Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tin Bits - 2010 NFL Combine Edition - Part 2 of 3

  • Jason Pierre Paul ran a 4.67 in the 40, which is fast enough to play OLB.  He had a pretty good combine, but I thought he would do even better than Connor Barwin did last year.  Ultimately I think the main plus for JPP was that he showed flexibility and good movement for someone of his size (6'5", 270lbs).  Word is he showed well in interviews also.  He's not the most eloquent guy, but he gets his point across, and he said he wants to be better than anyone who's come before him, so he's indicated he's going to be a hard-worker in the NFL.  I know I said I would move on after last year's draft, but I'm still reeling from Houston drafting Barwin to play as a backup DE behind Mario Williams.  This guy should be competing to start at OLB in a 3-4.  Anyway, he had 4.5 sacks as Williams' rookie backup.
  • I almost shat myself when they posted George Selvie's 40 time.  I knew he wouldn't run fast because he's a long-stride guy with giant feet and has never been a good runner, but 4.91?  After the official times came out it turned out he actually ran a 4.77 which is much more respectable.  Sources say Selvie did very well in the interview portion.
  • I'll admit I don't "get it" when it comes to the McCoy/Suh debate.  All the talking heads went from crowning Ndamukong Suh as the top prospect in the draft to suddenly switching their minds to Gerald McCoy.  Part of the argument is that McCoy is a better pass-rusher than Suh.  Suh didn't seem to have any issues with applying pressure when he was asked to in the games I watched.  I see it happening before my eyes, and I think the pundits are getting this one wrong, and that Suh is the better overall football player, not to mention the better 'face of the franchise'.  In any event, if the Rams pick a QB, and the Lions go with McCoy, would you trade up to the 3rd spot to get Suh?
  • Taylor Mays was said to run an unofficial 4.24, but his official time was a 4.43.  Between the Selvie time and this one, it's obvious that someone is having an off day (or week) with the stop-watch.
  • Mike Mayock stated that Rolando McClain, the talented ILB from Alabama, had been undergoing hamstring treatment since the Senior Bowl.  I didn't really understand the statement since McClain was not attending the Senior Bowl since he wasn't a Senior.  The question then becomes was he injured in the National Championship and if so, it probably isn't a simple hamstring tweak.  I love the player, but I'm not drafting anyone who can't pass the physical, so we'll have to keep a close eye on this - I assume he went through medical exams at the Combine and that info will come out soon enough.
  • At this point, I think it's clear to say that 2009's Andre Smith and 2010's Terrence Cody are, in fact, the same person.  Cody had a shocking Senior Bowl week and need to prove something this week and decided not to bother.  He must be of the mindset that he is a top of the board draft pick, when logically he's got to be considered lower than a lot of DTs at this point behind Suh, McCoy, Williams, Price, and a few others.
  • It's official!  Mike Berardino has an agenda.  Last week he posted a story about how sweet and cuddly Rex Ryan is, and this week he's touting the Jets again.  If I was a betting man, I'd think he was a Jets fan.  I know they say reporters shouldn't cover the teams they follow, so I'm  not expecting him to be a Dolphins fan, but a Jets fan covering the Dolphins?  
  • I'm quite shocked that certain WRs have been all but forgotten.  If you had asked me a few months ago what round we could draft Minnesota's Eric Decker in, I would've told you late 1st, early 2nd.  These days I'm all but convinced he could be had in the 4th round unless he starts making some noise in the next few weeks.  And despite several media-scouts grading Elon's Terrell Hudgins as a 7th round or undrafted free agent, in my gut I felt he wouldn't last past the late 5th/early 6th.  But out-of-sight is out-of-mind when it comes to football, and these two guys need to start the PR campaign.  I'm especially surprised by Decker's (seen in the photo scoring after beating our own Vontae Davis) absence, since he had recently committed to football and eschewed a shot at Major League baseball.
  • Latest 'tweet' from Omar Kelly: "I'm disappointed to admit I was invited to watch USF DE Jason Pierre-Paul workout before the combine & didn't follow up. I'm slipping."
  • And finally, a guy I really like coming out of the past week is UCLA's Brian Price.  No one is projecting him as a NT because of the way he gets into the backfield, but he reminds me so much of Jason Ferguson at times, more in personality than playing style.  I think he's got good character.


