Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Battling for the Ball

The following receivers all play the same position, more or less, but each brings something to the game that makes it less black and white than just picking the 5 best guys for the final roster.

Chris Williams, #87.
This guy is TINY. Unbelievably small, especially for the trifecta. I can tell you he had 18 games with over 100 yds in receiving, including 7 with 150 or more during the last 3 years of his time at New Mexico State. I can tell you he averaged over 21 yards per punt return. Those are INSANE stats especially considering he missed 5 games due to injury in his Junior year and two in his freshman year but still managed to average 62 catches a year. But what does he bring to the NFL. At 5'7", 170lbs, he seems limited to the return game, howver he has been ballin with the dig dogs and actually making catches and scoring a TD here and there. Sparano may not be 'feeling' him yet, but Williams seems ready to put in the work.

Brian Hartline, # 82. Hartline ended his OSU career with at least one catch in 30 straight games. Similar streak to another Miami/OSU receiver we know. At first glance he may seem like a carbon copy of Camarillo, but let's face it, you can never have too many Camarillos. We could've used an extra one last season. There is one major difference between Hartline and Camarillo however. Hartline is a special teams ace. He can return punts as well as knock someone's lights out on kick returns.

Anthony Armstrong, #11. This dude's so good he can read a magazine in the end zone after scoring before the defense catches up to him!
Seriously though, he has now impressed in two straight off seasons. He was an easy choice for the practice squad last year, he did enough in TC and pre-season to warrant keeping around. This year he seems determined to make the 53-man roster. He would provide a good reserve for Ted Ginn's speed, but his toughness was questionable last year. Has he improved this apect of his game?

Davone Bess, #15. Bess is the newly-appointed fan favorite in Miami, and for good reason. Camarillo may have won that award in 2007 for one play, but Bess won it for coming out of UDFA oblivion to starting line-up and Dolphin rookie receiving records. I really don't see anything Bess could do to fall out of favour in TC, he does everything the Dolphins ask of him. If I were to say anything negative about him it's that he's a Rainbow Warrior. That's all I've got. Oh wait, no, I got one. If he were 4 or 5 inches taller and 20lbs heavier he would be an unstoppable BEAST. So, work on that, Davone.

Brennan Marion, #14. This guy averaged 100 yards or something like that everytime he caught the ball. Every you tube video of this guy is a 90 yard bomb play. So we know he can outrun everyone and get open on fade routes. I want to see him matched up on Jason Allen to see if he can really outrun NFL caliber speed. One thing I will say is that no one in the media noticed when he came off of his injury and joined the team in OTAs. Sparano mentioned him once, but only in reference to Camarillo's injury rehab, so it's not looking all shiny for Marion.

Ted Ginn, Jr, #19. Sparano is impressed with Ginn's OTA presence, saying he's improved in just about every aspect of the game. His confidence is better, his routes are better, and his body is stronger. The big question: Is Chad Pennington's arm better? Fact: If Pennington gets a bit more under the final throw of 2008's Game 1, Ginn catches that for a TD instead of it being a Jet interception. Fact: there were several times in the Arizona game that Ginn had blown up the defense and Pennington didn't throw to him, opting to dink and dunk. I don't think Pennington's arm hurts the team, but I do think it hurts Ginn's career. Back to that Arizona game, Ginn went without a catch until Chad Henne came in to replace Pennington.

Greg Camarillo, #83.
To some fans, his heroics (or is it heroic, with no 's') in 2007 and his first half of 2008 would seem to be enough to guarantee Camarillo's return to grace. The truth is, that Hartline guy is similar and adds ST abilities, and Armstrong will make a real push. Still, even if he does not start in Game 1, Camarillo is one of the top 5 WRs on the team, and his rehab may bring him back into the starting line-up before long.

Brandon London, #17. I'll admit I didn't see it in the guy then, and I still don't see it now. He is athletic, has good size, and can play special teams on the cover team. However, I saw him miss a lot of tackles, and his inability to get more playing time last year on a weak WR corps worries me. That and the fact he keeps twittering 'finna take a nap'. He should be really worried about complacency with all the competition in camp.

