Thursday, March 25, 2010

Projecting The Draft

Nothing makes a man more proud of himself than to be able to say, "I told you so!" no matter what the subject matter.  "I told you she had 3 nipples!"  "I told you Lady Gaga was going to win a Grammy!"  "I told you I was going to get fired for peeing in the office coffee pot!".  Of course, since we're all football fans who partake in an online community/discussion, we often hear the "I told you he would be a good player" or "I told you he'd be a bust" in relation to the NFL draft, and Free Agency.  

Well I'm no different, really, I don't tend to brag about it, but there is an inner sense of pride when I look back through the archives and see the success rate of players in the NFL that I projected to be successful out of college last year.  I definitely missed on some players - but sometimes you realize that despite the draft being a crapshoot - there are many indicators of success versus failure that can be picked up on that can minimize any chances of missing on a player.  Several of the players I profiled last year got injured in or before training camp and never got to compete - William Moore and Tyrone McKenzie come to mind - but several of them made big splashes - Sean Smith started as a rookie, as did Hakeem Nicks, Kenny Britt, BJ Raji, and Terrance Knighton (note how I project him to play nose and say Ron Brace and Sammie Lee Hill won't be able to handle it - eat your heart out Nostradamus!).

And don't get me started on the Free Agency side of things.  I insinuated that Karlos Dansby would be a Dolphin last year and that the Dolphins should go after Miles Austin before he made a name for himself.

And of course, I turned this blog into a Connor Barwin media machine for several weeks only to have the Dolphins pick Pat White over Barwin, and thus a year later have needs at OLB and TE both of which could've been filled by Barwin.  The Texans chose Barwin to play 4-3 end behind Mario Williams despite the fact he was projected as a starting 3-4 OLB.  Despite that he had a pretty good rookie campaign as a nickel rusher.  I then wrote on more than one occasion that I would put the Barwin-slight behind me, but let's be honest, I never have to this day.  

And there will probably be moments like this in 2010 as well.  In a way, it's probably a good thing we only have 2 picks in the first 2 rounds.  Without that luxury pick, there will be less chance to have that 'what we could have had' moment.

One thing you'll notice in my 3 round Mock Draft (link at top of page), is that there's a ton of solid football players I didn't even get to in those first three rounds, and there would've been a lot after 4 rounds, and loads after 5 rounds as well.  Our three six round picks could easily end up being used on 3 players who make the 53-man roster, whereas in the past, these picks were generally thought to be 'project' players who'd either show enough to make it onto the practice squad, or end up was waiver-wire fodder.

So, now, with free agency sort of past the 1st and 2nd wave, and most of the auditions out of the way, I think now is as good a time as any to start putting together draft boards for the Dolphins.  I'm keeping mine basic with 3 potential players for each pick for a total of 30 players.  I will post it as a page link at the top of the page and will occasionally edit it in case any surprises come along.

I encourage you all to do your own, if not for every pick, at least the first 4 picks, and share them below.


  1. son of a son of a shulaMarch 25, 2010 at 10:08 AM

    Tin that clip was classic I bet you could sub Pat White's name in there for the same reaction. We all know thank god we didn't pick Quinn but Yes I'll say it Willis went at 11. Haunting.

    My first 4 today are :
    McClain-solid addition heading towards LB domination
    Jerry Hughes- Could very well start at SOLB
    Myron Rolle- Will be YB's understudy and ST contributor who earns minutes through his understanding of the shemes. Smarten's up the whole group.
    Decker- Bookend to Hartline. Solid guy.

  2. Tinshaker
    U are absolutely 100 % correct, sir

    This is very hard for most people to say
    Jealousy can destroy a man

    Please enjoy my current and future thoughts on our team

    Do not have same "feel" for my hometown Heat, Panthers or Marlins as I am not a dedicated fan of these teams

    and for the record sean smith is not making a big splash
    More like ugly belly flop

    Turner will start to shine this season after Tony admitted his Big Mistake not playing Homes Boy, Pat Turner

    Dolphins will win the AFC EAST in 2008 and finish 10-6 (oh ya already predicted that that one in presason of 2008)
    *Dolphins won the AFC EAST and finished 11-5

    Dolphin camp 2008 Davonne Bess has a special gift as a natural at catching the  football
    Who is this undrafted free agent? Love to watch this guy catch and just envelope the football

    Eric Green needs to be scraped off from the bottom of the shoes of Miami Dolphin Team
    Eric green will be fired in the next couple of days
    *Eric Green was fired 3 hours later after posting this on SS

    Dolphins secondary is in big trouble with no chemistry for the upcoming season in 2009
    * U know how that went

    Brian Hartline & Pat Turner look great in Camp 2009 (check archives on my daily reports on Brian Hartline)
    Pat Turner should be Dolphins #1 WR in 2009
    Pat Cobbs is a truly amazing all around football player

    Fields can punt almost 90 yards
    Would never believe it, if did not see it with my own eyes sitting behind him in Dolphin Camp 2009

    Vontae Davis is a one man wrecking machine
    the guy has muscles on top of muscles and hits like Ronnie Lott

    Dolphins will lose opening games to San Diego and Atlanta as well as last game to the Steelers
    Dolphins will SWEEP THE JETS in 2009 (posted day before first div game against the Jets) when was the last time some one put their reputation on the line to say the Dolphins would SWEEP the Jets, their toughest division rival of the past ten years?

    Dolphins Will Not be eliminated from the playoffs today
    Dolphins will beat the Patriots by one point at home (posted on the SS before leaving to the game)
    *Dolphins Won by one point

    sean smith is a poser

    And of course prior to all the injuries, not addressing this no chemistry secondary  and Big Mistake on our  coaches choice of our acting #1 WR choice
    Dolphins will play in the first Home Super Bowl ever
    oh well
    A man can dream

    but I`M BACK!

    Karlos Dansby is who the Dolphins will sign as FA LB this offseason (OH YEAH! That`s Right)

    and please it`s NostraHomeUs 

    Go Dolphins!

  3. Sorry can't agree with you here... although I too was pissed off when we selected White over Barwin

    1) Dez Bryant - charater rumors swirled around Vontae last year, yet we selected him.
    2) Terrence Cody - 2 down NT will fall, perfect fit with Paul Solia
    3) Morgan Burnett or Dexter McCluster 

    Tons of 3-4 OLB talents late in the draft - We'll select more than 1

  4. Tin
    For the record
    Congrats on Nicks, Brit and Raji

    I thought Ron Brace would amount to something
    Good call on Knighton

    As for Dansby
    Think U should have quit while ahead
    All we know is your infamous qoute to my post of Karlos Dansby being the next Dolphins LB was
    "0% chance the Dolphins will get Dansby. They will Never Pay the Money"

    Now Get Your Shin Box!

  5. Knight from NJ
    Please stop stealing my material on 6.5 Turner / 6.4 Colston similarities
    As well as
    Greg Olsen becoming a new Miami Dolphin TE and much needed 6.5 great hands receiver as well as local UM Superhero

    There is plenty of vanilla ice cream in the bin for your own mundane thoughts  LOL

    and .... Thanks For Stopping By

  6. Home, your argument is bunk because Miami did not pay anywhere near what
    Dansby was asking - had the contract numbers been what was leaked as
    Dansby's asking price I would've had a different opinion - as I obviously
    did a year earlier (see link above).
    It's like someone asking me if I want a beer and it costing $14 for a pint -
    I'm going to say no. But if someone says hey these pints are only $2, I'm
    going to say, 'I'll take 7'.
    It has nothing to do with whether I like beer or not. I never said Miami
    wouldn't like to have Dansby, I said they would not pay his asking price,
    which they didn't, so technically I wasn't wrong there.