  1. The Knight who says Ni!March 2, 2010 at 1:32 PM

    I can see why the pundits are higher on McCoy's 14.5 career sacks as opposed to Suh's 26.5 career sacks. LOL

  2. Forget the stats for a minute, and look at the game tape.  Suh is disruptive on just almost every play.  Also, Suh has a very intense scary look yet is very intelligent and soft spoken.  McCoy is more brash and trashy, so he may make more noise, but Suh makes more plays.

  3. The Knight who says Ni!March 2, 2010 at 2:18 PM

    You don't have to sell me on Suh. I think he's clearly the better player. I've seen both play and I don't see the 1a. or 1b. comparison. Suh is the most dominant defender I've seen in a long time. I never thought that with McCoy. I don't see much difference between McCoy and Sedrick Ellis from last year's draft. No one was talking about him like they do Suh.

    I think the NFL starts this stuff to keep our interest. Notice the panels at the combine all select a different guy they like. They never all say the same guy. That's all planned ahead of time. It's so fake.

  4. The Knight who says NiMarch 2, 2010 at 3:30 PM

    Not Sedrick Ellis, Peria Jerry. But both are similar.

  5. I agree.  Just trying to create a storyline.  My suspicion is that some of these agents are doing a little extra to get their guys in the conversation.  Tebow updates are hourly, but for years everyone has known he's not NFL QB material.  But hype him up for months and he'll probably get picked up at a higher slot!  Smart agent, but crappy coverage......

  6. I think we can throw all these 40 times out the window....to much weirdness.  As an ex-track guy (college), I know first hand that there's plenty of technology out there that is affordable and reliable that will give you no B.S. exact times.  What the heck was going on here?

    Yeah, I've cooled on McClain.  I know most coaches mark it against a player for not showing up ready to compete.  If he goes lights out at the Pro Day maybe I'll warm back up....but I gotta admit I'm liking Weatherspoon a lot.  Do you guys think he has a chance to be picked up by us?  His only knock is his height, but he's got crazy hops!

    My other man-crush would have to be Dorin Dickerson.  Both him and Weatherspoon are a little short, but those two would inject just what we need on both sides of the ball....

  7. The Knight who says NiMarch 2, 2010 at 4:32 PM

    You can tell if a guy has football speed by watching him play. Straight line speed just shows you a guy's max when he gives it his all to run as fast as he can. 40 yards of football running can happen in a 10 yard area. LOL

  8. I can't say much about the players I have seen only a few play and only a game here and there.  I've watched the WR from ND can't remember his name ( Golden Tate ? ) and Clausen a few times mostly because ND seems to on every minute of the week in Collage ball.  I thought he looked good at least when I saw him, he made Clausen look good, not the other way around.  I'm not saying we should draft him, I really don't care.

    I'm hoping we draft to our biggest weakness, and the first few picks start right out of the gate.  If we don't draft the earlier picks to crack the line up then why draft those players no matter who they are.  Names mean nothing.  As Al Davis used to say and may still say to this day.  Just win Baby !!!

  9. I DON'T get it, Taylor Mays ran a 1st UNofficial 40 of 4.24, a 2nd UNofficial 40 of 4.34,
    AND his OFFICIAL 40 time ended-up being 4.42 !!!  Is that the new arithmatic?? I DON'T GET-IT!!
    They had BRUTAL timing difficulties last yr too!!
    I'm amazed that the scoreboard works in that brand-new stadium!!

    The NBA knows it takes POINT however many MILA seconds to in-bound,and shoot the ball,
    but we CAN'T get an ACCURATE 40 time for the future prospects of AMERICA's game!!  WTF???

    We ALREADY have Golden Tate x's 3 on our team,or a SIMULATION of...
    He IS a NICE player though,MAYBEEE we eliminate 2 of those 3 and take him IFFF he's there in the 2nd,
    (but I'd doubt-it)!!

    The TCU LBs did well OLB Jerry Hughes,and ILB Darryl Washington(PRESENTLY a bit light)...

  10. Tin,

    I want to ask you and anyone else on this blog about something I'm baffled about. I'm not privy to game tape but I've watched some clips of JPP's highlights and mostly what I see is him missing plays, tackles, and not having the lateral quickness or flexibility to compensate for his bad angles. He does not seem like a football player.....maybe I'm wrong. Can someone please exlain to me what he did in college beside miss plays.

