Monday, August 10, 2009

CONTEST # 3 - "The Grind"

Here we go, people! The 3rd Big Tin's Fins Pub Quiz is here!

Some of you Tin's Fins vets know that these aren't about having a bunch of perfect ballots picked out of a hat to find a winner. These tests are challenging, even for the most well-versed Dolphin fan. Some of it is actually revision from previous articles right here on this blog, so there is a slight advantage if you're a regular reader. But I guarantee you, if nothing else, every person who attempts the test
will lose a good handful of hair on at least one question.

So, without further ado, here are the Rules, and below that are the Contest Questions. I'm happy to e-mail the form to anyone who has issues with flash/pdf/printing, etc. Good Luck, and thanks for reading!
  • Rule Number One: You do not talk about the contest....I mean, the first rule is that each question has a unique point value (harder questions are worth more), and the point values (shown in parentheses after question) are designed to make it harder for players to tie. The player with the most points wins. The player with the second most points, comes in 2nd, and so on.
  • Rule Number Two: In the event of a tie, the tie-breaker question will be used to break that tie and the loser of the tie-break would slip to the next position. If there are more than two tied, the accuracy of the tie-break question will determine winning order. Example, if there are three players tied for 1st, and the answer to the tie break is 500, then the hypothetical answers 475, 300, and 285 would determine 1st (475), 2nd (300) and 3rd (285) place.
  • Contest Runs from Monday thru Friday morning. All entries must be in my inbox by Friday 12pm Eastern / 9am Pacific. The actual tallies/prizes will be awarded on Wednesday the 20th.
  • Prizes: As always, for your convenience, the prizes are electronic gift certificates to
  • $120 - FIRST PLACE
  • $60 - SECOND PLACE
  • $30 - THIRD PLACE

And now, the QUESTIONS:

1. As always, we start off with an easy one to get the juices flowing. Where did the Dolphins play their home games prior to the 1986 season? (2 points)

2. Which Miami Dolphins Quarterback scored the first-ever regular season touchdown pass thrown outside of the United States? (4 points)

3. Name the two Dolphins draft picks from 2008 that played a) the MOST and b) the LEAST amount of regular season snaps in the NFL in 2008. (6 points)

4. First photo-question. Click photos to enlarge. Name this ladies-man. (10 points)

5. Second Photo Question. There's a future Miami Dolphins 1st round draft pick on this basketball team. Find him, name him, and score points. (10 points)

6. In 2009, the Dolphins have a tough schedule, but Miami has beaten every team in the NFL except for one. Name the team that Miami has never beaten. (3 points)

7. First Speculation Question. Who will start at cornerback in the Dolphins vs, Jaguars pre-season game on the 17th? I'm looking for TWO names here. (4 points)

8. Second Speculation Question. Which wide receiver will make the most catches in the Jaguars game? (7 points).

9. Third Speculation Question. Which Quarterback will COMPLETE the most passes in the Jacksonville game on Monday Night? (5 points)

10. Bonus Question. Guess the combined score of the pre-season game vs Jacksonville (i.e. if the score is Miami 21 - Jax 20, then the combined score is 41). Every player gets a free 7 points here. The catch is that for every point your guess is off, in either direction, you lose one of your seven points. Look on the bright side, you can't possibly lose more than 7 points! ;) (7 points)


Tie-Breaker: How many rushing yards will Pat White be credited for in the Jacksonville game?


Good Luck!

Any general questions should be posted in the comments of this blog post.

Questions - CONTEST # 3


  1. The Knight who says Ni!August 10, 2009 at 12:38 PM

    Question #3 - one player for each or all of them totaled? I ask this because you say draft picks, not draft pick.

  2. I want the names of the players. It's a two-part question. That's all I
    can say. The information is all there in the question.

  3. Tin we send u the answers by email right?

  4. yes sir: Just put CONTEST # 3 as your subject

  5. On Question #4, do they have to get my entire name correct of just say finfanrob.

  6. <span style=""><span style="font-weight: bold;">Rule Number One</span>: You do not talk about the contest....</span>

    Isn't this going to be hard for you to enforce?  I really don't know what you are getting at here.

  7. The Knight who says Ni!August 10, 2009 at 1:01 PM

    Can I deliver my answers by hovercraft?

