Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Let's Talk Dolphin!

Once again the Dolphins are getting some major media attention, even if it is more Wildcat hogwash, it's still something. I can't think of any other relatively small part of a team's success that has turned into such a media frenzy. The Dolphins ran the Wildcat to perfection against the Patriots and then save for two or three plays it was shut down for the rest of the year. Yet the Dolphins still managed to win games, the division and get into the playoffs, tying two NFL records along the way, and picking up some quality free agents, draft picks, and a year under the belt of the current regime.

And yet all we can get from the media is more re-hashing of the wild-cat.

Well, so be it, at least it's Dolphins-talk, right?

In the video below, courtesy of ESPN, Ronnie Brown discusses Jason Taylor's return, the Wild-cat, and the ongoing war of words between Rex Ruthor and the Dolphins.


Can you imagine if Ronnie had taken that baseball gig? I wonder who we would have drafted instead of him. Samkon Gado might still be a Dolphin...


  1. Did you see the Rooney goal for ENgland against the Khazaks - an overhead scissor-kick (or bicycle kick as I believe it's known as in the US?)
    Here's the link if you missed it.

    He got another one tonight in a 6-0 route of Andora (a bit like the US all-stars playing Hawaii at any sport except eating) which puts us unbeaten on 21 points and one win away from qualification for the World Cup finals next summer.

  2. where is the world cup final being held?
    I think I'll watch those matches you mentioned just for the hell of it if I can find them.  Gotta see who all the new up and coming Englanders are.

  3. btw, I made a VERY similar goal to Rooney's above once when I was 13.  I played on a national championship 14 and under team.  I played midfield anchor so I didn't get a lot of opportunities but I did score in a 10-0 route in our final match.
    Long story, but the year before that I played on the over-14 squad in the tournament.  They were desperate for players after some injuries and/or attrition and a couple of the players (who were several years ahead of me approached me while I was practiving the triple jump.
    Anyone else here did the triple jump?  LOL

  4. email is optionalJune 10, 2009 at 3:12 PM

    It's in S. Africa next year - England are bidding for the 2018 tournament if you fancy a trip back?

  5. email is optionalJune 10, 2009 at 3:14 PM

    If you scored a goal like that you should have kept up with the soccer for a career - Kaka just transferred from AC Milan to Real Madrid for £59m! (Not sure how much of that he gets?)

  6. yeah that was when i was a kid.  When I moved and tried to play soccer in Miami, I couldn't pass the insurance test.  Oddly enough I did pass for football due to them doing the physicals separately for each sport. 
    I was never that good, pretty decent defender and I could run straight line fast, but wasn't acrobatic and the game never really slowed down for me.
    I would try again for 59 million pounds though. ;)

  7. I have an idea how about we take a soccer field and make it smaller, and play it indoors where it's nice and cool.  Then lay a this sheet of water on the field and freeze it.  Give players some skates and sticks.  Then toss a rock onto the ice and let the players wack at the rock with the sticks.  If the rock slices into the a net one of the teams score !!!
    There would be no yellow or red cards which mean nothing, and the only flopping allowed would be when of the players gets punched out from a fist.  Now that would be a cool game.  Think anyone would show up for that ?

  8. Yeah right - I come back, go to the stadium, and my picture ends up in the Sun the next day after someone hurls a Wembley brick at the back of my head!

  9. Oh !!! It's nice to an interview of a Dolphin also.

  10. can the players be all 17 years old and toothless, barely speak english, womanize all they want to and wear 40 lbs of protective bubble around them also that makes it so hot they sweat profusely onto the ice which then freezes it, then they can bring out someone to sing the national anthem who inevitably slips on the ice, landing on his/her butt.  In between halves, nay thirds, they could bring out a machine that re-conditions the ice, no more of that mud and turf divots, and the players could figure skate in circles for 45 seconds before being replaced due to exhaustion.
    At least once a week, one of the players could ricochet a shot off the goal, into the stands and through some 6 year old's face.