  11. "<span><span>It's official!  Mike Berardino has an agenda. "</span></span>
    <span><span>ya think.  hell he even admitted he could careless if the dolphins win.  like i have said the last few days, the ss has gone to 'shat'  as you put it.  it is a shame, but that is what happens when you fix something that isnt broken.</span></span>
    <span><span>not shocked by selvie's showing.  hopefully, it will work out and he falls to the fins in a later round.  i always thought of him more as a game day player.  as for jpp, i dont get all the love.  yeah he has 'potential' but there was to many games he was just quite.  and it wasnt like USF was playing in the SEC.</span></span>
    <span><span>keep up the good work tin.  </span></span>

  12. We Have Playmakers???March 3, 2010 at 7:05 AM

    I'm in agreement about Suh.  I believe he's a man among boys in this draft.

  13. We Have Playmakers???March 3, 2010 at 7:14 AM


    Great stuff all around.  After watching Price & Williams at the combine, as of right now I'd pick Price ahead of Williams.  He's stronger, quicker, & he definitely looks like a future NT. 

    As for McClain, now that his agent has reported his injury, there is no doubt that there are question marks.  If he is not healthy at his Pro-Day work out (whenever that is) then I'm not sure you can pick him if he's on the board on 12 regardless of need.  If I'm picking tomorrow I'm torn between Price & Kindle.

  14. Sean, I'll admit when the JPP love started I didn't 'get it' either, but his Florida State game made me open my eyes a little, and he seemed to get better as the season went on.  I must say that I watched every single USF game last year, some even twice, and JPP showed he's a natural pass rusher and just super strong, aggressive, and athletic and very flexible for a guy of his size.  I disagree with you completely on his flexibility.  And it should be mentioned that USF's defensive scheme has always been lackluster and pathetic, but was always tied together by having really good players on the field.  There's a reason every team we played had 7 or 8 blockers on every play.

    I don't know if he's a top 10 pick like Mayock insists, a couple of months ago I considered him late 2nd but reputation is everything and his reputation has just gotten bigger and bigger over time.

    I must say, I really liked some of the DL drills, and some of the players were shockingly bad in their fundamentals, but surprisingly, JPP and Selvie looked very good fundamentally as did Derrick Morgan and Suh.  In the pass rushing drill, Selvie's was a full half second or more faster than everyone else due to his huge first step.  and JPP and Morgan were really good in the hip flex drill.  JPP's flexibility is very reminiscent of Cameron Wake's.

  15. ffr, Selvie did look good in a couple of the field drills.  And after watching the 40, he actually looked pretty smooth and compact.  I think he'll still go no lower than top of the 3rd.

  16. Personally I wouldn't pick Kindle at 12, I don't think he's anywhere near that type of player - I'd rather take Brandon Graham if I'm taking a pass-rusher. 

    But I do agree about Price being better overall than Williams, but I still see Williams as more of a NT than Price.  Though Price could develop into a NT over time, I'm not sure he's open to that move just yet.  He does have similar skills to BJ Raji from last year though.

  17. Which is why they have the other drills, like the shuttle, 3 cone etc, to show change of direction at top speed.

    Personally though I'm going to start a petition to see some sort of sack drill added to the QB workouts.  Like you send 2 rushers a the QB and he has to run around like a chicken trying not to be sacked and they time who stays up the longest.  Obviously the rushers would get tired if it was a very mobile QB, so new rushers every 5 seconds....

  18. I agree with you in regards to Tate. I wasn't saying we take him, he was about the only player I saw enough to form an opinion on.  I don't think he will drafted by the Dolphins even if is there for the taking at the right spot.  I'm not sure the Dolphins will even go after WR in this draft.  They may allow the guys from last year one more chance to show what they have (Turner), and the rest of them to stand up and make the plays they were brought here to make (Ginn).

    The need for a WR is great but it is not by far the largest need on this team.  That goes to all the LB core and NT which should have been addressed last year when they had a chance with a few of the top 4 picks.  What I feel should have and didn't happen is like crying over spilled milk, that's in the past and I must move on or least try to.

  19. It's beginning to look like the #12 pick is losing it's luster for our needs and we may go to the best availible player in the 12 hole.  <span>IF</span> that happens would an Offensive lineman be out of the question in that 12 spot ?