Patrick Turner, #84.
Turner really impresses me for two reasons. First, he has a combination of size, speed and athleticism that no other receiver on the roster has. A lot of people are slating him up against London in the WR competition. If that is the case, we might as well say goodbye to London. Turner is faster, stronger, and has an ability that has Sparano's eyes-a-popping: he lays himself out for catches. No one else really does this except for our tight ends. You can't teach physical toughness and Turner's got it. I fully expect Turner to press for a starting WR position, if not in 2009 then definitely in 2010. He may not be as polished as Britt or Nicks, but he might be better for the Dolphins in the long run as they won't have to shape their offense around that one receiver.

So those are the guys heading into camp. I was originally going to include Ernest Wilford in here because I don't buy the conversion to TE thing. A part of me thinks its just because they needed an extra body for reps in two TE sets. In any case, since he is working with the TEs I'll keep him there for now.

So who do you see being the top 5 who will survive? Or do you think there'll be six?


  1. The Knight who says Ni!June 17, 2009 at 5:23 PM

    Good analysis, Tin. 

    The thing about smaller players like Chris Williams is that the trifecta isn't against them if they can play, they just don't want a lot of them or pay a high draft choice for them. They have no problem bringing in undrafted guys like Jayson Foster, Davone Bess and now Williams.

    I agree with you about London. He doesn't seem to be taking the next step and jumping out at anyone. Omar was a pre- minicamp and OTA fan of London but has since cooled on him.

    As for Turner, I think he might become the big bodied WR we're looking for. So far so good without pads. As for being faster than London, he's not. London has run sub 4.5 and Turner is in the 4.6+ range though he may play faster which is more important. I'm just saying.  :)

    Besides Ginn, Bess and Camarillo who I think are locks as long as Camarillo is healthy and regains his form, I'm not sure who the other two WRs will be. Probaby Turner and Hartline.

    As for keeping 6 WRs I doubt it. I think because we have more talent than last year we're beginning to think we're deep now. I'm not sure we are and we might want to watch it play out before getting too crazy. I hope we end up being deeper than I think we are.

  2. I'm hoping we keep 6..
    (I'd hope #6 will be)London(w'the edge)or Armstrong,but for now #6 is STILL PW,(who IF HE EVER changes his number),IMHO will become the 6th receiver..

    MY TOP 5 are TG,DB,PT,BH,(GC pup??),I KNOW he's doing well,but I'd personally(cuz I've been there) find it a more miraculous recovery than RBs!!

  3. IF BLondon is wasting time on twitter rather than in the playbook,or attempting to better his football prowess somewhere,he's not long for this regime!! NO WONDER,he hasn't seperated from the bubble gyzzz!! 

  4. ...first ...and most important the heck do I post an avatar? :-[ ...good breakdown tin

    ...couple of things ...I'm still not sold on Ginn ...and until I see him in pads, actually make a hard hitting block to spring a teammate, I'm just not going to be ...there are eleven players on that offense and every single one of them has to be in the play until the whistle is blown panti-waisted prima donnas watching a LB blow by to tackle a teammate with the ball ...and Ginn did that ...I watched it in disbelief ...I know he can catch and it looks like he can rac in otas ...but in camp with pads on and knowing that Will Allen is going to unload on him if he turns upfield ...will he? ...yeah, I know, he's as close to a sure thing as there is on this team ...but damn it, I HATE wusses and Ginn is a wusse >:o

    ...second ...size matters ...really :)

    ...when the pads go on, it won't make a damn bit of difference what Bess did last year ...he is competing against at least four bigger guys for what could be just three slots ...he was productive in a marginal receiver set last year ...but how is he going to stack up against the competition this year ...especially when the trifecta is looking to get big at WR? you noted, he IS 5 inches shorter and 20lbs+ lighter ...he has to do more than just edge out guys like Hartline, London, and Armstrong ...he has to flat out beat them ...because if its close, I think size will win ...Parcels could care less what the fans think ...if he wins, they'll love him ...Bess or no Bess ...ask JT.

    ...third ...Ginn and Camarillo are likely sure things out of TC ...if we keep only three other WRs that puts a premium on size as noted above it means putting someone on the PS that is likely to be snapped up ...this is going to be one of the more interesting decisions out of TC

  5. ...regardless of the number, PW is not likely to be a WR or to fill a WR slot ...a RB/FB/HB/QB yes ...he did all of those in college and excelled at them ...but he never played WR and Sparano has given him no reps to even pretend he's learning the position.

