Friday, June 19, 2009

Why, UFL, why?

Most people have never even heard of the UFL, and those that have know very little about it. The United Football League has held it's inaugural draft, in some dark room somewhere, with no press coverage, and no knowledge even by the players involved.

You see, they held try-outs back in May, and yesterday they had the draft based on the players that turned up to those try-outs. But, much like the baseball draft, they don't even bother to contact the players as they're being chosen. If the players WANT to play in the UFL, then the PLAYER can contact the team that drafted them.

That should be fun, considering the teams don't have offices yet, or even practice fields. Yes, that's right, the league that plans to have it's first game in October, has little to no infrastructure in place yet. They just broke ground on two practice facilities this month.

Anyway, there were some notable players involved in the process, including Richard Clebert, the massive nose tackle from the University of South Florida who we discussed pre-draft. He's the guy who benched 50 reps in the bench-press on youtube. He was drafted by the New York team, and has been playing in the CFL before that.

Also drafted were Bo Schobel (Aaron's brother), former Dolphins, Obafemi Ayanbadejo and Cory Lekkerkerker, former Dolphins wannabe's David Kircus and Marc Magro, former Bengals RB, Chris Perry, and former Marshall WR Marcus Fitzgerald, the younger brother of Larry Fitzgerald. We'll have to ask herdfan why this guy was such a dud in College, but still got drafted, even it's the UFL.

So, the question is, with 2009 games scheduled for San Francisco (downtown), Sacramento, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Hartford, Orlando, and New York City, and 2010 planning to add Salt Lake City and Monterrey (Mexico), could you see yourself gettign your football fix from this league?

They say they plan on filling the void for fans by playing on Thursdays during October/November. Surely they would be better off filing the void by playing in, I dunno, June?


  1. idiots, real idiots.  i am going to take my small 3 employee accounting firm and try and compete with the big 4.

    who are these fools the same ones that decided to move a barely successful usfl to compete against the nfl.

    just start your league in may, play to july and have your sb in august, football junkies will follow it

  2. Didnt the WWE I mean XFL attempt this and get crushed?  On second thought with such gems like "He Hate Me" coming from that mess the unintentional comedy scale could be off the charts. 

  3. This will be like watching soccer in the United States,  Why, and who cares ?  i'd rather watch ping pong.  They could play this league up against soccer n America and it would top those ratings but that's about all.

  4. btw, i did hear yesterday that j.p. losman (sp) the bills prior first round qb pick was talking of making his comeback thru the ufl

  5. The Knight who says Ni!June 19, 2009 at 11:58 AM

    I replied twice to this blog and they disappeared.

    In short I'll say this league will serve as a minor league type system for the NFL even without the two working together. At least until the league folds. LOL

  6. Don't know about Losman but Quinn Gray, Casey Bramlet and Ken Dorsey were at the tryouts.

    Also there was Former NFl wide receiver David Boston.  He was Dolphin for about 5 minutes.

    And Brett Dietz....I guess he was the QB for the TampaBay Storm?

  7. the blog gods didn't like what you had to say i guess.

  8. The Knight who says Ni!June 19, 2009 at 3:16 PM

    Damn!  >:o