  7. son of a son of a shulaMarch 25, 2010 at 11:01 AM

    Sean made a splash, he single-handedly WON the New England game everyone knows that.

  8. The Knight who says Ni!March 25, 2010 at 11:01 AM

    Home from Florida, give it a rest. What does Greg Olsen have to do with it anyway? All I said is he's a TE that could stretch the field. There are hundreds of players who could help us. Just because you think you say it first doesn't give you a copyright on it.

    For the record, believe me I don't use you as a resource for anything. LOL

    Now go stare at the sky.

  9. son of a son of a shulaMarch 25, 2010 at 11:04 AM

    Remember when you were young, you shone like the sun
    Shine on you crazy diamond
    Now there's a look in your eyes, like black holes in the sky
    Shine on you crazy diamond

  10. The Knight who says Ni!March 25, 2010 at 11:08 AM

    #12 OLB Derrick Morgan
    #43 FS Nate Allen
    #73 WR Taylor Price
    #110 NT Linval Joseph

  11. Knight
    Your affection for me should be beaming
    no reason to hide the love

    Please check the copyrights
    That Alfred E Newman stamp is mine
    The sky was clear this morning over the beach in South Florida but now global dimming and toxic soup are clearly evident

    Knight our defense will be much improved this season
    Please keep us informed on your hometown Jet team
    They seem to be building something pretty darn good


  12. Tinshaker
    I would buy U a  Frozen rum Runner at our stadium and the large ones are $12.00 each
    Do not see link
    Only know U said 0 % chance and actually believe
    U posted Dansby would want $32 mil or a bit more

    He got more
    So your point is bunk?
    Whatever that means ;)

  13. The Knight who says Ni!March 25, 2010 at 11:14 AM

    The Jets are overrated and this thing you have about hometown fandom is obnoxious and immature. I've been a Dolphin fan longer than you have.

    Thanks for joining us

  14. Mine is bigger than yours ;)

    Stand Back
    I `ll Show U

    and please start going to Jet Camp 2010 and give us something LMAO

  15. The Knight who says Ni!March 25, 2010 at 11:37 AM

    They'll be on hard knocks so you can get your Jet fill there.

  16. 1st: Dan Williams (NT), Earl Thomas (FS), no 3rd player - I want either Williams or Thomas
    2nd: Sergio Kindle (OLB), Terrance Cody (NT), Damian Williams (WR)
    3rd: Dorin Dickerson (TE/WR), Eric Decker (WR), Akwasi Owusu-Ansah (CB)
    4th: Torrell Troup (NT), Pat Angerer (ILB), Jimmy Graham (TE), Dekoda Watson (OLB)
    late rounds: Terrell Hudgins (WR), Jeff Owens (NT), Micah Johnson (ILB), Greg Hardy (DE)

  17. son of a son of a shulaMarch 25, 2010 at 12:21 PM

    Glad you mentioned Micah Johnson from what I've been seeing it looks as though he may be had in the 6th round same possibly with this Mike Williams kid. Micah is a big dude he goes like 6-2 and 260 not the fastest guy but strong and powerful. I think 31 reps @225.

  18. The Knight who says Ni!March 25, 2010 at 12:26 PM

    Micah is big and strong but he runs 4.9 range and he's not the most instinctive player. But you never know.

  19. son of a son of a shulaMarch 25, 2010 at 12:32 PM

    Knight I think you have Price going to soon, he's not Pat White. LOL

  20. son of a son of a shulaMarch 25, 2010 at 12:41 PM

     Ekom Udofia possible 7th round NT project 6-2 315 from Stanford where he actually played some NT. Stanford guys also tend to be on the smarter side.

  21. The Knight who says Ni!March 25, 2010 at 12:55 PM

    son, the 3rd round isn't the 2nd and Price is rising on a lot of boards. A lot of teams have shown interest in him.

  22. The Knight who says Ni!March 25, 2010 at 12:56 PM

    NTs don't have to be smart. LOL

  23. son of a son of a shulaMarch 25, 2010 at 1:02 PM

    LOL that's true...added bonus

  24. If they were, they'd be like "why am I playing nose? THis hurts!"

  25. Knight
    Was outside studying man made clouds and staring at the sky like U suggested
    When I came In
    I Saw this on CNN today
    On purpoted message from Bin Laden:

    In one of them, the al Qaeda leader condemned the United States and other industrial nations for causing climate change

    He might be labeled our worst enemy but
    He has privy New World Order info
    and knows what he is talking about

    Try to think with an open mind
    I am only trying to help U
    even if U want to be a Jet Fan

    Watch Iceland the spectacular HAARP initiated volcanic eruption will soon erupt into something much more serious and will not only melt the worlds 5th largest glacier but
    The ash and fallout will effect the jet stream leading to  extreme sun dimming and regretfully much, much colder temperatures next winter and severe crop destruction
    Also be prepared for eye opening earthquake this April on the west coast of the USA
    Oregon and Northern California
    Followed by 10 + earthquake in LA area prob November of 2010 or a bit later

    In your local hometown team
    U also can get info
    Now please tell me how Cromartie will do opposite Revis
    Now that they are going to let him play bump and run coverage again
    Instead of zone coverage
    Cromartie last had a 10 Int season when they let him play bump and run
    Do not underestimate the Jets just because of your hatred for the area which U live
    More northern  NJ weather disasters are coming
    Flooding of Biblical Proportion
    Water will be your worst enemy
    stay tuned and
    Be Safe


  26. Hi all, i came to the site on people's reccommendations over on sun sentinel. Great site BTW

    My draft board would be 1st - Bryant/Graham/Earl Thomas
                                      2nd - Cody/Jerry Hughes/Tate(if he fell)
                                      3rd - Cam Thomas/J.Worlids/AJ Edds/Angerer
                                      4th - B Spikes/Blount/Ricky Sapp/ Jeff Owens/Blair White

  27. Nice sales piece on Morgan at Palm Beach Post
    Make him look like real good pick

    If we had Morgan @ #12  and traded up to get  Dan Williams
    Home would be very :) with the Dolphins 3-4 but
     very concerned about poser boy after opponents study his out of position  goofy play

  28. I also really like Pitta the TE from BYU, tho our last pick from BYU didn't turn out so well

  29. My picks would be Aarrba the hut, Darth Vader, or Princess Lela.

    Sorry Tin wrong Blog.

  30. Roger Saffold being picked twice in round 2... Ballsy pick Tin, ballsy pick!  I'm rolling with Brandon Graham, Nate Allen, Dennis Pitta & Jeff Owens in the 1st 4 rounds.  Rd 6 - O'Brien Schofield, Micah Johnson & Mike Kafka.  Rd 7 - RB, LG & CB.

  31. Tin,

    What is the position/school of your picks?
    Would be great if you posted a lil' sumpin' sumpin' extra-blurb on your picks so we know why you like them. i.e. stats, metrics, productivity, character, etc.

    Not familiar with your 2 & 3, and not in the Nostradamus biz.  My schtick is analyzing strategy & play of the players & game ... USin's vs THEMin's.

    Also a Q: I was looking at ave salary by position, as higher ave salaries indicate scarcity.  How much do you believe scarcity comes into play as a framework for our FO, especially for pulling the trigger among several favs? i.e. we've targeted QB, LT, DL, CB ... these are top of list.

