Friday, March 5, 2010

New Dolphin - Karlos Dansby, ILB

The Dolphins signed their first and possibly only  unrestricted free agent of 2010 today in former Arizona Cardinals inside linebacker, Karlos Dansby.

At 6'4", 250 lbs, Dansby's combination of size and play-making ability is a huge upgrade in the middle and should alleviate if not eliminate any pressing need to draft an ILB in the early rounds of next month's draft.

He comes in as the starter, immediately replacing Akin Ayodele who was released on Friday, March 5th.

The contract is a reported 5 year, $43 million deal with an estimated $22 million in guarantees.


  1. Could he possibly play up to his contract,... great player but 0 Probowls in 6 years.  He'll certainly demand a lot of attention in '10.  Quick question: Does he get paid if there is a hold-out in 2011?

  2. no one gets paid if they don't play

  3. Now give me BMarshall,I'll have my 3 day old request of KD AND BM,TWO SUPERSTARS(rather than PROSPECTS)
    @ positions of GREAT NEED!! I'd wet myself IFF we could pull this off by noon,(I KNOWW,EXT UNLIKELY)!!

    Then,I'd get the top OLB in the 2nd,and TOP NT in the 4th!!

    I'd STILL take McC IFF he's there @12,IFF I had to I play KD @ ROLB,
    but IFF BMarshall goes to Seat,McC won't be there b/c Den will have TWO TOP 10s...
    We'll be forced to go after 2nd tier D or O PROSPECTS!!   GOFINS!!

  4. McC or NO-other worthy of #12 PROSPECT is likely to be there,SOOO we might as well go get the SUPERSTAR WR
    B     R     A     N     D     O     N             M     A     R     S     H     A     L     L

    He'd easily equate to whatever we could possibly get with #12 AND 73!!! IF NOT,I TRIED!!!  GOFINS!!

  5. The Dolphins are highly unlikely to trade for Marshall, so I assume we'll still have our picks come the draft.

    #12: Dan Williams (NT), Earl Thomas (FS), Dez Bryant (WR), Sergio Kindle (OLB), Rolando McClain (ILB) - at least one of these players will be available, probably more than one.
    #43: One of the highly rated pass rushers will probably be available in Round 2 (Kindle, Graham, Hughes, Sapp). If one of the big WR's is available, this would provide a decent alternative (Benn or LaFell). Also, don't rule out Cody (NT) or Spikes (ILB) if they fall this far.

  6. We Got a Playmaker!!!March 6, 2010 at 7:38 AM


    Don't sleep on Price who is quicker & stronger than Williams.  I'd be very pleased with either Price or Kindle at this point.

  7. We Got a Playmaker!!!March 6, 2010 at 7:41 AM

    "Chad Pennington will return to the Miami Dolphins.
    The two sides have reached an agreement in which Pennington will receive a one-year contract for $2.5 million but allow for another $1.515 million if he is traded, according to sources. A team interested in Pennington confirmed that it was informed of Pennington's renewed commitment to the Dolphins.
    Pennington had requested a no-trade clause that was rejected by the Dolphins. If he's traded, he'll make $4.15 million in 2010 but his primary goal is to strengthen his surgically repaired shoulder throughout the year, mentor the team's young quarterbacks and provide insurance at the position if he's needed to play, a team source said."

    I'm still cconfused why we re-signed Pennington.  Now what happens with Thigpen since White has no trade value???

  8. I am glad we resigned Penny, if for no other reason than Herd ;)  But honestly with how many injuries we had last year, I would much rather have CP back there than White....I would just like to get rid of him...unless there is some other use for him...

    I WOULD like to get someone for these guys to throw to, just sayin' . :D

  9. I want McCain !! and I sure hope it works out that way but who knows ?  If that happens, what do they do with Crowder ?  I have an idea maybe his Daddy "Randy" can come back and play the nose for us again.  Then we could trade his son to NE they seem to like our castoffs.  Yea I know, everyone will think he'll go there and be a STAR, now that's funny :)

  10. Perhaps the signing of Penny indicates the Pat White @ QB experiment is done?  Either way, I'm happy to have Penny as a player/coach there during the games.  I'm not sure Penny could even play this year anyway, at least not with much effectiveness.  He needs to bring that shoulder back...

