Monday, June 22, 2009

Tin Bits for June 2009

  • Let's start out in the AFC East. The Patriots official website is allowing fans to vote for various Top 10 lists. So far, Jason Taylor is the # 6 'Opponent' of all time, and the Wes Welker trade is the #5 'Personnel Move' of all time, according to the Patriot fans. What's the # 1 Personnel move? Trading a 1st round pick for Bill Belichick. We didn't have to trade anything for our coach...
  • Then, in Buffalo, the bloggers are still obsessing over T.O.'s house-hunting. Poor T.O.. Finally he finds a house with enough mirrors in it, and the Real Estate Agent goes and tells the entire media world the address. He has reportedly 'started over' with a new agent.
  • I came across this blog and wasn't going to read it, but then I scrolled through the article and realized it had to be the longest blog article I'd ever seen so I had to read it. The guy beats up on the Dolphins a bit and says the Patriots are a lock to win the division and that the Bills will be second and possibly win the wildcard race. He manages to mention Tecmo Bowl about 7 times during the article, but not in a self-effacing way, oh no, he's dead serious. Tecmo Bowl, the only logic that can be applied to make the Bills beat out the Dolphin, Jets, and four or five other teams vying for a wildcard. Actually my favorite statement he makes is that there's no way the Dolphins will make the playoffs with noodle-arm Pennington, but that Jake Long is good enough to win them 6 games on his own. Last time I checked, Jake doesn't score any points or play defense, so I'm not sure how that works, but I look forward to the 6 games. Oh, but surely if we can win six games based solely on the back of Jake Long, we can win just as many when everyone else contributes....that would make us 12-4 and likely the division champs.
  • And finally, I had a dream (I kid you not) where I was playing against Randy Moss. But it wasn't NFL Randy Moss, it felt more like High School football, but Moss was whatever age he is now (30?). I had to line up in press coverage and the entire game he kept talking to a cheerleader on the sideline, like he wasn't even paying attention to the game. The less he seemed into the game, the more nervous I became. Then the ball was snapped and we both went into motion. He just kind of sauntered up the sideline, though, and I easily backpedaled with him, then the ball was thrown and we were going to have a jump for it. I jumped for the ball a second before it got there, but he jumped higher and knifed it. When we came down to the ground, his cell-phone rang and he asked me to hold the ball and just gently handed it to me. I stared down at it for half a second, then ran the ball in for a touchdown. Everyone was jumping and shouting and celebrating, but when I looked over, Moss was still standing on the field where he caught the ball, holding a finger over his ear so he could hear the phone over all the noise. He still wasn't paying attention. This frustrated me and I ended up storming off the field and out of the stadium in a huff. Randy Moss, what a prick!


  1. ROFL.  I clicked on the War and Peace blog, but found the font was too small to read.  As if!  But I did scroll through to see he had no comments, which is not surprising.  I think his readers must have dozed off...zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    And what is it 'they' say?  Dreams are the window to the soul?  I'm VERY worried about you!!!

  2. TIN,thats a funny f ing dream!!

    I was a fast/quick player in my day,but in my dreams I can't outrun a quadrapalegic...

    You sure you weren't covering T ohhh,he's more of a jackazz than RM??


  3. The Knight who says Ni!June 22, 2009 at 7:03 PM

    The guy with the long blog doesn't really know what he's talking about. I gave up after reading his view on the Dolphins. Our ILBs are too small? That's not the issue.

    LOL @ your dream Tin. I love dreams, they can be so freakin crazy. LOL

  4. knight, why are you so annoying to that HSB2010 guy all of a sudden?  Is that for real?  I think he has sustained some sort of head injury.

  5. Tin, your dream about RM is prophetic if Brady isn't at full go or gets drilled again. His interest will then wander, much like in your dream!

  6. The Knight who says Ni!June 23, 2009 at 6:27 AM

    herd, I didn't realize I was being annoying to <span style="">HSB2010 </span>. I asked him a question and he went off on this this crazy explanation. He seems to post whatever enters his mind.  :-E

  7. Sorry knight, that wasn't worded very well.  I didn't think you were annoying.  It seemed totally unprovoked to me.  You must have crossed paths with him on another site. 
    I actually think you are one of the more rational ones around. :*

  8. I sure hope so! lol :)

  9. The Knight who says Ni!June 23, 2009 at 9:30 AM

    Thanks, herd!

  10. I think tinshaker has put a tweet on Randy Moss' twitter page(is that what you call it?) and Randy hasn't responded.  Or something like that.  That's why he isn't paying attention in your dream. 

    Or it could be completely non football related but still about someone not paying attention or showing respect to you. 


  11. if it was about people not paying attention to me, it would eb a re-occuring dream!

  12. ...hhhmmm ...tell me tin, in hindsight, would you have traded a 1st rounder to replace Shula with Parcels? ...just curious. dream about football? ...I'm a fan but I never dream about it ...though Id swear there were a few nightmares a couple years back

  13. I would never trade a draft pick for a coach, that's ridiculous.  All you have to do is outsell the other team that talked to him first.  they lost out on a 1st round pick, and who's to say Belichick wouldn't have signed on anyway?

    I guess in the long run it worked out for them anyway, but I wouldn't do it.

    I'm not just a fan, lemmus, I also used to play and as a former punt returner, I've had plenty of nightmares...

  14. I recall the draft pick was compensation to the Jets for the Patriots tampering with Belicheat ...not a trade per se.

    ...most here "used to" play at one level or another ...some live normal lives, some have dreams about it, others have nightmares ...depends on whether you think scoring was more important than being ignored as to which it was ...I can promise you that Randy Moss has never appeared in any dream of mine ...can't say the same for the cheerleaders :)

  15. It was a VERY LOONNGG time ago,but IF I recall correctly,we gave-up pks for the rights to Shula in 69/70.. And he took us from 3 to 10 wins in his 1st yr,and to the SB a mere ONE yr later,(3 yrs in a row),should of been 4,and hung-out for almost 30 yrs,while making us the winningest team since the merger... I believe we had such an overwhelming regular season winning% advantage upon his dismissal,that it held-up till Saban's last yr,(inspite of it all)..

    Like I said,it WAS A LONG TIME AGO,and I'm going strictly from a sticky smokin memory.. So the #s might not be exact,but there in the hood..

    I think the"wranglers" 1st pass completion of his career was to himself.. But the rules have changed since those days,and I don't know where to find them..

    I believe #6 can only be carried as a QB,K,or P,therefore can INITIALLY,only line-up in those positions..
    Just MY recollection!!

    WHYYYY would they designate numbers for given positions,IF there weren't some logical rules to the designation's???

  16. "I believe #6 can only be carried as a QB,K,or P,therefore can INITIALLY,only line-up in those positions.." 13kvFINS ...define "those positions" ...the NFL has no rule saying that a QB MUST line up under center OR that only one QB can be in the game at the same time ...those are the normal formations of course but then we have Pat White and Bill Parcels and Dan Henning and someone playing "the world turned upside down" in the background ...three extra smileys if you can tell me why that tune is famous.

  17. Is that the song about Christmas?

  18., but at least you tried :)

    ...that's the tune the Brits played as they marched out of Yorktown after surrendering, the mighty British Army having been humbled by the Americans and their French allies at the end of the Revolutionary War.