  20. as a usf alum, i hope he goes early, as a fin fan, i hope he falls to us in the 3rd. 

    as far as jpp, i like all the love he is getting.  make some team reach for him early and let others fall to us. i just dont think you draft 'potential' before the 20th pick.  i saw some mock drafts having jpp go to the colts.  i think that would be a good fit for him sitting behind sweeny (sp)

  21. I have a feeling the OL grades around the top and bottom of the 1st round, so unless someone like Okung is on the board still I think it may be considered a bit of a reach, since I doubt we'd find any upgrades from what we already have.  The most likely OL on the board would be Bruce Campbell and we've all seen his lowlights reel.

    I don't think we'll have to completely abandon our positional needs when looking at BPA.  Bryant, Spiller, McClain, Ricky Sapp, Derrick Morgan, Graham, JPP, etc there will be someone who can help our team available.

  22. The Knight who says Ni!March 3, 2010 at 9:10 AM

    As a junior Kindle had 10 sacks and 12.5 tackles for losses used primarily as a pass rusher. As a senior they asked him to play more LB and do more things and he finished with 5.5 sacks and 22 tackles for losses. This kid has a huge upside.

  23. The Knight who says Ni!March 3, 2010 at 9:11 AM

    S Earl Thomas

  24. We Have Playmakers???March 3, 2010 at 9:28 AM


    In all honesty I didn't get to see Graham play all that much at Michigan the last couple of years.  I like that he was very productive & a four year starter at a Big Ten School.  Perhaps this will turn out to be our pick if Henne & Long vouch for his work ethic & intelligence but I did see Kindle play in at least 3 games this year & he has a little of that "WOW factor."  Nowhere as much as the "WOW factor" with a player like Suh (no one in this draft is close) but more definitely more than I saw from Orakpo last year.  With that said I think that Kindle could be special. 

    As for Price, I wish I watched him play more than I did last year but he looked great yesterday.  I did get to see Raji play quite a bit last year & he was definitely a special player in college.  Price is so strong (34 reps is crazy) & so quick for a kid that size that I believe he'll have to command two players which is what you need from an NT.  I don't think he'll be ready to start the season as an NT but he's only a Junior & if he adds some weight than he could possibly be the right guy to man the middle.  I would feel much more comfortable if we re-signed Ferguson for another year & brought Price along.

  25. I was EXTREMLY SURPRISED that Ex-DB Mayock had EThomas rated ahead of EBerry!!

    I like EThomas,but not quite that much!!!

    I don't have ANY OLineman in ""MY TOP FIN 32"",only LB's,DL,S,WR's,TE's,RBs
    and a couple CBs(b/c of WA/NJ status)..

    FANG,I got your phn message,(THNX for the offer!!!)
    I play golf on Fri,wish the tickets were for SAT,but AGAIN the offer is very-much appreciated!!!
    I'll call you when I get a chance,busy,busy,busy!!
    PC only works for minuetes @ a time,what causes it to go whacky after it warms-up??? (ANYBODY)!!!

  26. The two from the recent guest are MEEEEEEE!!!  KV :-D

  27. We Have Playmakers???March 3, 2010 at 9:33 AM


    When Texas played in the National Championship it was Kindle who stood out the most on that defense.  I think he could start right away & make a difference.  Price is intriguing though.

  28. Tinshaker I see you are posting today which tells me you didn't win the SS blog awards.  If you had won I'm sure nothing could have kept you from flying to south Florida to have some pasta and a free drink on the SS's tab, not to mention the $100 prize.   I think you had a good result though, the last time I voted you were in 2nd place.  So Kudos to you....and wouldn't you really rather have all this adulation from your loyal followers here?

  29. kv, I had the same problem last spring with my laptop.  I gave up and got a new one.  I'd love to know what happened to it though.  There are a few things on it that I didn't have backed up anywhere.  Surely there is one techie person out there following this blog.

  30. It's over-heating.  The only way to fix it that I know of is to hold your computer out the window on a cold day.

  31. herdfan, it's a blog on the internet, I can do it from any location, lol.

    hang on a sec, Dave Hyde wants to take a photo....

  32. Herd, that's what happened to mine at Christmas ... it got slower and slower, hotter and hotter, then the white writing on the blue screen, stuck in a loop etc etc.
    The techies who resolved my problems took the hard drive out and used a magic bridge to extract all the data from it and import it on to my new laptop.
    Apparently, hard drives are sensitive little flowers and don't like dust, random bits of food .... in fact anything at all really. Any excuse and they down tools and protest. That's my non-techie answer!