    ...and consider that the spread offense from which PW has the most potential for causing defensive nightmares as QB, almost always requires 4 or 5 real WRs ...if PW is in the backfield throwing to those WRs, he can't fill one of their slots in the 45. much will depend on how PW does in TC being his first year, I don't see a major shift to the WC/Spread yet with him as QB ...but I do see them using him in a lot of outside running plays where he replaces Cobbs/Williams with the option to pass from the run ...think of Ginn/Armstrong running deep while the defensive backs try to decide to play the run or play the pass ...Penne gives to White running left and looks downfield to call the play to White based on what the defense commits to.

    ...I know, I know :)

  6. GUilty as charged, I've been drinking the Bess KoolAid for almost a year now.... and I don't care, that guy is awesome.

    Did you see that play against the Raiders where he dragged 6 defenders an extra 10 yards right up the middle of the field? Big fan.

    Also, great write up Tin, I definitely had a few laughs ("<span style=""><span style="font-family: verdana;">Oh wait, no, I got one. If he were 4 or 5 inches taller and 20lbs heavier he would be an unstoppable BEAST. So, work on that, Davone."</span></span> hahahaha, very funny.

    Keep em coming....

  7. The Knight who says Ni!June 18, 2009 at 7:03 AM

    lemmus, please! Now you're looking for Ginn to block LBs? And when is he in a position to block a LB who blew past a tackle? That's a new one. Some fans seem to go to great lengths to find negatives with Ginn. Why not just play him at tackle and be done with it? LOL

    <p style="padding: 0px; margin: 0px;">So you want our 5-11 180 WR to block LBs? That's a mismatch man and not something you want to see on a regular basis.

    Ginn has already proven himself on the field in real games. He's also made a bunch of tough catches over the middle of the field, taken the hit and held onto the ball. Do you remember those as well?

    Then you say Ginn and Camarillo are most likely sure things. Not sure what the point of all that was.

  8. The Knight who says Ni!June 18, 2009 at 7:09 AM

    Hey Tin, my draft pick Andrew Gardner signed or will sign today. I guess we'll see the results of the contest. Not that I think I did all that well. I know I screwed up a few of them.  :-E

  9. I actually drew up a very similar play out of the wildcat formation but decided not to post it for enemy eyes! lol

  10. really?  I was sure it was going to be a Pat...

    btw, London ran a 4.54 and Turner ran a 4.59 according to  But from what I've seen, Turner plays full speed and London doesn't.  I just don't think London has a full tank of gas.  Turner doesn't look fast but he doesn't look slow either, which I'm sorry to say I can't say about London and Wilford.

  11. I see that Wilford is not on this WR list.  Does this mean you think his TE days are going to continue?  If he takes a roster spot that Haynos should have otherwise, I'm going to be PO'd.  lol  Or are you thinking he's not going to make it at all?  Your roster still shows him at WR.

  12. Oops, guess I missed that last paragraph.  Pardon moi. :-[

  13. I can't get on the Sun-sentinel website....

  14. The Knight who says Ni!June 18, 2009 at 7:32 AM

    I'm hoping Turner can be that big WR we need. So far he's shown good hands and routes. Next test is with pads on.

  15. The Knight who says Ni!June 18, 2009 at 7:41 AM

    <span style="font-family: Times; ">
    <div style="color: #000000; font-family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 10px; background-image: initial; background-repeat: initial; background-attachment: initial; -webkit-background-clip: initial; -webkit-background-origin: initial; background-color: #ffffff; background-position: initial initial; margin: 8px;">
    <p style="padding: 0px; margin: 0px;">That's weird. They're also reporting the Gardner signing on the PBP.

  16. The Knight who says Ni!June 18, 2009 at 7:42 AM

    That's weird. The PBP is also reporting the Gardner signing.

  17. <div id="comment-6a00d8341c2c7653ef0115711eb633970b-content" class="comment-content"><span>

    First of all I made this point in my earlier comments from yesterday, you must have missed it, but the bigger question is, if this is a moot point and a definite no-no, then why did you write the blog article in the first place? YOU are the one who brought it up!
    Posted by: Tinshaker

    Look. I like your input and your blog ,but please get over yourself. We are not keeping track of who said what and when they said it. Very juvenile.
    <p>Posted by: Charlie
    <p>Looks like our friend the "fan" is at it again.  The previous 2 posts were all me and directed at the troll JETFAN.  As far as "A" game, I thought it was fitting to stoop to a level that a moron jetfan would understand.  Honestly I could care less about the content of your comments and have never told you to "get over yourself" let alone multiple times.  I do enjoy reading your blog and insight so I guess that part is true. 