  8. The Knight who says Ni!August 10, 2009 at 1:02 PM

    My bad, for some reason my eyes decided to eliminate the word 'two'.  :-E

  9. Hey, finally a pic of you! :*


  10. hey, no giving the answers away!

  11. The Knight who says Ni!August 10, 2009 at 1:09 PM

    Whoever the ladies man is he better be wearing those fake teeth.  *DONT_KNOW*

  12. Tin i'm trying to answer question #3 but  there were some that didnt get any snaps at all in the regular sean, do you just want one of them?

  13. The Knight who says Ni!August 10, 2009 at 1:23 PM

    Question #3 is not worded correctly because b) has more than one answer, yet you ask for only two draft picks.

  14. I want the name of the one you got the MOST, and the name of the one who got
    the LEAST.

  15. I think I should qualify that I'm talking about players who were on the
    regular season team.

  16. well it's odd how every entry I've received so far got the question right
    with no problems! lol.

  17. The Knight who says Ni!August 10, 2009 at 1:34 PM

    Is the practice squad part of the team? That's my point. I think I know the answer, but I can give more than one answer if the PS counts as part of the team.

  18. The Knight who says Ni!August 10, 2009 at 1:34 PM

    There we go!

  19. Tin one more question, on #4 is it a dolphins player or a fan lol?

  20. Why don't you just write an answer that covers your ass. One contestant was
    able to list every draft pick in order of snaps. bottom line, I'm going to
    take the one with the most snaps and the one with the least snaps that was
    on an NFL roster in 2008. End of discussion.

  21. it's a player! I'm not a sadist!

  22. The Knight who says Ni!August 10, 2009 at 3:20 PM

    Where does one get such information?

  23. From Tony Sparano's blog.

  24. Tin,
    Are we going to talk about the insanity that is Stephen Ross and his lust for entertainers some more, because right now is a very deserving time.  Adding T.Pain to the list of one of the Dolphins new voices?!?!?!?!?  Are you kidding me!!!!!!?  Remaking the most scared tradition, our fight song, with T.Pain.  And this will play after every score.  It makes me sick, makes me want to vomit.  And heads up on all of this; I am 27 yrs. old, been through many hip hop stages in my life, and have a deep appreciation for the music when it's done right, which you won't hear on any mainstreams today.  You don't touch the jingle, it is one of the many things I look forward to every home game.  I beat the drums up in mid air, and let em' roll, singing as loud as my chords allow.  Going to be tough to, to this cornball bubblegum mess.  I swear, if we lose Bill Parcells anytime soon, there's one man to blame. 

  25. I haven't actually read about this, I started listening to the song and it
    sounded like a garbled mess so I switched it off. I didn't realize that
    this was an official thing. Send me a link to the story if you have it.
    My feeling is that since it's unlikely I'll be hearing the song anytime
    soon, living on the West Coast, I'm not up in arms about it, but I do see
    both sides of the argument. On the one hand, I sort of grew up singing that
    song in the crowd at games and it was fun and everyone was into it. These
    days I feel like the fans just aren't into it, or at least they haven't been
    the last few years. Though it's not a song I would ever listen to on the
    radio (in any version), it IS a traditional fight song (I *did* write
    something about the AFC East fight songs a few months ago...around the time
    of the Buffet/Landshark announcement) and should probably be left alone.
    But, as with everything in the USA, market researchers poll a group of
    spotty teenagers, and then change everything to suit their wants. There's a
    huge ongoing myth in the market that teenagers spend more money than any
    other group. We were all teenagers once....did you ever buy a high-end
    stereo system or TV when you were a teenager? Did you ever buy a new car?
    Did you ever buy a house? Did you ever take a family of four (and a half)
    to the movies, dinner, a concert, on vacation, or drop several hundred
    dollars or more on Christmas gifts every year? No, of course not, because
    you didn't have any money, and you were a self-centered, lazy, spotty
    retard. No offense - we all were. So why the researchers keep thinking
    things like let's 'youth-anize' the Miami Dolphins fight song is beyond me,
    because as a teenager I never would've been able to attend a Dolphins game
    in 2009 without my parents footing the bill. I think the last time I went
    to a sporting event with the family, it cost me about $300. Anyway, my
    point is that the market researchers need to poll on a broader spectrum
    while realizing that the average fan at the games is probably in the 25 to
    49 range, not the 18-24 range or the 50-65 range.
    As for Marc Anthony/J-Lo, I'm quite put off by the fact that J-Lo used to
    attend Patriot games and wear their jerseys, and Anthony possibly at one
    time was a Jet fan. They have no personal interest in the Dolphins.
    As for the Estefans, I think this is a good fit. They are an embedded part
    of Miami for what....30 years? I think they're more likely to have the
    interest of the local fans at heart.
    And Jimmy Buffet is an ass-hole. I can't wait for his naming-rights lease
    to be up. One of these days people will figure out that dolphins are
    mammals and sharks are fish....

