Monday, August 17, 2009

Depth Chart as of 8/17/09

These are the players who will be lining up tonight. They may not all be here this time tomorrow. Click the arrow in upper right corner to view in full screen:


  1. Not Badd, 11 1st downs,and 3 sacks in the 1st half,horrible in-side the RZ(penalties,execution)..
    Bess ran into CP(fumble),result FG.. RW dropped a short Henne TD pass,result FG..

    SS did well vs Torry Holt..
    Vontae's not ready yet,vs Troy Williamson..
    Eric Green's a pin cushion,hope he's 3rd string..
    Jones, ehhhhh,(open WR's bad passes)..

    HARTLINE,PT,GOODSTUFF, Return-man Williams ENDED-UP looking pretty-good..

    WAKE looked awesome on his SACK,(VERY EXPLOSIVE/DETERMINED)!!

  2. McDanial was visable also,IMHO's!!

  3. End of 3rd qtr 2:45 or so,I'm FIRMLY CONVINCED SEAN SMITH is-da-sheite,and WILL START opposite WA!!
    GREAT COVERAGE ALL GAME,and an AWESOME INT,VONTAE's WAYYY behind(thinkin/not thinkin tooo much)..

    Hope William's clears waivers,IMPRESSIVE nrt'sth returns...

  4. Mannn,GREISE was horrible all game,and TNathan is agreeable..

    BG said BESS was in the Bfield in the 1st qtr,and ran into CP causing a fumble..
    I'm watching MY recording of the game,RW caused the fumble,DB was in the slot,
    while BG and TN go on and on about a new wrinkle,(BESS in the Bfield)NEVERHAPPENED..

  5. I have 51(w'MRoth??)!!   3 Specialists 
    10 OLineman,
    6 WR,
    4 RBs,
    3 TE's,
    3 QBs

    w'ONE SPOT OPEN for either JAllen,EGreen,or NJones... (JA works for me),Equaling 4CBs,4Safties

    I have 6 OLBs(w'MRoth??), 6 DLineman, 3 ILBs
    and ONE SPOT OPEN for either QMoses,TGeorge,TMcDanial,JCohen,LEllis,OMartin,WKershaw,JDFolsom

    (Tough decision this early),MAYBE we keep TWO of the above CBs totaling 5,
    (OR 2 PLYRS from waivers,and NONE of the above)...
    WHO KNOWS?? I'm gettin close..

    ROTH on the PUP??!!??!!??? Make's my FINAL 2 questionable!!! (Probably keep the 5th CB),IF MRs OK,IMHO!!

  6. I think PW was 2 for 7,I saw 4 blatant drops... I liked what PW brought,(GREAT weapon for certain instances)!!

  7. Me thinks the announcers should attend a mandatory training camp of there own. Hell they couldnt even call the plays/players name when the 1st units were in there. It would have also been nice if the production director had gone back to the field on the critical 4th and 1 Miami had instead of staying in the booth watching Dees talk about season ticket numbers.

  8. Bess was in the slot blocking. They were pretty bad. Why are they still
    calling Wilford 'wilfork'?

  9. i Have posted the recap of the game

  10. BrianL, you're so unobservant, the 4th down was when Nat Moore was babbling
    about the electronic viewing devices, and the other guy asked him 3 times if
    the fans take it home with them or leave it at the stadium, to which Nat
    Moore gave 3 conflicting answers. I remember thinking last year how awful
    this trio was in the pre-season. Surely they can give Jim Mandich a try or
    at least get rid of one of the pair of Moore and Griese. They don't need
    TWO out of touch ex-player color commentators who don't know who any of the
    players are and only talk about the 1970s...