Saturday, August 15, 2009

Training Camp - Day 13

I'll try to do a summary of my thoughts from today later, but to be honest, there's too much going on right now. One thing that is distracting me is the fact that I received Madden 2010 last night. if that wasn't bad enough, there's actual games going on, and on top of all that, my 3 year old son has suddenly developed the desire to tackle me over and over and over and over again. I think I've been tackled 100 times today.

I did want to give a couple of impressions of Madden 2010 for those who are interested. First of all, the graphics are great, and the new pro-tak stuff really adds to the realism. So far the actual gameplay and features make it worth the purchase.

I should let you know, that according to EA Sports, neither Cam Wake, Brian Hartline, Andrew Gardner, JD Folsom or John Nalbone make the final roster for the Dolphins. Basically they only have the the following drafted rookies on there - Vontae Davis, Pat White, Sean Smith, Patrick Turner and Chris Clemons.

For some reason in the the two pre-season games I've played, White gets the 2nd half, but Henne gets no snaps unless you sub him in manually.

So far, I have run a wildcat play about 15 times for a grand total of about zero yards. It is a lot harder to run in this game than it was in my previous version, which was 2008. The good news is that the passing game is a lot better. I have only thrown one interception so far and it was on a deflection. Ernest Wilford not only makes the team as a WR, but he's got amazing hands, bringing down catches where he gets levelled in mid-air by a safety, or sandwiched by two defenders.

So, despite these basic inaccuries, you'd probably like to know that, according to my 'thorough research', Miami will beat Jacksonville 35 to 7, and then will go down 14 to 0 to Carolina, only to come back to win 36 to 28. ;)


  1. I'm to uncordinated to play Madden, so heres a cheerleader that will add to any game.

  2. ewww, a Bucs cheerleader?? lol

  3. I don't do Bucs, but I could make an exception in this case.

  4. BrianL you always bring quality content to this board. Keep up the good work. This time I'd give you a B-, whilst your last effort graded out at A+.

  5. Tin, You are totally on point with Madden 10.  I noticed immediately the passing game was easier.  I can see the receivers better and it's easier to see the coverages.  A lot less DB's quckly sliding, unaturally into position.  I just got it yesterday, but I haven't been picked yet! I have had better luck with the WC. Average about 4.5 per carry.  But, If I sniff the run blitz I've been resetting the play.  Think I will play out this year's Franchise today! LOL

  6. The Pro-tak stuff is really cool too. You can really push the pile if you juke your stick right.  Yesterday in the WC Ronnie got stood up for what have been a tackle in 09, but then got hit by another LB and squirtted loose, trucked a safety and took it to the house for 35 yds.  Hope he does that a bunch for real this year! 

    I forgot you didn't buy 09.  So far I think 10 is much better than 09.

    I sent you a freind invite for PS network by the way..

  7. Hey Rockfin, what happen to your picture? And whats up with Home 2010 did you read Omars last blog.

  8. Guys I have a old friend who shoots for the Tampa area rags. He's sideline for home bucs games. I have quite a stash of Bucs cheerleaders from two or three seasons ago. However I do understand they aren't Dolphin Dolls so I'll refrain from putting you through any further discomfort.


  9. Hawk,  I think home has an imposter posting under his name.  but i'm not sure.  It doesn't make any other sense than that.


    3 GAME's w'in the next 10 days, WOOOOOOOOOOOO  HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO  !!!

    GO     D    O    L     P    H    I    N    S !!!!

  11. guess as well but he could just be spaced out ...he's always had a tendency to go overboard but the omar postings were "mayday" stuff ...he should speak up to clear his name.

  12. what are you guys talking about? What could he possibly have said that is
    so noteworthy considering his anti-omar comments for the last week or so?
    (I haven't seen the recent comments)

  13. Without hearing it for myself this is second hand...apparently Omar made discouraging remark(s) during a radio interview regarding fans who posted on his blog. Something to the effect of them not being very knowledgable with litlle to add.  

  14. I'd agree with that statement, but it would not to be the best thing to say
    out I don't know if he said it or not, but hopefully at
    the very least he would have said MOST fans, rather than just fans.
    Of course, it works the other way too, MOST sports writers are not very
    knowledgeable and have little to add...

  15. tin,
    So what did omar say on the radio? And to be honest that last post by omar home went off the edge lol. i mean it is just a blog so its no big deal but man did he go off. like at least 25  st8t post just dissing omar all because he said this " Patrick Turner - who I'm told had a hold your nose type morning, and a lackluster afternoon where he was invisible - spent 10 minutes after practice getting counseled by Ted Ginn Jr., and then spent another 15 catching passes from intern coach Terry Glenn." i dont understand it .

  16. I didn't hear the radio interview or see the comments by HSB, so I don't
    want to comment on them.
    But I will say that I think all this tension (and there has been a lot over
    at SS recently) will blow over once the game tonight kicks-off. It's just
    pent-up frustration.

  17. I just listened to Omars last two archived interviews on wqam and 790 ticket which are local sports radio stations. Omar DID NOT say anything negative about fans or blogging. Unless the interview was elsewhere I'd say its all B.S.

