Monday, June 1, 2009

Sizing Up The Opponent

I know it's early days, but I think this video says a lot about Tom Brady's confidence.

Words like "unfortunately," "just a few months away," "not been very sharp in practice" and his overall tone show that he's not ready for 'the show'.

So, after watching Brady speak and his limp wobbly throws, are we still assuming New England will run away with the division? Can we at least say that the Dolphins are at the very least, more confident in the upcoming season than New England is?


  1. Why would you assume that NE would run away with the division? 

  2. I never assumed that, but the mass-media has from day one.

    George Foster,young 28,BIGGG 6-5,338 OT,starter 04-06...
    Is he versatile??

  4. at 338 lbs, the only thing he's versatile at is the buffet table...

  5. You're right Tin NE has won it all, no use in playing the games.  Lets just mail them the Lombardi Trophy and get on with the the contract dispute for 2010,  NE's great everyone else sucks why even play this year ? 
    Excuse me while I puke.  Whew, I hate when that happens !!  I sometimes wonder if the media ever watches or listens to what they say on the airwaves.  Look at the Jets last year.  They loaded themselves up with FAs and they had Farve the Wonder Boy.  Where did they play at the end of the season ? Didn't the Media have them in the SB at midseason ?
    Nothing is the same year to year in the NFL things change.  I see the Pats as weaker then in the past few years.  They are losing talent on defense and getting older every year on offense.  Plus the cheating days are over, Brady doesn't know what the defensive calls are any longer  for the AFC east teams.  NE is in for a rude awakening this year.  This is no longer the Patsies Division !!

  6. Though they pkdup FTaylor,I still find them to be somewhat one dimensional..Yes,that one dimension will require 3D glasses to defend,but I believe that"OUR"defensive versatility will have them questioning themselves prior to every snap!! As well as"OUR"offensive versatility!!
    However,they'll play 14 other teams,(most of which they'll roll-over).. SO,IF HEALTHY,(like our own 10Ws,minus the rolling-overs)..
    I see THEM winning @LEAST 10 games,(which LIKELY equals playoffs for both),where anything can happen!! (We make the playoffs w'this schedule,we're SB favorites)!!
    So,NO I DON'T see them running away w'the division,though I felt it more likely b/4 acquiring a legit force on the field simotaneously w'JP!! MUSTTT STAY REASONABLY HEALTHY!!  GOFINS!!

  7. That's what I'm talking about.  Why is it logical to project results from the past into the future?  So many things are different year to year.  Players, coaches, injuries, opponents, rules.  How could the results stay the same? 
    And I think Brady's knee isn't 'right'.  Might not ever be. 
    And how about officials.  What do they do in the off season?  I hope they get better.  There were calls in games last year that even I could see were wrong, and that's pretty bad.  Can we waive Ed Hotchuli as an official?

  8. Can he GUARD the buffet table?? We can strap a steak to CPs chest..
    I'm concerned about AAllenman!! How'd he do it,whats the severity/exact diagnosis??
    IF more than a simple strain(doubtful considering the already lengthy absence),he'll be questionable the entire year w'back issues,IMHO!!
    Add that to DTs currently injured,much needed Pecs @guard,we have one guard b/t the two of them..(ie Foster's versatility??)
    Lets HOPE the TWO youngsters heal,w'out losing pace,(NOT likely),but LETS HOPE!!
    It's possible w'todays medicines/procedures,but I'm still concerned!

  9. Hey TIN,have you branched-out??
    I went to my bank today,and there's a new fresh fish market/restuarant in the complex,it's called TINFISH..
    Made me giggle,what the heck's a tinshaker anyways??
    I always figured you might be a roofer,or aluminum can collector..
    But seeing that you obviously work in an office type atmosphere,I gather I'm way off,and that tinshaker has nothing to do w'your employment.. So WHY TINSHAKER??

  10. I want to guess too.  I think it has to do with bartending, in a previous life perhaps.  I have noticed a lot of indirect comments relating to liquor, wine, spirits.

  11. The Knight who says Ni!June 1, 2009 at 8:47 PM

    I don't view the Pats as a powerhouse team at all. Not anymore. The Phins are going to be better, they have more talent this year then they had last year and they have excellent coaching. We're going up which is what we'll need to do to win with a tougher schedule.

  12. The Knight who says Ni!June 1, 2009 at 8:50 PM

    <span style="color: #404040; line-height: 18px;">I don't view the Pats as a powerhouse team at all. Not anymore. </span>
    <span style="color: #404040; line-height: 18px;">The Phins are going to be improved, they have more talent this year then they had last year and they have excellent coaching. We're going up which is what we'll need to do to win with a tougher schedule.</span>

  13. Some times I think there is a conspiracy that favors the better teams with the officials.� I know it sounds terrible but it sure seems like it at times.� I would like to think I'm just paranoid about it, but I don't know !!! Shady things seem to happen every year and they don't seem to favor the teams out of favor if you know what I mean.�
    Remember the tuck rule invented on the spot when Brady fumbled the pass as he tried to check his throw, and how about that fumble call when the Colts played the Steelers a few years ago.� Do you think Miami would have got those calls ?� No Way.� Those calls only go in favor of the favorite teams.
    So the teams that aren't in a major market or the Darling of the NFL, don't get the major calls.
    Now if you want the politically correct stance on this from me here it is.� I think the game is much quicker than ever before, and that causes the refs into mistakes.� Plus we at home have the luxury of instant slow motion replay which they don't.� The thing is I'd just like to see them get the call right, and do away with the coach having to throw a flag only 2 times per half and losing a time out if they are wrong.� How about we follow the lead of College Ball and try to get things right regardless how many flags you have in you pocket.� Just get the calls right.� Sorry about the book I just wrote.

  14. No, no both of you are wrong think about it Tinshaker !!  Tin sits out in front of a Walmart store with dark sun glases holding a tin cup shaking the coins and acting like as if he is blind. :)

  15. Fang is right, only it's at Target, not Wal-mart.  I do have my pride...

  16. I hate that Brady jerk!