    Great Job!!  Cheers, Jerry D

  32. Think Ronnie Brown will be taking a game or two off again this season ...
    ............So he can Get More Drinking Time In

  33. Gives him more time to fully recover from his injury  ;)
    Honestly, sad story about Ronnie, he's always been a class act in his career so far. But if he gets banned for 1-2 games, that's what we have Ricky for...

  34. Ricky was with him and
    Got caught with a bag of weed  LOL

    Good thing we did not sign #1 WR Brandon Marshall
    Be a bad influence on these guys LOL

  35. Reports out today that Ronnie was twice the legal limit and swirving all over the road
    Drunk as a Skunk
    At 4:30 in the morning

    Even Roy Black would have trouble with this one

  36. Hey Tin and Company.

    First, I have to agree on the Barwin miss last year. Can't say I'm over it either yet.

    with that, here are my picks.

    1. Earl "the Pearl" Thomas, Graham "Hit Like Bam Bam", NO WILLIAMS PLEASE! (Overrated for first pick)
    2. D Thomas ( I really think he will be there)
    3. Cam Thomas, Mccluster (I think he is the poor man's Spiller)
    4. Graham

    I would be happier than a pig in sheite

    I really think E Thomas would shine behind Dansby and next to Y Bell. Love Graham, I think he is baller! Either one would be good. If Dez is there, not sure what will happen??

    With all the talent, as is well known by now, I think J Graham will be there in the fourth.

    Home and Knight, ya'll been crackin me up for years, I love it!

  37. WTF! I think I did that last year too!

  38. JerryD,
    Nate Allen is from USF and is regarded by most scouts as either the 2nd or
    3rd best FS in the draft.
    Dorin Dickerson is from PITT and he was the standout at the Combine and I
    wrote this article<http:>about
    him last week.

  39. Ok more In
    Ronnie was bamboozeld passing out at the wheel and swirving left to right hitting curbs at 4:30 am
    Ricky was sitting next to him stoned and laughing his AZZ OFF with a bag of weed stuffed down his crotch
    Tony McDaniel was sitting in the back with blood on his knuckles from bashing his girlfriends face in saying
    "the Bitch Deserved It"
    and Ferguson was sitting in the back with a batch of steroids stuck up his AZZ and throwing needles out the window saying "they Aint gonna get me 3 times for steroids"

    Everything was fine til Drunk Will Allen crashed his Ferrari into Ronnies car speeding away from the police after
    telling the cops to go screw themselves he only had 11 whiskeys & 3 tequilas

    Thank God
    We did not sign # 1 WR  Brandon Marshall
    He would be a Bad Influence on theses fellas 

  40. I just love the last second comment of, "...what do fans know..." I guess more than Cam! Go Phins!

  41. Tin,

    You may well get your wish for TE Dorin.  All agree we need a great receiver & we know Parcells doesn't like to draft purty-boy WRs high. 

    BUT, Tuna loves big TEs & a good one will meet alot of Miami needs .... block for young Henne & stud RBs, convert 3rd downs, block & release safety valve, security blanket short outlet when young Henne gets pressured, big target as Henne hones his accuracy, & get some chunks if studly enough.

    I figure the receiver we all really want NOW, may be a drafted TE this year!!  A great TE would fix alot of problems.

    Cheers, JerryD

  42. Damn I know my posts aren't the best but this is starting to look like some other sites. Home nobody f*cking cares about your chem trails if we did we'd be all over utube searching "clouds, real or fake?". I for one visit this site to read about dolphin/football/news. & f*ck man you claiming all this know it all what happened to HOMESUPERBOWL2010? Let me guess in the futeure fax machines will be made of brick & powered by a waterfall...

  43. <p><span>I was a little surprised Armando had the forethought to warn the Dolphins may pick Lupati in the first round. Trust me on this one, this guy may be the best player in the entire draft. He is up there with Suh and is probably the safest pick any team could hope for.</span>
    <span>We’re talking about a dominant force on the interior line. We always want to look at the glamour boys but an offense doesn’t go anywhere unless the line can block. There are other subtle pointers here, Sparano is a former OL coach who believes the game is won or lost in the trenches and I happen to agree with him. By telling Smiley to sit out the conditioning program the Dolphins have played a rare card and shown their hand, but as subterfuge goes this could all be smoke and mirrors because it conveniently adds up.</span>
    I can hear the crescendo of negativity to this pick but I am not in that camp. This guy is a rare talent. He is the best guard to come out of college in the last 10 years. I don’t think the team should take a pass on any player of this category and aside from Suh who I think is a great player, name one guy in this draft who you can say is the best player at his position in the last 10 years?</span></p>

  44. son of a son of a shulaMarch 26, 2010 at 4:57 AM

    <span> "crescendo of negativity" </span>
    <span>They could only wish it would be that nice.  
    I think this is an effort to lure San Fran into a trade. They have #'s 13 and 17. The move from 17 to 12 is worth 250 points or a 3 & 4 or something close to it. San Fran would then have 12 and 13 and get their guys in the first round while leap frogging Seattle's second first rounder.  
    We have a defense that's frankly embarrassing with so far 5 key parts gone (which is good in most of the cases) and we've secured 1 new starter.  
    I'm not the Billionaire business man Ross is but I will offer this advice on his Billion Dollar Baby:  
    If you like looking at empty orange seats, then pick a Guard at 12.</span>

  45. son of a son of a shulaMarch 26, 2010 at 5:37 AM

    I neglected to mention that San Fran wants to draft possibly a Tackle and a Guard adding some further validity to this scenario.

  46. Son, I believe a bunch of "Ws" in the win/loss column will put more people in the seats. I'm not saying we don't need defensive players, but as Bill Parcells once said, "the NFL is a talent acquisition business." Great players make great teams. If a guy has the talent to be a corner stone for the next ten yaers it is foolish to pass him by because of need. Need picks are always a fools game. Pick the best players. There is also a reason Sparano said something like, "if you don't pick to the profile you end up with a lot of players who don't fit the mold after a couple years." He was prepping everyone for a pick like this.

  47. The Knight who says Ni!March 26, 2010 at 6:25 AM

    Because Marshall is a pain in the ass all the time off and on the field. You still can't comprehend that.

  48. son of a son of a shulaMarch 26, 2010 at 6:31 AM

    As such if we create a demand for a player we could create a deal, Pittsburgh at 18 though not usually a trader needs to beef up the O-line and is said to be interested in Iupati as well, likewise Cincy.

  49. Definitely could be a smoke screen to lure others to trade up to get him... 12 is pretty high for a guard and in this draft having multiple 2nd and 3rd round picks is the way to go. No need wonder which team has 3 2rd round picks.  Man I hate those guys...

  50. Think Tebow will end up a New England Patriot and
    also have the luxury to have a couple of years to develop under Tom Brady and Bellicheat
    Bradys new contract is being written as we speak

    Predict Tebow will be sprinkled in on occasion in spread offense and wildcat
    Predict Tebow will play well in the NFL and be a much better asset than Pat White
    Predict after two years Tebow will have proven he was the most valuable QB of this draft by far

    Like It or Not
    Bellicheat will coach up Tebow and utilize him properly as the spread offense takes many teams out of their defensive schemes and embarrasses them
    Tebow will achieve success

    Always seems to come down to Jealousy
    Jealous coach potatoes that cannot stand another mans success & never go to games with stupid comments

    Folks on the blog also told me Percy Harvin would be an NFL bust
    I did not buy into this nonsense either (another bad character guy cause he choked down a little weed prior to the combine)
    Minn coach and Brett love Harvin
    Even though he choked down some weed and had migraine headaches forcing him to miss games
    Harvin already had a much better rookie year at KR and WR than Ted Ginn ever had
    and that is only in his rookie season playing a partial year
    Harvin is as strong as many LBs  and has extreme mental toughness

    Davonne Bess had 48 first downs as one of Simply The Bess slot receivers developing in the NFL and that was during what Bess himself considered a bad year
    Maybe Simply the Bess will pick up 50 first downs for my Miami Dolphins this season and certainly could see Bess in the end zone more often when given an Op to run the routes deep
    Expect Bess to soon make Pro Bowl as an alternate

    Oh by the way
    Good Morning

    Go Dolphins!