  11. I agree the guys a great athlete and big, but that's a lot of baggage.  Plus he's linked to the Seahawks currently....

    My solution.....DRAFT DORIN DICKERSON

  12. I agree with both points....either White is done, or Pennington will be rehabbing (but why would they pay him so much?)  Maybe his value as a mentor outweighs his physical capabilities right now.  Could be his last year before he becomes our new QB coach!! 

  13. So does anyone have buyer's remorse on Dansby yet?  Should I give it 24 hrs?

  14. I`m just Happy Home was right on all along on the Miami Dolphins and their 100 % chance of signing him  LOL

  15. Home R U talking to yourself again

    Vontae Davis and I talk to ourselves
    Whats your point?

    Nevermind U freak

  16. Maybe they're planning to trade Tyler Thigpen (the Bills are reportedly interested). If they can get something better than the 5th rounder they invested in him last year, I'd say go for it!

    @ Playmaker: I didn't include Price on my list of possibilities because I don't see him as a true NT. I think he's a 4-3 DT and a 3-4 DE, which is not at all a position of need for the Fins. You might disagree on this one, but different people simply have different evaluations of a player.

  17. I think we were all thinking the same thing about PW.  Where does he fit in now.  I don't see him being able to compete against Thigpen and Penny unless he has really improved this off season.  Could this mean a change in positions for him ?  I know he's a litte guy for this league but I think there could be a spot for him some place on the team but not at QB.

    Man the trifecta really screwed up with that pick last year !!!!  Sometimes I wonder what they are thinking ?  I guess we all have a brain fart every now and then..

  18. The Knight who says NiMarch 6, 2010 at 9:32 AM

    Getting Dansby was huge. He's more than just an ILB. I think he'll play ILB in our base but we'll move him around at times in nickel and dime packages.

    Thigpen is definitely trade bait so there is a good chance we'll get that 5th round pick back if not a higher pick for him.

    I don't think anything has changed with the Pat White situation. He's still developing and we need to have some patience with him.

  19. WGAP & BURN'EMM, I'm hearin'ya!!!

    BMarshall or 1st,2nd,3rd,and 4th rndrs,(IT'S ALL GOOD W'ME),
    and I like the names that could/should/might be there!!

    But I'm STILL HOPING for BM,and/or I hope we TRADE-DOWN for ANYBODY on that 1st rnd prospect list,
    (CEPT FOR McClain)!!

  20. ME above...  GOFINS!!

  21. Agree Knoght,
    Dansby is huge for us. Too bad we didn't sign Rolle. Maybe we draft a FS at #12 now?

    As for trading, Thigpen. I wouldn't be surprised if we got a 4th rounder. Talented kid, and if a team wants him badly enough, they will pay the piper.

    I also see us getting a couple of compensation picks, and if we trade down at some point, that will be one more pick. So all-in-all we may end up with a total of 12-13 picks.

    What do you think Tin and Knight?

  22. The way I look @it is,(NOT LIKELY THERE McC @ 12 w'out hesitation)!!
    I see DWilliams,BPrice,SKindle,EThomas,DBryant all being there @12,(among several other possibilities)..

    So,we can trade-down 3 spots & still have our choice of 3,or 5 spot's and still have @least one FIN desirable!!
    So IFFF the dancin partners are inquiring,I'm all for pking the above mentioned near the mid-to-late teens,
    while stock-piling middle rnd pks,(MAYYBEE by trading-down 2 spots twice w'two different teams)..

    HOWEVER it goes,I'm good w'it,and trust the EXPERTS w'ALL MY HEART!!!  GOFINS!!!

  23. The Knight who says NiMarch 6, 2010 at 12:42 PM

    Could happen Bam-Bam.

  24. With the departure of Gebril Wilson, does the FS position become even more critical in the draft, or do we have enough talent currently on the team to step up and adequately fill the void?  I tend to think with the lack of gettable FA safeties out there, that the answer is Tuna and company feel confidant in what they have.  However, they will draft at least one FS this april.

  25. We Got a Playmaker!!!March 6, 2010 at 12:53 PM


    I respect your opinion but I'm not sure why people can project Williams as an NT but not Price.  Neither player has played a lick of NT in college so I think it's quite humorous to regard them as true NT's.   I for one do not want us to make the same mistake that the Pats made by drafting Brace therefore I'd probably just take Kindle & worry about an NT in the later rounds. 