  33. Would that mean it just needs a new fan?

  34. http://interactive.sun-sentinel.com/community/ssblogcontest/index-end.php

    I don't just make this stuff up.  *DONT_KNOW*

  35. or you can just blow on it   ;)

  36. Perhaps If U
    Mentioned the tantalizing calamari and mushrooms 
    RSVP & plane tickets would not have been procrastinated

  37. Excuse
    Did not sign in ^

  38. For those of you loyal FinFans that are having laptop issues...
    First off, laptops have very little air circulation room so they tend to get hot. Perhaps the cause of the heat problems lie in a poor heat-sync and fan on the motherboard CPU, or the exaust fan to the laptop is not working correctly.

    Anyway. Laptops generally have a much shorter life expectancy than a desktop system. I am cheap...therefore I have always chosen to have a desktop computer at home versus a laptop.

    Look for Decker to drop in the draft and we pick him up in the 4th round...a steal. Broken foot and all.

  39. son of a son of a shulaMarch 3, 2010 at 2:12 PM

    Heat sink and cooling fan

  40. son of a son of a shulaMarch 3, 2010 at 2:21 PM

    I find the Suh and McCoy comparisons to be similar to Vontae and that Smith guy. You can't mention the one who is clearly the hands down better player without the other guy being mentioned. Vontae is way better than Sean and Suh is way better than McCoy. There I said it.

    And yes Tin if Suh were to fall to 3 I'm all in for that trade. Pundits and so called draft gurus like to stand out and look different but real NFL guys know whats up. If any one wants a good laugh go look and Kirwins mock on the NFL site.

  41. Agree 100% Son

    Plus I had to get over here
    Home is Off the Chain Again on the SS blog


  42. Bam-Bam, totally right on the computer stuff.  I have found that propping up the laptop at an angle will reduce over-heating issues by 85%, and just making the surroundings a bit cooler also improves the performance.  I'm confident in adding/repairing fans in a desktop but I'm not about to go opening up a laptop unless I'm playing covert assassin and want to plant a bomb that blows when you hit ctrl alt delete!

    Totally right on Decker too.  Like all pundits I'm going to go out on a limb and say he is what the Dolphins thought Patrick Turner could be.  They should draft all these sliders like Decker and Arthur Jones.

  43. I don't recall the same debate last year over Davis and Smith...I think everyone thought Davis was a top 15 pick and Smith was a pick in the 30s.

  44. son of a son of a shulaMarch 3, 2010 at 3:00 PM

    No the debate wasn't last year it's been ongoing with Vontae and Sean since they were drafted.

  45. son of a son of a shulaMarch 3, 2010 at 3:02 PM

    Mr. Magoo, now that was funny.

  46. LOL, Kirwan has Dez Bryant going 25th to the Ravens...

    Although my favorite was comparing McCoy to Warren Sapp.

    If Bryan Bulaga goes at #5 I will buy everyone here a steak dinner, what a crock!

    One thing is clear though, with Buffalo (9) switching to a 3-4 and Jacksonville (10) and Denver (11) picking after them, along with the health concerns, I think McClain coming to Miami is a real long-shot.  I think Miami would pull the trigger later in the draft on an injured player (think Merling in 2008) but not with the 12th pick.

  47. He is right Tin
    Always mentioned together
    Lumped together
    Esp by kool Aid Kelly
    Alway Davis & Smith

    Also was same with
    Merling & Langford

    Most media always lumps them together
    Like salt & pepper
    Instead of looking at them as two seperate entities

    Know exactly what Son is talking about

    Drives Me Nuts (well more nuts  LOL)

  48. The Knight who says NiMarch 3, 2010 at 4:38 PM

    Agreed. He's not some project people make him out to be.

  49. FINS signed RONNIE to a 1st rnd tender!!!!  YEAAAA GOODDDSTUFFFF!!!
    @least now it's more likely that we won't lose him for NOTHING!!!

  50. THANX to ALLL for the input !!! :-D

  51. Opppps,just saw the RB stuff @ the top!! My PC doesn't run long enough to read everybody!!!
    SHOULDa known Tin was on it!!

    MY LT's done it's my DT that freaks-out after warming-up,
    to the shop it goes,can't get anything (draft) done @ one sitting!! Horrible timing!!!

