with a knee?
    All the City players are babying Bridge. The City billionaires sticking together against the Chelsea billionaires. Awwwww.
    Tevez is hated by United fans now and Terry was booed before and at the start of the England game, but like an injury, he seemed to run the ill-feelings towards him off.
    Nice to see United get their first pot of the season. How did Vidic stay on the field?!?
    Did you see the first leg of the Milan tie? That was sweet. I'm at a conference in Cologne next Wednesday but I will be offering my apologies on the evening of the dinner ..... prior engagement and all that!

  64. The Vidic thing was weird because in the post game interview he said he was
    clearly in front of the player so it wasn't a goal-scoring chance, yet in
    the replay he was clearly behind when he started the foul. Still, i don't
    understand the rule, isn't having possession of the ball anywhere in the box
    considered a goal scoring opportunity? You don't usually see players being
    sent off for other penalties...
    Anyway, yes I saw the first leg vs AC Milan. I have yet to see a
    post-united Beckham do anything in a game other than walk around on the
    pitch. That dude has no energy whatsoever. He and Rooney are such polar
    opposites. That whole Milan team looks like a bunch of supermodels though.
    What round is this, the quarterfinals?
    The Cup final was great but sourpuss Michael Owen totally ruined the
    celebration for me. I know he was injured but his acting like he didn't
    give a damn about winning the trophy really cemented in my mind that he
    doesn't belong at Old Trafford. We don't need him now we have Diouf anyway
    and I think we'll go after that striker from West Ham for next season - what
    do you think?

  65. Wide Right???  

    You KNOW (not my fav)Donovan's on USA , Jozy Altidore is, can't stand Casey Connor!!

    Sooo were you rooting for Canada Hockey Gold tooo???  ;)

  66. So, No IDEAAA on DeMeco Ryans tender???

    Pc's not completly fixed afterall(safe mode again)!!

  67. And your Master-Blaster,(MAD MAX)..

  68. no, i'm not anti-american, i'm just british by nationality.