    I'm as critical anyone when it comes to drafting Pat White but at least I understood the pick since he offered us an opportunity to expand the Wildcat but what position did NE envision Brace playing?  Think about this.  Were the Patriots actually drafting a player to back up Wilfork with a 2nd round pick or were they looking to replace a very good & consistent NT in Wilfork on the cheap???  This seems like the typical "Patriot arrogance" but even with Belichick that's just dumb.  NE also uses a 3-4 & Brace is not ever going to play DE so at this point unless Wilfork gets hurt & Brace can actually play NT that pick is going to be a real bust.  If they had drafted a player in the 2nd round that could play DE then I could actually understand why they let Seymour go but they didn't.  It is examples like these that conitnue to demonstrate that the Patriots are on the decline.

  26. The re-signing of Pennington allows us the opportunity to possibly acquire a 4th or 5th from some team needing a decent QB. I like Thigpen and would keep him around.
    What if the Chargers tried to grab Ronnie Brown...would it afford us the opportunity to just trade them straight-up for their WR Jackson, or would you rather have their 1st round pick?

  27. We Got a Playmaker!!!March 6, 2010 at 1:04 PM


    I'm don't think we should try to be patient with White.  The thing I like the best about Parcells & Co. is that when they missed (even if it cost them big money)  on Wilford & G. Wilson they cut them loose.  Most other teams wouldn't do that.  IMO--White was/is a mistake.  Thigpen has a chance to be a pretty good QB so why trade him for a 4th or 5th rounder???  Cut White.

    IMO--If we trade Thigpen who has upside & I like as a backup then signing Pennington makes no sense.  I honestly believe that Pennington is done playing so if Henne gets hurt then what???

  28. Cool I'm not the only one....

  29. Listen, I say be patient with White.  QBs take time, especially spread guys.  An entire offseason and more stability will help him.  I for one was impressed that the guy knocked himself out putting his head down to get us a first down.  He just needs time and adjustment and now that I've said that we'll probably cut him in 2 hrs............

  30. They won't give up Jackson, he's the one guy they want to keep!

  31. We Got a Playmaker!!!March 6, 2010 at 1:19 PM

    And while we're at it, I'd be happy if continue to get rid of some more dead weight like Ginn & Fasano by any means necessary.  The defense of Wilson's play by Ireland a week ago must have been an attempt to try & trade him for something/anything.  Ireland knows that Wilson was awful at FS & he knows that Ginn & Fasano were totally unreliable.  Ginn had to have a breakthrough season in order to justify him remaining on this team & Fasano probably cost us two games last year.

  32. We definitely are...

  33. We Got a Playmaker!!!March 6, 2010 at 1:24 PM

    Red Dog,

    I wish you were right but his accuracy throwing the ball is nowhere to be found.  I'm not saying I don't repect the kid's toughness but aside from all the issues he has throwing the ball, I think he's also too small to take the beating an NFL QB takes.

  34. I think although White struggled, he has far more potential than Thigpen, and we only grabbed Thiggy once Penny went down, so I don't think he's part of our long term plan.  I gotta imagine Chan up in Buffalo wants him, new coaches always want guys they worked with before, especially at QB.  It would be great to get our 5th back...

  35. Yeah, but look at Brees' height, and he doesn't have half the athleticism of White (granted White is no Brees).  I think we'll see Hartline and White with some more meat on the bones.  Also, I think White's overall role is that of a backup/trick play guy.  Wasn't his accuracy a strength in college? 

  36. The Knight who says NiMarch 6, 2010 at 1:37 PM

    It's not going to happen. White will be on the team.

  37. The Knight who says NiMarch 6, 2010 at 1:38 PM

    I do think Ginn could be moved.

  38. Although I'm probably a minority with this opinion, I honestly hope that Ginn remains a Dolphin (unless we get a 1st for him which will never happen). His speed opens up the field because the opposing defense always has to align an additional Safety to his side. He's not a consistent every down WR but he can be an occasional game changer (just ask the Jets). I could live without a new WR for another season (hoping one of our young guys takes a step forward) but for this defense to work, we need a NT (Merling???) and another pass rusher (Draft).