  18. The Knight who says Ni!June 18, 2009 at 8:13 AM

    Charlie, "fan" thinks you, Mr. Bungle and someone else I can't remember the name, are all the same person. So I'm not surprised he posts as you to start crap on the SS blog.

  19. lemmus I don't think it's just all about size with the trifecta.  They do bring in smaller guys Bess, Armstong, Williams, and Foster last year.  They just don't draft these type of players.  Once here they will get a chance to make the team but they need to bring it from the get go.  They are not given any quarters with the trifecta.

    One thing though I think the only one here that would know if size matters is Herdfan and I'm not goint to ask her about that subject !!! ;)

  20. ok, well he's been doing it a lot lately then, but that explains why the comment is almost cut and pasted/carbon copies of each other.

    Thanks, Charlie.

  21. ni're reading something I didn't say ...the way I recall it Ginn was a few yards downfield and our back was going around the left side ...Ginn just stood there as an opponent flew past him to make the stop was blatant and it almost certainly cost us a few yards ...Ginn HAS to at least TRY to make that block.

    ...I'm not in conflict re Ginn ...I realize hes our best WR threat and is certainly a lock for the 45 ...I just think hes a panti-waisted wusse as well as a talented receiver ...I WANT him to be the complete player ...I WANT him to put his body on the line to spring his teammate ...THEN I'll become a real Ginn fan ...until then I'll hold my nose and hope for TDs out of him.

  22. ...its not ALL about size ...but given two WRs that are otherwise close in abilities, size will win ...imnsho.

    ...the smaller guy won't get an even break ...he has to clearly beat the bigger guy or he loses.

    ...never ask a woman about size
    ...its like a woman asking you if she looks fat :)

  23. I think I figured out who 'fan' is, at least the screen name they used before the imposter stuff started.   They still post occasionally under the original name.

  24. The Knight who says Ni!June 18, 2009 at 9:22 AM

    lemmus, my bad! I read "<span style="">no panti-waisted prima donnas watching a LB blow by to tackle" incorrectly. <span style="">I thought you said "by a tackle".</span></span>

  25. The Knight who says Ni!June 18, 2009 at 9:23 AM


  26. just know Henning has a notebook full of such that he is drooling over for the WRs, I think that option increases the chances of another speed receiver aka Armstrong actually making the team Ginn, Armstrong isn't as valuable at WR as long as Penne is the passer ...but you throw a PW option pass into the mix, WC or not, the speed burners become long ball threats that will give opponent's dcs nightmares. much of where this offense is headed depends on what PW does in camp ...he was a VERY accurate spread passer in college ...why he had accuracy problems in otas is a big question.

  27. i know you will take this as more ginn bashing but it isnt.  i am just talking about him, but what exactly has ginn proven on the field, other then he is a average wr.  now note, i didnt say he sucked or was a wimp or anything like that, i just said he is just an average wr.

  28. more importantly how did you figure it out

  29. ...herdfan ...haynos could be on the outside looking in regardless ...if they keep 6 WRs, they probably only keep 2 TEs ...Fasano is a lock, Martin can be beat out but Haynos didn't do it last year ...Wilford looked decent as a TE according to O in otas will tell the story ...can he block? ...if not, he's just another Martin and Martin has better hands based on what we've seen ...but, if Wilford can block, then he gives some offensive mismatches that Martin can't and Wilford actually keeps a roster position while Martin and Haynos look elsewhere ...either way Haynos looks to be fighting an uphill battle ...imnsho of course.

  30. The Knight who says Ni!June 18, 2009 at 9:45 AM

    What's the point in saying you figured out who fan is and then not say who you think it is.

    That's like saying I'll get the next round round and then not getting it.  8-)

  31. Attention to detail. 

    Seriously, if I were going to say, I would have said it the first time.  I could be wrong, it rarely happens  O:-) , but you never know.

    I have thought this for a while, something that was posted one day, and I looked back in the archives and there was an exchange that I think got the whole thing started.  Thats all.

  32. The next round round?

    Sounds like someone's had a round (or two) already!

  33. I've known who fan is all along, it's Armando Salguero!

  34. I'd never back out of buying a round.  That's pretty harsh in my group of friends.

    If I can find the day I think it all got started, I'll let you know, and you can figure it out.

