Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mise En Plus

Welcome to the dog days of summer. The times when normally football fans either go on vacation, go into hibernation, or go into withdrawal equivalent to a former heroin addict. The fact is that nothing of interest happens between now and training camp unless you're interested in rookie contracts. Most fans aren't. I'm interested in veteran's contracts because the salary cap and age have a lot to do with how a football team shape up, but for the rookies, their contracts mean nothing to me from a fan standpoint, and since I'm not paying their salaries, they really don't have any impact. So the next six weeks could be a hell of a time.

Well, there's good news. No, I'm not going to be hand-drawing the entire Dolphins playbook! I've already been accused of selling secrets to the enemy! We do however, have some things in place to talk about. It may not seem that important right now, but the depth chart and roster in general starts mutating day by day. It is a gradual process, not a slice and dice operation that it may seem as teams usually wait until deadline days to execute their waivers.

Yet with six weeks to go, the Dolphins cut a punter and a cornerback. They now have until August 1st to cut two more players but will they wait that long? What made Jy Bond and Scorpio Babers such wastes of time that they didn't make it to the end of OTAs? Are there any other wastes of space and time on the roster? That would make the next two easy pickings. I doubt there are.

So, over the next week or so, I will focus on one positional group and we'll get into how each player can make the roster, and how they will work themselves out of the Trifecta's good standing.

Don't worry, I won't make you wait for the good stuff. First up, the Wide Receivers!


  1. I'd say CBryan is one of the next two gone...
    The other will likely be a WR,IMHO ...