  52. I think there's a good chance someone grabs Ronnie for a first......Now who could that be?  What teams have more than one 1st?  The Pats?

    Do we go after Adalius?  Or Dansby?  Or Both?

    Have to admit, I'm fine if someone grabs Ronnie, I'm also happy to see him playing for us next year.....but I really hope someone snags Fasano, or his tender offer precludes a trade...

    Also, any truth to the rumor about Ginn to Detroit for a 2nd?  If we did I'd use that pick on Dorin Dickerson...Tin, where do you see him going?

  53. I haven't hear any ginn rumours but i do think dickerson is a 3rd or 4th round guy.  if he goes higher its proof the combine does matter.

  54. Seattle has TWO 1st,and have only Forsett/Julius Jones,but supposedly are inquiring about JJ's 31 yr old BRO Thomas Jones...

    I don't see an RB in the 1st this yr or anywhere for that matter that I'd rather have than RONNIE!!
    I'd like CJ to complement RONNIE after RW's gone,but not as RONNIE's total replacement!!!

    It'd be nice to have the 6th pk overall(Berry,McCoy,MCCLAIN),and MAYBEEE a chance @ SUH!!

    12 AND 14 so we could land CJ AND a 2nd tier D guy(DWilliams etc,etc),
    IMHO would be a step sideway's (CJ rather than RONNIE),
    when we can trade-down from 12 to the mid-teens and extra pks and still land DWilliams etc,etc...
    The step sideways is CJ in place of RONNIE,
    or @least it wouldn't be much of a step forwards or backwards meaning we didn't improve ourselves much!!

    Soooo,I wouldn't do it for anything less than the 6th overall pk,so that we could get a TOP TIER D GUY(above),
    for that I'd be willing to step sideways while getting younger/faster w'CJ @12 rather than RONNIE!!!

    Sure would be nice if we already had RONNIE's equal replacement so that we could take TWO D GYZ,or a Dguy and Dez Bryant!!!

  55. Pats have THREE 2nds,(and you KNOW they'll use'em to jump ahead of us or back into the 1st)!!
    They only have one 1st,and we wouldn't trade w'in the division anyways(esp not w'them)!!
    I wonder IFFF we included a poison pill to RONNIE'S tender,
    so that it'd cost an inner division team more for RBs services??
    Isn't that what we did w'Welker,and stupidly allowed NE to avoid the process by accepting an extra 7th??
    I KNOW NE includes poison pills to their tenders for such instances!!! 

  56. 49ers have pks 13 and 17 but don't really need Ronnie!!

  57. I'm thinkin, we SHOULD go after DANSBY!!!
    Then seeing that the FOUR TOP-TIER D-gyz are likely gone by pk 12 anyway's,
    IFF we're not able to trade-down,
    we won't be forced to go after a 2nd tier Dguy @12!!

    IFFF we were to get DANSBY,we could give Den #12 for Brandon Marshall,
    and we will have improved TWO position's of need w'PROVEN SUPERSTARS,
    rather than 2nd tier draft PROSPECTS!! 


  58. DAMMITTT,the above was me!!

    Never used to have to enter my name w'every post!!!  STUPID PC >:o !!

  59. So Tin, is it your overall opinion that Turner is done?  I'm still optimistic he can make himself a factor....

  60. Alright Tin!!  Combine's over we only got 2 out 3!!  Pressure's on for more mesmerizing insight!

  61. It's in the works. 

  62. maybe i dont get how tendering ronnie makes him a fin for 2010, but am i the only one who sees the tendering of ronnie as a big deal.  he is one of the top rb's in the league and for us to lose him is a major hit to our offense and any future playoff runs.  dont tell me a team like SD or NE wouldnt snap him up in a heartbeat.  can you see an offense with brady or rivers and then a running back like ronnie.....daaaammmmmnnnnn.  isnt that what we are trying to get?

  63. ffr, that's basically what I said at the top of the page.  The media guys don't seem to get that though.  Brown may not be 22 years old and super healthy, but any team that is close and doesn't have a need for 8 or 9 draft picks can easily justify a deal for Brown. 

    I understand the Dolphins taking care of business and saving a million dollars, but it could be at the expense of our best player.  Plus any team could make a trade offer for him and not have to sacrifice their 1st round pick.