    At this point, I think our main needs are OLB, NT and FS.

  39. Do you see PW taking over for Henne ?  If not then why keep him.  Thigpen has shown he can run the WC or at least the spread, and PW has shown well, ah nothing.  He was as much a waste as Earnest Willford.  I could be wrong but the way I see it he's no NFL QB, and I think WV is needing a replacement for next year.  If we sent him back to WV do we get our #2 pick back again :) ?

  40. I agree keep Ginn.  Unlike a lot of others, I think the WR corps as a whole will progress, and I think we will see Turner showing up in camp and making a name for himself. 

    I have a feeling our NT will be in-house.....

    Guys, our defense just transformed with Nolan and only took 3 beers and 45 minutes on the phone to a fellow fin fanatic to completely grasp that.....

  41. IMHO,TG can STILL become a serious Offensive threat,IFF we can get a 1 to draw double coverage away from him,while he & CH become more acquianted and are GIVEN-A-CHANCE to grow w'each-other..

    I think TG'd of already become a STAR had he a PManning along w'his OL,or something to that affect..
    He didn't have a QB(period)in 07,
    had a respectable career yr w'(underarmoured)CP in 08(no Disrespect intended),
    and CH wasn't permitted to throw the ball for his 1st four wks or so as our starter..

    Even w'all that,w'all the missed TD opportunities he's had(2/3rds of which weren't b/c of his failure)!!

    IFFF ALL went well on ALL those missed opportunities,drops(his badd),
    sacks(while open-deep)OL badd ,
    overthrows(even though he's 5yrds beyond coverage)QB badd,
    Rec TD's/Kreturn TD's(called back due to penalty)Team badd..

    He'd have something like 20 TDs/3yrs
    ifff something/somwhere didn't go wrong on every missed opportunity!!
    And he'd probably have 30 TDs IFFF he were drafted by the COLTS!!

  42. We Have PlaymakersMarch 6, 2010 at 10:40 PM


    Maybe you could live without a new WR for another season but I'm not sure Henne can.  LOL!  In all seriousness, I don't think our WR's are all that bad.  I actually think we're more desperate for a TE who can catch & create mismatches like Greg Olsen.  I'm a Camarillo fan b/c he catches everything thrown his way & he'll begin this season healthy, I like Hartline & he can make big plays but he needs to be more consistent, & Bess will definitely work on holding on to the ball.  I'm not ready to thrown in the towel on Turner & hopefully he can step it up but I believe it's time for Ginn to go somewhere else.  Ginn is hopefully worth something to another team (the Raiders???)  & at this point I'd rather have another draft pick.

    While I agree with you that we have more glaring needs at OLB (the strongside & the weakside), NT, & FS BUT I'd be very surprised if we didn't attempt to upgrade both the WR & TE positions.   I'm pretty confident that we will make one more big move before the draft at either FS, WR, or TE.  I believe that Parcells is going to find a way to build this team to seriously contend for years to come but he's not rushing the process like the Jets are.

  43. We Have PlaymakersMarch 6, 2010 at 10:46 PM


    I'm sorry but Ted Ginn is just not that good.  Aside from being undersized, he's had too many drops in too many critical situations this season.  I think Bess is the only small WR that we should keep this season & after three years of Ginn, the project is still a project & it's time to move on.

  44. ***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

  45. Would love to get Greg Olsen

    with Pat Turner that would be two 6.5 receivers lining up

  46. Dansby was asked why, other than the $22 million in guaranteed money he’ll be making, was he so interested in the Dolphins?
    “Why? Bill Parcells is why,” he said. “Bill Parcells, and the moves he’s making to win a championship and build a dynasty.
    and with that comes back ***** The Dynasty Be Fins! ***** in 2010

  47. Jason Ferguson faces an 8 game suspension (substance abuse policy). That would probably rule out a return to the Dolphins and leaves us without a true NT.

  48. I`m just :) Happy Home stopped by 3 weeks ago with the suggestion that the Dolphins sign Karlos Dansby

    and :) Happy Home offers his Own Unique Predictions & Opinions

    Wonder If Home
    Will Also Be Right On the Dolphins First Couple Of Draft Picks?