  51. We Have PlaymakersMarch 26, 2010 at 7:48 AM


    There's no way I can go past the first round.  My preference is for Kindle BUT I wouldn't be surprised if we took Graham, Dan Williams, or even Price.

  52. now THAT was funny

  53. Tin, what is your opinion of Carlton Mitchell?

  54. 3 of Marshalls former coaches are now on the Seahawks coaching this year with Pete Carrol
    All 3 former coaches of Brandon Marshall are pounding the table to get this #1 WR back on their new team
    so they can enjoy having him again
    Negotiations are under way right now to get this great WR back on their team

    What the heck do U
    some nobody from a chair in NJ who never played football or coached football at any level
    Know about football or Brandon Marshall
    That 3 of his former NFL coaches of last year do not know?

    Get over yourself BungleHole!
    U Know Nothing!  LMAO

    Home :)

  55. We Have PlaymakersMarch 26, 2010 at 9:55 AM

    I know this is not normally Parcells' style BUT I still haven't ruled out the possibility of us trading up for Berry if Cleveland is dumb enough to take Clausen & he drops to Number 8.  This is probably just wishful thinking on my part b/c I believe he's going to be a special player.   However the Raiders have two FS's with Huff & Hiram Eugene already so who knows???

  56. I would imagine there is a spending limit on how much a team is willing to invest in any particular unit.  Lets use the oline for an example.  If the Dolphins project to only spend say 30 million on the oline per year and the cost is at that 30 million figure, then they would look for a pick in another area.  If that is the case we wouldn't see them go for any olineman early because of the self imposed cap.

    With that in mind I don't see us going after any olineman at all.  The weaknesses have to adressed with the best available Player, so I can't see Miami not doing that.  Therefore, if they feel that Dez is the best available then I think he could become a Dolphin.  I'm hoping that is not the case, because of the severe needs on the D side of the field.  I can't think of one unit other the Dline that is in good shape and they can use a NT even on that unit.  So here are my picks for round one only.

    In no particual order :  Berry or Thomas at safety, Williams at NT,  McClain at ILB.  But I must admit I do like Darth Vader he would make one hell of a line backer...

  57. We Have PlaymakersMarch 26, 2010 at 10:07 AM

    The Chiefs need a FS & unless they trade down they kind of have to take Berry or Guard to replace Waters.  I was just taking a look at KC's depth chart & surprisingly they have some pretty good talent there.  I wouldn't bet against Scott Pioli turning that team around.

  58. Patrick,
    As a USF alum and fan, I never really thought of Carlton Mitchell at all
    really. He was frequently touted by his team-mates as the best WR on the
    team, the fastest player on the team, and the biggest trash-talker on the
    team. They obviously thought highly of him. But I never really noticed him
    that much on the field - don't get me wrong he did make some big plays from
    time to time - but at USF they always had a ton of talented WRs that would
    play minimal snaps, and USF is a run-first team (Grothe, Daniels both
    running QBs) with a lot of double TE sets. Taurus Johnson was always the TD
    guy, Jessie Hester was the possession guy and then there was Amari Jackson,
    Marcus Edwards, Dontavia Bogan, and AJ Love plus Ben Williams and Cedric
    Hill, one of Grothe's favorite targets.
    After Edwards, Johnson, Hill, Williams, and Jackson all left, Mitchell had
    some injury issues, then he started coming on towards the end of his career
    - but while all this was going on, he quietly set a bunch of USF receiving
    records - Which isn't saying that much considering they've always spread the
    ball out alot.
    What Mitchell does have going for him is he's got the size that the NFL
    likes, he's relatively fast, and he is an above-average route runner. He's
    a solid WR, but nothing to write home about, IMO, though I do think he's
    gotten better this last year. The USF WR already on the Dolphins squad,
    Taurus Johnson, while not as big or as fast, is a better WR imo. A bit
    reminiscent of McDuffie.

  59. Home, why are you willing to give up our 1st and 3rd round pick for Brandon

  60. I'll leave the predictions for you guys, I can't hang, too many variables!!

    All I can say is draft Dorin Dickerson.  Take him at #12 for all I care.  He will be the new and improved Boldin.

    I also differ on the popular opinion that our defense is in shambles.  I think it's addition by subtraction cutting Porter.  Dansby signing is not just huge, it's HUGE.  He's a great player, but add his abilities with Nolan's schemes, we have already greatly improved.  I guess where I see it differently also is I think we will have progression from our younger players, Soliai included.....

    So, question for you guys......Could you see a scenario where we don't draft or trade for a NT??  We thought for sure we were getting one last year!!  How would you approach this draft if you had no intention of drafting one?

    One last note:  Guys!!  Getiing spirited about the Fins is cool and all, but these blogs are turning into a zoo with no locks on the cages!  I tune in here to get away from all the insane childish crap on the news, and I really dig everyone's take on things, lets keep it cool........................................................ 8-)

  61. We Have PlaymakersMarch 26, 2010 at 10:27 AM


    Does the fact that McClain has Crohn's disease change your mind with a pick at 12???  I must admit it certainly has changed mine.

    While I think we can all agree that we have several needs on defense that have beeen well documented on this site, when it comes to picking Dez Bryant, I don't think you can argue that we can certainly use a WR like him.  If he's still available at 12 & Parells & Co. do not have concerns with his character then I'm very confident in saying that he'll be the BPA & they'll take him.  If Crabtree's stock can drop like it did last year then Bryant's stock might be in free fall on draft day.

  62. Patrick, I read Armando's article and at first, I was like most, shocked that it was even possible with our first pick. I slept on it and came back here to see if someone commented on it.  As much as we need players on the defensive side of the ball, I agree with your point. If you have the chance to take the best player available at his position for the last ten years, I can't be upset with that. It's not what I really desire with our first pick, but I can't be upset.

    Furthermore, if this draft is as deep as we keep hearing from everyone across the country (and their distant relatives) we have to believe there will be defensive studs into the mid-rounds and possibly into the 6th with our 3 picks. If Smiley gets traded for a third round pick or early 4th, I think it would make it a little easier to swallow and accept.

    For the record, I'm not advocating this pick, but I would understand. I would understand way more than Ginn, Moore, J allen, Y Green, least it's an immediate starter who is as close to a guarantee as there is in this draft. I know there are quality quards to be had in the mids, but the same arguement exists for defensive players so I believe it to be a wash.

    No matter what, regardless of position, I want a stud who is going to impact this team IMMEDIATELY!

  63. We Have PlaymakersMarch 26, 2010 at 10:38 AM

    Red Dog,

    I honestly can not see a scenario where we don't draft AT LEAST one & probably two NT's.  Last year Ferguson was healthy & we traded to get Tony McDaniel from the Jaguars to try him at NT.  While the McDaniel trade turned out to be a very good one considering we got him for only a 7th round pick, he's more of DE.  This year Ferguson is out for the first half the year, we definitely need to find a younger replacement, & we only have Soliai.  To go into a season with just one true NT who has only played sparingly would be unthinkable.