  35. that is f-ing funny

  36. it doesnt matter if you are wrong, you are a woman.

    dont you know the rules by now, a woman can be wrong forever and the man will still listen with the hope of finding the promise land by the end of the evening.  if a man is wrong, every time he trys to get to the promise land, she will remind him how wrong he is

  37. Please please change the avatar back to the first one. 

  38. i guess it is easier said like this,

    doesnt matter if the woman is right or wrong, we arent listening and just starring at her breast.  LOL

  39. i did, i try not to use the other one if you are around, as a matter of fact, i wont use it any more.  my apologizes

  40. Seriously, more than anything, it was distracting.

  41. so some nerd poking at a keyboard is ok, but two hot woman kissing are distracting

  42. Could it be he went "Gloveless in Miami?"

  43. The Knight who says Ni!June 18, 2009 at 10:56 AM

    LOL, typo! No rounds for me today.

  44. As Solomon Wilcots said on NFL Network today (or yetserday in the US) can he resist the cheese, especially when it's waived in his face. He was talking about Aaron Curry I think, but it also applies to the mob and "fan". The Knight has the toughest job here, as he seems to be the object of fan's stalking obsession.

  45. I remember Armstrong doing well early doors last pre-season too, Tin, but he flattered to deceive. I'm looking forward to seeing if this is another false dawn or is he a year more mature, better  than he was and still improving?

  46. The Knight who says Ni!June 18, 2009 at 11:21 AM

    uk, I'm waiting for the Knight who says Ni! blog to come out. He hinted about that last week. That one doesn't bother me though because The Knight who says Ni! is used by a lot of people for all sorts of stuff.

  47. The Knight who says Ni!June 18, 2009 at 11:21 AM

    As in it turned you on?  ;)

  48. ...I don't think its the glove ...they took it off because he was inaccurate throwing with it on ...that has apparently not improved with it off. guess would be the speed of the game ...he has to throw much quicker here than he had to at WV ...but its just a wag ...I don't know the answer ...neither apparently do the coaches :(

  49. All that really matters is it gets fixed and I get the feeling we have the people to get it fixed! My glass is half full. :)

  50. I have to say the Bungle draft was actually funny. I will go to my grave never understanding why people with ability don't put it to good use. Why do criminal masterminds waste their talent and become prisoners? *DONT_KNOW*

  51. The Knight who says Ni!June 18, 2009 at 12:34 PM

    I feel the same way. Some people are very smart and spend all that time scheming and then end up in jail. I guess that's when smart meets stupid.

  52. NO.  Honestly, it was more how it kept playing over and over.  And FWIW, it looked like it was on FF speed.  I was getting concerned about those girls!  lol ;)

    I seriously feel bad he deleted his post.  I don't want to be a buzz kill or anything around here.  Boys will be boys and all that.

  53. Sounds good to me Lemmus!!

    IF a number 6 is permitted to line-up in the positions of RB/WR etc,I'm good w'that!!

    ALL these yrs, I thought that only one guy w'a(QB ONLY)designated number (1-10) could be on the field @ a time..

    Designated TBs have to be b/t #s 20-39,(correct),and designated WRs b/t 10-19,or 80-89,(correct),designated QBs 1-20,(correct),etc,etc,or do those requirements no longer apply??
    I realize CP lined-up @WR(as a decoy)for the most part,and the TBs lined-up outside also,I just thought #6 had to INITIALLY be the QB or nothing!!

    I like your idea of CP yelling out the coverage he see's(SHORRRT,LOOONNNGGG) to PW after handing-off to him(allowing PW to focus on the pursuit),and his passing-lane,(GOODSTUFF)..

    I ONLY say carry him as the 6th rec b/c that is the position that has the innerchangeable QB/WR number's b/t(10 and 20)which is what I thought would likely take place upon his being picked,so that he could LEGALLY line-up on the field practically ANYWHERE,ANYTIME..

    SO,IF he doesn't change his number,and he's not allocated as the #3/emergency QB,can he be on the field simotaneously anytime during the game w'CP or CH??
     And would he be carried as a #6 wearing RB(is that legal),so that CH doesn't have to be the designated #3/emergency QB??

    Do we HAVE TO designate a #3/emergency QB,or is CH in for a reality check??
    I'd find it wasteful to keep PW benched till the 4th qtr,and demoting CH could have an effect on his future confidence!!