    Hope So

  49. <span>HSB2010</span><span></span><img></img>
    <span>IMO Taylor 100% chance plays for Miami again 
    Taylor will never play any where else and  after one more season I`m sure that is all before retiring a Dolphin 
    How bout Karlos Dansby signing with Us!
    And of course lots of Cam Wake</span>
    Friday, February 12, 2010, 5:25:55 PM<span><span> – </span>Flag</span><span><span> – </span>Like</span><span><span> – </span>Reply</span><span><span> – </span>Delete</span><span><span> – </span>Edit</span><span><span> – </span>Moderate</span><img></img><img></img> <span>Tinshaker</span><span></span><img></img>
    <span>There is almost zero percent chance Miami will sign Dansby. He would cost 
    about $38 million. After 2009 there's a good chance this team doesn't spend 
    that kind of cash for one player for another ten years!</span>Friday, February 12, 2010, 5:38:06 PM

    <span><span> – </span>Flag</span><span><span> </span></span>

  50. OOPS!


    U Know
    I Still Love U, Man!

  51. Tinshaker
    How bout that 100% chance of Karlos Dansby becoming a Miami Dolphin!  LOL

    :) ***** The Dynasty Be Fins! ***** :)

  52. We Have PlaymakersMarch 7, 2010 at 8:02 AM



  53. Hey Tin ?  What's with the Zoo effect in the past few days on the blog ?  It's begining to look like the SS with bloggers answering themselves, and posting under 2 or 3 names ?  Sorry Tin I won't bring it up again, but it is sickening to see.

  54. We Have PlaymakersMarch 7, 2010 at 8:17 AM

    Like I said, there's no guarantee that Dan Williams is a true NT either so I'm not so sure that he is the answer to our problems.  Maybe we sign a veteran like Jamal Williams assuming he can pass a physical & then use two draft picks on finding someone who can play.

  55. A tad annoying but......sickening?

  56. Annoying, Sickening what's the difference.  Why should it even happen ? 

  57. It's a project in which 2/3rds of the finished product(OL/QB)has been just as/if not more inconsistent as TG!!

    YEA.he's had some critical drops that should have definately been caught that may have cost us games..
    And he had two game winning TD drops while the DB's had their arm down his collar,under his pads,and out his sleeve ILLEGALLY,but even if those were blatant drops they wouldn't have been game winning opportunities anyway's had it not been for the outstanding production he had for the first 59 minutes..

    He's won us a few games too,and it CAN BE EXCITING everytime he touches the ball!!
    I think he's only going to get better w'extensive time/continuity with familiar/productive faces @ QB/OL,
    along w'a serious #1 threat on the other-side!!

    Just b/c the 3yr WR thing has lapsed doesn't mean he's officially a bust,(as a #1,I'll give-ya that),
    but ALL teams need a #2,3,4,and 5 WR,and TG's an EXCITING VERY-GOOD one of those!!

    Rich Gannon was a #1 QB bust until his 10th season when he feel into the right situation,surrounded by the right people... TG WILL ONLY GET BETTER over his 4th,5th,and 6th seasons as ""OUR"" cast meshes,IMHO!!


  58. I AGREE!!!  Is that fact on FERGY???

  59. Now we know why you have back problems!!!
    There's FRESH-AIR out-side of your own A-HOLE!!!

    and THOUSANDS predicted otherwise!!! :-D

    Lets here your next prediction ONE TIME,
    and then your gloating ONE TIME!!!
    PS,I said go after DANSBY toooo,(YIPPPPIEEE),OUUCCCHH muscle spasm!!!   GOFINS!!!

  60. It's happening because someone said @ the SS the other day that Tin wouldn't put up with it and delete the posts or ban him if he did it here.  I think it's a test.  Just my opinion. 


  61. WOWWW,guess it is according to Roto,OUUUUCHHHHHH!!!

    NOW, I GOTTA GO dt/NT, UP for SUH???

    (Unless either McC's are there @12),
    I'm moving down for DWilliams,BPrice etc etc!!
    LOT OF OLBs out there for the 2nd and 3rd rnd!!

  62. I think Tin would rather not have to take the action of removing someone, although I can't speak for him.  Hopefully this will stop on it's own, and the person or persons doing it will take it upon themselves to police themselves.  But since when has that happend over on the SS blog ?

