Wednesday, June 3, 2009

NFL goes Dolphin-Crazy!

There's nothing like turning to the 'main-est' of the mainstream NFL coverage, the NFL itself and finding a plethora of Miami Dolphin coverage there. I gotta be honest, I sometimes go months at a time without visiting and I usually only do to see if they've mentioned anything at all on NFL Network about my favorite team.

So imagine my surprise when they post not one but several videos and an off-season round-up about the Dolphins all on one day.'s Vic Carucci is keeping the rest of the world informed about the Dolphins.

And in addition to that, Jason Taylor made it on to the NFLN team cam (probably only because he's friends with Chris Cooley):

There is also a video about the QB situation at Carucci's article (linked above). Most of it is stuff we already know as obsessed Dolphin fans, but it's still nice when we get a little National exposure, and I can't help but see the irony in the fact that two days ago we were collectively moaning about being the red-headed step-child of the NFL.

Is this the end of the drought? Or just a courtesy to Dolphin fans to keep them from b*&%hing for the next 3 months?


  1. I watched the JT thing on TV and thought I imagined Rich Eisin saying 'words I never thought I'd say again, 'FIRE UP THE DOLPHINS CAM'!'
    Thanks for posting this because now I know I did not imagine it.  I know what he meant, but the phrasing he chose just adds to the inferiority complex we dol-fans have ingrained in us by the lack  of tv coverage.

  2. Between Mr. Carucci's upbeat tone and Eisen's joking around, it does kind of make you sad to be a fan without any respect.
    Didn't Carucci say that JT hadn't been a 'viable pass rush threat'?  when was this?  when he was in pre-school?

  3. Carucci is italian, but he sounds more like  a mouse.  put some 'grinta' into it!

  4. The Knight who says Ni!June 3, 2009 at 4:34 PM

    When we win a championship, they will report on the Dolphins all the time.

  5. I'd think that TS would like to give Henne that starting QB feeling..(The final PS game isn't real), the 3rd game is the(reg season dress rehersal),the one thats most revealing to"OUR"wk 1 plan,and the game that most really try to win(incl that wks opponents)..
    I think Henne will start the 2nd pre-season game!! CP will start the 1st/3rd games and rotate qrtrs w'Henne(in the 3rd game),giving Henne some 4th qtr game on the line snaps... PW gets lots of WhiteFIN,through-out,and lots of standard QB in the finale..JMO!!

  6. The major sports networks are star struck.  If no Dolphin steps up to superstar status we will not see much more than what we see at this time.  Another year in the playoffs will help also.  If our new old designated pass rusher was not back with us, we would still be the red headed stepchild.  After all everyone wants to see the dancing queen.

  7. Don't like TINs possibility of CP not playing b/t wk 2 of the preseason,and opening day!!! I like KNIGHT's plan much better!!
    No disrespect intended,but MY plans the best,(HaHa)LOL!!
    Figured Bernardino wouldn't be revisited,and I must be heard..

  8. Where's BUNGLES state of the union address??
    Waitin for a rainy day??
    Has the news been too hot and heavy,(info overload)??
    Wait too long,and half the targets might be exFINS!!
    Unless the SOTUA only speaks of the rich getting richer,and ignores the less fortunate... I know Cohen gets mention,better hurry(kidn)!!

  9. The Knight who says Ni!June 3, 2009 at 7:14 PM

    What's up, bro? I sent my diatribe to Tin tonight. I'm okay with it. I kind of got too deep and then went on an editing rampage and it is what it is. It's good for discussion. I don't think I nailed anything new and revealing. I tried to focus in on the team as a hole.

  10. As TS would say,sounds ""in neres ing,ener aining,exci ing""
    Loved his sense of humor on the question,besides Ginn,""who's the other top two guy this offseason"".. Wish I could have understood the question in that sequence that made him laugh...
    He's as REAL as they come,and WILL take us to the TOP!!!
    Seeing that Henne has been @ the facilities 6 wks longer than anyone else,I'd think he'd be a good guess..

  11. Looking forward to your schtick!! (ain't that what they say in Joisey)?? ;)

  12. The Knight who says Ni!June 3, 2009 at 8:40 PM

    I think it's Roth. He could be a real sleeper this year. Keep your eye on that guy. LOL

  13. The Knight who says Ni!June 3, 2009 at 8:41 PM

    <span style="color: #404040; line-height: 18px;">schtick!!? I'm not sure. It's probably a NY thing. But close enough. LOL</span>

  14. Tin,
    You're going to have to teach me how to steal the NFL Network's video. It always gives me trouble.

  15. Will there be a 'director's cut' available, or just the edited version? :-D

  16. O,
    The NFL Network video is easy, the damn aquavision ones are a pain in the butt!
    Pretty much any video download software works on NFL network.  I recommend 'replay media catcher'.
    Thanks for visiting, and tell Mike B I'll get easier on him over time (lord knows I wasn't easy on you when I first started reading your blogs, lol).

  17. O,
    Please check back today for when I post The Knight Who Says Ni's epic article (assuming I can actually read through the whole thing today), I already have partnering video to go along with it, not that there'll be any room left for it....

  18. Nah, in Jersey they say, "WATSDAMATTAWITCHU!'

  19. guys I will get Knights article up today IF I can read through the whole thing by the end of the day ;)