Tuesday, June 2, 2009

OTA Tin-Snips

The OTA session is over for Tuesday and all the bloggers have chimed in quickly, trying to beat each other to the punch. Armando won the race, Omar was Second, and third was Edgar who actually had the best coverage so far.

But once again, they all took different perspectives out of it. This is why it's important to read as many different blogs as possible because there is definite spin working on all of them (Tin's Fins being NO exception, LOL).

So, to be fair, I'm quoting all three newspaper blogs today:

Edgar Thompson: "
On one play, [Ronnie] Brown took a hand-off from Chad Pennington on a sweep, stopped and threw the ball back to Pennington, who heaved a wounded duck down field to Brandon London."

Armando Salguero:
"Brandon Frye continues to work with the first-team offensive line.That line left to right is Jake Long, Justin Smiley, Grove, Frye and Vernon Carey. The second-team line L to R was Andrew Gardner, Shawn Murphy, Joe Berger, Frye and SirVincent Rogers. Yes, Frye is getting a lot of repetitions

Omar Kelly: "I can finally see where the coaches are going with this experiment.
With Wilford, who worked with the second and third team offense today, it's hard to determine what to defend him with.When he goes into motion he messed up the match up the defense has fabricated. It allows running backs to be WIDE open in the flat, or speedy receivers to potentially have a linebacker assigned to them."

Below is the latest Aquavision presentation with blaringly loud obnoxious music (I can only assume this is meant to distract any coaches from opposing teams who might be watching. I recently watched a Bengals OTA video, and there was no music at all, so you could hear the plays being called.)

And below is Wilford saying he didn't get enough opportunities in 2008 yet again.

Brandon London on the competition between wide receivers:

Joey Porter wants to be a mentor:

Tomorrow we will go over Sparano's press conference with a fine-tooth comb. I only got a chance to browse through it so far but it was remarkably cliche-free for the most part.


  1. <span style=""><span style="font-family: verdana;">"Tomorrow we will go over Sparano's press conference with a fine-tooth comb. I only got a chance to browse through it so far but it was remarkably cliche-free for the most part."</span></span>
    Well, that can only mean one thing.  He is one of your lurkers, and knew it was a contest question.  LOL

  2. I hope Dan Henning doesn't read this.....

  3. WOWWWWWW,so it wasn't my imagination that we were shorthanded @WR in several games.. BLondon said we only dressed 3 WRs for the last two games!! I find that,wayyy to risky,and it cost us a couple winning opportunities in games where we didn't have the correct personnel required for certain play's(ie redzone)etc...
    I hope these WRs go off in ST's,so we can carry 5,or 6(Re PW)..

  4. TIN,MIrving 4th/long(SPIKE TV)Mon's,I responded in lenght @(Dolphin Down)..

  5. The most recent episode is being replayed Th 11pm..
    They actually play a game vs each other(WRs/CBs)..

  6. I managed to find and watch the SECOND episode (I was trying to get the first one, to start from the beginning.  If they do a marathon repeat I might watch the whole thing but I won't go out of my way to get all the episodes.
    It's very 'survivor'-esque! lol

  7. GOODSTUFFF @ SS OMAR!!! Dont'ya think??
    Mann,your being tough on Bernardino,(or whatever his name is)!!
    I thought he was kind of a smartass(to the mob)in response to having his panties bunched,but I thought he did prettywell otherwise,just coming into the loop and all,and NOT YET familiar w'OUR FINS!!
    He's got a nice resume,and WILL kick HF's azzzzz,IMHO!!!

  8. Prev directed @ TIN LOL,I shouldn't be such a hypocrit,OPPPPPSS!! ;)