  63. I think Tin has already removed one comment from here since I first read it? As for that person, all he wants is attention and just like any 5 year old, he doesn't care if that's good or bad. The only way to get rid of an idiot like that is to ignore him imho. Unfortunately, not everyone does.

  64. I actually thought about ignoring him, and I'll probably wish I did.  It's not in my make up to allow poor behaviour to continue on unabated. 

    That is the belief in our School System in Florida and look how that is working out.  The State of Florida ranks 47th in the nation for education and the County I live in is 47th in the state.  Good thing most of the Parents in this State can't read, I think that could make them upset.  Now if I could only learn how to spell, I'd be set. :) ..

  65. We Have PlaymakersMarch 7, 2010 at 2:57 PM

    Fujita signs with the Browns.....Argggghhhh!!!

  66. I'll ask again,what was DeMeco Ryans tendered?? ANYBODY!!??

  67. It was either a rope or a life raft, but I'm not sure because like you, I Haven't heard a thing.

  68. Ryans was tendered at the highest level, meaning any team would have to surrender its 1st and 3rd rounders. He won't go anywhere.

    Former Steelers FS Ryan Clark is in Miami for a visit.

  69. Tin,
    Dansby will replace crowder, not ayodele. Crowder will slide over.

  70. Let's hope we see a few of these this season if Clark signs on the dotted line?

  71. It's official - we aren't going to the Superbowl next year! ;)

    ..... "One more point about the value of splurging: In 2008, as a precursor to their Super Bowl seasons, Arizona and Pittsburgh signed no one from other teams in the first two days of free agency. In 2009, as a precursor to their Super Bowl seasons, New Orleans and Indianapolis signed no one from other teams in the first two days of free agency"

  72. If you subscribe to the view that 1st year receivers take 1-3 years to develop, I think we should also hope that we already have answers to catching passes in-house too? If history repeats itself (see below), the chances are that any player not on the roster now (i.e. FAs and draft picks) probably aren't going to have the type of immediate impact we need to improve our passing game significantly this season?

    "I don't want to over-chart you, but check out this list of the top-paid wide receivers in free agency last year, and what happened to them:
    Free Agent Wide Receivers On The Open Market PlayerTeam2009 EarningsReceptionsYardsTDs2010 TeamAntonio BryantBuccaneers$9.8 million396004UnemployedLaveranues ColesBengals$9.75 million435145UnemployedNate WashingtonTitans$7.8 million475696TitansMichael ClaytonBuccaneers$7.5 million162301BucsT.J. HoushmandzadehSeahawks$7.5 million799113SeahawksTerrell OwensBills$6.5 million558255UnemployedBrandon Jones49ers$5.4 million118049ersTorry HoltJaguars$3.5 million517220Unemployed

    Eight players who struck it rich, who combined to earn $58 million last year -- and none of the eight made the Pro Bowl, none of them had 80-catch seasons.
    There's a clarion call out there, and it's screaming: Free agency is vastly overrated".

  73. That's because they already spent the money and didn't have the ability to
    go shopping - it's no secret, the teams with the biggest payroll tend to be
    the better teams in the league because they have already collected the
    better players who come with the bigger paychecks.

  74. They also have less holes to fill

    The Giants had the biggest payroll last year and the Fins were second. So de we see a Ginats Fins Superbowl then? lol

  75. I believe had we not seen so many key injuries last year, the Dolphins had a
    shot last season. We 'almost' beat both the Colts and the Saints, and one
    of our biggest issues was not being able to get Cameron Wake on the field
    more, well with Porter gone and JT missing in action, that shouldn't be an
    issue in 2010. We've dramatically upgraded our ILB, and if we can get a
    stud NT, and a true FS, I see no reason why we can't be in the pre-season
    talks for the Super Bowl. We aren't 'set' on Offense, but we put up some
    respectable numbers in 2009, most importantly points. Just think what we
    could have done had the coaches not put in Pat White everytime Henne was on
    a roll, or played nickel and dime defense when the game was on the line
    (newsflash coaches - stop the run, rush the passer, end of story).

