Monday, June 1, 2009

Dolphin Down

First casualty of 2009. Todd Lowber has been waived. He was probably the worst player on the team, so it's no big loss. Ciao, Lowber!


  1. Miami Sports and the National Media, the 2 don't mix very well.  Mostly because much of the population in the Country is in 2 locations the NE and CA.  Plus it all comes down to ratings and money advertising money.  Higher ratings means more Ad. Bucks and higher ratings comes from bigger population areas.
    So in effect why would ESPN for example want to talk about the Kanas City anythings when they can talk about teams in the larger markets that bring in money because of ratings ?
    I would like to see someone give equal time to all the major sports teams across the Country on a daily bases.  That way we can see what all the teams are doing in every major sport.  Of course we can leave out soccer no one cares about that other than Tin and UK :)

  2. LOL.  I must say I am pretty much thrown Madden away in favor of FIFA which I'm obsessed with (maybe because it's so much faster paced and nerve-wracking!
    But back to the media coverage, you used KC as an example, which makes sense, except, can most people here make it through an average week or even day in the offseason without seeing a KC or Detroit bumper sticker or reference?  I live in Northern California, and while the Raiders and 49ers are the only merchandise you can buy at foot locker here, or even at the so-called 'Jersey Store', I still see media coverage and advertising for Seattle, Dallas, NYG, KC, DET, GB, ATL, etc etc.
    The only time you see a Miami Dolphins jacket, its on the back of a hobo who doesn't care about the unfashionable colors.  That reminds me, it's been at least 3 months since we talked about changing the uniforms...

  3. The Knight who says Ni!June 1, 2009 at 5:19 PM

    Tin, your favorite WR has been cut. LOL
    Lowber obviously doesn't have it to get cut this early. Good athlete but not a good football player. Exactly what Dallas found out last year.
    I didn't realize he's from my neck of the woods. He went to Ramapo College in NJ.
    Teams looking for bodies at WR might give him a shot but this might be it for him in the NFL.
    My article is almost there. I cut a lot of it and really got to the point. It's no epic big deal LOL. Just my view on where this team stands. Tonight or tomorrow.

  4. Already forgot his number(TLowber),was it in the teens?? LOL...  ;)
    12 and 16 are presently available!! 16 almost looks like 6.. ;)

  5. The Knight who says Ni!June 1, 2009 at 6:05 PM


  6. I think Lowber was # 16

  7. Not only did I report it before anyone else, I twittered it, mentioned it on the SS, etc, and not a single response til about 4 hours later, someone on SS wrote 'lowber got cut'.
    :'( :'(

  8. What about the rest of the questions?? Guess I gotta have fewer thoughts,your no funn.. :)
    I left SS after replying to Randy,and didn't notice the Lowber news till this evening when I came here,but I was busy wondering about Foster..
    Wish MIrving would do a 4and10 w'guards/LS'ers!!
    I'm not crazy about any of the WRs/DBs their trying-out..
    MI is sooo corny,but it's nice of him to let us have an opportunity to think about whoever the best gyz might end-up being,and IF they could ever end-up on the FINS..But we're good @WR/DB,bring-on the guards/LS'ers,LOL!!
    Why doesn't your contest ask,(which # will PW have),6,12,16,18(Wilford)??
    I think 11(Armstrong),and 14(Marion)@least make the PS!!

  9. OK Tin I have to know.� Do you go gold hunting ?� We do that when ever we get to Georgia man I love to do that.� There is nothing like finding gold, it's like tying your own lure for for fly fishing and actually catching something with it.� The only difference being with gold you can wind up with money in your pocket. In fishing you wind up smelling like a mullet wrapped in newspaper.

  10. "In fishing you wind up smelling like a mullet wrapped in newspaper."
    What's so wrong about that?  LOL, jk
    The only time I've ever been gold-hunting was a tourist-trap in Colorado when I was 12.  Then I went white-water rafting for the first time and all the gold fell out of my pocket into the river.
    As for Georgia, I used to go to Georgia all the time when I lived in Florida.  I've spent a lot of time in Atlanta and Savannah, but for a different kind of prospecting, if you know what I mean.  A different kind of

  11. Sorry 13, I only see one question from you in this article.
    I have not seen the M.I. show, what network is it on?
    I'm not sure I get the premise of it, don't we already get to watch rookies and free agents trying to make the roster?  How can you justify cutting someone who was good enough to get drafted in order to let some chump off the street try-out?
    And which team has to do this?  I guess I'd have to see it to 'get it'.

  12. TIN,
    MIrving 4 and long Mon nghts(SPIKE),reruns through the week..
    Kinda lame/corny,but it's football(undrafted,troubled FAs/Canadian leaguers/Arena/etc.etc WRs/DBs)couple recognizable names,trying to become Dallas' next diamond in the ruff... Another Cowboy promotional thing,but it gives me a chance to hone my analyzation skillls(LOL),with a narrow field of plyrs,and instructions from top-notch ex coaches,and players... Kinda need to watch from 1st episode on,they sometimes run the entire series as a marathon..Their @ the 5th or 6th episode now.. Like I said,I think we're good @WR/DB,so none really thrill me,but I find it an interesting watch..