  64. Believe They only asked for a 1st Tin
    not a third

    and with Ginn and Cam to trade think we could make a deal

    Total of 6 WR TDs in playoff game 2008 + 4 preseason games + 16 regular season games is absolutely sickening
    That is 21 games with a record total of
    low 6WR TDs  (didn`t Brady throw 50 TDs in one season a little while ago)
    Makes me want to puke

    Henne is young and IMO will be our franchise QB for years to come
    with 24 yr old #1 WR Brandon Marshall
    and younger #2 Hartline, Bess  one of the best developing slot receivers in the game and 6.5 physical  WR Turner developing
    and a real good TE that can catch like Greg Olsen

    Miami Dolphins could have a great passing game for years to come with continuity of young players all developing with timing & chemistry together

    Many times our first round draft picks do not turn out to be much and sometimes a complete bust
    Dont care who is picking them
    It is a gamble

    Not every year a #1WR of this caliber comes to the table
    and our passing game is the joke of the NFL

    I know
    I hear the booing
    Very Loud at Ted Ginn at our home games

    and 7-9 SUCKS
    Jets and Pats are going to get much better

    Need to get over trying to win the draft lottery and
    Go with a sure thing

    So far  I like Nolan, Dansby and Incognito but
    C`mon man we need to have a #1 WR that commands double teams every week and opposing teams game planning against him (instead of laughing at us)

    Think how good Hartline, Bess and Turner or new TE  could be with Marshall getting doubled

  65. The Knight who says Ni!March 26, 2010 at 10:55 AM

    Does anyone know anything about this Worilds guy? I keep hearing his name come up. He's another short end.

  66. son of a son of a shulaMarch 26, 2010 at 11:05 AM

    I think he's coming off an injury (shoulder) and based on what I can find out about him 2nd and 3rd are a reach fourth or fifth rd guy IMO.

  67. I don't think they're too locked into a unit-specific spending limit - they
    will always spend more on O-line, D-line, LB and CB than on QB, WR, TE, RB
    and S. If they could lock in 3 starting-caliber Tackles and it push them up
    to 35 million I think they'd keep all 3 and make cuts elsewhere. For the
    record I think they spent that much last year alone between Long, Smiley,
    Grove and Carey.
    Right now they're biggest inflation is probably at that ILB unit, but they
    have a cheap group of OLB so it balances out - I think they also have a
    relatively cheap DL right now. When you look at all the salaries, the
    O-line has go to be 25% of the team just between the 5 starters.

  68. Welcome aboard, Tin runs a good show here.  My wife hates him.......

  69. The Raiders have changed their safety line up about 5 times in the last 3

  70. Although I think TE upgrade would be great, I think Dorin will be a great all around NFL WR, and we would use him as one.  Remember, Trifecta wants WR who are physical and willingly block!  Can't believe there isn't more buzz on him especially after the combine, dude is an amazing physical specimen........

  71. I don't think it's so much forethought on Armando's part....I don't know squat but I throw out random scenarios because with our leadership, anything's possible!  I here 'ya, and if Lupati is TRULY a beast with all the elements to dominate in the NFL that would be awesome, but I've heard plenty of people who have watched his games and say he's good, but not THAT good.....

  72. I have the chiefs taking Berry - they've tried to talk him down lately and
    claim they'd never take a safety that high in order to prevent teams from
    trying to leapfrog them.

  73. Hey I think this draft is great for NTs, I'm just trying to look at it from all angles, and everyone is CONVINCED we will draft NT, which with this regime, doesn't mean squat.  I just want to hear everyone's adjustment if somehow we were told that we weren't going that direction! 

    Remember, a lot of people thought a 6'3" CB was unthinkable........

  74. Nc, I'm of the opinion that having an awesome OL and DL can make up for lot of deficiencies playing behind them. Obviously an offense needs a QB and a defense needs CBs but an average RB can be great behind a great line and LBs jobs get a lot easier if they don't have guards chasing them down. The formula has become pretty standard, just look at all the tackles sloted in the top 50 this year... QB, great lines and CBs and you're going to win in this league.

  75. The Knight who says Ni!March 26, 2010 at 11:34 AM

    son, at 6-1 255 he doesn't seem to fit on the outside for us.

  76. Still do
    the worst is yet to come LOL

  77. Yeah Tin, I see the measurables but I just can't place the guy and I was at every USF home game last year. One thing I think about USF players is they are much better than people think. I thought Jim Leavitt was a terrible coach. They were one of the most undisciplined teams I had ever watched. Once they got down, Leavitt would start moping on the sidelines or start screaming at his players instead of trying to change what was going wrong. Every time Grothe would turn his back to the defense and bale out of the pocket I would go crazy!

    All that ranted, I think the players are a lot better than their college numbers showed. That was a talented football team. Watch all of a sudden Skip Holtz is going to look like a genius... So if Mitchell is around in the 6th round I would take a chance on him.

  78. Well actually yes his crohn's disease is a concern to me.  That's allot of money to be shelling out for a player that has Crohn's.  Although I don't care how much money Ross puts out it's not mine.  I do care about the cap space though.  That cap space demands the money spent needs to be used on the best talent with out going over it.  That puts teams into a pickle do they want a hi maintainance player with great talent or do they choose a guy that fits into the scheme at a lower rate.

    I think we will have to defer this question to the Dolphins to answer about McClain.  As for me, I'd like to see a better 40 time from him.  But man he looks the part doesn't he ?  If he can stay healthy along with Dansbary OH MY that could change a defense in a hurry.

    What's funny is how did the team go to the playoffs 2 years ago ?  That team gave me false hopes for the future.  This will be the third draft by the trifecta.  Looking back they have done a pretty good job, and the team is still talent starved in many areas.

    I can't remember if it is you or FFR that would be so happy to see Ginn gone.  For myself I don't think the WR are all that bad if Henne can get them the ball.  The key to the passing game is Henne and not the WR, and I think Henne is coming along.  His last few games were pretty good, and that will help the WR, they may need just a little more time.  Plus with the other needs really pressing we need them more than a WR that may have some off the field questions.

    Man did that answer anything ?

  79. You know I'm all for spending money for the big uglies.  Those guys control the game whether you are a passing team or a running team.  The game has changed but the fundementals have not.  A team still needs to make blocks and make tackles.  I don't think the Dolphins are quite at the talent level of the teams that do that well.

  80. As WHP mentioned we only have one NT, but you want us to disreguard that for now and say what should we look for.  Well how about a position that is even in worse shape than NT and that position is Free Safety.  It's pretty early drafting a Free safety with the 12 pick becuase of the money issues.  Is Thomas or Berry worth as much as Reed, or Palamalu because that is type of money they will command.

  81. I think we take we double down with Jeff Owens DT from Georgia in the 6th/7th round to play the nose. I also think we take Mike Williams WR in the 6th if he still there. He will cost next to nothing to get a chance a show his skills.

  82. Isn't Graham in that mold ?

  83. Hey Tin I have a question, First off, it feels good to get back to talking all things dolphins. I've been deployed and hopefully will be back long enough to watch the draft!!

    Can you explain why you would want Dan Williams with the first pick?? I think he is overrated, I said that earlier ( I know). Here is my arguement. No one knows if he can play the nose. He is projected as the best "potential" nose in this draft, but I don't think he comes close to the talent level of Ngata of B-more, who was also picked 12th. Don't you think it's too much of a risk to draft a project with our 12th pick?