  76. I certainly think we could and should have made the play-offs, but ....
    Good teams find ways to win those close games and we didn't. Perversely, the year before we did. Go figure.
    We certainly need more t/os this season and more pass rush and an "Ed Reed" would sure make it easier to achieve that. But they great FSs don't grow on trees. Spking of which, we need to shake the "Bungle-NTtree" big time and hope a we get some good windfalls drop out now Fergie is MIA.
    I hate to say this to you Tin, but I think we see more Pat-packages this year. Not b'cos they worked - more b'cos they didn't and the coaches don't want to be proved wrong. And fwiw, I hope I'm wrong!
    I also hope Nolan will ban the "prevent" (aka allow) defense this year. I want the Fins to play more like Man U!!!

  77. We Have PlaymakersMarch 8, 2010 at 9:20 AM

    Ryan Clark has come to town & hopefully Tuna makes Clark an off he can't refuse!.  It certainly worked with Dansby & I'm very glad we didn't overpay on Rolle who I believe is overrated anyway.  Clark makes a lot of sense & I'd be very pleased if we get him.  He'll turn 31 during the season so we'll still need to address the position in the draft.  In addition it also buys some time for Clemons to develop.

    Other than FS, I'd like to see us sign a veteran LB who can play the strong-side but after that barring a trade for Olsen which would be HUGE for us, I say we should saddle up & focus on the draft.  Parcells will definitely look to add a few more picks whether it is trading Ginn, Thigpen (although I don't like it!), & hopefully Fasano.

  78. How dare you say 'Man U', sir! I thought that was blasphemy?
    Wow, Nani had a bad game the other day. He's obviously only good when he's
    on the right side. I hope Rooney plays on Wednesday - any news on that
    front? I don't see us winning without him at this point unless Fergie
    realizes that Berbatov can't play on an island, he's just not physical
    enough, and he's best when he has someone to play off of.
    As for the Dolphins, I never really subscribed to the 'finding a way to win'
    being a trait of a good team. IMO, a good team wins because they play
    better than the teams they face. If good teams found a way to win there
    would've been a lot of 16-0 records in the NFL's history. The reality is
    the other team is trying to win too, and sometimes they beat you, usually
    because they made more plays. Ultimately, having your best players on the
    field gives you a better chance of those plays being made. Injuries are a
    huge part of the NFL and ultimately end up playing a huge factor towards the
    end of the season. In 2008 we were the healthiest team in the league, but
    in 2009 we lost more than a handful of starters and role players, and that,
    to me was the difference.

  79. Why is everyone so huge on Olsen? He can't block a telephone book....

  80. then that is a great thing, none of our 2010 opponents have telephone books on D.  lol

  81. It's normally a term for "non-Mancunians" (Mancs just say Utd). I have a bit of a throat and the aches today .... that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!!!
    Didn't see the Wolves game? Is that the one you mean? Nani has followed a similar path to his fellow countryman Ronaldo, but has less ability, less strength and less flair. But Ronaldo was inconsistent at first and never looked up before he crossed, was always greedy and never passed when someone else was better placed etc etc. Nani is farther back on that learning curve and I can't see him ever being as good as Ronaldo, but I suspect he will always be in and out of games and never "reliable", but capable of great feats.
    Fergie went ballistic at Roon - the full hair-dryer treatment after he injured his knee. He's described as "doubtful" for Wednesday (that may mean he's on the bench but comes on in a crisis?)
    Owen is out for the season, but the good news is Hargreaves has a reserve game this week - can't believe he's going to play again after about 18 months out. He's a real trier and has a great engine on him and can tackle.
    Personally, I think Berbatov may be another failed experiment. Not as bad as Wilford, but ..... I think he'll get another season, but may be moved on when someone better is signed. 
    Btw, a group called the "Red Knights" are trying to buy Utd off the Glazers, but they are "not for sale".
    You make all good points on the Fins. Look at that Indy game though. We totally controlled TOP and they snook it at the end. And they also found a way to win a lot of other close games last year too (some of which they seemed out of) because champions (like in a lot of other sports) seem to "find an extra gear" when their back is to the wall and that's what I mean. They don't lay down, they fight harder and seem to impose their will on their opponents. We did it at times in 09, but the killer instinct seemed less strong than the year before somehow? Was that just injuries or the make-up and leadership of the team? Great teams overcome injuries and lesser teams succumb to them. How many times in the past have the Pats seemed to have promoted Mr. N. O. Body to a starting role and not lost a step? The perfect 72 Dolphins lost their starting QB. Our starters and our depth are still not where we need to be, as can be seen from Churn 3.0, but our roster continues to solidify and get younger, so hopefully, injury bugs will become less onerous in the coming years. There was something about last year versus the year before though. It even leaked into Sparanos pressers and body language. Omar was on the Sedano show this morning and I listened in to 5 mins of it. He speculated that Peezy was a cancer and the reason the D really tailed off in H2 of the season. I cannot prove my point, back it up with stats or any other evidence ...... it was just a feeling ..... we didn't have the same winning mentality as 08. And it's just my opinion, but I don't think that was injury-related.