  54. ...I'm certain PW will change his number somewhere in TC ...but its of only limited importance in his use ...QBs are 1-19 and WRs are 80-89 or 10-19 ...thus Penne at #10 could legally line up at WR omn the line of scrimmage in the WC without the refs having a come-to-jesus moment.

    ...but other than the rules regarding the line of scrimmage at the start of play, there are no restrictions afaik on who can throw, who can run, and who can catch unless you're a lineman PW can wear a 10-19 or even 20-49 and still do everything anticipated of him ...I'm pretty certain he'll get the #16 in TC since it gives him the same flexibility as Penne in the WC.

    ...the roster elible count declared at game time makes an exemption for a 46th player to dress as the emergency QB so it would have to be someone with a 1-19 jersey ...but the trick is that in the 4th quarter they throw out all the restrictions on using that 46th position ...the words are loose so who knows what the ruling would be ...I'm betting Sparano/Henning WILL know exactly what they can do before TC is over.

    ...and no, we don't HAVE TO declare a 46th player as the emergency QB ...but why wouldn't we? costs us nothing and is some level of flexibility especially at game end.

    ...I think we'll see Penne/Henne/White all on the 45 man game roster with Henne being the real buQB for Penne and White being a WC and option back ...I'd guess we've seen the last of Penne lined up at WR where someone is bound to decide to take a free shot at him eventually ...I was amazed no one did it last year just to discourage the WC's use.

    ...PW (assuming he gets his passing worked out and I'm confident he will) offers so many variables to the offense that I'm virtually certain he'll be on the field for most plays ...which may mean we carry one less FB or RB than we would have otherwise ...its a WAG at this point.

    ...and he could always be a bust ...its 6 weeks to TC and no one has been in pads yet ...I hope not of course, but who really knows until September gets here already :)

  55. lemmus, a QB can line up at WR for a handful of plays regardless of number.  Any player on the roster can line up at any position legally, the only rub being that a #50 thru #79 has to report to the refs as an eligible receiver. 

    If Henne were in the games last year, he could've lined up the same way Penne did in the WC.

    The question of changing Pat White's number is whether or not you can dress him in the games as a non-QB, i.e. it's not his primary position.  If he is listed as a WR going into the game, he can substitute in and out without affecting the other QBs.  i.e. you cannot line up two primary position Qbs in the backfield together (though wouldn't that be confusing to defenses, especially a double play action fake).

  56. ""I'm pretty certain he'll get the #16 in TC since it gives him the same flexibility as Penne in the WC."""

    I've been in agreement w'the flexibility point since picking him,and in agreement w'#16 since Lowber was cut.. But MAYBE he's waiting for Wilfords #18?? Thanx for your thoughts Lemmus!! GOFINS!! 

  57. """you cannot line up two primary position Qbs in the backfield together"""

    So I WAS somewhat right all these yrs!! Whewww(swipe of the forehead),thought for a moment that the game may have passed me by... 

  58. " you cannot line up two primary position Qbs in the backfield together" tin an NFL rulebook cite for that? ...I can't find one.

  59. ""and no, we don't HAVE TO declare a 46th player as the emergency QB ...but why wouldn't we? costs us nothing and is some level of flexibility especially at game end.  
    ...I think we'll see Penne/Henne/White all on the 45 man game roster with Henne being the real buQB for Penne and White being a WC and option back ..."""

    So who's your 46th??

    I'm REGRETFULLY thinking that IF they use that xtra roster spot..
    Pending PWs WFIN growth,
    it'll end-up being Henne,since he's not likely needed until Penne's done for the day anyways,(for one reason or another)..
    In which case,Henne'd then be free to come in anyways,or shorthly thereafter..

    I'd doubt that TS would be likely to pull CP b/4 the 4th qtr anyway's,but I'm sure if we're up by(40+exg) after the 1st qtr,Penne'd be willing to fake discomfort,so that the designated emerg#3 QB could get in b/4 the 4th qtr.. 

    I personally don't want that to happen to Henne,but it's looking probable unless PW changes #s..(What's the hold-up),proof of purchase??

    I don't see TriTuna not taking advantage of the extra roster spot!!

  60. As it currently stands(PW struggling),IF Henne gets relegated to #3,we'd be screwed IF Penne went-down early!!

    But then again IF PW continues to struggle,Henne's not the #3 anyway's,and the question's as irrelivant as it'd be post # redistribution...

    I believe the delay is planned until the last possible moment,so that the opposition has that much less time to prepare for such a possibility..(More time away from their base D plan of attack)!!