    Personally, after debating this Lupati dude, I would prefer him over Williams (today anyway, I could be persuaded.)

    I'm really hoping for Earl "The Pearl" or a miracle to land Berry. I know you like N Allen from USF, what do you think the dropoff in talent is between Thomas and Allen??

    I know I loaded it up, but do your thing. I repect your insight as well as many others (on this site

  84. Agreed - I had a hard time letting go of Leavitt because of the history -
    but I think his assistants were terrible, more so than him. Personally I
    think the coaches may have dumbed down the schemes because the players
    weren't all A students - but you look at someone like Mitchell or Johnson,
    they could've had huge careers in more pass-friendly schemes.
    And then there's the fact that we had really good running backs too, like Mo
    Plancher, Mike Ford and Ben Williams - they could've all thrived being
    feature backs but have always had to share the load with several others -
    sometimes when I watch a USF game I swear there's 200 players on the

  85. Why does anyone still listen to and/or respond to Home?  And why does he frequent every blog?  I have never once responded to him and feel we should all do the same.  Eventually, he'll leave when he has no attention like a lost little puppy dog...

  86. Tin, your blog rocks!  Thanks for the mock drafts.  I love the idea of the pick 3 players at each spot.  I don't know enough to do it myself and I tend to think teams have more of a player by position based on importance strategy.  I see us going with OLB or possibly NT at #12.  I know it's not Tuna's style to go NT that early but times have changed and the supply is low and demand is up.  May have to reach...  Rather reach there than at other positions.

    I also think the Fins will trade back and get more picks Cleveland Browns last year style.  THey know this draft is loaded and want to get as many picks as they can.  Plus, they like 'em cheap and what better way to do that than get out of the first round?

  87. Hey NcDolfan -
    First of all I've noticed a lot of you referring to the big fella as Lupati
    - it's an I, not an 'L', i.e. iupati. Personally I look at Iupati and I see
    Vernon Carey, and most of you know how I feel about him. There's always a
    line drawn between o-linesmen in the draft - for Tackles its ones that can
    play LT and ones that can't. For Guards it's ones who can play LG and ones
    who can't. Personally, I want both Tackles to be LT quality and I want both
    Guards to be LG quality. I'd love a Guard who's actually capable of playing
    LT too. So the question is, can Iupati start at LT in the NFL? probably not
    - so he doesn't grade as a Tackle - how about Guard, is he a dynamic pulling
    Guard that can start on the left? I don't think he is - therefore I don't
    know how he could possibly warrant the 12th overall pick. You say Williams
    is a project - let me tell you there is no bigger project than going from
    being a college OL to an NFL one. Do I think he can get there? Sure, he's
    a smart, determined person who has shown he can change positions at the
    college level. Do I think he'd supplant Incognito and D Thomas and Nate
    Garner in 2010? No.
    Now onto the NT question - almost every NT in the NFL was a project at one
    point - BJ Raji in GB, Ferguson in Miami, Ngata in Baltimore and Vince
    Wilfork in New England - none of these guys played a lick of NT in College.
    So that excuse that 'no one knows if he can play nose' is completely
    invalid. It's not about where they line up, it's about how much space they
    occupy, and how many blockers they can take on - watch Williams and you'll
    see he's soaking up the middle. He has the size, the girth, and the
    strength to play the Nose as well. You could also use the same excuse that
    any QB in college has not faced an NFL defense, or that any college DE can't
    play OLB, or any college DT can't play 3-4 DE - at some point you have to
    look at a guy and see if he has the measurables, the intangibles, and the
    talent to play football, and then you have to let the coaches and that
    player put it all together into a finished product. Now, I know some of
    this applies to Iupati too, but the difference is we are in the market to
    spend a 12th overall pick on a NT and Williams grades in the mid-1st round -
    whereas Iupati grades a little bit lower and is not at a position that
    warrants a 12th overall pick.
    Williams could start from day 1 - Iupati - I doubt it.
    As far as free safety goes - I think we should let Jason Allen play FS or
    bring in a veteran - I don't like the idea of having a 2nd year guy like
    Clemons and a rookie all by themselves on the team - we also have that Nate
    Ness guy but I don't know anything about him. If I were to draft a FS, for
    the reasons above I'd take on in the later rounds like Kam Chancellor -
    someone who can run and cover deep but also lay some wood. I'm not a fan of
    Thomas - I think I'm all alone in that club - but I just see him playing CB.

  88. We Have PlaymakersMarch 26, 2010 at 2:12 PM

    ".....And so that is the reason that despite my appreciation for Brandon Graham, for example, I see little to no chance the Dolphins would draft the Michigan star to be their OLB because he's 6-1 and not 6-3 or 6-4. It is a shame because, clearly, the adherence to prototype forces the Dolphins to pass on certain guys."


    That's exactly what Armando said but I still don't think that will be the reason why we don't take him.  IMO--The reason we won't take him is b/c of Sergio Kindle.

  89. I disagree - I think they will trade up - they tried to do it last year but
    got screwed by the Jets and Patriots beating them to the punch with their
    own trades, so the Dolphins couldn't find a trading partner - I don't
    remember who they were trading up for - anyone?

  90. We Have PlaymakersMarch 26, 2010 at 2:38 PM

    This is from Coach Sparano...."If you continue to turn your cheek to prototype, to size, to speed, to those types of things, to the mental part of it, to the prototype players, to the position specific skills, then all of a sudden you turn around and two years later you look at your football team and you have a team full of non-prototype players," Sparano said. "So you have a lot of non-prototype players and you’re a small team, you’re not a big team. You’re a slow team, you’re not a fast team because you like this kid and you like his qualities and he’s a good football player.

    Meanwhile they drafted Pat White with a high 2nd round pick who hardly has the prototypical size.  One of the reasons I didn't think they would draft Vontae is b/c he's 5"11.  Patrick Cobbs is one of Sparano's favorite players.  Bess is extremely undersized & the last time I checked Ginn is still on the roster.  
    I honestly don't know if Parcells & Sparano are right or wrong in their philosophy of "prototypes."  Bill Polian & the Colts have drafted smaller players on defense with an emphasis on speed & at the end of the day the Colts are a much better tackling team that we are & are always one of the best teams in the NFL.  So go figure???   All I know is that we need more playmakers on both sides of the ball.  Get me a TE, a WR, a FS, & a SLB that can make play after play after play..... Get me a nasty NT that is a beast & must always command a double team.   And finally get me an OLB that can consistently get pressure on the QB.  Who cares if we have a team of big guys if they can't get the job done???

  91. Armando said the same thing ?  Man I hate when those reporters paraphrase me.  lol .  This is to much for my little brain keeping up with all the possable choices.  After the first few rounds I'm finished, and I think name recognition takes over for the most part unless I have actually seen them play and they stood out for me in some way.  I don't watch baby ball
     "college" if I did my Wife would shoot me, and I wouldn't like that. :)  She is more important to me than watching football on Saturdays.  Don't tell her I said that !!!

  92. We Have PlaymakersMarch 26, 2010 at 2:47 PM


    I still don't understand why you & all these draft experts think that Dan Williams can be a NT but Price can't.  Because he's only 6'1"???  That doesn't mean a thing to me.  Wilfork is only an inch taller than Price.  Bottom line--He's stronger & quicker than Williams & I would not be shocked if we took him.  At the end of the day I still think it will be Kindle b/c he's going to be a stud.

  93. We Have PlaymakersMarch 26, 2010 at 2:51 PM


    Trade up for who???