  82. I think that killer-instinct comes down to the injuries. The veteran
    players have it more than the rooks, and the coaches believe in the vets
    more than the kids. It was obvious how they put the oven mitts on when
    Henne took over for Pennington. With Pennington in there they put the game
    in his hands more, whereas with Henne they tried their best not to break the
    QB, rather than winning at all costs. I think that was a mistake because
    Henne's the type of QB you could push without risk of breaking. Ice in the
    veins. He was so calm at times he fell asleep instead of snapping the ball
    and avoiding delay of game penalties!
    As for Man utd, yeah I'm aware of most of the goings on but I don't get to
    see the local headlines. Why was Ferg upset with Rooney for getting
    injured? How was it his fault...he came off the bench because Owen got
    hurt, and then he got subbed out too I believe.
    Yeah I was talking about the Wolves game...Nani was awful, but he always
    seems to be on the left, but when Valnecia was out, he played on the right
    and I thought he was going to win Valencia's job. Then he got banned and
    Valencia came back in the Cup Final and won man of the match.

  83. Agree on Henne - he seems to have an old head on young shoulders and a real grit about him. So far he hasn't looked like a deer in the headlights and doesn't hear footsteps. All good as long as he doesn't take a real big hit.
    Fergie didn't want him to play for England vs Egypt (friendly) as he had a twinge in his knee, but Rooney was hedstrong and played and made it worse. It wasn't the Wembley Cup Final that caused the ructions.
    Personally, I prefer Valencia on the right. No contest.

  84. A-MEN!!!  I AGREE w'TINs 10:40,(my replies rarily end-up directly under that which I'm replying to)..

    Stay reasonably HEALTHY,we'd of been there in 09 inspite of ourselves,(been sayin it alll along)!!!
    While the o10 season SHOULD-BE reasonably less antimidating,
    and ""OUR"" O SHOULD-BE farr more in-tune/on the same page!!  

    GIVE me a STUD NT,FS(though I like CCLemons),and hopefully a #1 WR,
    PRESENTLY,I'm goin NT(DW/BPrice)rnd 1,OLB(JHughes/RSapp)rnd 2 , WR,FS,
    UNLESS RMcC's still there(then I'll push the previous positions back a round)!! 

    Actually under FERGIES circumstances,I'll LIKELY take DW/BP in the mid-late teens(hopefully),
    over RMcC(who's probably NOT @12 anyway)!!   GoFINS!!

  85. Oh I forgot about the England game. Surely that's the manager's fault
    though - cappello (spelling?)

  86. Nice, I have Price going to the Dolphins but If McClain, or Spiller are on
    the board that should change. Still, the latest Ferguson developments mean
    there's no way (are you listening, NostraHome Us?) he rejoins the Dolphins *
    unless* they overturn the suspension first. By the time that happens the
    draft will have come and gone, so they will definitely draft a potential NT,
    likely in the first 2 rounds.

  87. Hmmm. I think he has one more friendly game with his squad at the end of the Prem. season before the World Cup or something? I guess he wanted his first 11 together for at least a half. You know what Rooney's like - Superman saving the world - players always cover up their injuries to get on the field too!

  88. Yeah but he mentioned the injury in the post-game interview after the Cup
    Final, he called it a 'little niggle' which I must say I've never heard

  89. Oh - I didn't realise that. Chuckle. A niggling injury is normally used to describe one that isn't very serious but is persistent. It's sort of morphed into s/thing that isn't quite right now, as per Rooney's usage. He should've said a twinge, but it could be a niggling twinge? lol

  90. That reminds me of when I attended Glastonbury in 2004 - I'm pretty sure one
    of the support bands was called The Niggling Twinge.