Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Updated Roster

I have updated the roster on the right hand-side of the blog. It is now structured as a depth chart, but is obviously not necessarily in the correct order. Once we get to training camp, it will become an interactive chart, so that you can click on a player's name and a little video box will pop up with a relevant interview or highlight video for that player. I will also add Coaches to this chart. This will serve as a way to organize videos posted on the site during camp, so if you want to find a specific quote from Pasqualoni or Patrick Cobbs, you'll know where to go.

For now it's just an very fast loading easy to read depth chart. Enjoy!


  1. The Knight who says Ni!June 9, 2009 at 8:36 AM

    \nTin, where did you get the depth chart from? Based on what has been happening at OTAs this depth chart would be incorrect. Not based on 1st, 2nd and 3rd team, but positions. For instance George has been working at OLB and Martin at ILB. I thought Nate Garner was working at RT and the rookie Andrew Gardner was working at LT. Also Joe Berger is the backup center and you have him as 3rd team RG. Where\'s JT? LOL

  2. I think I uploaded the wrong file....

  3. That's odd, I have a word doc that is correct but the pdf must be from an old version.  I actually did this about 3 weeks ago, the only edit I made was to lop off Lowber.  I'll have the proper one up in about ten minutes.

  4. The Knight who says Ni!June 9, 2009 at 9:10 AM

    \nCool, just trying to help. I had the pleasure of lopping off Lowber on my roster file as well. LOL

  5. Knight, I really need to clean up my Dolphins/blog folder, I have so many different versions of things (and not that well labeled either).
    Anyway, I think I got the latest one up now.  Please go over with a fine-tooth comb. 8-)

  6. The Knight who says Ni!June 9, 2009 at 10:27 AM

    \nIt looked good at first glance. If I see anything along the way I\'ll let you know.

  7. Thanks.  WTF is going on at the SS?  Omar hasn't 'tweeted' in over 24 hours!

  8. The Knight who says Ni!June 9, 2009 at 10:37 AM

    \nMy thought was they want Mike to build a fan base instead of competing with Omar because Omar\'s blog destroyed anything Harvey did. That\'s just a guess though.

  9. Now that the SS has 7 Dolphins beat writers he probably took a couple days off for raquet ball and gardening. But I agree him not tweeting is really strange now a day's. Not much going on anyways, but I am interested to see if White really did sign. I get anxious before training camp about rookie signings, I remember J.Allen holding out for part of camp his rookie year and that was the excuse all that year why we didn't see more of him.
    Has any other 1st or 2nd rounders signed?

  10. The only one who has signed is Matthew Stafford.  The next highest pickt to sign is someone named Henry Melton for the Bears.  Never even heard of him.  The bears signed about 5 picks in one day about a month ago.
    I have two sources saying that at least one Dolphin rookie, maybe two have been signed today.  Word is that they are both named 'Pat'.

  11. Pretty sweet man.  I tried making a depth chart once a couple of years ago.  What a nightmare!  Now i'll just print yours out!

  12. The Knight who says Ni!June 9, 2009 at 3:58 PM


  13. ...tin ...nice fast load and pretty easy to read ...thanks for the work behind this.

  14. ...so far, I'm not a beradino fan ...even trade w/ fialkov imnsho ...neither 'get it" ...more like quiet desperation, eh ...I still hit the ss looking for omar and ethan's posts and the responses they draw ...then jump over here because tin has become a stable source of late and he's drawing some pretty good comments ...not that I'd want to increase the size of his head, eh :)

  15. <span style=" color: #ff6600;">""For now it's just an very fast loading easy to read depth chart. Enjoy!""</span>

    <span style=" color: #ff6600;">HOW???</span>

    <span style=" color: #ff6600;">I tried different options,and couldn't get it to come-up legibly..</span>

  16. I just get a blank wht page w'a line down the middle..

  17. do you have acrobat reader installed?  it's a pdf file. oh and make sure your flash plug-ins are up to date.
    I just noticed that the positions have disappeared...I will look into it tomorrow.

  18. you should be able to just click on the rectangle in the top right corner to maximize the image to read it.

  19. works for me....

  20. I have 48 minus these 14..
    Which FIVE make the 53??
    In MY 48,I have 10 OL,5 WRs,3 TEs,3 RBs,1 FB,3 QBs,3 specialist...
    4 DL,4 CBs,4 Safties,5 OLBs,3 ILBs..
     (I think we need @least 8 DL),so MAYBE MY final TWO spots go to Cohen,and Ellis?? But that means,NO Anderson,Green,Jones etc,etc!!! Gotta think Anderson or Green might be one!!
    I'd hope Dotson,Soliai,McDanial,and(Cohen/Ellis) are FOUR...
    Leaving which ONE(ANDERSON/george,GREEN/jones,ALLEMAN/murphy,HARTLINE/armstrong)...
    I can't decide b/t(Alleman/Murphy),(Green/Jones),(Cohen/Ellis),(Anderson/George),or(Hartline/Armstrong for MY final TWO spots..
    I'm leaning toward SM(b/c Allemans inj),and Green(b/c of Jones o10 FA status),but I'm thinkin it could be one of the LBs or DL b/c of numbers... AND I like Hartline ALOT,but the #s don't mesh w'6 WRs!!
    Problem is,I'm intrigued by ALL of them!!
    TS has some VERY TOUGH decisions,and I'm sure some will be VERY dissappointing for us fans!!
    TOUGH,TOUGH choices for TS,and 8 of the 53 don't dress,(thats just rediculously hard)to dress the correct 45,while having proper depth @ ALL positions!!!

  21. Thanx for fixin the depth chart TIN!!