  94. I have to agree with you about Home.  But sometimes he is so so well lets not say it, and not saying something is to much to ask.  Most of us know he is few cards short of a full deck.

  95. son of a son of a shulaMarch 26, 2010 at 3:32 PM

    There's a certain guy. Tuna is smart. Another new # for QM.

  96. The Knight who says Ni!March 26, 2010 at 4:09 PM

    I think we were going after Orakpo.

  97. The Knight who says Ni!March 26, 2010 at 4:10 PM

    son, who are referring too?

  98. Maybe they didn't think V.Davis would fall to them, he was expected to go between 15 an 20. Just a guess...

  99. Maybe the're more strict to adhere to the prototype philosophy with the trench postitions, and with the skill players they allow themselves to have some exceptions...

  100. YOU say we only have one NT, but some may see Soliai, McDaniels, and Starks as very viable options.  And don't forget, I have a theory that Dotson could be a candidate, and some have even suggested Merling.  And yes Tin, I know me mentioning Dotson gets your fingers itching to rip me on that keyboard, just stretch before you do it because I don't want you to pull something and endanger the blog.....


    Rnd 1   ILB McClain  (push Dansby outside)
    Rnd 2   WR DeMarius Thomas  (I'd Luvv ABenn too,had to be different),either-one's good w'me!!
    Rnd 3   FS  Morgan Burnett 
    Rnd 4   DT  Terrell Troupe 

    IFFF  McClain's gone tooo!! (TRADE-DOWN HOPEFULLY)!!

    Rnd 1     DT  DWilliams  ( I'd Luvv TINs choice of BGraham too),again GOTTA be different!!
    Rnd 2  OLBHY JHughes ( DT CODY here,IFFF BGraham's the rnd 1 pk)!! BOTH Rnd 2 STEALS!!
    Rnd 3    ILB   BSpikes  ( Rnd 3 STEAL)!!!
    Rnd 4    WR  EDecker, ( Jeremy Williams, David Gettis,or FS's Myron Lewis,Kam Chancellor/IFFF DECKERS GONE!!

    I'd do BACKFLIPS for TIN's or my own!!!
    Haven't read other's,(but pretty-sure I'd become a gymnist IFFF many came to be)!!!  GOFINS!!!

    SITE'S LOOKIN GREAT TIN!!!  New stuff cross-the-top remind's me of no AQUAVISION)!! ;)

  102. SOSOS "". They have #'s 13 and 17. The move from 17 to 12 is worth 250 points or a 3 & 4 or something close to it. San Fran would then have 12 and 13 and get their guys in the first round while leap frogging Seattle's second first rounder. ""

    Been suggesting the same for mnths,(PLEASE LET IT BE)!!
    SF has historically affected FIN drafts,
    (whether by pking ahead,or jumping ahead of us while choosing one of FINS/MY interest)!!
    Studied them for 25 yrs when I lived in the Bay area,and they were alway's pissing me off on draft day!!
    LOTSA gyz worth the 17th pk that we MAYYY BE FORCED to take @ 12,(let-alone the xtra 3rd/4th rndr)!! 

     among numerous other HIGHLY TOUTED plyrs @positions of FIN NEED/desires!! 

  103. Thanks for the effort and time in your response Tin...very good points about the O-line and the guard position. I understand now what you are looking for in translating from a DT to 3-4 NT. It makes sense.

    With the size constraints of the FO, I'm thinking the pick is not going to E Thomas. I'm sure they want some beef and size with that first pick....Dan W would sure add beef, so would Iupati, but your arguement against him, when compared to Vernon, just scared me so bad I think I need to change my drawers!! I know it's a guessing game, but I decided we can do better than OG with the 12th.

    I'll do some more personal research on D Williams to look at the things you mentioned.

  104. KV I love this pick " <span>Rnd 2   WR DeMarius Thomas "  If we can get this guy and he pans out no one will be talking about Dez Bryant.  In my view they are both question marks.  Dez because of the screw up in his senior year and the suspension, and DeMarius because of the injury and not being able to show case his skills last year.</span>

    Yet when I look at them as potential Thomas is better, plus I like the way he uses his hands to catch the ball.  He looks as if he is catching a butterfly and not hurting it, just great catching technique.  Dez doesn't look that good to me catching the ball.

    I look at as if we are going to reach for player in the # 2 spot as last year, this is good player to do that with.  Big, strong, fast, and unproven.  That's better than the PW pick last year !!!

  105. Tin,

    This team has way too many needs on defense to take 2 offensive players within the first 3 picks. I can see them taking a big WR like Benn in the 2nd round, but in that scenario, the 1st and 3rd round picks will both be defensive players. Also, I would be surprised if they took an OLB who was only 6"1 (Graham) with their first pick if someone like Kindle is still on the board. Other than that, good job with the mock draft.  

  106. Well Joey Porter was arrested, that didn't take long.

  107. <span>WHP, like Polian and the Colts liking fast defenders, I think what Sparano was trying to say was you have to choose a formula and stick with it. If the blue print is for huge athletic lines playing a bruising style of football and generally bigger athletic players across the board and all of a sudden you fall in love with a couple Pat White's, then your team loses it's identity. I actually think that quote was a way of saying Pat White was a mistake without coming out and actually telling the world Bill Parcells messed up by going against his own formula.</span>
    <span> </span>
    <span>We have seen what happens to teams when they go through constant identity changes. Wannstedt, then Saban, then Cameron in the span of 5 years left the Dolphins without any direction and a group of mismatched players. I personally think there are many styles of play that will work in the NFL, but the players must match the system. Once the players become a hodgepodge of different attributes suited for different systems then 1-15 season tend to follow.</span>

  108. IMHO,DEZ got a raw deal on that suspension,(he didn't do anything socially disgraceful)!!!
    The NCAA/NFL just wanted to be his Mommy,and enforce who he can/can't be friends with,IMHO!!
    I have a mock where DBryant's my 1st rnd pk,(I've had my eye on him for yrs)!!

    I feel we HAVE TO GO DT/NT,or LB (probably OLB) even more than McClain @12,
    but IFFF McC's there,I can see KD ply'n @ ROLB opposite CWake,(and then we wouldn't need an early OLB)!!!

    KINDAAAA hope McC's not there(chrones),
    and I actually like my 2nd scenario a teeeny bit more,
    1st rnd DT/NT,to go with(2nd,3rd,AND 4th rnd STEALS)!!!

    HOWEVER,now that I've thought about it some more,
    with JHughes being my 2nd rnd pk,(versatile KD can stay @ILB),
    and there'd really be no immediate need for Spikes,
    so I'd probably put my 1st scenario/3rd rnd FS Burnett in Spikes 3rd rnd pk/#2 scenario!!
    THOUGH, we forced Jack DelRio into retirement w'the ZT/54 selection,(wayy back when),
    sooo MAYBEEE a STEAL like Spikes in the 3rd (c/o CCrowder) isss still a possibility??!!

    I think the 1st pk is going to have a major influence on what position choice the 2nd pk is (DUHH),
    (somewhat innerchangeable as farr as DEEPEST NEED goes)!!   NT/OLB???  OR McC & slide KD outside???

    Here's my solution,should said plyr's be available @ said pks(MINUS McC)!!!
    (BGraham/Cody SHOULD both be available @ both pks),while the
    DWilliams/Hughes combo both being available is farrr less likely(esp Hughes)!!
    As you know, I'm a cup half-full kinda guy, though either-way my thirst WILL BE QUENCHED!!