  11. Nah!  Maybe in the Great White North.  Once you get them drinking, they'll watch anything!

  12. Now I've probably offended canadama dolphan or whatever it is.  Sorry.

  13. And to be on topic, I like Ronnie.  He has the best smile.  :-D
    And I can not believe a coach is publicly participating in trash talking.  Players are one thing, but a coach?  Reminds me of someone here locally, but he did things more discreetly, like a well placed billboard message, but no one really knew who did it.

  14. billboard?  you mean, he used a billboard to post his billboard material?  LOL
    please, do tell.

  15. The Knight who says Ni!June 10, 2009 at 4:14 PM

    Okay, how did this blog end of being about Parcheesi, I mean soccer? LOL
    I like Fang's idea.
    Ronnie Brown is such a class act. I'd like to see him remain with the Dolphins after this year.

  16. Yes, but it caused such a stir the university administration pulled the plug on a second one, and now no more billboards.

  17. "<span style="">then save for two or three plays it was shut down for the rest of the year."</span>
    <span style="">You and others have said this before. You're too smart to keep perpetuating this Tin. If you throw out the first game against the Pats it still netted almost 4 yards per play. 4+4+4=first down! And in all fairness if you throw out that game, you should also throw out the worst game with it. But screw fairness. It least effective against the Ravens and surprise the Ravens DC last year is now teaching it to his offensive guys as the Jet's HC. The Vikings are practicing it too.</span>
    <span style="">Just see it for what it is...the first major offensive innovation since Martz' greatest show on turf (I know he didn't invent that option but he sure as hell deserves some credit for the most prolific offense in NFL history (shout out 1984 fins!). It's exciting, even when it's bad (houston) it's still pretty good, and it's OURS!!!!! We have the personnel to make it even more effective then last year, and almost every HC in the league has toyed with at least the idea of installing this package into his own offense (I know...this is hard to prove).</span>
    <span style="">Stop discounting the WC Tin...I wish I could find the article from one of the fansites that broke it down...but even when it was bad it was good. When it was good it was great and when it was great it was all-time! That was all before a passing threat took the snap.</span>
    <span style="">with a nod to Mark Twain, I'm gonna correct him. Statistics don't lie, people do.</span>

  18. I can't speak for Tin on the WC,  But for myself I'd like to see them run the base offense with the exception of maybe 8 or 9 plays a game.  I'm hoping it only gets used in certain situations such as 3rd and 5 so they can keep teams guessing if we are going to run or pass.  At this time 3rd and 5 is a passing down.  Making a team respect the run in those situations gives a defense plenty to think about, and can negate some of the pass rush.  At least that's my thoughts.
    I don't see the wildcat being the offense of choice for any NFL team.  NFL defenses will adjust if you show them something all the time.

  19. Tin did you once play that game ? :)   You mentioned the women really early in your reply.  You must know something we don't.

  20. so what was on the billboard?

  21. If Berardino can spend half his time talking about baseball on the Dolphins blog, I can at least discuss soccer in the comments of this one!  ;)

  22. ok, maybe 5 or 6 plays... ;)

  23. Wow that Berardino is quite a douchebag.
    I don't think he deserves the dreads...

  24. I was trying to remember, and I can't.  It was put up in Morgantown, on one of the main routes to the stadium.  I'll have to check into it.  I'm annoyed I can't remember.  It's the age thing.  CRS anymore. :(

  25. What did he do now?

    his comments are really,..i dunno...

  27. BP attends??
    09 New Jersey vs Northeast All-Star Classic
    NFLN Sat 8 PM,and @midnght

  28. ...beradino just sucks, period ...thought I'd never say this but fialkov actually isn't the worst sports blogger possible ...pisses me off that I have to click on his freaking blog to see if its omar or beradino writing it :(

  29. ...and I think you're loopy on this :)
    ...look, I can't read Parcells or Sparano's mind any better than you can ...BUT ...they didn't spend their 2nd pick of their 2nd draft to get a backup QB or a
    "really versatile" player ...either Henne is a lot worse than reports have him ...OR ...the trifecta think they can turn the wc into the next great nfl offense with white/brown/ginn being the key pieces and henning the architect ...imnsho, we are going to see two offenses this year ...the base power running game and a MUCH wilder wc ...and BOTH will have White in the backfield on almost every play with an option to switch at the very last second depending on what the defense shows ...White takes the snap on at least 15 plays a game and gets the 2nd touch on another 10 plays with long throws on at least 5 or more of his touches ...Ginn finally becomes a real TD threat every time White touches the ball ...all speculation on my part of course but I can't get that 2nd pick out of my head ...there had to be a LOT more than 5 plays a game behind that pick ...imnsho of course.