  18. 8 hours until kickoff!!!!!!!!!! 8-)

  19. lol just read thru it this morning i think there was a pretty funny one on there about you ill post it on her now somebody was hating on youi and callin gyou a idiot cause you posted homes pics and wanted to here his observations lol. the things ppl say amaze me ill post in just a sec.

  20. new blog up previewing tonights game

  21. BrianL, he did say something to that effect in a radio interview about 2 or
    3 weeks ago, but I think it was the radio host who said it and Omar just
    sort of agreed with him.

  22. If only I had a nickel for everytime someone called me an idiot on the SS.

  23. tin,  this was posted by someone impersanating homesb10 "<span> </span>
    "got you peacenic, i knew that you stood up to him and you the only one who did so ,i just wanted you to point that out for all the bloggers here who didn't say a word to him and just stood by .thank you for printing your post again"
    You can say whatever you want to him, but it doesn't change the fact that he's an idiot. Tinshaker legitimizes this a-hole by posting his pictures on his crappy blog and fawning all over him. News Flash! 2010's pictures SUCK! They couldn't be good enough to offset his behavior, but they suck anyway! You're compromising yourself by kissing this dudes A$$ tinshaker! How do you think it reflects on you when you post "I'd like to get 2010s opinion on practice because Edgar said something I don't want to believe" while he posts "Tinshaker rools, Omar droolz"? It makes you both idiots! Anyone who's ignored the inflammatory insulting posts he's made in the past because he's a dolphin fan are insults to dolphin fans everywhere. Some of you-tinfaker etc., need to remember what forum gave you a voice to start with. Then think about who YOU give a voice too in the name of getting original, allbeit-crappy, content for you pathetic amateur wannabe journalist blog.
    I actually think anyone who legitimizes this tool is WORSE than he is, if for no other reason than the fact that this guy probably can't choose NOT to be an idiot, it's his nature, while you legitimizers actually HAVE a choice!
    ANYONE who excepts this idiots drunken spewing in exchange for his ignorant practice observations and crappy pictures is not only a wh0re, they're a 2 DOLLA H0!"" Now you tell me how samrt this person looks. lol

  24. I'm sorry, I didn't understand any of that....

  25. lol thats what someone said bout oyu

  26. I know that, but the actual comment was all over the place. The grammar
    police probably arrested that guy too. Once again the following direction
    applies, if you don't want to read another blog/comments, then don't read
    it, and if you don't want to look at HSB's photos, then don't click on
    I really don't get why people get so offended by something that has nothing
    to do with them unless they choose to make it their problem. People like
    that will never have fulfillment in their own lives because they're too busy
    trying to be angry at everyone else.
    The fact of the matter is, we all communicate with each other due to our
    common bond of football, and as soon as we get away from that, we realize
    we're not all the same. If you met someone in person and you had opposing
    life-views, you probably wouldn't hang out with them much less have heated
    debates with them. So why do we do it on the internet?

  27. 100 percent agree but dont let them know or i might be tring to ride your jock strap lol. i wander where sir bungle and everyone is today

  28. probably in prison.

  29. Wow - just been catching up on all this .... it's one of the reasons I rarely post on the SS anymore - all the loonies from the Herald seem to have migrated en masse over there!? I tend to agree that a lot of the in-fighting will stop when real football starts, but I do find the general level of intolerance somewhat disturbing and the "I'm right and that's the only opinion that matters" brigade not worth bothewring, which is why I only read certain people's posts now. Q "Why do we do it on the internet?" A Anonymity, in some peoples eyes, gives them carte blanche to say whatever they please without it mattering to them. to most people, society regulates intolerable behaviour, but some people sit behind their keyboard and go to war. Scary.

  30. It's funny how I get banned from commenting on PBP, but Omar does nothing
    about the hatemongers, impersonators, etc. on his blog. I don't believe in
    taking away freedom of speech, but once a person has said what they want to
    say, there's no ethical issue with removing the comment. Think of it as
    someone writing you a letter. They have the right to write it, but once
    it's in YOUR hands, you have the right to tear it up and throw it away. The
    SS blog is not owned and operated by the people, it is owned/operated by a
    private company, and thus they have the right to 'tear up' any offensive
    material. To a certain extent, it would be wise business. I don't know if
    anyone's noticed, but the volume of comments has gone down quite a bit on
    those blogs. Some of that has to be people being tired of having to filter
    out 70% of the comments.

  31. lol noooooo dong bring out your dead. ha ha haa

  32. I was wondering about sending O a personal e-mail on his blog going downhill, but thought it best to wait til after his first stock report? If all the crass comments were deleted, there wouldn't be much left "right now". I noticed Walker is back - things are looking up - he's a funny guy!

  33. Whatever is was that happened on Thrus/Friday either Home or an imposter clearly attacked O personally and did so over and over and over.  I know Home's MO is to post over and over ,but this didn't feel like him.  It was even a little over the top for an imposter.  WHoever it was questioned O' s manhood, nationallity, race, intellect, and about anything else one would consider offensive.  At first I thought Home had been hitting the bottle hard ,but after pondering for a moment it wouldn't be a total shock to find out it was Armando or another tool from the toolbox (Herald).  What u guys think?