    1st )   DT     DWilliams           ORRR  (OLBHY BGraham,etc,etc,etc)
    2nd) OLBHY JHughes,etc,etc   ORRR     (DT     TCODY ) depending on 1st rnd positional pk!!!

    3rd)    FS      MBurnett     ( Spikes/ c/o CCrowder??)
    4th)    WR     EDecker      ( WR,or FS) depending on 3rd rnd positional pk!!!

    I'd be EXTREMLY HAPPY w'something simular to either of my initial or updated mocks!!
    MY scenario's 
    #1  ILB McClain , WR DThomas, FS MBurnett, DT TTroupe
    #2  DT DWilliams, OLB JHughes, FS MBurnett/(Spikes?), WR EDecker/(WR,FS)
    #3 OLB BGraham etc,etc, DT TCody, FS MBurnett, WR EDecker/best WR available
    Just hope BP takes MBurnett in the 3rd so that I'm 25% right in all scenario's,LOL!!! :-D

    DThomas 2nd rnd,(AHHHH buttIlikeittooo!!) THANX for the input!!!   GOFINS!!!


    1st rnd)  ILB  McClain  (reason's above)

    2nd rnd) DT/NT TCody

    3rd rnd)  FS  MBurnett/best available FS or WR

    4th rnd)  WR EDecker/best available WR or FS

    GO     M    I    A    M    I          D    O    L    P    H    I    N    S !!!!! >:o

  110. Graham is a better football player than Kindle period! I don't care about a couple inches.

  111. The Knight who says Ni!March 28, 2010 at 7:09 PM

    It's too early for all that. Most rookie QBs don't play at all. Pat White got exposed. He's undersized, changed his mechanics and got a handful of plays here and there as a rookie. That's no way to evaluate a QB. It was just a taste.

    That said, we all know we drafted White for more than just his QB and passing skills.  ;)

  112. I don't know if I can see the Dolphins drafting Cody even in the second round... I see too much Andre Smith in him to take the chance he might be able to shed that weight and be motivated to play football after he gets paid a few million dollars. The Spidey senses go off with this guy or better yet, the bust senses...

  113. son of a son of a shulaMarch 29, 2010 at 6:07 AM

    Pizza! Pizza!
    Linebacker! Linebacker!

  114. Knight
    Checked out your blog as
    U posted a link at the SS this morning

    Good Luck but think Tinshaker
    Has U beaten hands down

    Hope this correspondence finds U doing well
    Take Care

    :) Home

  115. ps
    Tried to warn U
    about the flooding coming in NJ (again warned U 4 days ago)
    If U need help
    Do not be afraid to ask

    Love :)

  116. Glad to see Karma took care of Peezy...

  117. What bothers me is how much of an influence he wielded in the Dolphins' locker room and whether, or not, that influence led to the late season collapse! I recall that it was considerable.

  118. We Have PlaymakersMarch 29, 2010 at 12:13 PM


    Don't know if you're around today but Gil Brandt described Sam Bradford's workout as the best he's seen since Troy Aikman when he was with Dallas. 

    Looks like the Rams are going to wind up taking him after all.  Now I'm just hoping that one of these idiotic teams like Seattle or Cleveland or the Redskins falls in love with Clausen & then the draft will REALLY get interesting for us.

  119. Not to mention the fact that half the world thinks Miami is seriously trying
    to move up to draft CJ Spiller (honestly, how did the media get so

  120. The Knight who says Ni!March 29, 2010 at 12:52 PM

    LOL, I knew this post would be from you on Tin's site. Now how would I know that? You see, obsession always rears its ugly head. You've been sloppy.

    Thanks for confirming what a bunch of us have known about you for quite awhile now. By the way, horrible job on the blog. I hope you didn't spend too much time on it.

  121. The Knight who says Ni!March 29, 2010 at 12:52 PM

    Who's saying that?

  122. Come on Knight, according to your blog, you have no life and patrol the internet constantly for Dolphins news - yet you haven't heard this?  ;)

  123. I'm just glad he's gone now.  I didn't like when we signed him and, despite one great season, he didn't have much else to offer.  He's a head case, always has been, always will be. 

  124. This could be one interesting draft considering all the movement of players in the top picks.  I'm just rooting for all the teams to pull an Al Davis and fall in love with a guy who should go later. 

    I heard something about a Knight blog but not from him so I presume it's not real based on that and Tins comment.  Why don't Tin and Knight pair up to be a blogger version of Siskel and Ebert?  I can respect your opinions as I know you are saying what you truly believe and not trying to stir some media pot or chasing down a false lead just to get website hits.

  125. The Knight who says Ni!March 29, 2010 at 1:48 PM

    Ball buster!  :-P  

  126. Considering what happened to Siskel and Ebert, I'm not sure how to feel
    about that comment....

  127. I hear'ya !!

    I've been a fan of his for 3 yrs or so,(AND THEN, @the combine noticed his physique)!!
    I'd had him ranked in the 1st rnd last yr had he come out,
    but NOWWW, (I TOO ""DON'T KNOW"") iff BP'd take his fattt-buttt in ANY ROUND??!!
    He's just the only NT that's worthy of that particular pk,in that particular scenario,(FOR NOW)!!
    Jus hoping most to land a TOP 5 NT & LB in the first 2 to 3 rnds,(or TTroupe in the 4th)!!
    MIGHT even take him in the 3rd,ifff there's an early run and the pkings are thinning??!!

  128. Knight U R Nuts !
    Come to grip, man

    Would never create a blog or spend my time trolling U
    or impostering U

    Smart folks know all my posts and posting style
    Think U R ok most of the time
    Bit Nerdy & Boring with over opinionated negative posts on real good players  and seems like U have your parents views and yankee non innovative, non independent thinking
    Not for my taste

    But U do fill a lot of otherwise dead blog space  ;)LOL

    For the record
    Have not posted on Omars blog in about 3 weeks
    Not even once
    Will post in the next few weeks and say Hi to all the Dolphin football coach potatoes

    Like I told U
    Lot of people do not like your "wanna be elitest attitude"

    Thinking this is me is ridiculous (confirm thru e-mail to ss Chris T)
    Like I said
    U Dont get paid to think  LMAO:)

    Any Jet updates from U in your local hometown Jet country of NJ


  129. ROTFALMAO :)

    (Tribute to maddog Jim M)

  130. Chicago Dawgg
    Have some extra tickets to Disney World in Florida

    U want to ride Dumbo the Flying Elephant ride with me?

    Or the Magic Tea Cups?

    Good Time to get to know one another over ice cream and the most magical place on earth, eh?

  131. This is a time for Hype.  Well actually that's a full time for the major news networks. Hype is there middle name.

    It is also the same for those in the NFL.  I mean come on, would Gil Brandt say Bradford wasn't the real deal ?  In todays day and age Brandt could get sued saying something that could lead to Bradford sliding to where he should be picked.  In my view that would be in the middle of the first round.  I'm not in favor of taking a QB very early in the first round because of the risk compaired to reward.  Plus the fact that Bradford has a sugically repaired shoulder, and for the QB position that makes him even a bigger ? mark.

    I hope Bradford and Clausen go in the top 10 this year for the obvious reason.

  132. true but if a million people saw Bradford hit approx 60 of 61 passes and
    look good in other drills, why is Brandt being singled out as the only
    opinion - the truth is everyone was impressed, not just Brandt. At the same
    time, a pre-draft workout has nothing to do with being under center on
    Sundays with the best pass-rushers in the country coming after you while the
    best corners cover your receivers.

  133. Guess I should have clarified that I meant it sincerely when they were on top.  Not in regards to more recent history...