  30. email is optionalJune 11, 2009 at 6:51 AM

    Today's big news is that Ronaldo is moving to Real Madrid for £80m. So they have forked out £140m in a week. No liquidity problems in Spain it seems? Fergie always said no-one is bigger than the club. Here's his big chance to prove it.

  31. email is optionalJune 11, 2009 at 6:52 AM

    If you're in the England end you'll be fine - just stay away from the away end if you get my drift.

  32. and you think I'm loopy?
    lemmus, the dolphins have spent a 2nd round pick on a QB for the last 5 years, you shouldn't into that too much.  They wanted Pat White and they valued him at where they chose him.  They also wanted to get rid of Beck.  The QB class in the draft was dreadful, so they're not about to pick up some 5th round QB. 
    I think it's getting ahead of ourselves to expect a rookie QB to get 25 touches a game, 10 of which are at a position outside of QB.  Ronnie Brown doesn't even get that many touches and Chad Henne, also a 2nd rounder only played in one game. 
    I understand that White brings more skills to the table theat present opportunity for game time, but still, he's a rookie, he hasn't been lighting it up in OTAs, and he's a QB so he needs time to learn the playbook.  Let's not forget that WVU does not run a pro-style offense so he's at a disadvantage coming in.
    I think for now, we should put our arm-wrestling aside.  You believe the wildcat will be the focus of the offense, and I STRONGLY disagree.  I will not change my stance on this, even if they run it 60 times in game 1.  You can throw it in my face if they do it again in game 2 ;)

  33. The Knight who says Ni!June 11, 2009 at 7:34 AM

    I can see Pat White getting maybe 5-7 plays per game. A few Wildcat plays and a few spread plays.
    As for how often we use the Wildcat and spread offense, I would say somewhere between 125 and 150 plays combined. Somewhere between 8-10 times per game.

  34. PS You need big tits to get in the Sun. You could try cutting a deal with Herd for some discounted work if you really want to get in? ;)

  35. well, if my wife is there with me I'll get into the Sun.  the final is in summer time right?

  36. Chuckle. Yes, the final is in June. End of June I think. I would imagine Africs is gonna be on the warm side then! Reaction seems to be mixed on the Ronaldo deal (post above). We paid £12m and got £80m, so it's good business, but even though he's a poseur, he'll be tough to replace.
    Here's some links for background. He's going to be earning about €10m over 6 years and gets a "single figure" percentage cut of the deal.

    And here's a disgruntled fan's take on whether he is worth £80m!
    "F*ck off is he, if i smear Marmite in my hair, fake tan all over my body, dive everywhere, put a little accent on and be a petulant little pr*ck am i worth £80million?.

    No, im worth £81million. "

  37. The things I could do with that sort of money...well, I could buy an international soccer superstar for starters!

  38. " I will not change my stance on this, even if they run it 60 times in game 1. " tin
    ...shakin' my head THAT is what I call LOOPY!!!!!! :)
    ...and you are REALLY reaching to suggest they used a 2nd just to get rid of Beck ...or that what they did has any relationship to what the past regimes did.
    ...but time will tell ...three games in White will have more touches than anyone except Penne and Brown ...write it down, eh.

  39. Not only is it written down, it's carved into the giant oak that is the internet.
    Remember this "let's Talk Dolphin" article so you can throw it in my face in week 4, lol.

  40. The Knight who says Ni!June 11, 2009 at 3:54 PM

    lemmus, I think what Tin meant was the trifecta wanted their own guy as the 3rd QB and they drafted a guy who can do more than just be a #3. They were not high on John Beck.
    I think Ricky will have more touches than White. I could see White having about 100 total touches passing, rushing and maybe receiving. Ricky had 189 touches last year and if we run the ball more those numbers will go up.