  26. sorry for the novel. We will probably discuss it during the season at some

  27. The Knight who says Ni!August 11, 2009 at 8:14 AM

    So are Vikings fish too?

  28. The Knight who says Ni!August 11, 2009 at 8:37 AM

    Well if some people think that Dolphins are fish than it's not too far off to think Vikings are fish as well. Both Dolphins and Vikings are mammals. Yes I know it's a stretch but it's not that crazy. Is it? LOL

  29. The Knight who says Ni!August 11, 2009 at 8:57 AM

    You see, I told you so.

  30. Yes, quite the novella.  Even Channing Crowder said it was horrible.  I laughed my ass off with that.  Camarillo liked it, probably just didn't want to be opinionated.  But I am not seeing the true Dolphin fan regardless of age ever caring for this.  The song you hear after the score is sacred, and it is supposed to strike a chord, to any true fan, it's part of our Heritage.  And Stephen Ross just dismissing it like it means nothing shows where his finger on the pulse is.  Somebody visiting with Jorge Sedano 790AM this morning, made a solid point.  Parcells is going to wear thin of all of these events, investors, entertainers, and the amount that he may be called upon for meet & greets.  The last thing Parcells wants to do.  And paying a couple extra bucks and you're on the field for gameday with investors and their families and such.  I saw your side of the coin you presented.  But that's not catered to the true Dolphin fan, and of course the true Dolphin fan loses out to whatever the latest cash cow may be, just a sad fact of life.  Here's the link about the song;

  31. Don't you think it's ironic that the Vikings play on carpet in a dome while
    the Packers play outdoors in the elements?
    Or that the Dolphins play in Landshark Stadium, when they're not sharks or
    land animals.
    But using YOUR logic, people could easily confuse the Jets and the Rockets.
    it's a good thing they're in separate sports. That brings up an interesting
    point....we know Houston named their team the Rockets because they actually
    build rockets there, but aren't the jets just named after a dancing gang in
    Westside Story?

  32. The Knight who says Ni!August 11, 2009 at 9:14 AM

    The Jets actually got their name because it rhymed with Mets and because they played in the same stadium (Shea) by an airport and you could regularly hear Jets flying overhead. Real creative stuff going on right there. They changed their Titans colors of blue and gold to kelly green and white to match Leon Hess' gas stations. LOL

  33. Is that a true story? not the gas station part but why they call themselves
    the Jets?

  34. The Knight who says Ni!August 11, 2009 at 9:47 AM

    I think I might have made up the rhyme part but the airport over Shea stadium is accurate. But I can imagine a bunch of geeks trying to come up with a name and someone saying "how about the Jets because they fly over the stadium and it rhymes with Mets, a duh a duh... eeeeeerrrrrrr... he ha ha heh ahaha hehe!

  35. The Knight who says Ni!August 11, 2009 at 9:49 AM

    Not that the airport is over Shea stadium, but the planes and 'Jets' that fly over the stadium coming and going from the airport.

  36. really? I can imagine fact, I've seen that sort of thing in

  37. aww really, I just booked a flight to NY based on that shucks!

  38. The Knight who says Ni!August 11, 2009 at 9:54 AM

    You've seen what sort of thing in person, a geek creative meeting? LOL

  39. no, that flash of genius

  40. The Knight who says Ni!August 11, 2009 at 10:08 AM


  41. Anything done in "autotune" is awful.  When will this stupid fad run its course?  The worst part of that is we will be remembered as the assclowns who remixed their team song in that noise.  Fucking great.